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1:08 AM
How do I get \vspace{0.0001em}
It's to small: currently it's being compiled using a much larger value
I guess I can use \rule{0pt}{2ex}
5 hours later…
5:52 AM
@Canageek Don't really agree with the answers but there we go (don't have experience with the IOP so it's hard to say, but in general the rule I'd pick is load only packages which are essential)
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6:55 AM
I want to get 3 pictures: one big (a) followed by two smaller ones (b) and (C) on one page. I use minipage and subcaption but the indentation fails with B and C, there is a small cap on the left side -- how can I fix this?

\centering\large %B
\centering\large %B
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8:14 AM
@hhh why don't you use the question site with a proper example? But anyway you have X YZ where X is \linewidth wide, Y is .7 \linewidth wide and Z is .3 \linewidth wide, with a word space between X and Y so you get X on one line and YZ on the next, impossible to comment on the "gap" on the left that will be the difference between .7\linewidth and the width of \graphForQuotientGraphTwo perhaps you want that one set flush left rather than centred, impossible to guess.
@VincentVerheyen It is not too small:
$ tex
This is TeX, Version 3.14159265 (TeX Live 2016) (preloaded format=tex)

> 0.00107pt.
<*> \showthe\dimen0
but you are probably measuring a different space (such as \baselineskip or \lineskip)
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9:40 AM
@ChristianHupfer The solution you posted to this question can be achieved without etoolbox as well. I suppose you knew about it, so why choose a solution with a package? :D
@Alenanno I think everything here can be answered by coding from scratch. But why, if somebody else has gone through the trouble?
@Johannes_B Well, without a package is not always the best solution because sometimes the version without one has huge code chunks just to do that. But in this case, it's simple.
That's why I was asking. :D
9:55 AM
@egreg We select three variables, $\text{fear}$ and $\text{surprise}$ and $\text{ruthless efficiency}$ and $\text{an almost fanatical dedication to the pope}$.
@Alenanno \ifblank is not easy. Show how you would do it (without looking in etoolbox). Be aware that it gives true also if the argument contains a tab or a space.
@UlrikeFischer \ifx#1\@empty :-)
@UlrikeFischer I wasn't using \ifblank actually, rather like David did. I still get the arg as not empty using the space though... uhm.
Ah no, wait.
@DavidCarlisle Why the @?
@Alenanno You shouldn't believe everything David writes. This isn't a sensible test for "blanks"
@UlrikeFischer I used it before David did. :P
10:06 AM
@Alenanno \@empty is the standard latex command defined to be empty.
@UlrikeFischer ohh, such lack of faith is shocking:(
@DavidCarlisle Oh because I was trying that and it gave "not empty" even when it was actually empty (no space, etc).
@Alenanno it doesn't test for emptiness at all, it would test true if #1 was oooh and false if it was ahhhh
@DavidCarlisle I... don't get that last part. :D
Are you saying it's completely unreliable so that inserting any character can change the outcome?
@Alenanno if #1 is oooh then the test is \ifx oooh\@empty which is true as the first two tokens after ifx are o and o, but \ifx ahhhh\@empty is false as the first two tokens are a and h
@Alenanno It is completely reliable, but does not test anything related to whether the argument is empty.
@DavidCarlisle The name is kinda misleading then, isn't it... Unless it means "empty" as in "nothing that I was expecting".
10:12 AM
@Alenanno If #1 is a space, there is nothing to compare and the \ifx would compare \@empty with the following token. You see reliable tests are not easy, that's why etoolbox and expl3 are very useful.
@Alenanno what is misleading? \@empty is defined by \def\@empty{} so is empty it just does not take any part in the test if #1 has more than two tokens
@DavidCarlisle Misleading in the sense that it is called \empty yet it tests for something else other than mere "presence vs absence". But I think I get it now. :) Maybe.
@Alenanno no, it does not do that. the test \ifx oooh \@empty could as well be \ifx oooh \section{zzz} the \@empty is not part of the test at all, it is just part of the "true code branch"
@DavidCarlisle Well, at least all of this explains why Christian used etoolbox.
@UlrikeFischer Yeah, it did look easier. :)
10:28 AM
My window is split, ca 120 cm + 40 cm, both have the same width.Bottom part wide open. Now, why is it so hard for a fly, to try the bottom part to escape? Why?
@Johannes_B :D ahah I know right, frustrating.
10:47 AM
@DavidCarlisle I see some possible issues with \ifx#1\@empty
@egreg you don't count
@DavidCarlisle 0 1 2 3 4 5
Yes, I count
@egreg well done!
11:14 AM
anyone remember how to retrieve the value of the x key in \begin{tikzpicture}[x=5mm], \pgfkeysvalueof{/tikz/x} does not seem to be correct. In a drawing I need to be able to make some unit vectors to the unit currently used
Useful: \pgfqpointxy{1}{1}\pgfgetlastxy\x\y
11:39 AM
@egreg There's a recurring joke that public service employees count from 1 to 10 like this: ace, douce, three, four, five, six, seven, jack, queen, king.
@PauloCereda Isn't that the right sequence?
@egreg :)
11:58 AM
@PauloCereda Asso due tre quattro cinque sei sette fante cavallo re
@egreg oooh I love it!
@egreg: ooh
@PauloCereda These are the aces in our cards (trevisane)
@PauloCereda Now you have to tell which one is the ace of swords and the ace of clubs (we have swords, not spades)
@egreg second one? :)
12:14 PM
@PauloCereda Second one is clubs
@egreg ooh
@ChristianHupfer -- re your comment to me in the answer to this, yes i did mean my comment for the op, but it was also a subtle hint that pointing to the "official" documentation for the package might be helpful in an answer, in particular for future readers.
I have a question: Why are there so many LyX users? How do they find it? Which website says: Use LyX.
12:35 PM
@Johannes_B Use LyX! No idea. :)
@PauloCereda :-)
@Johannes_B Because people are scared of code, and find the kind of Word-like interface of LyX much more friendly.
@Johannes_B LyX website :-)
@TorbjørnT. Indeed: I remember as a beginner really having trouble getting to grips with the fact that LaTeX is code to prepare a document not a document in itself
@TorbjørnT. I was reading an answer from another network that said something along of: Remember there are not tech-savvy users, they barely know how to double click (and sometimes not even this).
12:38 PM
@Johannes_B Sounds about right.
@TorbjørnT. Four different plugins for vim? What the heck?
@Johannes_B Don't ask me. Vim-users are strange people.
@TorbjørnT. :-( I am a vim user.
@Johannes_B Well, on the other hand I could also say that "strange" is the norm.
@TorbjørnT. Thinking about it, i am a strange person.
12:46 PM
@Johannes_B I have wondered about that, but concluded they are separate answers
@TorbjørnT. oy
@Johannes_B So am I.
(says the bloke with serious personality problems)
@TorbjørnT. -- but you have to admit, "strange" (when not in a dangerous sense) is a lot more interesting than "normal".
@barbarabeeton Oh sure.
12:52 PM
Sind wir nicht alle ein bisschen Bluna?
1:45 PM
@egreg You are the expert on the matter, would you mind answering that? :-) tex.stackexchange.com/questions/320374/no-space-before-footnote
@barbarabeeton I will change, then
@Johannes_B You can do it too
@egreg I guess it is a duplicate, right?
@Johannes_B I think I've already seen something of that kind
@barbarabeeton: Added the hint to the documentation
2:07 PM
If anybody know what \changefont here in the last comment is coming from ... i would like to know. An answer would also be nice. tex.stackexchange.com/questions/300862/…
2:23 PM
@Johannes_B Better: close as duplicate
@egreg Do you have one at hand?
@Johannes_B Already done
@egreg Ah, the gold badge hammer :-) Thanks
2:50 PM
@Alenanno Short answer: I was in a hurry and had to leave ;-)
@DavidCarlisle @JosephWright: The pdfx packages declares a local encoding (L8U), and in redefines \textsubscript as a encoding dependant textcommand: \DeclareTextCommand{\textsubscript}{L8U}[1]{#1}. And this means that \textsubscript no longer works with OT1 or T1 etc:

The question is where this should be corrected?
Should one add sensible definitions to T1enc.def etc? And what about \textsuperscript?
@UlrikeFischer why is textsubscript encoding specific? Oh it uses subscript uniocde chars?
@UlrikeFischer pdfx is changing the standard command so probably it ought to set up a working default for every other encoding.
@DavidCarlisle Because pdfx made it so. Not quite sure why, the encoding seems to be a bit like the PUenc from hyperref made for "internal parsing" purposes. The definition doesn't do sensible output.
@UlrikeFischer yes looks like its making it use subscript characters rather than tex positioning, but doing it wrong....
@DavidCarlisle Why isn't \textsubscript defined as encoding dependant in latex?
xunicode has a definition.
3:03 PM
@UlrikeFischer because it doesn't depend on the encoding
@Johannes_B You already have your template crusade. Don't start another one... :)
@AlanMunn LyX was first, the templates came later :-p
@Johannes_B I see. So what's next then? (BTW, I also detest LyX, mainly because it makes most things harder in the end) but I keep it to myself.)
Q: Unbold references in Lyx?

CuriousI have now got into a strange problem where references are appearing in bold. I am using Report standard class for my thesis. Non latex font (Times New Roman) is selected as font style. I did not have this problem before however I do get the same problem without this too. I have attached a snapsh...

@AlanMunn \textbf{\bibliography{name}}
@AlanMunn @Johannes_B: What is LyX? ;-)
3:10 PM
@ChristianHupfer Stealth technology for LaTeX that doesn't quite work.
@AlanMunn It works, it is just not what most users think.
@AlanMunn Vaporware or Malware? ;-)
@Johannes_B I mean it doesn't quite work as stealth technology.
@AlanMunn Ah.
@ChristianHupfer The biggest maker of Malware these days is Adobe.
3:14 PM
@AlanMunn Apart from Reader I am not using another software 'tool' from Adobe... their linux support is a joke!
@ChristianHupfer They have made some awesome products in the past, but now they are all Extortionware.
@AlanMunn I am not familar with their pricing/shipping system. Isn't much of that stuff already in the cloud? The prices are exorbitant, of course, that's well-known, I think
@ChristianHupfer Yes, that's what I mean. The more stuff goes to the cloud, the more it ends up costing, because you are effectively forced to rent the software instead of buying it.
@UlrikeFischer pdfx.sty should do this if it wants to make it encoding-dependent:


@AlanMunn All this cloud stuff is strange. I have no idea what it is supposed to be.
3:19 PM
@Johannes_B Well it's sold as convenience (which in some ways is true) but really is a way to remove power from consumers.
@AlanMunn As always.
@Johannes_B For example, for better or worse, the existence of ShareLaTeX etc. has probably done more to increase the use of LaTeX than anything else ever in the history of TeX.
@ChristianHupfer If the GDR would have survived, i wonder what the MfS would be now. They might be the bosses of IM Zuckerberg.
@AlanMunn I see -- I suppose, people will use older versions of the software then, i.e. pre-cloud-releases. As far as I know such licenses do not expire.
@AlanMunn Agreed, Overleaf are even more engaged to promote their product. But the product is not LaTeX.
3:23 PM
@ChristianHupfer Right, but then they remove backwards compatibility so you are stuck. This is why I stopped using InDesign, which is a great program for which there is no good OpenSource alternative. But it became unsustainable to use.
@AlanMunn The whole LyX thing today, makes it easy to start LaTeX, ShareLaTeX and Overlaf as well. But i somehow think, you need some treshold before starting.
@Johannes_B No, of course it's not, but it still raises the visibility dramatically.
@AlanMunn I have seen code on Overleaf ... @egreg's collection of bad code would frow exponentially if he would spend five minutes there.
@AlanMunn Of course, I had that in mind too. There will be a point in future where every thing breaks and one has to make a decision: Buy the new version or look for an alternative. I am quite glad I don't need this stuff, however!
@Johannes_B Actually one of the reasons I don't like LyX is by hiding the underlying LaTeX it makes it harder not easier to learn LaTeX IMO. But I can see why lots of people like it, and if it works for them, I'm not going to tell them not to use it.
3:25 PM
@DavidCarlisle Yes, that's what I more or less suggested to the question in d.c.t.t.
@AlanMunn Of course, the other thing: They spit out templates like beans
@Johannes_B Of course, but you have to realize that democratization always leads to that.
@AlanMunn And we will never run out of questions :-)
@Johannes_B :)
@UlrikeFischer were any pdfx.sty developers there? :-)
3:27 PM
@DavidCarlisle ooh ooh pick me pick me I know the answer!
@AlanMunn You are a fast and accurate reader, right? Would you do me a quick favour?
@DavidCarlisle No, but the OP will write Ross (or I'll do it).
@Johannes_B Although if the RTFM vs. interesting question ratio changes too much, it might make the site much less interesting.
@Johannes_B IM Zuckerberg? He would be the new Erich Mielke ;-)
@Johannes_B Already done. :) (Sure)
3:29 PM
@AlanMunn Would you mind taking a look at overleaf.com/latex/templates/… and pretend you never heard of LaTeX. Is the document oneside or twoside by default?
@ChristianHupfer Might be. :-)
In http://tex.stackexchange.com/a/38098/67761, I changed

\sffamily#1 & #2} to
\vspace{0.0001em}\sffamily#1 & #2}
@Johannes_B Am I supposed to look at the template code?
@AlanMunn Yes, sorry.
@VincentVerheyen not a good idea:-)
@AlanMunn, @Johannes_B: Cloud storage isn't bad per se, depending on the purpose. I store educational material on DropBox or Google Drive etc., but I would not drop documents with personal data or grade tables there, of course, neither .pdf files containing class tests etc.
3:32 PM
@Johannes_B Well it claims to be twoside but it's not.
@Johannes_B I have seen things...
@ChristianHupfer I have seen questions like: I am preparing a test for students with actual content.
@AlanMunn It is not?
@VincentVerheyen tabular p columns put (the top half) of a strut at the start of the text and the (bottom of a strut) at the end this tries to ensure correct table row spacing, but your entry is then \strut\vspace{}words and the strut gets left on its own and generates a spurious line
@AlanMunn: having paçoca right now. Want a bite? :)
@PauloCereda peanuts...
3:36 PM
@DavidCarlisle ooh you are good. :)
@PauloCereda not a huge fan.
This article is about the brazilian candy. For the salty dish, see Paçoca (salty dish) Paçoca (Portuguese: [paˈsɔkɐ]) is a Brazilian candy made out of ground peanuts, sugar and salt. Some recipes also add flour, such as corn flour, oats flour or cassava flour. It is typical of the Caipira cuisine and most present in the countryside of southeastern states of São Paulo and Minas Gerais, being either manufactured or home-made. It is also very common during the Festa Junina, an annual festivity that celebrates the caipira lifestyle. It is known for its distinct dry texture and sweet taste, and is one...
@AlanMunn Oh no! :) I like it. A friend of mine just gave me almost 2.5 pounds of paçoca. :)
@Johannes_B Actually without looking at the class you can't really tell.
@AlanMunn Some idiot choose wrong margins. Package showframe helps.
@Johannes_B I didn't look further down. Yes the geometry settings are odd.
3:41 PM
@PauloCereda a master of all languages (even ones with funny squiggles)
@AlanMunn I needed the help of David to finally convince Vel what would be better. Overleaf still hasn't updated. Freaking templates.
@Johannes_B I'm so glad I don't have to think about such things... I have enough with my own university's thesis office.
@AlanMunn A right, you know the fun :-)
3:55 PM
@VincentVerheyen to increase the space there just use a larger strut \rule{0pt}{2cm}\sffamily #1 for example
@JosephWright This question probably off-topic/too broad. tex.stackexchange.com/questions/315029/…
2 hours later…
5:40 PM
From Reddit: How is Canadian math different from American math? The average is called the nice instead of the mean. :)
@egreg A new option is needed egregdoesnotlikeUrsula-Handschrift. — Ulrike Fischer 29 mins ago
@AlanMunn -- oh, dear. not all of us, i hope ...
@barbarabeeton No, thankfully not. But watching the RNC is a frightening sign that many are.
6:00 PM
@AlanMunn -- i'm not sure we can really expect better from the dnc, but maybe they can learn ... i can remember a time when at least some politicians were decent people who told the truth, served their constituents rather than their egos, and were respected for it.
@egreg -- it's not a matter of not liking ... it actually can't be read, which in a tutorial is distinctly counterproductive. (my handwriting, while execrable, can still be read more easily than that. i'd never have the chutzpah to have it made into a font.)
@DavidCarlisle Thanks for explanation.
6:29 PM
@Johannes_B: How much easy rep there is out there with \pagestyle{empty} etc. and \maketitle - related questions ;-)
6:43 PM
@ChristianHupfer I had an upvote yesterday.
Oh i also got an upvote today.
@ChristianHupfer How many upvotes did i get within the last days?
Actually, i don't know. But the reputation page tells me 60 points since july 15th.
7:03 PM
@Johannes_B You can grab all rep from counter or ToC related questions -- I am not online tomorrow :-(
3 hours later…
10:05 PM
@AlanMunn LOL
This song is so good. :)
@egreg: one of the comments in the above video is great:
> the xylophone part sounds like Rachmaninoff XD
@PauloCereda The only good part is the pumpkin
@egreg :)

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