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12:20 PM
Is boot.ini the file used for starting a Windows computer?
Which OS? (and do not say 'windows' since I will assume win95 :)
Booting has changed quite a bit since w9X / NT / Vista / ...
What is boot.ini then?
@PichiWuana er. This isn't a place for popping in and asking questions. We talk about stuff.
@PichiWuana why not check that on google?
we're cool with occational questions but it feels like you're basically just popping the quick question
You're right, I'm sorry
12:45 PM
@JourneymanGeek lol, I just came in with one xD Basically the superuser way to do this when I just have a pdf link but yeah, I should just google how to do it with wget.
@Nick if you come in and start talking about a problem, its cool ;p
also.. that page
it seems designed for computer illiterate people
@Nick wget -c http:/foo.bar/path/to/file.pdf
BUT there's some cases where it may not work
say if they're using a dodgy file locker
@Radoo if you have something to say, now feels like an excellent time
(literally. I'm about to have dinner in a bit)
@PichiWuana It's something that hasn't been used for over a decade (think XP).
Vista replaced it with the BCD.
Oh, wait, Vista was 2007. Ok, just under a decade.
@Bob Ohh I thought it is something used today
12:59 PM
@JourneymanGeek Oh, go to the settings and set it to always notify.
Otherwise it won't unless you've opened the app recently.
and blah
I am waiting for too much stuff in the mail I want to play with :(
1:49 PM
@JourneymanGeek I got it, thanks :)
\o/ wget on windows!
@JourneymanGeek Courtesy of GnuWin.
I run a copy from GOW
1:58 PM
@Wally @Wally if you have power failures just turn of write caching in windows and linux and you can crash the OS whenever you like (whenever your programs are not saving data) and nothing will happen. When I was on XP I'd kill my process tree so windows would bsod (as long as I had auto restart enabled) and this was my way of restarting my PC in the rare occasion I needed to. It's pretty equivelant to hitting the reset button. Also sometimes to turn it off I'd just flick off my power button. But now that my SSD shuts off my pc in 3 seconds I dont need these methods
@JourneymanGeek I'm still waiting for them to ship out that tablet -_-
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere * claps * You bsod'd to restart. Wow.
Actually, no, I'm waiting for them to take my payment for DHL shipping.
@Bob I have THREE packages in the post ;p
Actually, no, I'm waiting for them to respond to me after they gave me a broken link.
2:00 PM
fortunately, they're coming in decreasing order of usefulness.
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere There's ways to BSOD a system with a command (newer versions) or a key combo (XP or older)
@Nick why do you torture me with windows live msn?
oh please please please tell me how to BSOD using a key combo please
@JourneymanGeek they will all come on the same moment, the moment you have given up the excessive anticipation of waiting, and have found another project your right in the middle of.
well unless you mean setup a shortcut with a key combo lolo
btw @Jou you mispelled a word! you said occational this is incorrect
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere Ah, well, I use ICQ too. And sometimes, I telnet into IRC :D
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere to err is human, to moo bovine.
2:04 PM
well msn doesnt work anymore right? I just remember I had msn for a year longer than the desktop users because I had the app on my blackberry
how 2 increase size of IOCACHE
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere It's only mostly dead. ismsndeadyet.com
superuser.com/questions/309261/… @CausingUnderflowsEverywhere
please you're killing me :( you mean it's still... usable?
you have no idea how buggy skype is and how lame it was because it used my cpu and gpu for no reason
every time I update my skype I LOSE LIKE 1/4 OF MY CONTACTS
2:09 PM
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere language.
also, chat's kinda pointless unless other people use it
and sadly we never reached the promised land of universal XMPP
@JourneymanGeek I love this room.
@Nick XD
the other question is more fun IMO but I have a bias
@JourneymanGeek why do you close such beautiful questions?
2:12 PM
@Nick I didn't
I asked it
and 5 other users closed it
but uhm in that thread if they could do anything why would people be in the registry if they can just taskkill /IM csrss.exe /F and cause a BSOD
My goodness.. such trolling and supported by a moderator
I don't think I was a mod at that time
No, @JourneymanGeek windows 7 IS messed up
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere I am actually stupid enough to try that. See you guys after the reboot.
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere heh. I ended up not doing it. Was some real life drama ;p
2:17 PM
I had to suspend explorer.exe in order to lessen its cpu usage for a while and that bricked the run and I had to reset my PC. windows xp never did such a dumb thing to me. I couldnt open task manager from ctrl alt delete and going to the switch user and back in worked the first time, and completely from the second time
that was in XP though idk if it's the same in 7, anyways once you have UAC you'll need an admin cmd
also cant remember which process I was killing but if in doubt just
Tried from admin cmd on Win10. They be smarter than you thought.
maybe I never used cmd
I was always using procexp
how about
what happens if you execute it as sytem xD
oh what happens in windows 10 when you create a batch file wth just the line cmd in it

does it loop and fill up your RAM and not allow you to stop it? cause thats what windows 7 does for me while in xp I was able to stop it
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere there's no /u without /s. Mind fixing that line.
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere Don't know. Never tried.
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere Error opening process. Access is denied from procexp.exe
oh Journeyman you made that thread xD
do you run procexp as admin?
switch your shortcut to procexp to actually execute procexp.exe -e
this makes it ask for elevation each time you open so it has full access
OR right click, compatibility, check run as admin
2:32 PM
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere I was admin. It's fine, if it doesn't want to die, I shouldn't kill it.
@Hennes your windows station answer is... incorrect.
Annoyingly, I don't understand very much of the answer I just wrote so I don't know if its right either ;p
Work does not stop at a windows station :)
Its apparently a specific, very obscure concept
actually if my windows didnt want me to let it to kill it I would go insane and inject into it until I figured out how to kill the .. beast for I am the beast tamer and master not the OS is the master of me!
2:39 PM
you know it's interesting though
my friends used to have malware infections on windows 7and trusted installer would always get in the way by owning all the files, but now that I have w7 on my own, I dont get malware terefore havent had to be enraged over trusted installer
I remember changing all the ownerships everywhere it was such a mess something I wouldnt repeat but..
sooooooo who wants me to show up to work, and when someone using XP says they have an issue, ... sure let me fix that for you .. cntrl srl-lk srl-lk. Oh... seems your XP has become corrupted I'm going to have to replace the OS for you

not bashing XP, just funny to say that we gotta reinstall
great job nick now we just need to replace all skype installs with msn 2012 in the entire world
Has anyone here succeeded on restoring an image of a system running Windows using Clonezilla (ntfsclone)?
well even if it doesnt work perfecly cant you just run fixboot from recovery console?
by perfectly I mean somehow the boot sector / MBR arent written properly
2:58 PM
@bwDraco er, I think I have quite a long time ago
might have been XP tho
oh I had a cat to contribute
I dont think I have access to it anymore it was soooooooooooooo mind explodingly cute
@JourneymanGeek could you update the Current topic from Taylor Swift to Underflows?
well I want my name to be orange
er. there's no way to make your name orange
3:03 PM
impossible, anything is possible in a programming language
hello @ArchLokiDracoSherlock
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere he/she dosen't have enough rep to talk.
Does anyone here use Paragon Backup & Recovery?
just use ddresuce
3:12 PM
I'm looking for a good online image backup solution capable of bare-metal restore. File-level backup capability is not required (I use File History for that). Backups must be crash-consistent.
bare metal ddrescue specializes at recovering as much data as possible from hard drives
it does not crash when it cant read
I don't have a failed disk here. Again, I'm looking for an online image backup solution.
I need to recover my partitions 2 of my NTFS partitions that are read-able in windows xp show up as an unknown filesystem in w7 pro x64
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere You could write a greasemonkey script to make your name orange - only you would see it though.
If you had a specialized workstation with Intel Xeon E5, 4 cores, 64GB Ram, 2 TB SSD, 250 SSD for the OS, optimized bios and operating system (windows 7). All hardware is up to date. Would you guys upgrade to windows 10?
3:18 PM
@JourneymanGeek <evil>You could change his username to "orange". Then his name would be orange. :)</evil>
sorry my browser doesn't parse XSS evil tags
Okay cool I could not discover an exploit using the most basic method.
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere There is a sandbox chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/1/sandbox for trying out stuff like that. That way you don't clutter RA
can we add the chatbot there
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere No. The room for messing with the bot is Bot Overflow: chat.stackexchange.com/rooms/40974/bot-overflow
3:35 PM
don't you love when you open up your old old files and find that text document labeled "Serial keys" and you just know what those really are?
@Asperger I'd backup, then upgrade, then backup again
but I'd personally go with windows 10 unless I knew some hardware wouldn't quite work right.
but that's pretty strongly opinion based. Many corporate types would rather stick with 7 cause they know it works
@bwDraco I've been using veem for my backips
does daily, if it 'fails' you only lose that snapshot
mostly works fine
haha serial keys
windows 7 does not work our windows 7 pcskeep getting hit by ransomware
no ones even logged in as admin
the windows xp and lower pcs remain un affected
3:53 PM
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere Zero-day?
Your image may be out of date.
-1 day exploit
So I'm reading this section of an online course, and it says, "On a Windows system, the cipher /w command can be used to wipe individual files and folders."
Uhh.. that's plain wrong
cipher /? says: "Removes data from available unused disk space on the entire volume."
not exactly
it can wipe files and folders (stuff that has been marked as free space but is actually still in-tact
So I don't know where they got the idea that cipher/w can wipe anything except free space
Im just reading what you said it does, I know nothing about this command
4:00 PM
The guy talking literally said, "You can use this to wipe the unused space inside a folder." What?! How exactly do you wipe the free space inside just one folder?
that guy is confused folders are merely an illusion of the mft
Can we do something about that?
okay thanks can you post that in the mod chat
@JourneymanGeek we got an innapropriate user name :(
4:07 PM
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere Already flagged, no need to panic
Panic mode signal muted.
And it's v late in Singapore ...
Journeyman is from singapore? :(
what is active desktop in windowx xp o.o
4:16 PM
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere Is that a serious question?
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere It loads an internet exploder frame into your desktop, so you can have gifs or whatever running as your desktop
oh right and then it changes the highlight of your desktop icons
It was replaced by gadgets, which in turn was replaced by NOTHING
In my personal experience it is there to make your life hell
4:20 PM
"The Active Desktop interface lets you put "active content" from Web pages onto your desktop.

For example, you could put a constantly updating stock ticker in a handy place on your desktop or make your favorite online newspaper your desktop wallpaper.

You can make your desktop truly your own space by adding the active items you need to refer to on a regular basis: news, weather, sports, stock prices, or whatever you want to have at hand. Your desktop can now reflect you--your preferences and your style."
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere Next time try googling ;)
oh no I dont use the googling
ddg.gg is what I use
^ malware detected
4:22 PM
well your antivirus sucks
Track search query and last page.GEN
how about that's not a real malware definition.GEN
no crap it's going to track your search query
it's "let me google that for you"
The problem I had with active desktop and a 404 page is that I could not desable it without a full reinstall.
And it would enable seemingly randomly (aka user said "I didn't do nothing"
oh wow you should see that registry script I posted in the paste bin I found in my old fiels then
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere Well use that next time then before asking us.
4:28 PM
I thought you were my friend okay fine goodbye

I'm kidding sort of but yeah I thought it would be fine to ask
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere We are your friend. It's just you seem to ask a lot of dumb questions. We prefer hard questions :)
okay Ill challenge you
hey my stared messages disappeared
4:44 PM
Q: Can Linux users can get access to extra CPU Cores like windows users can?

Frank BarcenasI saw this video on Youtube showing how windows users can get access to all the CPU standby cores. Can linux users do the same? If so, how?

So do I just down vote the question or report as spam for promoting a hoax YouTube Chanel?
Well, you're kind of going on the offensive fairly quickly.
You don't know for sure if he's promoting this channel. He doesn't show any other signs of affiliation.
He doesn't know the hoax Chanel, which calls itself a hoax Chanel, is a box channel
flag to close as "stupid question"
So yeah I am going offensive pretty quickly because it's an obvious fake question.
I watch the video......god I feel stupider already (yes I know stupider isn't a word)
he might as well download google ultron and set it to pink for that 25% performance boost
it also is the only browser with native protection from the famous jitterbug virus
the jitterbug virus is so stealthy nobody knows when or on what hardware it's infected
that's why it gets such little media publicity, because the government is trying to cover it up as best it can by paying off security research firms to prevent them from looking into the botnet
4:57 PM
What the heck are you jibber jabbering about?
maybe if you downloaded more RAM you would be able to remember all of that
Every message that I read from oldmud decreases my intelligence by 50 points. Wonderful!
You'll have to download more RAM to compensate, I guess :P
5:13 PM
or Reallocate Memory. Bu tthat can take a while.
UNless you use the -realfast flag
5:28 PM
Every time your dad makes a joke in public
@Rahul2001 Are you feeling better?
@DavidPostill kinda... I'm dreading the fact that I have to go to school tomorrow
2 days ago, by Rahul2001
THIS IS AWESOME!!! https://imgur.com/gallery/dTv6b
Man, chat really sucks on slow connections
Hey @Rahul2001, haven't seen you in a long time!
(well, lately I haven't been as frequent here as usual)
@ThatBrazilianGuy ah, well my holidays are over, and school takes up a lot of time...
Shit... Homework
Just remembered
1 hour later…
6:49 PM
crap, time to think about what I have to wear to the office tomororw :O
7:12 PM
@djsmiley2k May I suggest you wear clothes?
That's never a bad option.
7:44 PM
8:33 PM
dang I want access to all my CPU standby cores
whats the hourly wage of someone who fixes issues whether hardware or software in computers for an office of 50 people?
depends on the country and how good they are
canada and I'm good but it's experience I gained fixing peoples computers and removing malware in my childhood and teen years how much do you think I should make cause I feel like I'm getting used
Is your salary counter buffer underflowing now?
8:44 PM
20k GBP is probably normal for a junior who has a degree
so like minimum wage?
20k GBP hourly?!
Yeah I'd love that thanks
sorry that annual
No minimum wage is like 10k a year
I wish my HR department would make taht sort of mistake
But no they just fuck everything else up instead
wow so Im suppsoed to be making atloeast 20 an hr?
8:45 PM
@cat, its gone up
Eh, still £5.30 for 18-20 year olds
Why Microsoft so intensively push Windows 10 free upgrade?
i'd probably hire a junior without qualifications on about 15-16k
oh dang I cant delete my message forever will it roam the internet now
@Boris_yo because windows 10 will be the last windows. new upgrades will be installed via windows update there will not be a windows 11 ever
I was on £23k when I was first hired as a junior without qualifications ten years ago
Or was it 21k
Either way, over 20k
8:48 PM
I have Windows 7 Enterprise volume license. How to upgrade to Windows 10?
@Boris_yo Don't
@cat you got lucky then
@cat Is that advice?
i finished uni during the 2009 crash and had to take the first job that came along for 16k
i applied for 3500 jobs in a year
Yeah I got my job in '06, before all that shite happened
8:50 PM
it sucked
Jesus christ
I've not even applied for 35 jobs in my entire lifetime
Even though I didn't know it back then, it was extremely advantageous that I managed to get a proper job at 18 so by the time I finished uni I had five years of work experience already.
Quick question about United States politics (I know this isn't the best place to ask these sorts of questions but bear with me): Have legislators been threatened with legal action or violence by a major special interest group (not merely individuals) over some proposed legislation, especially legislation involving intellectual property?
thanks for making me fall asleep @bwDraco ... sigh sweet dreams everyone
> My position is that major media companies like Viacom are pressuring politicians (with money, perhaps even political or legal threats) to the point where they have essentially no choice but to follow through.
Am I right?
@CausingUnderflowsEverywhere If you really want to BSOD your computer with the keyboard, there's a feature for that!
8:58 PM
Speaking of jobs, I should probably start looking for one
I'm mostly curious about the degree of pressure legislatures are under to pass copyright laws that further tilt the balance in favor of rightsholders...
> Note This feature is not available in Windows XP.
Feature huh
I know they're basically getting paid campaign money, but does it extend beyond this?
For people who miss that screen
Oh hey, it's time for some Windows Updates! <game show music>
Now that you mention it I have one update to do too!
Windows dEF3nd0r defin1t10nz
Why the heck it doesn't auto update those I have no idea
9:03 PM
That's stupid.
I'm under the impression that it auto-updates some, but some definition updates are special in some way and need to go through the main Windows Update infrastructure
@BenN ...as in the servicing stack?
If you've set your WU to ask before installing, that affects WD's updates as well, which is kinda lame

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