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9:00 PM
The former, I don't think so either. Maybe if a Moroccan had been shouting at someone, when he was gone, someone might have said, "always those Moroccans, such bad manner".
@Mitch That's very odd to me.
I see policemen every day.
I talk to one maybe a few times a year.
From what I read, American policemen kill about 60 times as many people per capita as British policemen do.
Which might be explained by the fact that they face gun-wielding civilians far more often.
@Cerberus I think they're scared.
too easy to use
@Cerberus I hardly ever see them (but then I live in the suburbs where crime is much less and everyone is anonymous in their cars). Hmm... that is surprising that I rarely see police cars even though I live close to a police station.
9:29 PM
@Cerberus OMG Denmark! you're falling apart!
Seriously though, my expectation is that the rates for white people dying by a police shooting are probably less than that for European countries.
so yes. there's racism here.
police everywhere are not the most highly educated. american cops have more guns than EU. ... -> more fatal shootings
then again... the cops at Roissy have all the machines guns.
@Mitch Nope.
That's America for 2016, so far.
So double that and you get 2.9 per million annually for white people.
So that's 15 times as likely as people in the most deadly European country.
@Mitch Besides racism, it's probably also that black people in America (and Europe) are more likely to be poor and/or have little education.
Those things make it more likely for someone to be criminal.
It would be interesting to see what would happen to the stats above if you corrected for income and education.
9:45 PM
Is that per million people, or per million black/red/brown/white/yellow persons?
I assume the latter.
Would the former be relevant?
@Cerberus No, for lack of normalization.
These are the total numbers.
@tchrist Umm I wouldn't say that.
The "total" numbers are without normalisation.
Normalisation would be after you divide the number of white deaths by the total number of white people, not by the total number of the country's entire population (that wouldn't make sense).
The site.
The problem is that there just aren't many say, Native Americans.
Not my fault.
9:50 PM
If 10x more blacks are killed than indians, but there are only 1/10th the indians there are blacks, then what is that telling us?
Umm the numbers per million are corrected for that.
@Cerberus updates passport
To what?
@Cerberus corrected = normalized, no?
Besides, if 25 Indians are killed every year, and 1 Dane in the entire Kingdom...
9:55 PM
@Cerberus we don't know that. where were you the night of the 14th?
Err that was my twin brother.
@Rathony There is at least one other user and literally hundreds of flags, which is quite unusual, but is certainly one way to provoke an election.
@Cerberus to take a 'trip'
@Cerberus ah... the Prestige!
9:56 PM
What's that?
There are about the same number of Indians as there are Danes.
Poor Indians.
@Cerberus It's really hard to figure out a good destination, one that is 'civilized' (good food, safe) and doesn't have an extradition treaty with the US.
I don't know about the latter.
It's funny that "embrasser" in French mostly means do something with the mouth, but the word just means taking in arms
9:58 PM
@Cerberus a movie about ... magic! (well, magic tricks, and Tesla, and teleportation, and people speaking Cockney).
@KitZ.Fox if we are having an election I'll vote for Mitch. But he is too nice to be a mod.
You know, the usual.
just joking btw
I believe North Korea doesn't have much food, but what food they have can be good.
There's a North Korean restaurant here.
@Arrowfar You can only vote for him if he's a candidate.
9:59 PM
@crl and the literal word for kiss, figuratively is a bit more.
Here it is kinda different. if you get stopped for traffic violation and you give the police officer some dough he smiles and says "You are free to go". Crazy, huh?
@crl Yeah, I always have to stop and think when I see that word.
@Arrowfar Yeah...do they let you go for less money if you're poor?
@KitZ.Fox yeah I know I was just being light hearted :D
I meant to encourage him.
@Arrowfar You can only vote for people who are nominated, and you can only get nominated by yourself. And I don't want to become cynical and twisted like @KitZ.Fox and @MattE.Эллен. It's a terrible thing to see.
10:01 PM
@Cerberus It depends on the cop. but yeah they harass people like that.
So some policemen let poor people pay less?
@Mitch lol
ah, English has 2 verbs at least hug/embrace vs kiss
When rich people get handed something, they expect not to pay. Poor people, they expect to pay.
@crl yay! English wins!
at least that battle.
10:03 PM
@Cerberus yes I think it is like that. From poor they don't take much money but poor get in trouble often because of their poverty. It is a cruel world here.
@Mitch That's right. Keep your innocence.
There are things I just don't want to know.
The seedy leprous maggoty underbelly of ELU
@Cerberus I'm not rich either. I just follow the basic rules and it is fine.
and here I was thinking of a snack
oops..forgot 'pustulent'
10:05 PM
@Arrowfar Hmm, well, at least it is nice in a way if that way poor people end up paying less to policemen, at least.
Yeah true. But still it is "bribery". Well the whole system is corrupt as hell here.
Yes, of course.
Some good cops are there too no doubt.
but very few.
And it should be fixed.
10:07 PM
yes definitely
From what I hear, policemen get paid too little to support their family.
So they are, in a way, forced to be corrupt and demand bribes.
yep, very little
So that's where the state should start if it wants to fix things.
They're trying to do that in Ukraine now, at least with some police units.
@Arrowfar those who don't take bribes are not trusted.
(by the other cops)
they have miserable lives. I mean they get too little. that's what breed corruption basically.
10:08 PM
If you give them power but not enough money to live off, they will abuse their power to get enough money.
but they never shove their weapons or anything at people's faces. I mean they are just rude and seem very hostile sometimes, that's all.
but no shooting. almost never.
OK good.
Also here we have a bit of racism too.
I mean, for example, I am fair skinned and kind of look rich so they are scared to stop me most of the time. But a darker skinned guy who looks poor gets more harassment.
10:11 PM
well such is world.
it sucks.
Would you consider that dark-skinned person to be of a different race?
no never. I was thinking of the correct word. maybe "race" is not the correct word to use here.
I dunno.
Different ethnic group.
Different skin colour.
10:21 PM
Yeah, that.
From a different region.
Yeah "from a different region"
10:42 PM
Hi. What tense is "He has been dead"? I thought it should be "He has been dying" but both of them seem to be correct.
He has been dead for two years = the moment of his death was two years ago. He was buried two years ago.
He has been dying for two years = he has been in the process of dying over the past two years (uncommon). All that time he was so sick or wounded that he could have died any moment, but it still hasn't happened (but it should happen soon).
Makes sense. So, first one is present perfect and second one is present perfect continuous.
I want to know one more thing. Is there a difference between "Your order has shipped" and "Your order has been shipped"? Both seem to correct.
@Arrowfar How do you look rich?
11:10 PM
@cpx Yes, they are both correct.
The reason is that the verb to ship can be used in two ways.
It can be transitive (I have shipped your order) and intransitive (your order has shipped).
Like any transitive verb, the first one can be made passive: your order has been shipped [by me].
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