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3:40 AM
So apparently there's a webcam that lets you watch bears eat fish live in Alaska: youtube.com/watch?v=gtUucAcQoaE
(warning: contains salmon gore)
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6:56 AM
Why all the downvotes on the Indian railway question?
7:07 AM
not sure. at least some were before I touched it, when it didn't even mention Indian Railways and was pretty incomprehensible
it originally had the rather vague title "Train reservation"
7:29 AM
We have tons of Indian rail questions, some folks hate them almost as much as Schengen questions
Although it seems that the number of Indian rail questions decreased recently
7:53 AM
Yeah, I mean we've had some proper incomprehensible questions about indian railways
but that one seems perfectly understandable
yeah I upvoted
3 hours later…
10:43 AM
@ZachLipton I commute daily to my US job by turning on my laptop. Cheap, fast, clean and convenient
11:18 AM
@JonathanReez let us continue here our discussion about the two passports question
You were suggesting to edit the suggested dupe to make it even broader and include this case if I understand correctly?! I'm not sure I agree since that makes that question very broad just to be able to close the other one as a dupe of it IMHO. I would rather suggest (with the permission of the OP) to make the new question a general canonical of travelling with two passports of the same country. That is an interesting question in its own right!
11:31 AM
@mts I disagree because the "Same name, dual citizenship OK" situation is the EXACT duplicate of the "Two passports, one country" situation
show visa to airline and show whatever passport was used first to immigration
also exact same situation as traveling with an old expired passport with a visa
let's expand the community wiki answer and slightly edit the question: travel.stackexchange.com/questions/52100/…
I see and value your point but I don't necessarily agree, mostly about making the current canonical too broad. I have made my case and would like to have the opinion of others on this.
If there is a consensus for your suggestion I will be happy if you follow through of course :)
11:55 AM
I don't mind either way
just a way of minimizing the amount of canonical Qs
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1:22 PM
Yo! Travellers!
1:56 PM
@mts thanks for the bounty!
2:26 PM
anyone in jakarta in July?
let's meet!
@HeidelBerGensis Come to Europe. :P
2:45 PM
@mts @JonathanReez Answer might be the same but the question is not the same.
Or if you want to argue it is, then don't mention the answer.
Whether you address it with the same solution is immaterial.
Opinions please, is this a question?
Q: Canadian Visa Expert are scammers?

Scammed by Canada Visa ExpertAre Canadian Visa Expert scammers? They charge you 1500 for something you can get for free: looking if you are elegible for a Canadian Immigration Visa. The service quality is low, they call you using very low quality IP Phones. They fill "the form with wrong data" so they are not making any effo...

@Willeke It's a rant and a duplicate.
No worries. :)
"This rant already has an answer here"
3:16 PM
Hello. Can anyone help me figure out the timelines explained here. I have no idea of the scale of the journey as I'm unknown to the country, but I'm trying to figure out if the "8 days drive" by car mentioned at the top is including or exluding any activities at the stops.
Like, is it minimum 8 days just to get from place to place without having time to do stuff or if I plan only 8 days for this route, I will also have enough time to do the things they mention for each day?
What I do in this kind of case is using an online map, like Google, or Viamichelin to see what they give for driving time.
I'm currently trying to figure out distance in km for the whole route and dividing evenly amongst the days to get a rough estimate. 2800 km in 10 days is in my experience about 3 hours on the road each day.
But I don't know if my experience is well-suited for Australia.
Even when drawing the route to the smaller roads, the distance is given as about 1200 km and about 15 hours of driving.
Thanks (again) Willeke
Your username betrays you are from The Netherlands :P
When I was in Australia, I basically flew this area, but as far as I understand the roads are not the worst.
I am, Dutch, living in the Netherlands and female as you would know from the name.
Only been in Austalia once, used the train a lot and flew much of the rest.
3:28 PM
I'm using the awesome Australia website to compose an itinerary. I'm planning on combining these legs, where the last leg is connected by flight but all other legs are done driving a campervan.
Take it as a given that most of your driving will be on small roads, not on motorways, and going slow on average.
What I measured was the Sydney to Melbourne leg. But you can use the same method to get an estimate for each leg.
I am checking out the Perth/west coast itinerary and in that they tell you the drive distances per day, 4 to 7 hours on the bits I read.
4:00 PM
Each UK citizen (who does not have another EU nationality) should consider whether they
already have / can obtain citizenship of another EU country through ancestry, marriage or residence.
The crucial concern is that these steps are likely to get harder to take, and people may find
themselves denied documents because they applied after a certain date, even if they did not know
about the need to apply in advance.
The UK has, several times, given more favourable immigration treatment based on people who
Clients should also be urged to keep an accurate schedule of absences and preserve and maintain
records of work or any other connection to the United Kingdom.
Each EU, EEA or Swiss citizen or their family member in UK who does not have an EU/EEA
permanent residence card for the UK should consider now whether to apply (or timetable for when
they can apply) and should do so unless there is clear harm in doing so.
If they are able to do so, they should prepare and provide evidence to show that that the
qualifying 5 years ended at least one year ago. This will allow them to apply for naturalisation
once they have received their permanent residence cards should they wish to do so, or be able
--extract from practice notes
@GayotFow Very interesting. I should look into it
@Berwyn I am thinking about taking a Brexit course
4:17 PM
My family has lots of options
Mine hasn't, just one nationality in the last 6 generations.
We have a mixture of three nationalities between the three of us
I'm the only non dual national, but I could probably get a green card. Maybe Italian, but I'm not sure
I'll wait for @GayotFow's course
doesn't Hungary have a way you can buy EU citizenship if you invest in enough government debt or something similar?
From the EU, you could invest in BHS for about a Euro and own the whole thing
4:50 PM
Only one travel question in the SE hot list
quick! ask another bathroom question
/me looks in the bathroom question bucket
How about walking to the aircraft bathroom in bare feet. Has that been done?
Always popular on FT :)
can't find it!
gross :(
@ZachLipton Malta has a program like that.
It's in the half million euro range IIRC
Can't you vote in the UK general election if you are Maltese citizen? EU and Commonwealth, two for the price of one!
It's about a million actually (650k + 150k + dependents and some fees)
Hungary requires you invest €300,000 in special 0% interest government bonds for 5 years
Is that new? I have never heard about that one...
Malta apparently added a residency requirement
One year is enough, fortunately!
if they don't default, that's pretty darn cheap, and I suppose a smart person could buy swaps to insure against a default
google.com/… doesn't seem that new
you get permanent residency right away apparently, but I don't know if you have to use it before you become a citizen
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6:19 PM
Q: How can I see all routes flown by a given airline?

RateYourWayI've been trying to find a tool that could give me a list or map of all the destinations of a certain airline. Something like this easyjet's route map, but for all airlines.

going to go to waste :(
If the airline has enough routes to bother with, it has too many to show on a map.
It would be useful to see all routes from one airport, but not all from all airports.
I use the oneworld map quite a lot, as that's all I care about
openflights uses data from airline route mapper, but that guy stopped updating it in 2014
I guess he has a load of scripts to download timetables and parse them
I do that for oneworld, but can't be bothered about other alliances and non-alliances
Or did dedicate a lot of time to update manually
I don't think it's possible to do manually. It would take forever
Which is likely why he stopped (if he did do it manually.)
6:33 PM
It took me an hour or so to write a script to parse the oneworld PDF and stick it in a database. Makes much more sense
I think this is the kind of data OAG sells to the travel industry
Not everybody is a programmer.
I love airline data though. I should take on the project myself
Yes, they do, but you pay an arm and a leg
The airline route mapper guy wrote a windows program to visualise all the routes, so must be a programmer
Can't say I ever used it as I don't use windows
as of june 2014 anyway, but cool
Yeah, nice project. I think if he were to start again he'd do it as a web version
But he started it donkey's years ago
I'm surprised there hasn't been a bier garten question before. Prefer it to toilet questions :)
Is there an English pub etiquette guide? I could probably answer that
worked as a barman when I was young too. Was a place that was blocked in at high tide and none of the customers could get out
6:40 PM
That reminds me, I want to check whether a Q is a duplicate.
The Q I have answered (for a friend) is :
A one day travel pass for zone one and two is cheaper with an oystercard, but where can you buy such a card and how do you get your money back after the short visit.
That must already be answered. However, I don't bother with oyster any more, I just use a credit card
In the past I've bought an oyster for a single journery and refunded it at destination
The people going are 4 girls, each 16 year old and only one has a contactless card and the others do not have time to get one
At some point it was a pain and you had to show ID or bank statements or something ridiculous, but I think they got rid of that
6:49 PM
I have an oyster, which they may use, but that leaves two without
Well, they should just buy one at the station and refund it when they've finished using it
or give it to someone else to refund later
When you say station, is that each underground stop or does it have to be a main railway station underground
I think you can do it at any underground station
If you no longer need your Oyster card, you can get a refund of up to £10 pay as you go credit and your deposit at Tube station ticket machines.
That's new!
6:51 PM
The girls are driven in by the father of one, he would be able to drop them near a main station but it will be great if it is not needed.
I found that, just could not work out which kind of station.
7:04 PM
oh you can do it at machines now, that's nice
you used to need a staffed window and it was a pain
I never bothered to get my money off my oystercard and I think I allow the girls to use the left over value and get the refund (or keep the card, it is a William and Kate one.)
With my boyfriend living in the London area, it was useful to have the card, but now I will hardly ever go to London anymore.
And for the few times I still do, I can use my bank card instead.
2 hours later…
8:51 PM
What do people use for that countries visited map in their profiles?
2 hours later…
11:05 PM
to show off?
(not saying that's a bad thing)

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