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4:58 AM
@TIPS I believe you were the one who said the reason for closing a question is to prevent an answer. I am not sure how familiar with the way ELU works, but there are bad questions that still attract poor-quality answers. That's why they should be closed like this one. english.stackexchange.com/questions/315/effect-vs-affect. Asking me to leave those answers just because they are several years old doesn't sound reasonable.
@TIPS Regarding once a question gets many answers, closing loses its meaning., I don't agree with you. It might work on Chemistry SE, but it doesn't on ELU.
@TIPS The number of answers and whether there is acceptance don't have any bearing on deciding whether to close a question or not. Many closable questions have answers and acceptance.
@TIPS The problem of not closing them is they continue to attract poor answers. That's it.
@TIPS This question english.stackexchange.com/questions/237494/… has 14 answers (one accepted, three deleted) and 14 months old. Do you know why we decided to close this question? Look at the number of low-quality answers. All three deleted answers were posted by newbies.
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10:15 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Pattern-matching website in answer: What does it mean: "to write in large box letters"? by ایران مترجم on english.stackexchange.com
10:58 AM
OK what the heck guys. I got 13 pings.
Next time, do me a favor and ping me only once, OK @Rath?
@Rathony The fact that you can close it doesn't mean that you should.
Again, you're doing that binary thing about rules.
"BURN IT WITH FIRE" or "Leave it be".
That is incorrect.
If a question attracts low quality answers, God has created the protect option.
If you can't protect, God has created mod flags.
Again, the fact that you should close something because it gets poor answers is false.
Obviously, deciding the ultimate fate of a question is a case-by-case thing.
You wouldn't have closed that question, someone else would.
This is the core moderationist spirit.
But think of it in another perspective.
A question has sit on the site for some years, and suddenly you're all summoned and vote to close it.
That doesn't leave a good impression of the site.
Of course, the chance that if you didn't close that thread it would've attracted more low quality answers weren't that high, and, I know I'm beating a dead horse because the closure would've happened anyway.
In any way, if it were a question from yesterday, I would've agreed with downright closure, but it was very old, and protection was an option.
So no.
Also your close vote is weird.
It looks just like "unclear" reworded, and it could use some links and elaboration.
Esp. considering the love of SWR.
@Rathony No. It applies everywhere. You don't need to see something in the help center to know it's a thing. We all have something called common sense.
It's just that it's a general statement, and won't work and adapt to some situations.
11:21 AM
@TIPS Just because you hang around ELU chat room doesn't mean you know what is going on ELU.
@Rathony Yes.
I agree.
I'm not telling you what to do. I'm giving advice on what I've observed in a much bigger site, SO.
@TIPS Poor quality questions should be closed no matter how long they have been on ELU. They are bad examples and will only attract poor quality answers.
@TIPS Sorry, but I don't think I need your advice.
If you want to just claw and scratch it with a "shut up; you don't know anything" sign, that's fine by me.
Especially matters related with ELU and ELL.
@Rathony Whatever man, you gonna keep saying that.
@Rathony /me Shrug
This is like a dude helping you out and you slapping his hand because he's weak.
Meanwhile, on meta.SO
Q: php unanswered , seeking your attention

Glennit is unfortunate that SO moderators dont pay attention to the questions much. Lat week i asked a question regarding php which is not answered yet. It looks like it is not reaching the community members because it has been down voted by somebody. I want to ask moderators, do you pay attention to...

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12:52 PM
@tchrist I like hailnames as well.
Hi @KitZ.Fox. How are you this fine morning?
Hello @MattE.Эллен.
Good morning. I'm very tired. I had a long weekend and I'm still recovering.
1:54 PM
Is this correct? "Why not having a cookie based on the user's password?"
It should be "have". Also you shouldn't use the password to make cookies.
:D why? (also thank you for that English point)
passwords should be write-only and kept secret
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I will hash the password first and then use it as a part of the cookie
@stack that's less secure than generating a random UUID, storing that in the DB, and using it in the cookie
1:59 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I use password to generate the cookie because I want a cookie based on the password. I mean when user changes his password, it will be log out from all devices.
@stack You could just delete the token at the same time
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 hmm .. I think this can be possible too
Passwords should be prevented from leaking at all costs
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 oh one problem with your idea. If I delete that random string which is the cookie (when user changes his password), there is a low possibility of being the same new random string with the previous one. In this case user still will be logged into all devices.
@stack Well, if you use a UUID with a suitable algorithm and enough randomness it won't happen. The odds like like 1 in trillions
Also you can just generate the new one then compare it to the old one
2:03 PM
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 this is acceptable
This way too you can log the user out of devices without forcing their password to reset
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 true - thanks for your explanations bro :-)
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 Well can I ask my last question about cookies?
2:08 PM
Can I have an identical cookie for all user's devices?
or each device should has its own cookie? (I mean cookies should be different into different devices)
It would be safer if each device had its own cookie. I'm not sure if the extra safety is necessary for you.
I just know that passwords should be kept as closely guarded as possible.
even hashes should be guarded. Hashes can be broken.
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 yes extra safetly is really important for me, but look, here is my table structure, How can I store multiple cookie for one user?
well, you'd need a separate token table
a separated table just for cookies?
2:11 PM
seems hard :-)
I mean, if the cardinality of users to tokens is one to many, you need a separate table
ok thanks, I will ask this question on StakOverflow
Is this sentence correct?
It would be safer if each device had its own cookie (the cookie of each device should be different than the cookie of other device(s)), Not a constant cookie for all devices.
I'd like a cookie
2:18 PM
@Mitch me too .. but the most of professional programmers aren't agree
@stack yes, but I'd just write "other devices", and lower case N for "not a constant"
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 I see
goes.. that's a truly omnivorous thing, they should rather list what they don't eat
2:41 PM
Is this correct? "However the possibility of happening what you said is pretty low"
> However, the possibility of what you said happening is pretty low.
It's a bit awkward though
1 hour later…
3:46 PM
My brain feels raw, like someone scraped sandpaper across my soul.
@KitZ.Fox No eroding Kit's soul.
Any ideas for self-care?
I already ate over half my calorie allotment for the day.
What's your brain doing while it's raw?
It's like the volume is up to 11.
And so I want to shout at everyone.
I felt this way a week or so ago too. It's almost like a migraine precursor.
3:59 PM
@KitZ.Fox earplugs?
@Mr.ShinyandNew安宇 It's my eyes and social interactions too.
@KitZ.Fox dim the lights, adjust colour temp on monitor, put up a sign that says "Fuck off"
... that might work.
I'm at home, so that's OK.
4:40 PM
@KitZ.Fox coarse or fine grit?
@KitZ.Fox aspirin. Really.
Or do one of those thousand cranes projects. Make a thousand origami crane out of one inch squares of aluminum foil.
No limit to what you can make out of foil man.
Then spend a single minute stomping them into flatland
That sounds like hard work.
@TIPS I made an internal combustion engine once but I also used coat hangars for the frame and duct tape to hold things together
@Mitch You know, if they used duct tape the Chernobyl incident wouldn't have happened.
4:47 PM
And WD-40 for all fluids (lube obviously, fuel, brake fluid (I know right!!) and battery fluid)
@TIPS I've heard that duct tape is actually not particularly well suited for securing duct work, because of the out of spec temperatures in most ducts (HVAC).
So you'd probably need more than one layer of tape to hold those fuel rods in place
Hands @Mitch a PhD is duct tapal science
5:30 PM
Is there any word like "issue" which means "problem"?
Issue can mean "problem".
yes I think so .. but google.translate doesn't think so :-) ..! ok thank you
5:53 PM
@stack It depends on context.
What is the context?
... a login cookie is issued ...
Oh, that is a completely different use of the word issue.
It is used as a verb.
There it means "given out".
@TIPS blushes It's more of a craft than a real science.
hides mathematical origami textbook
6:30 PM
"be right back" means "I will come back soon" ?
6:49 PM
@stack Yes: it is short for [I'll] be right back.
ah ok :)
And right means "immediately, very soon" here.
@Mitch coarse
got it
6:52 PM
@KitZ.Fox I'd inquire about composition (silica/diamond/emery), backing, and if the area has been cleaned, but that is probably irrelevant a this point.
Wait... were you trepanning yourself, again, and forgot to close up (a common mistake)? It would produce nearly the same feelings. Also sprinkling gravel on the site. I suggest debrading the edges with a rasp and then sprinkling a little lemon juice.
Oh, that's a plan.
Speaking of which, I should go see if the new Mexican place has opened yet.
is Portugal the port (harbor) of 'pays de Galles' (Wales)?
my mind is blown
@crl The port de Galles? Yes, no doubt that is the correct etymology.
By the way, are Wales and Gallia cognates??
oh.. nice, interesting. Gallia like Gaule?
7:07 PM
It's from that movie. Omnia Wallya in tres partes divisa est.
@crl Yes.
possibly, let me check, yes fr.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gaulois_(peuples) 'ce même terme pour qualifier les Celtes du Pays de Galles : Welsh, et de Wales leur pays'
@crl Hmmm Wikipaedia seems to be saying that Gaul and Wales are related, but that Gallis and Gallus are not related.
I find that hard to believe.
> Wales: ... from Proto-Germanic *Walkhiskaz, from a Celtic tribal name represented by Latin Volcæ (Caesar) "ancient Celtic tribe in southern Gaul."
That seems to contradict French Wikipaedia.
I hear 'Gaulish' as 'cocky'. (@tchrist)
'avoir la gaule' means erection :/ (well there are dozens of expressions for it) and 'bien gaulé' means nice-looking particularly at some parts
'se faire gaulé' means to get caught
7:18 PM
hot, hot, hot very hot. these days I get drenched from head to toe in sweat in a matter of seconds. i hate the heat wave.
hydrate, eat fibers, do sport :p, and it will be fine, how many °C?
But well the Earth is really warming, I hope people get more conscious
In late thirties. Centigrades.
ah yes, it's about 30 here
18 here.
In the afternoon it was about 38 C, precipitation 48%, humidity 46 %, wind 10 km/h.
7:26 PM
I pity you!
that's Google. but I think it was 40.
Cerberus, I picked the top, to compare, now it's the evening in europe
politely avoids pings :)
It's 26 and breezy here.
The taco place is not open today though.
@crl Ah OK, but it was 18 degrees here at 3 o' clock!
@Cerberus well that's europe. I come from a place that is known for its shittiest weather.
7:35 PM
@KitZ.Fox nice
I know.
But you're probably a bit more used to it than we are?
everything is shit here lol.
@Cerberus yes you are right.
7:47 PM
It's 33 C here, 36 with the humidity
Must be the nuclear spill.
Wait. Are you in Aruba again?
unlike my friends who just came back from the Caribbean, we only go south in winter
and even Aruba is usually only 25-30 when we go
I didn't realize you were that much warmer than me. I mean, I know you're south, but that's farther than I thought.
Good night.
@VitaminC good night.
7:57 PM
@KitZ.Fox only about 100 miles south
8:42 PM
@Cerberus Gauls are a bunch of chickens (@KitZ.Fox)
@crl et "se faire avoir eu gaulé" caught with an erection?
@VitaminC Scotland? If it's not a soul-crushing bone-chilling mist, it's the soul-crushing bone-chilling damp afterwards
@Mitch No, Pakistan. It's me Arrowfar.
@VitaminC Ah...you're from Antarctica, like Jason Bourne.
oh you were kidding.
8:49 PM
dammit :D
Supposedly one of the driest places on earth.
yes that's the code word
Snow and ice everywhere but nothing falling from the sky
@VitaminC am I ever not?
true :)
anyway I can't change my name for another 25 days. I'll do it next month.
8:59 PM
The one saving grace about scotland is the fried mars bars. I've only ever heard of it. So you know...maybe the rain isn't as bad as all that
the only thing I like about Scotland is the weather.
they get rain all the time. And here like only twice a year. it sucks.
@Mitch I thought you liked nutella.
@VitaminC Sure Nutella is good, but a fried mars bar sounds like it would be good too
ah I just googled. looks delicious.
9:09 PM
I'm just not a big fan of chocolates and other sweet stuff. that's odd I know.
but spicy? I'm a sucker for spicy food.
even here when someone gives me a chocolate etc. I just pass it on to someone else most of the time.
@VitaminC a fried mars bar sounds like too much sugar/choclate all at once.
Yeah. I agree.
@VitaminC like spicy snacks, or are you talking about the whole meal?
9:14 PM
oh both.
I think I'd like to experience the fried mars bar at least once.
well, yeah both. but what kind of spicy snacks?
snacks that are spicy are just not done in the US...except they're slowly making more of them. Like Doritos with cayenne flavor or buffalo wing flavored
I don't know what you will call it in English but yeah we get some good snacks here. well mostly I like home cooked food. it's kind of hygienic.
@Mitch but you get tacos etc. there. Btw do you consider tacos a snack or a meal?
it's a dish so meal I'm guessing.
I really like food from the Subcontinent.
9:23 PM
@VitaminC yes. meal.
but in the US almost anything can be converted into a snack.
so you wanna hear something interesting?
completely off topic.
there are mini-tacos that are considered a snack, but of course if you make enough you can have a meal out of them
@VitaminC that wasn't interesting.
oh.. you mean the thing that is interesting is completely off topic. OK go ahead.
The sluice doors of the old Panama Canal, under construction in 1914.
The new doors are even larger and deeper.
@Cerberus yes. around here there's lots. but none that I can think of that are specifically halal
@Cerberus 'sluice' sounds dirty
9:26 PM
@Mitch Here too.
augh..now I'm hungry.
@Mitch Then...what wouldn't sound dirty?
Well some people we come across on the internet that can't think outside of what media feeds them. Recently I was talking to someone on the internet (there is chat based therapy site that I visit just for fun sometimes) and when the guy found out I was from Pakistan, guess what he asked me?
@Cerberus well, if sluice is what you call it, that's what it is. but maybe 'locks'?
"are you an extremist?" "are you a terrorist?"
9:28 PM
I gave them a good lecture politely.
Dec 17 '15 at 15:36, by Mitch
people are idiots
@VitaminC Haha, that's crazy.
@Cerberus Yeah totally :D
If all Pakistanis were extremists, the country would collapse, and so would the world.
@VitaminC It's hard. Everyybody is 'themselves'-ist. But that's just stupid.
9:29 PM
Even in Arabia, most people just want to have a house, a spouse, and...[insert Pakistani food on -ouse].
People who say things like that are the same as people outside of the US who think everybody wears cowboy hats and drives around in pick up trucks shooting an AK47
[or maybe Arab food]
For the record, I do not wear a hat.
not often.
@Mitch But aren't cowboy hats worn by a substantial part of the population?
And pick-up trucks driven?
9:31 PM
You didn't ask me about AKs
I think that is slightly more exaggerated...
Many do have some sort of gun, though, don't they?
@Cerberus stats. you need to look at stats. the percentage of people in the US that own at least one gun has been going down steadily since forever.
Also I have gotten this a lot on the internet: women in Pakistan are oppressed. That kind of stuff only comes from people who believe and trust media and have no outside research. Of course the big media is out there to make us (muslim countries) look bad. It is as simple as that.
those that do own at least one gun are more likely to own more than one and that is steadily rising.
Of course crazy stuff happens here but that's just in poor and uneducated areas of the country.
9:34 PM
Not in cities, no. well sometimes, yes.
@Cerberus also, yes, there is terrible news about mass shootings more and more often, but fewer and fewer people are dying by gun shots overall (the murder rate is dropping). but again context...but that rate is rising in the inner city communities.
@VitaminC You could tell them about Bhutto.
@VitaminC its saudi arabia where it is hardest being a woman an doing practical things. also, laws weren't so liberal in the west that long ago.
@Mitch Oh, I didn't know that. But the total number of guns is rising, isn't it?
@Mitch I know that, too. But I believe the number of victims from terrorist shootings is rising?
@Cerberus cars are noticeably bigger in the US, fewer sedans sold than SUVs. I do think more 'status symbol' pickup trucks are on the road, but for practical use, just as many as ever.
(it's shocking coming from Europe to the US, all the cars seem supersized.)
9:39 PM
@Mitch In Ancient Athens, a venerated example of civilization, upperclass (and perhaps also other) women normally lived on the upper storey(s) of the house and weren't suppose to go out unchaperoned. The men lived on the ground floor, so the women had to go through the men's floor in order to leave the house.
@Mitch I'm not sure how to interpret that, but it is true that a great number of people drive pick-up trucks who don't really need them, isn't it?
@Cerberus I think unnecessary cowboy hats (that is cowboy hats worn by people in the non-agricultural areas) are only more common in say Texas. Most of the rest of the South doesn't do that. But 'more common' doesn't mean common. It just means instead of 'holy crap I saw a guy wearing a cowboy hat last week, and he wasn't in the Village People' that you'd get in the north-east,...
@Mitch "Unncessary" cowboy hats?
in Texas you might notice that everyday when you go to get a donut, there is always one guy wearing a cowboy hat.
Is a specific type of hat ever necessary?
JUst like in New Jersey, there's always one girl who wears way too much eyeliner like Avril Lavigne.
But just one.
@Cerberus uh yeah.
9:45 PM
It's funny, then, how different hats are necessary in different countries!
beret's cover your bald spot. baseball caps keep the sun out of your eyes. balaclava (or those big flufffy russian hats) keep your head toasty warm
@Cerberus so no, not substantial at all across the US. possibly, depending on your definition of substantial, in Texas and surrounding areas.
@Cerberus actual guns sold? I'm not sure if the rate is rising. After every mass shooting it certainly does because people think the government is going to crack down on gun sales (because people are idiots)
@Mitch One large state seems substantial!
@Mitch Guns owned.
@Cerberus that would be a statistic that is weird. just consider mass shootings (crazy guys, whether off their meds or rationally carrying out a terrorist plan). is the body count, per episode, rising? I still don't know. Orlando was the biggest ever I think, so that sticks out, and biases us to think the worst.
@Cerberus I bet that's only for super rich people. normal people can't afford that complication.
@Cerberus I don't know about great number, but I am pretty sure that of those who drive them, yes, more than 50% don't need them for work
@Cerberus out of 50? yes Texas is as big as France, but it is not representative of the US.
But US is to the world as Texas is to the US
or is it as Bavaria is to Germany?
Or West Country is to England?
@Cerberus probably. but note the other statistic I mentioned. there are fewer and fewer Americans that own at least one gun. So calculating that means that some people are stockpiling (or 'collecting') which may actually be the scarier thing altogether.
10:00 PM
@Mitch I mean the total yearly number of victims from terrorist attacks, including mass shootings (I assume almost all of the are of a terrorist nature?).
@Mitch Yes exactly, you yanks and your guns ;)
@Mitch But it's not that complicated? All you need is two storeys.
@Mitch It's not a few thousand, right?
just joking btw
@Mitch I didn't say representative, but substantial.
And the population of Texas is quite a bit lower than that of France.
@Mitch That's quite interesting.
@Cerberus I was trying to get away from the labeling thing by calling them mass shootings, as opposed to the much more usual ...um... home violence against one or two, or home accident, which again is not as common as thought (though terrible)
10:04 PM
Both numbers are interesting.
ok nice chatting. you two are the friendliest bunch.
the number of actual terrorist killings (by terrorists associated with political organizations) is miniscule in comparison to people on their own.
Sleep well!
@Mitch Do they have to be political?
Perhaps we'd need a definition first.
@VitaminC to Cerb's point, in the world, per capita personal ownership of guns is by far the highest in the US. but 'higher' doesn't mean that everybody walking down the street has one. wait...Isarel may be higher. There you really can walk down the street and see families strolling through the park and every other dad has a rifle.
10:07 PM
If mass shootings aren't terrorist attacks, they have in common with them the notion that "it could be you", whereas many other types of shootings are between people who know each other (so people think, "that won't happen to me").
@Cerberus Texans eat the anti-Mediterranean diet
@Cerberus yes.
But you're right that the number of deaths is still low for mass shootings.
@Cerberus The 'I know the killer' situation is the great majority of murders and almost always someone in your family and either an accident or unplanned anger.
10:10 PM
And one criminal killing another.
Going postal (like Bernardino or every other post office) is a mass killing where everyone knows everyone.
@Cerberus I don't think that's as high as family murders, but it is way higher than the total for mass shootings. mass shootings get lots of press. The murder rate in Chicago doesn't get a mention.
I suppose it's somewhat different if the victims of a mass shooting knew the killer.
@Mitch Yes, probably.
Most probably.
@Cerberus so that's rising obviously, but one year is Chicago's murder rate for part of a month.
10:13 PM
I wonder how many people are shot by robbers.
so I was wrong. murder rate going down in chicago. (I lived there back in exactly that peak time).
@Mitch Is the Y axis some form of per capita or is that absolute numbers?
but 500 per year is pretty bad. 1-2 a day.
absolute #
2.5 million population (city lmits, not the metro area)
Then the murder rate is much better even than that graph suggests, because Chicago's population rose substantially over the same time period.
I think New Orleans, which used to be notorious like Chicago for murders is way down.
same with NYC
@MετάEd how much is substantially?
10:18 PM
@Mitch Unless those statistics are just for the metro area and not including suburbs.
2.7 M to 2.8?
1 min ago, by Mitch
2.5 million population (city lmits, not the metro area)
yep, city still going down. but not as bad as detroit
Hmm why is the city proper going down?
because people are leaving it, probably for the suburbs, and immigrants coming in aren't enough to offset. traditional US pattern.
10:21 PM
Hmm I thought that development had come to an end.
yay! good for the US!
The Netherlands had 111 murders in 2015.
@Cerberus Partly because the city borders did not change but the land use changed.
More offices?
@MετάEd land use? nobody is building farms on abandoned lots
10:24 PM
Yes, that sort of thing. Population and business grow together.
Here big offices have been moving out of the centre for a while.
@Mitch Huh?
And our city centres never lost many inhabitants, I think.
@Mitch Land use: land that was formerly residential becomes commercial in the city center.
chicago's new skyscrapers are all being built on former train yards and industrial areas, so they're not displacing (or replacing) people
10:25 PM
@Mitch Obviously you've never been a hobo.
@MετάEd land use change that would explain lower population
@MετάEd 1) that's true 2) hobo's are usually not counted 3) when they are counted it doesn't account for the large change from 3.3 M in 1950 to 2.7 M in 2010
So, this has to do with English language and usage. Oh... LAN Usage. I see. Silent D. haw haw
It was suggested that I go here and drop the idea that we just use IPA for all languages.
Hobo. Banana. Meme. Bikini. Muumuu.
@nocomprende Welcome to chat!
I always have trouble spelling Myrtle Beach.
@nocomprende Hello! Yes, this site is about LAN Gauges.
10:30 PM
I'm pretty sure it's about HO gauges.
Someone was saying that public WiFi is a kind of LAN. I demur.
Gosh. I had an O gauge train and gave it away. Hard word to spell. like Tongue.
There is no murder without demur.
@nocomprende fiːl friː tʊ juːz aɪpieɪ
And my work here is done. Later.
Sort of... Not sure about the last consonat?
10:32 PM
What consonant?
I don't know how to say "aɪpieɪ"
Then it might be better not to use it...
God. IPA. Ugh.
I wasn't saying I wasn an expert, I don't even know it. I was Zhust Zaying, we should Ztanderdize
10:34 PM
And I said, feel free to do so!
You first.
How about that MEtris system, eh?
I have.
3 mins ago, by Cerberus
@nocomprende fiːl friː tʊ juːz aɪpieɪ
As a former programmer, I like to say that we would have been better off with more standardization early on. Goes for language also.
People always counter that there is "no one in charge" of things like language globally. I say, well, put someone in charge.
Engineer meets Godzilla, I guess.
I did say to someone recently that rates of violent crime are going down.
Which one?
- Can I define lifetime for each row of MySQL's table?
- Can I define a lifetime for each row of MySQL's table?
- Can I define the lifetime for each row of MySQL's table?
@stack Am I supposed to reply? The first sounds like a non-English native speaker. The second, engineering. The third, Manager-speak.
10:41 PM
@nocomprende :-) .. thank you
You are welcome. I hope it actually addressed your question.
I like how it says "not the room you are looking for?" I guess it isn't.
@nocomprende Absolutely.
@nocomprende Whom did you have in mind?
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