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12:39 PM
Q: reference work in 'MS expression Blend4' but it doesn't work in'MS Blend for Visual Studio(2015)'

user4567I used '3dtools.dll' and it was right wrok in 'expression Blend4'. add reference Like this: xmlns:tools="clr-namespace:_3DTools;assembly=3DTools"} . . <tools:TrackballDecorator> . . </tools:TrackballDecorator> . . <tools:TrackballDecorator> but it does not work in 'MS Blend for Visual Studio(...

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5:37 PM
Q: Move position in smooth gradient

UNST4BL3Sorry if this is on the wrong community, wasn't sure which one would be appropriate. I have this issue I have come across in programming (don't worry - the graphical part comes in a second). I am decrementing/incrementing position x until it reaches y. However, this creates a rectangular-like p...

5:50 PM
Q: Perspective correct interpolation of normal values

Leon2806I'm currently writing a software rasterizer and I'm at the point where I can draw arbitrary triangles with vertex colors and perspective correct texture mapping. I do point and directional lighting by linearly interpolating the vertex normals and it works fine, only on big triangles you can notic...

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7:49 PM
@trichoplax I saw this answer on the blender meta, and I think it is giving very misguided advice about the scope of this site. Am I correct?
A: Is this an acceptable place to ask for feedback on a sculpt? If not what would be a better place?

GeorgesTry CG Stack Extchange, I guess that would be the right place to do so, since I've seen a post there requesting feedback, and nobody seems to object: http://computergraphics.stackexchange.com/ Still make sure to ask the right question, as in asking, what do you think is missing? Or should I do it...

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9:20 PM
@GiantCowFilms Thanks very much for highlighting this. I'm not quite sure what a sculpt is in this context, but it sounds like it might be hand made in which case it would be off topic. I've added a comment to try and sum up the possibilities.
On Computer Graphics Stack Exchange a request for an artistic review would be off topic, but a review of code that produces or works with models could be on topic depending on the context. A review of a hand sculpted model would be off topic. As a rough guide, if you're writing software your question is likely to be on topic, while if you're using software it is likely off topic. Research and algorithm questions are also on topic though, so for specific details see the Computer Graphics on topic page. — trichoplax 4 mins ago
@trichoplax In this context its basically the same thing as sculpting with clay, but using computer tools.
@GiantCowFilms Then definitely off topic in this case - hopefully the comment makes that clear?
@ritwiksinha Hi :)
@trichoplax Hey do you remember that you helped me with bresenham's line algorithm ?
Yes I remember
Did it work out OK?
9:25 PM
@trichoplax Yes, i implemented the whole algorithm and currently i am working on camera implementation
@trichoplax I think i need view matrix for that
@trichoplax Yes, thank you :)
@GiantCowFilms Great - hopefully your quick thinking will avoid a rush of off topic questions... :)
@trichoplax I don't know if anything said on our meta can ever create a rush.
unless ~5 people count :P
@trichoplax, @GiantCowFilms how long does a site remain on beta before being released
@GiantCowFilms Well a Blender rush would be slightly more than a Computer Graphics rush, so here it would seem like a big thing :P
9:33 PM
@trichoplax lol
@ritwiksinha A site exits beta when its stats (active users, questions per day, quality of answers) hit a certain level, and stay at it for a certain time. My estimate is it takes about 1-2 years for a site to be eligible, It may take over a year for it to be graduated, however, that is happening faster. Struggling sites could be looking at many years though.
@GiantCowFilms So how long would this site be on beta ?
Let me look at its stats
@ritwiksinha As GiantCowFilms says, it can take a long time. Also the criteria have changed over the years, and each is judged on a case by case basis so there is no set way of predicting it. Some sites grow quickly and graduate early, others spend years in beta. But staying in beta doesn't mean a risk of being closed down - they announced recently that beta sites will not be in danger of being shut down provided they have enough activity on the review queues to keep things running smoothly.
Your QPD and VPD are rather low
on blender we saw thousands of visits per day
and we had about I think 5x as many users as you guys have now
Infact, our visits per day were never once as low as yours are in the recorded history of the site.
@GiantCowFilms I didn't know about that site...
9:40 PM
@trichoplax Its awesome
@GiantCowFilms I'm not surprised by that. I'd always expect there to be more users of software than writers of software, so we're going to be serving a smaller community. I know there's overlap as not everything here is coding and some questions on Blender can be about coding, but roughly we're more about coding so that's my expectation.
If you compare blender se for example, you can see what kind of stats a recently graduated site has.
@trichoplax The other thing is practically 100% of the blender community is active online
I think it is because if somebody have a programming problem he/she would first run to StackOverflow than to come here
I bet you have about >10% of graphics programmers actively using forums like SE.
@ritwiksinha Yes that's a good point too - a lot of graphics programming questions are on topic on SO so it will take a while before people realise there's a specific site for them
9:44 PM
Blender is a very much internet based community. Everyone finds blender there, learns about it there, and teaches about it there.
@trichoplax Maybe a community add on SO, do they have those?
@GiantCowFilms That's a good idea. I wonder if there's any way to link community ads to tags, so our ad shows up on questions
it doesn't even look like they have conventional community adds
I'm not sure how welcome the ad would be if it was across the board, since it wouldn't be relevant to most questions or most users of SO
@GiantCowFilms it is mainly because there is rarely any good pure learning resource out there about CG, So less people would engage on this topic.
well other SE community add would help maybe
9:46 PM
I'd still make an add if I were you guys
@ratchetfreak Maybe Blender, if they would welcome an ad?
I have seen a lot of pretty computer generated art on code colf. I wonder if something like that could act as a starting place
@trichoplax I think so
also maybe game dev, and graphic desing
game dev tends to not upvote adds, but Graphic design is fairly friendly
@GiantCowFilms They've just graduated, and community ads are on the list of things to expect soon, so that could be perfect timing
@trichoplax Yes!
i never heard of that site
9:48 PM
I was actually meaning someone try to write some pretty pattern generating code to make the actual ad, but that works to!
For example:
Q: Images with all colors

Mark JeronimusSimilar to the images on allrgb.com, Make images where each pixel is a unique color (no color is used twice and no color is missing). Give a program that generates such an image, along with a screenshot or file of the output (upload as PNG). Create the image purely algorithmically. Image must ...

patterns like that might get interest for Graphic Design SE people who've wanted to try programming
The only thing I'd be wary of is advertising to a community that is likely to want to change what is on topic here - a flood of new users could have a strong voice on meta while our community is still small. That's one reason why I'm quite happy with us growing slowly at first (and we are growing).
then they can ask lots of questions here.
@trichoplax People coming from other communities are generally interested in protecting their scopes, so I doubt they will encourage overlap
@trichoplax yes, The graph of total user is fairly steep
@ritwiksinha Programming Puzzles & Code Golf is a recreational site for competition rather than questions and answers, although it uses the Q&A format so it is still a Stack Exchange site and will still have community ads
@GiantCowFilms That's an interesting way of looking at it. I haven't seen any evidence of scope change due to this, it's just in the back of my mind because someone mentioned it on meta early on
@trichoplax Link to the meta post?
9:54 PM
@GiantCowFilms Will search and post in a minute
I will be back later
@GiantCowFilms bye :)
@GiantCowFilms It was the comment discussion on this meta answer
and I'm back (sooner than expected)
@trichoplax 3D questions are a problem atm
@ritwiksinha The graph of total users can be slightly misleading as it is adjusted to fill the available space. Looking at the numbers on the y axis gives a better idea of how many new users are arriving. Blender has about 350 new users in the same space of time that we have about 90. Also not all of the new users will stay, so it's only a rough guide. Our number of questions has a slow upward trend though, which I think means we are heading in the right direction
10:05 PM
if the a51 proposal goes through, it should be good though.
I think once that has stablized, the scopes will be good
@GiantCowFilms You mean the 3D Graphics proposal?
That post is a result of Graphic Design trying to load of 3D Graphics questions onto another site
it looks like they were trying to shove them on you
(from what I can tell, the post wasn't very clear)
@GiantCowFilms The meta answer was a response to "should we change our site name?" - I think Graphic Design was just mentioned as an example of what a difference a name can make.
@trichoplax Ah
anyway, I don't think there will be a scope issue
Yes I'm not especially worried about new users changing the scope, I'm just keeping it in mind as a minor factor
10:10 PM
these things are delicate balances.
Its easy to send a site down the tubes
For example I think video production shot itself in the foot by allowing to many technical camera based questions, they should have roped in the scope.
@GiantCowFilms So that site is closed ?
its just not going anywhere
and its massive scope is murdering smaller proposals that would have a better shot at success.
@GiantCowFilms we need more click bait questions like computergraphics.stackexchange.com/questions/3575/…, LOL
@ritwiksinha Actually, yes
That was also a good question for testing the scope - I wasn't sure if the community would regard it as on topic or not
10:18 PM
@GiantCowFilms I don't know how much it is true but the questions that pushes the limit of being "not on topic" but not quite there, are generally most viewed ones. similar trend is seen on MSE
Unlucky i cant find the meta post on MSE regarding this :(
10:36 PM
It's great to see this chat room in use. It has been waiting a long time for activity to arrive...
A good way to boost activity is to make stuff happen here (as in create cool events, and advertise them on meta)
Sometimes you can be lucky and get a user who talks to and draws everyone who arrives here in to stay. That is rare though.
I like your suggestion of community ads. Maybe we need a meta post where people can suggest sites and what the ads should look like
That would be a good idea
We should have three kinds of posts
1. Ideas for what it should look like
2. Places to put it
3. Actual finished designs.
10:53 PM
Maybe 2 before 1, since what it looks like can be tailored to each site
11:47 PM
Q: Your thoughts on Community Ads

trichoplaxOnce a Stack Exchange site graduates from beta, it shows adverts that are chosen by its community. If any of us are active on a graduated site then there is the opportunity for posting a proposed advert in the appropriate meta question on that site, and if well received by that community it will ...


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