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6:00 PM
When folks are going to get personal, I'm not going to be happy about that.
@twobugs If you make a statement about a question, then people are going to assume that "what do you think about the question?" is answered by that statement
@murgatroid99 It's absurd to think the entirety of one person's argument is summed up in a single line comment
A single comment doesn't state anyone's entire thought nor should it be assumed to do so
@twobugs If you only make one comment, then that's the only part of your argument that people will know about
Someone shouldn't be blamed because other people downvoted a question
This is completely laughable. Realize that you're siding with someone who blamed a ton of downvotes on a single comment I made.
@murgatroid99 Completely off-topic: I always forget you're a mod over at BCG. I se you blue and I go "wait what?!?! when did thi - oh right"
6:02 PM
And my comment itself said nothing about self-answering, so your argument is completely invalid
I mentioned the wording of the question and nothing else.
@twobugs I'm not siding with or against anyone. I'm pointing out that people will argue with the statements they see, and not the ones that they don't.
You're defending with people who imagined a statement. That was my damn point from the beginning.
@Wipqozn It turns out that there isn't really much to it. BCG is a pretty low-activity site, which is why it still hasn't graduated after six years
@twobugs That's not at all what happened
To be honest the only one really "imagining" a situation here is you. You're taking what I said there personally, and as if I was directed it solely at you. I wasn't, and it wasn't.
You directed it literally at me in chat.
I'm going to disengage now because this is interfering with my ability to do my actual real job
6:09 PM
And I need to go home. LAter all. And by "later" I mean "I'll be back in like 15 minutes"
@Wipqozn Slacker
So tech support over the phone to someone on the opposite coast sucks. It's someone I work with, so there isn't much of a communication barrier, but not being able to see what he sees sucks.
@MBraedley Tech support over the phone in general is terrible
I'd much rather that the just put me on a plane and send me out there to fix it, and all the while earn per-diem (a.k.a. free) money.
@TimStone That is an impressive display of malice and stupidity coming to a satisfying result.
6:15 PM
@TimStone Maximum reverse troll.
> 10k to lea 10k to chance and like 5k on the charity stream
getting a refund from charity, he deserved it.
for once paypal did something right :D
@Unionhawk I looked at that and guessed that it was about @badp
6:20 PM
Q: Fallout 4: Putting DiMA on trial

OmegacronI'm having an issue with one of Far Harbor's two main quests, so here's a spoiler-free description of what's happening: Playing on PC, have done all quests for Far Harbor, have all four settlements going and over 65 happiness. During the quest "The Way Life Should Be", I convinced DiMA to turn...

also, this is indeed day 2157 of bridge. Nice one @uni
I know what I'm doing
I never don't know what I'm doing
If I ever appear to not know what I am doing I am merely trying to fool you all
@Unionhawk you got my vote.
I'm a little disappointed it wasn't the 2157th day of @badp's moderatorship, or participation in StackExchange
You failed me, @Uni
Yeah, well
6:23 PM
@badp was here in the bridge since the beginning, and I'd attribute a great amount of his madness to it
Or somethign
@Unionhawk indeed he was
Jul 14 '10 at 21:34, by radp
No, there's no rep for meta
I just need something to cheer me up
I can leave a little early I guess since I stayed late earlier this week
I knew without looking because he's a 2 digit
@Unionhawk he was @radp, then @badp, soon he will be @madp
6:26 PM
@Dragonrage sorry @uni but you just lost your vote from me.
I remember back when it was chat.gaming.stackexchange.com, good times, good times
Jul 14 '10 at 21:38, by radp
Although it could very well be that Gaming may need even more mods than SuperUser
@TimStone did they actually talk about games then?
oh god... We do have more mods than SU, right?
Delete your account. https://twitter.com/realDonaldTrump/status/740972317191352320
6:30 PM
@ardaozkal minecraft probably makes up most of them
Alright that's it, internet is over
uuugh no. With elections we'll get to 7 while they have 9
I don't even know what's going on anymore
Someone just got set on fire there but I'm not sure who
I hope Donald Trump gets destroyed in the election if only for moments like this
Where whoever Hillary Clinton hired to write her tweets is allowed to just be brutal to him
6:33 PM
Someone sent me garyjohnson2016.com a few days ago
Yeah the libertarian party is a thing that exists
That's my glowing endorsement
@ardaozkal SU has 9 mods, we're about to have 8
@badp on the next elections (the one I'll actually compete in) you'll be finally correct.
not necessarily
@ardaozkal they could have elections between then and now and get more
6:38 PM
@badp Is there stuff happening?
@Unionhawk not necessarily
we might hold the next elections in 2 years again
@Dragonrage sssh I'm trying to imply that I didn't give up on hopes of being a mod
SU's own last election was 2 years ago
we definitely had more elections than them
There was probably a time where we had more mods
@badp because we are more rad than them
6:40 PM
...do people actually say FLOTUS
Q: How often do mysterious wanderers give loot back?

sensiwooSometimes, a mysterious wanderer arrives and asks for wood or fur. They say if you give them (100 or 500), they will come back with more. How often is that statement true? The builder isn't sure that they can be trusted.

Q: What ultimates can be damage boosted by Mercy?

RetrosaurWhat ultimates can be damage boosted by Mercy? We already know that D.va's ultimate can be damage boosted by Mercy, but are there other ultimates that can be damage boosted by Mercy? Can all ultimates be damage boosted by Mercy?

@GraceNote oh god
@GraceNote It's better than SCOTUS which people definitely do say
6:42 PM
@TimStone scotuscare (RIP scalia or something)
@GraceNote I've definitely seen it written, and I think I've heard it too
@murgatroid99 Well, I brought it up because Hillary's twitter account identifies her as a FLOTUS
It's just... it's...
@GraceNote she was when her husband was president, and it is kind of long to write
I dunno it sounds like an ancient times item to avoid drowning.
how about POTUS?
6:43 PM
People actually say FLOTUS, POTUS, AND SCOTUS.
I would assume not often unless you live in DC, but sometimes
@Dragonrage POTUS I've always figured was created as a term because someone realized "Holy smokes this sounds absolutely stupid" and the president went on to say "I agree. We're going to keep this term forever."
I just didn't realize this apparently extended to a lot of other... -OTUS.
afaik those are the main three -OTUSes
It's just a regular acronym
@GraceNote some stupidity leads to more stupidity right?
I figure, being a president means a lot of keeping a straight face. So having a name like POTUS helps give you major excuse to not keep a straight face.
6:45 PM
@murgatroid99 acronyms are supposed to sound cool.
You don't become POTUS by not being able to keep the face you want when you want it
@Dragonrage I wouldn't say that most other acronyms "sound cool"
@murgatroid99 well they should
Horrible acronyms are the cornerstone of American politics
6:47 PM
if i wanted alphabet soup, i go buy some at the store.
I was thinking more of the USA PATRIOT Act
> "Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism Act of 2001"
@badp ...good god why do lotus have seed pods like lily seed pods
please put out some jars to collect the rain of eagle tears caused by this ART
6:49 PM
@GraceNote according to VEEP the first dog is also called the fdotus
Why do lily seed pods even exist
Q: Can a Winston buffed by Mercy outdamage a Mercy heal?

DGarvanskiWhat I've gathered from experience is that if you're playing Winston it is ultimately useless to attack a hero who's currently getting healed by Mercy if you can't focus Mercy herself. There's just not enough damage output there. My question is - is Mercy's boost, coupled with Winston's damage, e...

hmm I wonder
so Hilary might be the FPLOTUS?
If hillary becomes prez, will she be POTUS or a FLOTUS? What about his husband?
6:51 PM
and if she wins again she'll be the SPLOTUS?
badp is always faster
POTUS, and nobody knows
@ardaozkal She will be POTUS because the P stands for president
6:51 PM
She will also be the ex-FLOTUS, as she currently is
I'll probably refer to Bill as a FLOTUS even if that isn't technically correct
Mostly because that's funnier than any other title they'd give him
clearly he'll be the FFMOTUS
'FGOTUS' doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.
That too
First First Dude Of The United States
6:54 PM
@Unionhawk first lord -OTUS
@GodEmperorDune Sure, actually that works
@Fluttershy I haven't finished a game yet, but it's definitely fun so far.
@TimStone Ryuu ga waga teki go f--k yourself!
So this movie didn't get picked on Movie Night and all my exams finished today...
(I wonder if anyone can guess what it is)
so long
and thanks for all the fish!
Thats me answering, without answering :P
hahah, yep.
6:58 PM
@ardaozkal ... Jiro Dreams of Sushi?
It's the remake tho?
The original series was better, tho the remake is good.
@djsmiley2k 2005 version
Stephen Fry?
Martin Freeman?
I've read (most of) the books so I'm not missing anything from story anyways
Yeah it's just hugely condensed in the film.
6:59 PM
I stand by my answer.
@TimStone This is one of the best things I've ever read.
It really is glorious
True justice does exist
It does suck for the parents, though I imagine the card company will do a chargeback.
7:01 PM
Q: Modding HOI 3 Trade agreements?

DJMethaneManI am working on a HOI 3 Cold War Gone Hot Mod. I have most of the map provinces done (barring a few qirks in the province names. Like 10% of all province files are nit named after their actual Province name as it is displayed on screen). I loaded it up and noticed that the US is producing 700 fue...

Q: Does Morgana's Black Shield activate Windspeaker's Blessing?

Shadow Z.If I use Morgana's Black Shield on an Ally, and I have Windspeaker's Blessing, will they get the Windspeaker buff?

@Lazers2.0 Cold War Gone Hot Mod
...Cold War Gone Hot Mod
> Cold War Gone Hot Mod
The idea is, I assume, it's cold war era and now suddenly Russia and the US are actually at each other's throats in a hot war
Instead of just staring each other down amassing comically large weapons, making sure the other knows that they're not afraid to fire
@Unionhawk so MAD happens?
@Unionhawk its a meme
you're a meme
7:06 PM
Thanks :^)
@ardaozkal wat
@Unionhawk urmoms a meme
urmoms a meme's a meme.
cc @Wipqozn
@djsmiley2k I should have guessed that was him
7:08 PM
@SaintWacko :D
I don't understand anything from this movie.
(I'll need english subs)
@ardaozkal Pah, that was an easy one
@Yuuki Your mom jokes are so 5 minutes ago. Your dad jokes are where it's at.
@Wipqozn urdad jokes are unfunny puns
@GodEmperorDune ur dad's an unfunny pun
7:18 PM
Look at @SaintWacko, throwing down the sick burns
Q: Are there hints in the game to find the bobbleheads?

MaxAre there in game hints to find the bobbleheads or is it only by chance (or power of observation) that we find them ? Thanks.

Q: What is the timeline of Hearts of Iron 4?

FedericoTitle says it all, really: does HoI4 has the same timeline of HoI3, or has it been modified?

Neat, a new Destiny expansion got unveiled today
I don't think anything can fix that game's community, though
The fact that /r/sodiumfreedestiny exists is amazing
time for a bit of rocket league
(I assume they basically just ban salted rants)
7:23 PM
u wanna watch @ardaozkal? :D
(which afaik is all /r/destinythegame is)
I don't know what the sodiumfreedestiny subreddit is but I know the main one is awful
People crying about everything
that's the idea behind sodium free
"I didn't get my $60 worth out of this game I've played for 400 hours"
all the destiny with none of the salt
7:25 PM
"I'm deeply upset that there are cosmetic items available for real money!"
People made a fake Bungie Tech Support account to just post "haha we are bungie xD we are evil....xD"
@djsmiley2k sure
@twobugs I fully support any efforts to create alternate communities where this is unacceptable, and encourage mainline communities to treat this as unacceptable rather than an epic lé réddit memé
uy know the url by now right?
It's just frustrating how distorted that subreddit was. It created a horrible feedback loop
I assume is not was
7:28 PM
People would take anything Bungie said and twist it and compete over who could twist it more
There was a time when Bungie made a change that was unpopular. So they made a statement of "We reserve the right to make changes to our game. We also reserve the right to revert these changes based on player feedback."
"Bungie said they're taking their ball and going home!"
oooo demoted burn :(
@twobugs Similar kind of people as those who got upset at the tracer change
Or at least there's an overlap
At first I almost asked which change but
Then I remembered
7:33 PM
Technically this is an opposite complaint, but I assume that people who complain about changes would complain about either
man i suck today D:
Since people who complain about changes are fools
@ardaozkal LOOK AT THAT SETUP!
@ardaozkal can you get me some better team mates? :(
: should it be removed from the one question it's on, or applied to the other 10ish it could fit with?
nearly 7min of overtime
7:46 PM
@John I'd say apply
@djsmiley2k yeah, crazy
@Yuuki where is the moive night pin?
@ardaozkal That's what I was thinking, but don't want to go on a tagging spree only to get it reversed
@Dragonrage Presumably it will show up tomorrow or the day after
@Dragonrage It had been pinned earlier and dropped. Gonna pin again later tonight so it still shows on Thursday and Friday.
ok cool. just didnt want people to forget about it
7:48 PM
@John i don't think its needed on all the questions. it would flood the front page of meta
@Unionhawk wat
yea, i think just the latest one and new ones
@GodEmperorDune Yeah, knowing how inactive meta is is why I didn't do it yet
@badp Yes.
maybe just the newest 3ish so people can find them
7:50 PM
This was a Real Thing People Said.
Blizzard had a really classy response too
@John Huh. I don't remember tagging that.
That people's feedback forced Blizzard to make this change
@John i did the latest one and one other
@Dragonrage Good enough, probably
7:51 PM
Like "Yeah, we agree, thanks for the feedback. We've been working on something else and this is heartening"
And Blizzard was like "no we made this change on our own we are adults who can make our own decisions and we happen to agree with the feedback"
Paying $60 to unbox crates doesn't sound appealing
@Yuuki Well, you did, apparently
I paid $50 to open card packs
Multiple times
but at the same time map dlcs are the worst
7:51 PM
So take that
i found a great use for the burn function.
i just burn every removed post
@twobugs yes but the game was free?
@badp What game is this?
@John OVerwatch. Free game is Hearthstone.
7:52 PM
I also paid $$$$ for Halo 5 cosmetic stuff but that funds constant and continual free DLC in the form of new cosmetics you can earn in-game, new maps, new game modes, etc.
@Wipqozn ah
@fredley can we auto burn removed posts plz
@djsmiley2k way too much effort
I had heard a few things about Overwatch charging for stuff after you already bought it
submit a pull request
7:53 PM
I think buying loot boxes is a waste of money, but I'd be willing to pay cash for actual things.
seems shady to me
@John You can optionally buy more crates
like they're trying to combine two methods of monetization
They're not, really IMO
I mean tf2 was like that — for a few months
7:54 PM
Base game had a lot of work in it, $40
I can't help but compared it to Dota
Will contain continual upgrades
then they realised it was really stupid and they fixed it
@John The onl thing you can buy are loot boxes, which give you four cosmetic items.
I think one of the core differences is that you can get cosmetics just by playing the game
7:54 PM
@Wipqozn oh I guess if it's few enough it's not really sustainable
And while this is technically true of TF2, it's rare
@Unionhawk You can do this in Dota. Even the most expensive ones
expensive ones rarely, but it's not unheard of
So really I have no reason to care about buying boxes
The difference is you have an actual chance of getting the cosmetics you want
In Overwatch
And not a 0.00000000000000000000000000001% chance
@twobugs For free?
7:56 PM
After you have bought the game, yes.
For free, just by leveling up, which is just time played mostly
well I guess if there's only like 4 of them
You regularly earn crates just by playing
Who knows, maybe they'll make it f2p after it's sustainable off loot crates :P
It won't be
7:57 PM
This is a silly thing to complain about
...Who was complaining?
If you're not earning at least one loot crate a night (up until about level 50), then you're simply not playing enough.
@MBraedley At like level 24, the exp required caps at 22,000 or something
@Unionhawk valve has been literally printing money with crates
7:58 PM
Well, with keys.
That is true
@badp I think he means it won't be f2p, not that it won't be sustainable
Oh, in that case, you should be earning a loot crate every night.
Pretty much
TF2 creates brought you Dota 2, CSGO and the Vive
7:59 PM
@badp not sure if typo or intentional pun
I see Overwatch going more the route of Overwatch: Frozen Throne, Overwatch: Brood War. You know, regular expansions that bolt on more.

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