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12:58 AM
Hey there, little squirrel
@TheBrownOne Hi
Why my answers are getting down voted? I am pretty sure that they are the answers of highest quality and only those who are unable to understand it will down vote it.
1:16 AM
Is there any moderator over here? I am spending hours searching google and my answers are getting downvoted.
Nathan's a mod
And nathan's the friendliest mod there is too!
Hello friends :D
Hi :D
1:26 AM
Place is so quiet
yup, its the same most of the time
atleast during this time
@NathanOsman @Seth I'm able to use X2Go to launch a 0ad host on an AWS instance...
@SQuirel Hello. :)
@NathanOsman @Seth Nope, scratch that. It didn't work.
X2Go seems to have trouble with OpenGL
1:36 AM
@HenryWHHack hi
hello from unity 8!
Hello from TTY1 :D
I wish... :(
1:53 AM
@Mateo Nice! Now charge your battery. :)
yep ;)
huh, well that is a bug then
just plugged in - should show charging
oh, there it goes, strange
so mostly works, inconensistant bugs are the hardest to figure out
you can install apps from the store now with a bit of work
I'll wait until 16.10 (or whenever ;) but it looks exciting
@Mateo Hi ;) you didn't tell me how to take screenshots with cursor ;)
there is an option - then you do fullscreen timed, and crop it later
I just press prt sc and it clicks. where are options ? you use Ubuntu unity rt ?
2:01 AM
the "screenshot" app
should be able to type screenshot in the dash
Oh.. I never saw that :D Thankyou
did that, but still not getting the pointer
it only comes If I set delay ???
must be a bug then...
try running it from the command line. that seems to solve similar problems
you use 16.04 ?
I always use a few sec delay - so I can get the cursor in place
@SeverusTux Just started today :p
on unity 8 right now
2:06 AM
Wow! unity 8
so for unity 8 just hold down volume up and down at the same time :)
how is that ? I only saw some videos ..
It is getting there bit by bit
the tablet if further along, but you can tell there is a lot of work constantly going into it
yes, you use touchscreen laptop ? coz I read that they have provided better support for touchscreens on u8
nope no touchscreen
2:09 AM
they have fixed many of the mouse issues since
and the alt+tab, and meta key shortcuts are there now
user image
cool :O
the content-exchange thing is a briliant idea, it really makes file managment between apps great
I just selected a screenshot from the gallery app to put here - so you pic the app that sends the content - before it was only a simple file selector
so this is what I see after hitting upload here:
so "choose from" comes up, they you can choose to send it downloads from the browser, choose the file manager, or just get a picture straight from the gallery
Its similar to ubuntu touch...
that is the point ;)
it is the "desktop" mode of the phones/tablets
they are working towards having the same thing on phone/tablet/desktop
and so when you plug your phone into a big screen you get a full desktop
2:20 AM
launcher set to autohide by default ?
yeah, there is a setting to change that
and the icon size, I just need to look that up on here
did that to the tablet first thing for dekstop mode
Can I finally run a desktop off my phone?
Is this what I'm seeing?
this is a deksotp on my laptop ;P
hold on let me dig up a pic of my nexus 4 I tried a bit back
Oh. :(
Well I want Ubuntu for android
the first question is almost yes ;)
2:23 AM
Go run my phone, and then load up a docking station
Then bam, monitors and keyboards and real computers
Jan 11 at 23:35, by Mateo
user image
then the touchscreen on the phone becomes your mouse/keyboard now too
or you can attach one
Is that HDMI?
how does it detect ?
should we set it manually ?
Will it work smoothly ?? I mean the RAM, processor.. all sufficient ??
2:30 AM
it is MHL which sends hdmi over the usb-otg connection
guys,, is this link working for you ? elections.stackexchange.com/#askubuntu
got that link from here : askubuntu.com/election/5 it said "More information about the candidates"
Ah... after seeing this, I am sue about one thing. Windows is dead!
@James I've got a user privately emailing me about being downvoted.
@James you might like that video ;)
2:35 AM
Would you or any other mods want a copy of the email?
once they get a few more key things in place, it's going to be like a tsunami ;)
3:30 AM
@NathanOsman telegram? (or gchat if you don't have that)
I sent it to you on Hangouts.
I guess that's what gchat is? :D
Q: Getting exception when running game using wine

asj177I am receiving the below error when I try to run Medal Of Honor Game using wine on my ubuntu machine . Wine version is 1.6 and ubuntu version is 14.01 Error is fixme:service:scmdatabase_autostart_services Auto-start service L"SecDrv" failed to start: 2 I have used all commands wine MOHAA....

@NathanOsman ya
@TheBrownOne :(
They really need to come up with a headless version.
3:57 AM
I'm trying to work something out for it
stupid crickets
Looks like I might be able to use VNC for the server
4:26 AM
Q: How to find difference in options that were used for ext4 partitions?

Valeriy SolovyovI have some set of scripts that create qcow2 file with grub legacy (0.97) with special patch to boot from ext4 and ext4 file system for '/'. When I run those scripts on Ubuntu 12.04/14.04 the VMs works in KVM. But for Centos 7 the grub legacy doesn't load from ext4. The '/' is creating with mkf...

@TheBrownOne I might have an idea...
I can get a 6-core machine with 8 GB of RAM for €0.020 / hr.
That should probably be enough to handle the load even with software rendering if I shrink the window down to a tiny size.
I might try that next week.
Don't forget, I did actually get it running on a Digital Ocean droplet. Only problem was that it didn't have enough memory or processing power to make the game playable.
How did you connect to the GUI?
I'm using X2Go, which apparently doesn't support OpenGL applications.
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, bad keyword in title, link at end of body, link following arrow in body, pattern-matching website in body, pattern-matching website in title: Maxtropin @ yoursantiagingcream.com/maxtropin by harrisondr on askubuntu.com
4:49 AM
why do crickets have to exist?
@Zacharee1 The insect?
there's one in my room and it won't shut up
It's 12:50AM here and I can't get to sleep because of it
5:05 AM
@SmokeDetector Hello Again.
5:47 AM
This guy is awesome 👇 👇 👇 👇
He could have make 100k by now.
Of course you know him right ?
I had a question last year marked a duplicate and now I check the supposed duplicate... oh men. OK wtv dude...
Q: Assistance with mdadm.conf syntax for reassembly of existing RAID0

draxI'm trying to recover a friends data from a Sony Vaio VGN-AW47GH Laptop. It has a pair of Toshiba MK5055GS 2.5" 500GB HDD combined (according to my reading) into a 1TB RAID0. The laptop is no longer working so I'm trying to bring them up on my Ubuntu 14.04 system. I need help with the syntax for...

@userDepth are are you talkin about this question ? askubuntu.com/q/671440/497359
Q: How to check the integrity of Live USB in Ubuntu 15.10 amd 64 ( Not Xubuntu )

userDepthI'm trying to install Ubuntu from a live usb but always encounter errors in the copying files installation phase. The error message says that this I/O error are commonly due to faulty Mediumor HDD. I'm checking my SSD and making a new Live USB to try again. So this is my concern I can md5sum th...

I decide to loot my post
see ya
6:07 AM
I feel I am not in a category to compile and build customized kernel(I am a miniature).wiki.ubuntu.com/Kernel/BuildYourOwnKernel.Everything basics I've learned from Internet.What kind of books should I read I don't ve any motivation.May be I am like a fictitious character in the movie Independence day who sprinkle pesticides over his field.
@ParanoidPanda George's next video is done. I'm rendering it out now and it will then be uploaded.
@NathanOsman Bro Are you a Musilm?Love the way you moderate everyone.
No, I am not. And I'm also not a moderator on Ask Ubuntu.
I'm a moderator on Ebooks.SE, which makes me a chat moderator.
@NathanOsman Love the way you react(to idiots like me),Why should one talk about a religion,We all are same,Human's.
@NathanOsman have fun ;-P
bye all
6:21 AM
@NathanOsman Yoy bro must be working with Canonical and not a Voulnteer
No, I'm not working with them. I'm a volunteer.
yes you can make me spellbound
I sometimes feel I am bothering to the People busy in bugging out 16.04
I can do my only contribution editing,flagging Will that put an extra load on real people,so should I walk out?
6:39 AM
Guys love you all,May GOD gives you an eternal peace and a bless from GOD and I'm your bro,You will find me chanting different mantras If I ever learned them.
Oh..man,, This guy is simply going through all the posts adding tags : 16.04 , 15.10, 14.14 .. thats all the edits he is doing. I got almost 10 suggested edits... what to do ????
if you found he is correct accept his edits
Nothing ?? I feel like its editing for the sake of editing . So I came back here to get your opinions
He might 've edited If you found good for the community ,Then accept or Reject
6:55 AM
@SeverusTux Are the tags relevant to the question?
If not, then reject the edits.
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Boost up your Mental Performance with Geniux Reviews by daviasrobertson on askubuntu.com
NathanOsman o/
@NathanOsman after seeing many of his edits, I think he does something like this : checks if there is any "16.04" in the question is yes, add the tag "16.04". a lot of similar edits. Now I am skipping those edits
@NathanOsman sent it just now to Geoge the dev
good morning everyone
7:02 AM
@Videonauth Good Morning LionGuy.
@Videonauth Is there any meaning for your username ? ;-) Video-Nauth ...
well i love to see videos :) and since my former nickname is used almost everywhere i decided to find a new one
and since there are already so many juggernauths :p i became the videonauth
comes vrom my aversion agains usernames with numbers behind
no the guy could be best may be a pass out from IIT @Hizqeel,@NathanOsman,Do not take opinions of a Guy who does not have any achievements.
@NathanOsman I want to convert in Buddhism or Catholic,I don't like some mad women doing kirtan(not my mother).
I don't like my security guard saying RAM RAM,I feel awkward
7:16 AM
@MuditKapil may be. But after approving most of @Hizqeel 's edits my approves are not being taken into account. It says "Waiting for other users to review. " But this does not happen on other reviews . So now I am skipping them. Let others do it. ;-)
My best athlete ali has died so would be with Mike
I feel shattered
@SeverusTux Yes
RIP Muhammad Ali:i want to see where you have gone?
8:20 AM
Q: Menu bar is covering the Deletion pop-up

Severus Tux The "Recommend Deletion" pop-up is not fully visible. Yes, this is a minor bug, but it looks clean it this is fixed.

owwww the super mouse is here :) good morning
morning @Videonauth - how are you today?
scared to death because im going to nominate myself, against who know else
12 hours to go and im already breaking a sweat
:) nomination is the easy part ... it when you get into the intense Q&A ... and maybe the full online-debate that's when it gets exciting.
i guess so, especially im very fresh on the site my account is only 74 days old
8:25 AM
good luck!
im sure there will be many questions regarding that
@StefanoPalazzo - hello hello hello!
I see youre gaining signees yourself for your cause :)
@fossfreedom Morning!
8:40 AM
This chatroom has gone completely silent.
Hello Everyone! :)
I hate typos.
9:06 AM
Ah... got it
9:37 AM
well since i used my medication two days in a row I need to catch up with the site :)
man adduser
fopen: No such file or directory
Cannot open man page /usr/share/man/overrides/man8/useradd.8.gz
^That's nor right, right?!
defectively not right
thanks @muru
@fossfreedom no problem. I left a message here since neither of those posts by themselves really look like spam.
@ muru what whas your what question yesterday? this really confused me
@Videonauth meant to post this link: askubuntu.com/review/suggested-edits/573744
ah now it makes sense, yes i wasnt sure at that , tho seems as i made a mistake there
good you rolled it back
1 hour later…
11:26 AM
@ThomasW. I look at that I feel it: then will follow the comments and edits, and before you know it, you're helping the guy set up a Puppet server. :/ I'll just close it as unclear.
11:37 AM
Q: Getting a Windows 7 installation to run virtualized under Ubuntu?

Andre MohrenI've currently installed Windows 7 and Ubuntu via dualboot. To avoid switching the OS by rebooting, i want to be able to start my Windows 7 via a virtual machine. It is important to be able to boot Windows directly. Windows itself is configured via domain by my employer. However these restrictio...

12:00 PM
@muru Time to use a page out of my book, "Thomas Ward's Guide on How to be a Stubborn Hard-Ass in the World of IT Help Desk": "If they say 'but how do i do it then', you tell them 'I am not going to help you fix your server; the issue is that your Puppet class is bad, that's the extent of the issue in this question, and you have to fix it. If you really need help setting up Puppet classes, ask that as a different question.'"
hate to say I"ve used this page, but I actually have in several cases before
@fossfreedom y'know... I WOULD... except that you require us to put our testimonial in a Google Document, and not on the wiki directly... so............ do I support you for membership? Yes. Am I going to put a testimonial on your wiki which requires me to first dump data onto a google document? No. I have a thing about Google recently. Happy to send my testimonial to the membership board if you tell me which way you're applying though :P
@ThomasW. they locked the wiki down recently. People who are not already Ubuntu members cannot edit wiki. I guess you can go ahead and add the testimonial directly to his wiki page.
@ThomasW. done
and it seems like Stefano has also done the same and added his testimonial directly to the wiki page.
Hi @ThomasW. - yeah - sorry about that - out of my control. @Seth did say that if you send him directly anything he'll copy-paste for you.
Didn't Ubuntu have an etherpad instance?
Sounds like this would have been a nice use for it
12:10 PM
they do
yeah, it was setup but we went with Google docs anyway.
@ThomasW. - there is also an email address at the bottom of this page that you can use to do private submissions - wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership/Boards
@jokerdino That's gotta be a really recent change; 90% of the people who have edited aren't members... adds "Ask Canonical IT about that" to his list of things to do
> * The wiki is currently in editing lockdown due to spam attacks; only members of the ~ubuntumembers team on Launchpad can edit it directly.
@fossfreedom Yeah, I was going to inject my two cents by one of the members of the membership board heh
ahhh ok
right at the bottom of his wiki page.
12:13 PM
oh snap, almost out of power in my laptop oopsies
@jokerdino indeed.
12:45 PM
Q: What is an unregistered user?

anonymous2Just what is an unregistered user? Example: http://askubuntu.com/users/15736/yourmother It obviously is not one who cannot answer a question, as that user has answered a question.

1:23 PM
The site seems to be slow today, somehow some actions like saving an edit etc takes a good amount of time to go through.
@Videonauth speedy here
weird maybe the route then
1:43 PM
@Zacharee1 Why don't you run?
I don't have time to do that
I also don't have the patience yet
@James @Zacharee1 wants to give me a chance ;)
Well, you should consider it.
everyone who hangs out here should, really.
you too @James
1:52 PM
surprise @jokerdino what do you mean? Aren't I doing enough by taking care of flags periodically?
askubuntu.com/review/low-quality-posts/575551 phew what to do with this, i normaly let the answers from OP alone but this !?
Close as the problem went away on its own
Because, well, he reinstalled :p
I actually think it might be valid
its valid but, a community wiki? seriously?
1:56 PM
well i see two people here with blue names? so what would you do on that ?
What's the question?
ok, so in the low quality queue there is an answer.
normalyy i edit the ops answer only to make it clean but this he posted as community wiki
(I'm trying to walk you through how moderators of the elected and non-elected variety think about these issues)
2:00 PM
so not knowing what to suggest a deletion seems improper action
What we're looking at is closing it as "Off Topic"
> This describes a problem that can't be reproduced that seemingly went away on its own or was only relevant to a very specific period of time. It's off-topic as it's unlikely to help future readers.
so the answer is LQ, but we'll ignore it, because the question needs to be closed.
ah ok
makes sense
i actually just cast my close vote on the question
cool. i went in and supermodvoted.
I'm really curious who else will nominate at the election
Even if i think i have much chance, im going to step up and at least try it
Q: Is clock_getres the proper function for obtaining the resolution for Ubuntu 16.04 clock_gettime()?

FrankIs clock_getres the proper function for obtaining the resolution for Ubuntu 16.04 clock_gettime()? If it is , how do I use the result to do this calculation? 64 bit integer has 15 base 10 digits of precision. For IEEE 754-2008 decimal64, the 52 bit double precision significand provides 53 bits ...

2:11 PM
Hello buddies :D
Hiho Tux :) hows life today?
Life is exiting as days go... Exams on 13th
Guys need help, I m in initramfs and need to run fsck manually. So I guess I need live CD or flash drive with Ubuntu. I have flash drive with Ubuntu 15.10 but my machine have Ubuntu 16.04... is it okay
I presume its the same for you ;) Election in a week
@James Oh, so I was right! :D
2:14 PM
@Freddy should be still ok
@muru they do, but it requires membership of the ~etherpadusers team on LP
@ThomasW. If you read it again it says "if you are not already an ubuntu memeber.. user the google doc". It even has an explanation ;)
if anyone deserves the membership, it's fossy btw.
membership for what?
oh, ubuntu?
Oh, the chat-room is active. Nice :)
@Zacharee1 it's like an open source club that only lets in nice and productive people... which makes it the opposite of a lot of other open source clubs for one reason or another ;)
2:22 PM
Can anyone edit the Ubuntu Wiki?
Because there's a command splice right in the beginning here wiki.ubuntu.com/Membership
Usually anyone can edit the wiki, but it's locked to just ubuntu members atm
actually, it's just awkward
Although it should be a semi-colon at least.
@MadMike its mostly active at all times
We help to build Ubuntu, the most popular Free Operating System out there, [(<-- this comma here)] we do
idk, I put up an edit to get Doom running on Ubuntu a couple of years ago and had to get a community member to approve it.
2:24 PM
@Videonauth Oh dear. Another thing that will tempt me to procrastinate... damn you stackexchange ;)
this was a nice talk about that
@RobotHumans Looks nice. I will definitively give have a look at it. Thanks :)
Thank you @Videonauth it worked
2:28 PM
@MadMike basically, it says "dyed in the wool procrastinators are actually bipolar. and an oncoming deadline triggers a manic phase for fear of the panic monster"
@Freddy you're very welcome
@RobotHumans Indeed i watched it as you posted it earlier :)
Yes. I bring it up every time someone says "I'm procrastinating"
@RobotHumans you must be an actual bot
@Zacharee1 Would that I could replace my organs with swappable parts.
I'm downloading it to my kodi-media-thingy to watch it @ home later.
2:35 PM
@RobotHumans The first modular human. Google Huma
Nice. I can correct my spelling errors even after posting them. Cool :)
later. time for the day job
later alligator
@Videonauth oh no, you're adopting cheesy English idioms
2:49 PM
r u scared?
Going home to wife and kids. Cu Guys ;)
@Videonauth Amerikanisieren
hehehe "Amerikanisieren" if
My German teacher really was terrible
as was my engilish teachers i had through all school
3:03 PM
did they at least speak English correctly?
hard-line Oxford English only, with no real connection to use cases
For a language that has a strong base in German, English sure is different
English is probably the worst language ever.
@TheBrownOne nahh
@NathanOsman What a subtle way to put your creation on-level with the AU elections ;P
@NathanOsman are the voices are digitally processed?
And actual subtitles! :D
That earns my subscription
Is Keybase proofing done locally by the client?
@Zacharee1 :)
@TheBrownOne yes.
I got an error while trying to track @onebree because Twitter and Reddit are blocked by my work.
Even when you log in, the necessary crypto is done in-browser with JavaScript.
3:36 PM
Interesting. Well, I'll have to try re-tracking her when I get home, then.
@Zacharee1 yes, but only George's. The monkey and the tiger's voice are left alone.
It sounded like that
I bump George's voice up 30% of an octave.
@TheBrownOne out of context that sounds great
@NathanOsman have you read georges email from launchpad?
urgs 1/3 of that mhmm ok seems i have to improvise it as soon i see what length is possible :))
I will know in 4 hours
already found a few lines where i can shorten this a bit
3:52 PM
someone griefed my lobby in MC :(
well, tried to
MC ?
there were huge holes in the wall
and wood where there should have been glass
and the bottom corner was blown up
I fixed it, thanks to WorldEdit
@Zacharee1 what i have as a a nomination draft is to long regarding the information i got from nathan :) seem i really have to improvise when i finally be able to see the possible length
3:58 PM
IIRC, it's 1200
chars or words
Election matters can be discussed here:

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