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5:02 PM
I've got 2 badges from a really old question because someone added a stupid answer that bumped it.
@RonanForman Always fun when that happens.
It tends to be the 10th vote to get you both enlightened and nice answer.
Yeah, that was it.
@LessPop_MoreFizz Yep, yay for mob mentality.
Gonna hit 50 in SWTOR today
I want to learn to play DF, but it's sooooooooo hard.
5:12 PM
@RonanForman last time I played there was a pretty good wiki out there with a tutorial.
I find reading well written Dwarf Fortress Stories to be infinitely more entertaining than actually playing Dwarf Fortress.
Does DF have multiplayer of any kind?
@RonanForman no, at least not the last time I played it. I don't know what's changed since then, but I can't imagine it's multiplayer support.
@RonanForman do you have a picture for your card?
<--- @Origami
5:19 PM
@RonanForman ok you asked for it
@RonanForman None.
@RonanForman Not really, not any more.
Just download the Lazy Newb Pack and follow this guide.
@RonanForman The more bugs are fixed, the easier it becomes.
You mean harder I assume.
I dunno, this fortress I just built came along very easily.
I'm on 40 happy dwarves after playing for about a day.
5:24 PM
Oh, I thought you meant hacking multiplayer or something.
Time to draw robots!
5:40 PM
@RonanForman robots folding paper or robots made of paper?
I don't know, both?
I think it'll be doing the folding.
your choice
Q: Tilt-Shift post-processing effect

ShveloIs there any games that are using Tilt-shift? or is it possible in the games? I know ENBseries can inject custom HLSL for Post-Processing, but i can't find any HLSL for Tilt-Shift

Q: Empire or Stormcloaks?

ShveloI've completed the main quest(killed Alduin) in Skyrim, and now i'm wondering which side to join. Is it true that Empire is allied with Thalmars? If it is , then i'll join Ulfric Stormcloak's rebels.

I can't draw robots!
@RonanForman It's ok, me neither
5:57 PM
random crits make engies so much better to play as
Q: Buying a new PC

Phil KearneyHey guys as the title states I need help on buying a new pc. I enjoy playing games so a gaming rig would be nice.. Basically I need a whole lot.. Case PSU etc My range would be in the 500-700 (euros) but I would probably go to 900. So please any parts or whatever please pop them up I can buil...

@Stack Shopping rec
Yay! Rough sketch done!
@John another row of tombstones
6:14 PM
Q: A way to add set target markers through quick slots?

FredrikTo set a target marker above a mob today, you have to right click on the portrait and select the icon through a popup menu. Is there a quicker way to do this? I'd like to be able to do this through the quick slots.

@Ori And when we've beaten the world, we'll play "who can find the one that isn't empty"! :P
@John that will be so hard
So is anyone joining me for minecraft in 40 minutes?
@Ori Let's see how hard we can make it!
@RonanForman Do I need to register or anything?
6:20 PM
@Ronan I'm planning on it and I invited 2 of my RL friends.
@Origami Not really, just turn up.
umpf, TF2 crash
@RonanForman That I can do
@John Cool! Make sure you show them that video I made.
@Ronan I'll try. They're kinda resistant to actually visiting SE.
6:21 PM
I'm probably going to restrict myself by saying I won't go past half way this time, seeing as I seem to be doing all the winning.
@John that makes no sense to me
Though I guess I could just link it through another medium.
@Ori Me neither. Welcome to my world.
Show them this
@Ronan Good idea. You kinda took over both games.
I was having too much fun.
Also I won't be recording this time as there are already 2 games and I think it's getting boring to watch.
6:24 PM
@Ronan Looks good. Nice vid.
@Ronan Well fun is kinda the point.
Oh great, mumble isn't working, need to fix it quickly.
Yeah I need to do that too.....anyway, lunch time. See you in 30.
Well that was easy, I just need a new version.
in SE Game On!, 11 secs ago, by Ronan Forman
Older versions of Mumble no longer works on windows platforms, please get the new version from here: http://blog.mumble.info/important-update-to-mumble-1-2-3a/
6:52 PM
@Tristan Thank you so much for this question. 95 rep for 11 words :D
Q: Using the site to create "game guides" and "trophy guides"?

animusonObviously I'm not talking about about posting an entire game guide into one question, that would be way too broad for a question. I'm talking about just general tasks in games that you find semi-difficult or challenging and want to explain to people. According to Jeff, this behavior would be enco...

Q: Why was my question closed?

OghmaOsirisWhy does Clairvoyance always point me in the wrong direction? The question that I asked was trying to figure out why clairvoyance didn't work properly most of the time. the question that was chosen for a duplicate was asking if clairvoyance would boost illusion and what the point of double casti...

@RonanForman thank you
@badp Are you minecrafting?
@RonanForman hm, perhaps. What's up?
CtW again. Next minecraft which I think is in 2 weeks will be Race for wool #2
7:06 PM
@badp so would a gaming/skeptics question go here or are people going to QQ
@NickT what would the title be?
"did gabe actually say something with a 3 would be announced at 2012 E3" or thereabouts
can't find anything definitive
@NickT Definitely not here. IMHO.
why's that
it's objective, and not speculative
and gaming related
@NickT Are you minecrafting today?
7:09 PM
I dunno, I just don't like how that's worded....
@RonanForman capture the wool? nah, thank you.
I should actually finish my Purdue app
because living in South Bend would be fun -_-
speaking of what belongs and doesn't belong here
Q: Mumble exits with message "A referral was returned by the server"

badpI've tried to launch Mumble today but got this effort from Microsoft C++ instead: A referral was returned by the server What does it mean? How can I fix this?

Would you prefer having this on Super User?
I didn't really think about it until I decided to link on my other mumble question and recalled it's over there
Q: Why do I get "Incorrect Password" when connecting to a Mumble server? I never even used a password!

badpI just reinstalled Mumble, and now when I try to login on my favourite server I get «Incorrect Password». Why is that?

I dunno, mumble is pretty bad from what I've use of it
@NickT Mumble is awesome but that's not the point.
7:12 PM
Skype is better
@NickT And laggy.
at least in terms of audio quality
I notice no lag on Skype; are you european?
@NickT Yeah.
Arrg! My mic is stuck in my hair!
@NickT uh, ever tried Ventrilo or TS2?
as far as call quality goes, there is no competition with Skype, though their user interface leaves much to be desired
7:13 PM
Dunno about TS3 but Mumble is ages above that
yes, both
You can improve your own voice sending quality in the settings at any rate
there's more to quality than bit-rate
that won't affect how you hear others though
noise cancellation, echo reduction, auto leveling, etc
Skype does it all far better than Mumble, Vent, TS, etc
7:15 PM
what's the maximum "conference call" size for Skype though?
eight people?
dunno, at least 7 which is the biggest group I've used
I think it's 8, and that can get in the way.
I usually use it for LoL, so 5 people
so anyways, you'd close my objective, non-speculative question?
yeah, but then you kinda have to add everybody you play with as contacts on skype?
@NickT for being off-topic?
it's kind of a side call here that's a bit more off-topic than it is on-topic
it's about a future game release, but I think that rule was made because they're genreally speculative
7:18 PM
Yeah, I know you're asking because of speculation
it's a meta-game-release question
RE: the Skype thing, it's probably the best (by a small margin) in terms of audio quality, but all of the other issues blow that difference out of the water.
Skype uses a tremendous amount of resources, and at 8 people in a call it's going to be painful to multitask.
@NickT you're not helping yourself, given that game release questions haven't been having much luck on the site
this isn't about the game or game release itself though
more about gaming company and their rumor
Q: Mumble exits with message "A referral was returned by the server"

badpI've tried to launch Mumble today but got this effort from Microsoft C++ instead: A referral was returned by the server What does it mean? How can I fix this?

7:25 PM
I just found myself searching for a question I myself have answered.
That's new.
Q: How can I butcher non-tame animals that I've captured?

C. RossHow can I butcher non-tame animals that I've captured, like deer in cages?

Hey @shaun if you thought it didn't belong why didn't you vote to close? :)
Just because it was a moderator asking it it doesn't mean you can't vote...
The Bridge got renamed?
17 hours ago, by Tim Stone
@Mana With no shame for being punny, the Bridge has fallen so low we may now be a tunnel.
however that star has dropped off the list so I'd say joke's over
room topic changed to The Bridge: In which we enjoy mostly topic-free discussion of videogames, the internet and the lazers thereof. Now with 5% less alot and 7% more jarate. [gravity--heartless-bitch] [hatlessness] [murder] [wipqozn-gravitation-law]
I mean, the Bridge is the only kind of branding we currently have except for the graphic design of the site
@ArdaXi hehe, ok, thanks!
7:39 PM
so I might as well cling onto it!
I still think that our users don't really read the close reasons
Good point, we should put up a notice about it so that users can also not read that.
the close votes on my question are "not a real question"; which is inexplicable as it's extremely well defined, and "not constructive...polling, opinion..." when I'm explicitly asking for facts/proof
Although I could settle for playing "WHAT IS LOVE (10 hours)" every time a "too localized" close vote is cast
If a tag is listed on the tags page, but doesn't have any posts that it's tagged with, does it really exist?
7:44 PM
Q: Is the rumor Valve will be announcing "something with a three" at E3 2012 true?

Nick TThere have been many "news stories" about how the mysterious gaben@valvesoftware.com said they would be releasing "something with a three" at E3 2012. Some have contended that the email was a fake, coming back with gaben emails of their own to prove their case, which others have dismissed as fak...

Q: What skill should I pay to level?

SnipeI am up to level 54 with 200k gold and enough items to offset the cost of higher level training. Which skills are the most time consuming to level? As of now I'm leaning towards destruction, since it seems you have to cause damage to increase the level. My destruction level is at 66 seems to back...

@badp can you just move that question to Skeptics.SE?
I pinged the skeptics mods
@badp What do you mean by this?
@NickT Sorry, skeptics mods don't want that question either
citing what reason
@LessPopMoreFizz I'm trying to eliminate the rumor aspect...
that's why I asked the thing in the first place
7:49 PM
Rumour's in the title. Doesn't get any more clear than that.
@NickT Sorry, they didn't say. Although really from what I understand Skeptics is more about "X said Y and he's supposed to know about this stuff. Is Y actually true though?"
rather than "did X really say Y?"
Honestly you could say that X is the whole news reporting industry stuff
In fact, I've emailed Gabe about this, and I've received an answer, but that does not prove anything to you.
7:51 PM
I know for a fact the rumours are false, but I can't show any reputable proof, nor will I ever be able to until after E3.
but I barely have any reputation myself on Skeptics so what do I know?
Yeah, I think Skeptics only deal with absolutes.
@NickT This article's been removed.
Every other news source seems to cite PC Gamer.
I want it to be something like a version of the Three Little Pigs or something.
7:53 PM
That didn't make any sense.
What I meant is, history is, to a certain extent, proven. We have reliable sources usually.
Q: FAQ: Must all questions be notable?

Shog9One of the key themes of Stack Exchange right from the start has been that you can't have a site about everything. Each SE site has a topic, users who are devoted to that topic, and who will ruthlessly exclude questions that aren't on that topic. This can be a bit confusing at times, especially t...

In this particular case I don't see Valve making a public announcement, so there's no way it can be proved.
The notability requirement must be pretty important, otherwise Skeptics is pretty much Yahoo Answers
8:09 PM
+1 @badp
That question is a bit too far on the speculation side, apart from Valve making an official statement there is no way to confirm it.
aaaah, it's an invasion of skeptics. Quick, hide your baseless claims and wild conjecture!
extracts the +5 sword of Occam
I have to stop making up statistics now, since 72% of my statistics are made up. PLEASE DONT ASK ME TO SOURCE THAT
8:14 PM
Very intimidating, a razor.
oh god, the rumor questions are multiplying
Q: Was Starcraft Ghost ever in a playable form

KtashWe all know that SC: Ghost is pretty much gone the way of Duke Nukem Forever at this point (one day, maybe but no time soon). But I heard a rumor a while back that it was in a mostly finished state at one point. Not necessarily ready to release, but playable with cut-scenes and likely only a few ...

Q: How can I get more people on my server? (Minecraft)

yooMxI got an minecraft server , with hamachi , and the question is , how can I get more people to it? It's new and cool! The IP can be found on Yoomx.com . If you want , take a look :D Thank you!

wow, one of their subscription things is "give us 0.01 daily"
I thought paypal's transaction fee was like 0.35
@NickT Depends on the receiver, but there's a flat-rate of at least 0.10
8:29 PM
Q: Rumor-debunking questions

Nick TMy question about "(Valve Product) 3" was fairly swiftly closed and the rationale provided seems fairly senseless. The actual close reason was the "not constructive...should solicit facts, references", which is precisely why I was asking the question in the first place; for some definitive, well...

Q: Was Starcraft Ghost ever in a playable form?

KtashWe all know that SC: Ghost is pretty much gone the way of Duke Nukem Forever at this point (one day, maybe but no time soon). But I heard a rumor a while back that it was in a mostly finished state at one point. Not necessarily ready to release, but playable with cut-scenes and likely only a few ...

Q: How can I get more people on my server? (Minecraft)

yooMxI got an minecraft server , with hamachi , and the question is , how can I get more people to it?

Q: Stuck on Uncharted 3 chapter 12

AndrewNear the end (I think) of chapter 12 when you climb vertically on red and yellow pipes, hiding behind boxes and shooting bad guys, at the top you swing across pipes. On the last one, a guy appears and when I try to swing across I look like I hit an invisible wall and fall down. Is this a glitch? ...

@LessPopMoreFizz How do you figure not constructive is wrong though?
> This question is not a good fit to our Q&A format. We expect answers to generally involve facts, references, or specific expertise; this question will likely solicit opinion, debate, arguments, polling, or extended discussion.
@ArdaXi Wrong insofar as Off-Topic is clearly better.
It doesn't really matter though. I think this one manages to be both.
8:38 PM
@agent86 Stalfos seems like a pretty cool bro.
@LessPop_MoreFizz I'd take him over most of the other choices any day of the week.
@John You're welcome. I only got 12 rep from it. lol
A: Was Starcraft Ghost ever in a playable form?

nirthI don't know the way Blizzard makes games, but couple of studios I used to work with, create lot's of gameplay prototypes. Though this prototypes usually blocky/solid texture thingies. But you can play them =) But I guess you asking whether actual game (in preview or alpha) was ever developed, t...

That doesn't really sound like an answer from someone who used to work in game development studios.
sigh. There's still this annoying couple of women smoking in the kitchen.
@badp Clearly you need to seduce them with your Italian charms
then tell them to gtfo
8:53 PM
@Wipqozn Wait, @badp has charms?
I didn't know Italian Leprechauns were a thing.
Wait... dwarves only drink four times a season?
@ArdaXi How many times do you drink a season?
@Wipqozn Dwarves are alcoholics. They need alcohol to get through the working day.
@badp that is such a good game
8:59 PM
@Wipqozn Which one is it?
@Tristan 2
@Wipqozn Ah, okay. I think I liked the 1st one the most.
Orbital Strike is the best goddamned spell.
@LessPopMoreFizz In what game?
@Tristan TOR
9:08 PM
Ah. Imperial Agent ability?
@Tristan Yeah.
Are they really as fun as you and Raven say they are?
@Tristan I'm liking mine a ton.
If you could compare it to a class in WoW, what would you say it was?
@Tristan Operative plays like a WoW rogue - vanilla grade stunlocking and burst though.
With the addition of a healing tree that's somewhere between a resto druid and a holy paladin.
9:12 PM
Hm... Sounds like I chose the wrong class. =(
But, so far, I'm enjoying the damage I put out as a Marauder.
I still don't know why you guys went Empire though. It almost seems like blasphemy.
Weew! League of Legends is up to date! Time to play TOR.
@Tristan being bad is cool. shades
@Wipqozn Yeah, but.. I'm playing an Imperial who follows the Light Side... And I have a blue and green lightsabers instead of red. lol
@Tristan ah I see
Q: Septimus freezed

ShveloI'm in a quest where you should bring the blood to Septimus, I've done it and he opened the "box" where is a big book , but he stands near the book and doesn't do anything, i can't interact with him or the book. Is this a bug?

they're still fucking around in the kitchen
9:23 PM
@badp You should join in!
I just don't like the tone of their voice, the sound of their laughing or the smell of their smoking. I don't want smoke in my damn pasta.
Said like a true 70yo disgruntled texan, rite?
@badp You're a hero.
@badp as a 30 yr old disgruntled texan, I say yeeeeee haw!
@Tristan doing the "opposite" light/dark alignment with the faction is a nice way to get cheap stuff on the AH (GTM)
The more I play, the less I think the answers on my question are actually right
@NickT Why's that?
9:33 PM
It seems like all the early relics require light/dark
at least the easy ones to get in the mid-20s thru early 30s range
@Wipqozn why did you edit this? gaming.stackexchange.com/posts/46373/revisions
@NickT Yeah, most relics seem to be alignment based in my experience.
@NickT I think he wanted to change his voting.
@NickT Presumably in response to my attempt to canvass a few upvotes for you so I could scam myself a Populist badge.
9:58 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz This.
10:25 PM
Q: Gaming the system for Populist badges

Nick TI saw a 1 character edit on one of my posts and wondered why; apparently it was after my (less-comprehensive) answer was accepted, to allow the check-mark to be transferred to the higher voted answer (written by the asker) after giving himself a Populist badge. I think that self-answers should b...

gross abuse imho
Q: Company of Heroes, arrow keys stuck on

user18376I'm not sure how it happens, but when I'm scrolling around the screen with the arrow keys, occasionally, the screen will start scrolling in one direction, even without me pressing the keys. It's like the keys are stuck on. This only happens in Company of Heroes and nowhere else. If I press the a...

@NickT ...it's just a badge
@NickT Seriously? You... you're kidding right? Please tell me you're kidding.
Their answer still has to have twice as many votes.
This is probably a larger issue, but it still seems wrong that I could go around and give out gold badges for other favors on my own questions
10:33 PM
@NickT huh?
I don't see how that relates to this.
Hey, all..... @Wipqozn? Are you a bronie!!
@RedriderX Yes.
The populist badge seems like the only gold badge where effectively a single person can give it out ex post facto
@Wipqozn Cool.
10:38 PM
@NickT How so?
@NickT This is a corner case. Anyway, you know badges aren't actually worth anything, right?
I still don't see how a single person can hand it out. There would need to be at least 22 people involved.
At a minimum the answer would need 21 up votes, so that is 21 users + the asker.
and there would also need to be 10 up votes on another answer on the same question
@GnomeSlice Hrm... why do you think you would need facebook to log in?
@RedriderX ...No idea. It probably makes you play against your friends?
One of my friends posted it.
@GnomeSlice Oh.
10:43 PM
@Wipqozn how easy would it be for me to give Tom a badge on gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/20601/… for example
@NickT This isn't the work of one person though.
You would need to get at least 5 more people to up vote that question.
oh, so if it's serindipitously close enough to 2:1 where I can do it by myself, then it's OK?
@NickT Seeing as the badge is mostly about the votes, yes.
Q: The Elder Scrolls V Poison Weapons

wesleyCan you give poisoned bows to npcs and will it work? Will they ever run out?

Q: I'm trying to remember the name of an old sega/snes game help!

toddI believe the game was for SEGA, but it was basically 2 players pit against each other on the same screen, you each picked a spaceship and each ship had different abilities, and you just dueled it out. If i remember some ships had shields, different life totals. I do remember a ship that cloaked....

@Wipqozn What's that mean anyways? Is rep "just rep"? It's what defines you on the site
10:52 PM
@NickT uh, how are you doing it by yourself? You need at least 21 other people. that's not doing it by yourself.
@NickT Reputation holds far greater importance than badges.
Badges are merely a cosmetic feature.
if there's a 10 and 19 vote answer to one of my questions and 19 was already accepted, can I just move my check to 10, upvote the 19 and wait?
then move it back to the way it was later?
Reputation is a "rough estimate" any way.
@NickT If you care that much, sure.
The same thing goes for the golden editor badge.
True, they're both rough guides, but going about it in such a way is just a wanton abuse
10:57 PM
Why does it matter though?
grr, my prof doesn't seem to respond to the letter-of-rec emails from the systems without my prodding him later :\
at least this time people aren't accusing me of some sort of gross malfeasance with respect to imaginary internet achievements (this time)
of course I edit it to add "this time" when it already had "this time" at the start. yo dawg, I heard u like this time, so I put this time in your edit of this time, so you can this time while you this time, etc.
psh man, what is real, we're all in a simulation anyway, so like, what's real is just in your head man
the machines are keeping us down, training us for a technological day of revolution
If this was a simulation, I'd be hitting Ctrl-C as hard and as fast as I can.
That can be taken so many ways
well, maybe not, as Ctrl-C by itself doesn't do much
11:12 PM
Q: Klondike Solitaire - impossible deck

DaeviusWhile playing solitaire in the Google Chrome browser, I do get only about 50% of the games finished. I never thought much of it, I just lost and took a new game. But I just finished a game except for two hidden cards. It could not be solved, but it appeared that some cards were missing! It is ...

wtf, does windows 7 not come with solitare?
@NickT It does.
you must just be missing it.
Glover for the N64 is the definition of the uncanny valley
that thing just looks and feels like a believable hand. Then it jumps.
11:28 PM
@badp It's a glove, not a hand.
It's a glove with a face.
@RavenDreamer so? still uncanny.
@badp A glove with a face isn't my definition of "close enough to real life to cause revulsion"
It may be unsettling, but I think if you use "uncanny valley", you're using it inappropriately in this context.
look it's not something mathematical - it looks like my hand except my pinky finger doesn't work like that
otherwise it's pretty much like it
everything about the glove looks like it's filled by a hand except when it extends the arms
at any rate
I'm looking at a gameplay of Glover. The character in glover looks and feels like a glove. Then you look at it jump. What were they thinking?
11:34 PM
@badp That jumping is useful for platformers?
fine, I'm not interested in being nitpicked
@RavenDreamer I played this game, I think my (then) gf had it. it was freaking terrible.
@agent86 I thought it was pretty beloved, actually.
@RavenDreamer I don't speak for the internets, I only speak for me.
she had something else too, some early Rare game I think
jet force gemini maybe?
> Despite positive reviews for the N64 version, the PS1 version was heavily panned by critics. IGN, which gave the N64 version an "impressive" 8.3, gave the PS1 version a "Terrible" 2.6.
@agent86 That one I know is hailed as an awesome game.
11:44 PM
@RavenDreamer I didn't really care for it either.
by either here I mean "in addition to glover"
How did you think I would read that? O.o
I probably still have the cartridges around here somewhere
I liked tetrisphere though. I logged some crazy hours on that game. good times.
@agent86 Oh, wow, memories.
Hrmph, I've got two goblin cages now. What am I supposed to do with these?

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