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1:40 AM
Sudden thought: Can I cast burning hands if I'm wearing gloves?
@doppelgreener Yeah, but the effect on your gloves is unpredictable.
@Miniman [gloves burst into flames. thumbs touch.]
@doppelgreener Only once, until you put on another pair of gloves.
2:19 AM
@Miniman Oh, my answer? I'm not entirely happy with it myself. If you can make suggestions or edits, go ahead
2:55 AM
@Adeptus It's not like that...your answer is perfectly correct, I'm just missing a rant about how a level 20 character who has chosen to optimize for AC literally has no impact whatsoever on the game.
Oh, right. I was thinking of putting in something like "you can't max out both"
And, frankly, the best attacks don't care about AC anyway.
If your AC is standing between you and an attack at high levels of 3.5, your enemy is either laughable or toying with you.
Especially since the querent's proposed 35 AC character has a touch AC of 15, so the only way in which AC matters is totally neglected.
Heh. One should try to keep one's touch AC higher than one's level.
@BESW I'm doing OK with that so far. Of course, I'm only level 8...
3:08 AM
@Adeptus Ooh, what's your build?
Dex mod +0. Base touch AC 10.
@Adeptus I was asking in general, not just the touch AC-specific bits :P
Feel free not to answer, of course, it's pure bored curiosity on my part.
lol. Desert-dwarf cleric (fire & sun domains). Can't remember exact stats, but roughly high-low: wis, cha, con, str, dex, int. Feats: Improved Turning, Augment Summoning (+ req: Spell Focus(Conjuration) ). It's mostly-core, so can't choose exotic features from 101 splatbooks
Almost at 9th level, so deciding on my next feat. I'm thinking Extra Turning, not sure.
Focusing on summoning and turning?
@Adeptus I've got this ridiculously disproportionate attraction to heat-themed deserty stuff in games, but I just realised I almost never actually put it into a game. Huh.
3:24 AM
It's a shame fire and sun have so much overlap.
...of course, I also want to play a feathered lizardman who worships Quetzalcoatl, and a humanoid rat that spies for angels.
@BESW Lizardman Rainbow Servant? And a kobold cleric. :P
@Miniman Specifically a shulassakar.
@BESW Oooh. I really need to spend some time reading about Eberron, there seems to be a lot of interesting stuff that's unique to it.
I never really got hooked by it as a setting, but it does have interesting pieces to loot.
3:31 AM
Yeah, the whole magitech thing is kinda lost on me, too.
I like the idea of magitech, but I have very little interest in their implementation of it.
I'm much more interested in solarpunky aesthetics for my magitech.
The "Age of Steam, but magical!" thing is kinda oversaturated.
@BESW When I first encountered it in Arcanum I was a fan. Now I'm just jaded.
@Miniman Solarpunk is an utopian eco-futurist philosophy/aesthetic, envisioning a merging of technology and natural ecosystems.
3:36 AM
@BESW I just read that on wikipedia. It...doesn't help me much. Any examples I might recognise?
It's kinda niche and new.
I read the literary influences, but that only made me more confused.
Art in the solarpunk ethos tends toward Art Nouveau or Arabesque designs. But it's not just a fictive mode; it's also an attitude toward practical contemporary design.
Anything that's trying to leverage modern technology to incorporate natural, living ecologies into human spaces is edging toward solarpunk.
Think... the kind of "living with nature" civilisation one more commonly associates with elves or Wookies.
4:09 AM
@Miniman Yep. Fire domain power lets him Turn water creatures & Rebuke fire creatures, too. Since the big-bad in this game is genie-kind, I thought it might help. Haven't had opportunity to try it yet.
@Adeptus Elemental turn/rebuke was one of those "awesome in concept, hardly ever useful" things that kept me in 3.5 for so long while also frustrating me dearly.
Regular turning has served me well, though. Out of 4 groups of undead we've encountered since I started with this character, he's single-handedly taken out 3 groups entirely, and one half. (Not counting the undead in the anti-magic zone... turning doesn't work there)
4:54 AM
@BESW [ponders] A method (and probably technology) that has trees grow at a fast pace into grant bridges, and then settle down. Bioluminescent plants for street lights. Power sources that either have minimal impact on the eco system (solar power) or benefit it (chemical energy or byproducts from turning human waste into mulch). Recycling system that largely involves micro-organisms breaking down materials once thought nondegradable. That kind of thing?
great bridges* not grant bridges.
morning guys o/
@Sejanus Hi
@Miniman One of my all time favourite crpgs
@Sejanus I've been meaning to replay it, actually.
same here. I bought it a week ago to finally have a legal copy for the collection ;) In my country we used to pirate everything back then
5:03 AM
@Sejanus I went through a mental shift on that topic a while back that I'm still trying to untangle in my head.
mental shift? as in change of the opinion/beliefs? :)
@doppelgreener Aye. Also, an infrastructure philosophy that's okay with those organic components growing, changing, dying, and regrowing.
@Sejanus That, as well as a total change in how I think about it and what I actually do.
(Right now, most human design is predicated on "When I put a thing in a place, it should say there until I want it to move." Organically, that's just not possible.)
5:21 AM
@Miniman I've gone through a similar shift. In my case, I think it's partly that I used to have little money for games, but lots of time. Now, I have more money, but less time. Also, it's so much easier to get games quickly, cheaply, and legally, than it used to be.
@Adeptus It's true, making the legal way easier than the illegal way is probably the biggest factor in making people reconsider.
I think it's one of the main problems with non-game entertainment media (movies, TV shows, and music) - it's still easier to get it illegally than legally.
That's sort of depressing.
@BESW It is. It's improving, though.
@Adeptus same here
@BESW This sounds like the name of an infrastructure philosophy I've already been a bit of a dreamer about and didn't have a name for.
6:06 AM
Goood morning.
@lisardggY Gooooood afternoon.
@Miniman Over on C# chat, some people use "Good morning (UGT)", being Universal Greeting Time.
@lisardggY Wait, does that mean it's always morning in UGT?
@Miniman Unless you're saying Good Evening.
It's a lovely place where time is just a bunch of play blocks to be assembled as you please.
@lisardggY So the time of day in UGT is entirely dependent on who is doing the G?
I might be over-analyzing here, but doesn't that make it exactly the same as regular time? :P
6:13 AM
@Miniman Except for diffusing anyone saying "What do you mean 'good morning', it's afternoon here!"
No, it isn't.
It's morning.
*jedi hand wave*
@lisardggY [totally convinced]
@Miniman Mwahahah! Now my nefarious plan has succeeded, and it is a good morning!
6:36 AM
@lisardggY Thoughts on solarpunk?
Also hi.
@lisardggY This is not the morning you're looking for
@BESW Is biotech a fundamental aspect of solarpunk?
@Aether I'm not sure if it's fundamental, but it's definite one of the tools a solarpunk designer would be comfortable using.
[realises he can probably Google this...]
6:45 AM
Solarpunk is nascent enough that it hasn't yet been firmly codified.
Like other *punks, the ethos emerges organically and is only given a coherent definition retroactively.
(You gotta wait for a large enough body of work to accumulate before you can recognise the patterns and commonalities which mark pieces as part of that body.)
And yet, even though the definition may still change, there must be some idea of what it means for someone to use the word?
Oh, indeed. But there's a difference between a useful definition and a prescriptive one.
Right, I see your point
"Science fiction" and "fantasy" are useful distinctions to be able to make, but good luck getting people to agree on where one starts and the other stops.
yeah, some "Science Fiction" uses science that is blatantly impossible,... which I am sure would leave some people labeling it as fantasy instead
6:57 AM
Star Wars. :)
and then there is the weird blur you might sometimes run into just in the ability to really distinguish a thing as either a science thing or a magic thing
Then there's "speculative fiction", which can be used to cover all of SF/F, or only some subset
@BESW On the what now?
Are we talking about a setting where solar power is the only feasible energy source?
So, is this a post-apocalyptic desert-punk sort of scenario?
Not exactly.
Ah, I see it's more in a utopic, not dystopic direction.
6:59 AM
3 hours ago, by BESW
@Miniman Solarpunk is an utopian eco-futurist philosophy/aesthetic, envisioning a merging of technology and natural ecosystems.
And it's not just fictive; it's got a strong contemporary-reality element to it, wherein people are working to leverage existing technology to realise solarpunk ideals in the real world.
@trogdor Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. - Arthur C. Clarke
he had a pretty good point there
> Any sufficiently advanced society will mistakenly believe all magic to be unknown technology. - Dean Koontz
this is also a good support of my point
And the reverse corollary, to link to the recent "Electricty in Eberron" question on the site:
> Any sufficiently analyzed magic is indistinguishable from science
(Which I disagree with, of course)
7:02 AM
@lisardggY Yeah, I'm most fond of magics which evade objective analysis at some level.
well, in some magic "systems" doing specific things will make very specific magic happen
or, Any technology that is distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced
to be fair though, even in those you can at least run out of it
but even that can be made akin to a power source
Programming-magic is clever, but I prefer organic, messy, whim-of-adamant magic.
I personally like it when it actually will react very specifically to specific things
but those things are kind of hard to pin down
7:08 AM
@BESW Likewise. Analyzable magic means magic is an alternative form of science/engineering that works on the same guiding principles only different basic assumptions. That's fine, and interesting. But I like my magic fundamentally different.
that being said, I am certainly not against it working for you the first time and not the second or third time, though the two things are not always mutually exclusive
@lisardggY That's one reason I like the Young Wizards setting.
On the surface it looks like programming magic, but it quickly turns out that "programming" is just a formal mode of talking to the universe, and the universe likes being talked to.
huh, I keep getting some unknown error and have to retry to post almost half of the things I am saying
Max Gladstone's Craft Cycle has magic-as-tort-law, which is interesting.
Magic is the exchange of units of power.
Some of it is in people's souls. Some of it from gods. Some from the stars.
Worship is an enforceable contract between a god and his believers.
In Young Wizards, you often don't have to cast a spell at all: the door LIKES being used (that's what it was made for!), so all you gotta do is chat it up and it'll probably unlock for you.
7:12 AM
@BESW Interesting. So being a wizard is a matter of understanding objects' fundamental usages and encouraging them to do that?
Programming magic is just for submitting formal requests to the universe that are too complex or too ridiculous to talk your way through.
@lisardggY Pretty much. In the setting's cosmology, the purpose of wizards is to manage entropy by reducing suffering and waste. Wizards learn The Speech, a divine language understood by everything, and they learn how to use it to shift energy and settle conflicts.
Younger wizards are strongest because they have more imagination and less sense of what they 'shouldn't be able' to do, but older wizards have more control and nuance.
Sometimes wizardry is throwing fireballs at agents of the Lone Power, but often it's just convincing two trees to stop strangling each others' roots.
@lisardggY I get my power from the star bar.
That does sound interesting...
In one of the novels, a planet-sized AI is given wizardry by a young and unsupervised wizard. It nearly destroys the galactic cluster by treating the universe as an editable program.
@BESW Reminds me a bit of Le Guin's Earthsea, where magic is based on knowing the True Names of things, which is similar, in common mystic symbology, to knowing its True Purpose.
On the other hand, the Speech is in many ways comparable to programming. When you cast a teleport spell, you have to be super careful to describe everyone you're teleporting accurately because a spell is fundamentally describing the change you want to see. If you describe someone wrong, that's part of the change you're requesting.
(A wizard has to learn to be self-aware enough that they recognise when their name in the Speech should be changed to reflect personal growth.)
7:52 AM
Hey, guys. What's a game other than Fate with a formalised "players design the setting beforehand" concept?
8:03 AM
@BESW Very important in Amber Diceless, for instance, where a character's will explicitly shapes reality.
So it's very important what you set out to find.
@BESW Explicitly a role playing game?
@lisardggY Yeah. I'm just going to use Dresden Files.
@BESW There's real-world efforts to create bioluminescent trees we could plant for city lighting, too.
I already used Fate as an example of something, but DFRPG is sufficiently different for these purposes that I don't feel like I'm repeating myself.
(I'm working on this request.)
Can I get someone to look over my answer before I post it?
Player agency: a drafted answer to this question at Oxinabox's request. Input would be appreciated.
8:22 AM
@BESW Do you think you should summarize the concept of Player Stances, or link to it?
@BESW My recommendation: post it on your RPG blog.
@lisardggY Hmm, yes.
It seems like a useful classification to describe agencies through different agents - through the character, through control of your character's immediate surroundings, or through the narrative as a whole.
Okay, sprinkled some stance editorialising throughout.
8:39 AM
9:28 AM
A: What is Player Agency and what is it good for?

BESWWhen the people playing an RPG feel like their choices can/do have meaningful impact on the game, we say they have agency. If we'll succeed no matter what bad choices I make, or if we'll fail no matter what good choices I make, I have no agency. Without agency in a game, players become pawns us...

9:56 AM
I hope that's not too rambly or presumptive.
nah I think it is good
you covered a lot of things
@FlorianPeschka [wave]
A: One of my PCs unknowingly slept with his sister

gaynorvaderMy advice: Keep it a secret, reveal it only to the Rogue, let him come up with why the party needs to go on the quest. Maybe he'll reveal it to some other party members to get them on side, or maybe he'll blurt it out and have to convince the Paladin that there is a greater evil at hand that the ...

Needs a mod to deal with the ever expanding comments as answers fast
@Wibbs and to think the whole issue is not about incest at all but "player did a thing that made my campaign plans go ewww, wat do"
the whole question and answers are a mess
10:11 AM
and the answer is just that simple. "can't deal with eww? change campaign. Can't deal with campaign? deal with ewww."
everything else is circumstantial and best left to the asker
And it's gonna hit HNQ, and bring in folks from other sites. Just like "a player won't stop hitting on every female" did.
@BESW that other one was a legit concern
I've flagged the question for moderator attention
Aye, but the quality of the new-to-RPG.SE-responders' answers was pretty durn low.
is mainsite flagging global as well?
10:12 AM
No, I'm pretty sure it's limited to RPG.SE elected mods.
Chat is a special butterfly that needs more supervision.
@BESW There seems to be a pattern to these honeypot questions which get bad answers from new users acting in good faith. Usually system-agnostic or popular system, campaign-related, easy to remedy in a particular situation with a deeper underlying problem where the issue at hand is only a symptom.
Yup. Also, sensational titles.
@Wibbs When I read it earlier, there were three answers which were all pretty well written and straightforward.
@lisardggY I know, but its going down hill fast
@Wibbs Yeah, seems to be going into discussions of incest rather than of retconning.
10:17 AM
Well, genuine non-answers get flagged, offensive answers get flagged, unhelpful answers get downvoted, comment discussions get popcorned and then flagged when they're obviously not productive.
@lisardggY What this question needs, IMO, is a "bad stuff happens when you don't know what you're doing" answer.
@eimyr It depends on the style of game, of course, but springing something that's potentially very unpleasant and even traumatic to the player just because the GM didn't think to stop it in time doesn't help the game, quite the opposite.
Wait, who's the one who doesn't know what they're doing in your scenario?
[raises hand] Probably me, that's usually a safe guess.
Right, didn't realise the time. I'm off for a bit o/
I like Sardathrion's answer, which takes into account that any narrative choice needs to take into account the players' preferences for content and tone.
10:21 AM
@lisardggy Everyone, either by lack of information or problematic processes.
@eimyr No, I mean, are you talking about the GM who didn't anticipate this problem when he allowed the seduction roll, or the player?
Seems like some commenters and answerers take the "this can make for a good story, keep it!" without thinking that other players and groups might have different lines and veils than they do.
And for a touchy subject like this, an unqualified "this is good for the story!" is a problem.
Well, right now only one answer is that unqualified "keep it!"
@lisardggY I think I'll write an answer and link it here, replying to you in detail would amount to the same
10:50 AM
You know how sometimes you want to write a good answer and you are demotivated by the fact that your approach challenges the problem in a thorough and deliberate way while there are simplistic "here-and-now", high scoring answers already?
I felt the same way with the "electricity in Eberron" question.
Managed to answer anyway. :)
Though I answered from my phone, which I hate doing.
It's such an added effort to write that I don't have the energy to do as much copy-editing as I would otherwise.
Answering on the phone should be awarded extra +50 rep for effort.
But I actually feel that when there are already upvoted straightforward answers, there's actually more leeway in giving a "take a step back and think" answer.
Actually, "answering on the phone" would be so much easier if you could just call the querent and tell him what the answer is.
Because the OP already has a straightforward solution, so you can give a complicated answer without worrying that the frame-challenge is the only answer given.
2 hours later…
12:57 PM
I've invited the querent to chat if they want to workshop their question.
Nzall--right now you've basically got three questions. (1) Should I change the backstory of this NPC to avoid a situation I'm concerned will disturb my players and not just their characters? (2) If I should change it, how? (3) If I shouldn't change it, how do I help make this development palatable for my group? Answers are having trouble covering all three of those subjects, so they tend to instead focus on the sensational nature of the unexpected event. — BESW 5 mins ago
If you're asking for help with (1), we need to know a lot more about the nature of your group, its dynamic, and why you feel it might or might not cause "irreparable damage." I'm not sure if it's possible to provide sufficient detail to make it a Stack-answerable question, but there are other places including Role-playing Games Chat that can help with that. If your question is limited to (2) or (3), that's a lot easier for the Stack to help with. — BESW 2 mins ago
1:19 PM
@Waterseas [wave]
@Besw heyas
What's new?
Not much here, you?
I've got too many RPG things that I'm interested in to be able to pick one long enough to do anything useful.
That's fair XD
1:24 PM
What I should be focused on is finishing up an NPC for next week, and prepping for a new minicampaign starting the week after.
I assume that implies you are not?
But I've got three microRPGs I'm halfway through designing, some new ideas about an old system design that are begging to get played with, an NPC for another campaign that's currently on temporary hold, and now I'm thinking about re-writing a quick-start guide to strip the setting from it.
@BESW thanks for picking up the baton with that question
@Wibbs Mxy set fire to the brush so we could see again.
he's good at that
1:28 PM
It's a rough but common situation obfuscated by the specific nature of the narrative subject.
@BESW THREE? Do tell?
If you need assistance in tuning or anything, I may be able to assist, being a game designer
@eimyr ...more, technically.
- Polishing up Colonypunk for a final PDF version.
- Still letting Surgadores percolate.
- That new "hero on the radio" thing is still in the early stages.
- Hounds of God is bugging me to get worked on again now that I understand Fate a bit better.
- Epyllion has far too many props to be directly useful, but I still want to mine it for My Little Psychosis ideas.
- I've got an ongoing project helping a friend hack together a zombie system for his campaign.
- The Thing You Prize recently reminded me that it's a half-formed mess from my early design days.
@BESW Any larger projects to top it up with another level of analysis paralysis / decision collision / stranger danger?
@Waterseas Right now the only things I've got that are at the tuning stage are Colonypunk (three coins instead of two, I think is all it needs) and Surgadores needs more playtesting before I know what it needs.
@eimyr Well, technically not everything on that list is a microgame, but none of them are planned to be more than a few pages.
And then there's my campaigns, present and future-possible.
1:36 PM
@Besw Quite a large number of projects o.o And yeah, playtesting is huge for RPGs
Blessed be thee, who playtest creations of others, for the contribution shall not be forgotten.
Also I'm gearing up to help a local university professor use Dog Eat Dog in his summer classes.
@Nzall Hi!
the invite was kinda unexpected
Well, there's only so much that comments can do.
Hey @Nzall thanks for being so understanding a patient with your question
1:38 PM
So: experience has shown that questions about specific problems tend to get answers which are also broadly useful--but questions about generic situations tend to get answers which are too vague to be actionable for anybody.
@Nzall Hi!
O.o for what Curriculum? @BESW
I'll be completely honest: this particular situation was purely hypothetical, and honestly, many of the questions I post on RPG.se are also not based on situations that I have encountered in campaigns. In fact, I don't even have a stable RPG group right now. The reason I post them is because they are interesting situations that might help others.
@Nzall Boom.
And so is the gordian knot untied.
1:40 PM
@Waterseas I'm not sure the exact class, but it's the History and Chamorro Studies program.
and so was @lisardggY right about the frame challenge
Because of that, i don't really have any additional information to add on the matter. I am not aware of any meta decisions that disallow hypothetical situations
The catapult question from a few years ago: also hypothetical, for example
@Nzall In my past experience, hypothetical situations are not looked at favourably.
Hypotheticals aren't disallowed. But as you can see, they tend to cause problems with the Stack format which makes those questions hit other reasons to get put on hold.
All my experience with RPG systems is from the 4.0 starter kit
@eimyr I see. my sincerest apologies for the confusion they caused
1:42 PM
Hey, no need to apologise.
Especially not to me, as I love hypotheticals to bits.
(I WILL write that answer.. sometime...)
The Stack works best for "actionable solutions to real problems." We can stretch it to fit other circumstances, but the further we stretch the more we run into problems.
as @BESW says, there's nothing wrong with hypotheticals per se, but the lack of actual practical foundation tends to show up as other issues in the questions
@BESW The stack format is flexible though. There are other SEs where hypothetical questions are equally valid, like famously Worldbuilding and ELL/U
Aye. And they've spent a lot of time on meta hashing out how to make that work because it's the core of their premise.
....also Worldbuilding hasn't inherited the contentious Internet-forum community RPG.SE has.
@BESW that's one of the reasons why I post more hypotheticals on there than on RPG.SE: they have established how to deal with them. Also, hypotheticals on WB don't require as much framing
1:45 PM
...also bringing up Worldbuilding as a model Stack is a stretch.
@eimyr I think you could have the same perception about RPG. no offense
@Nzall we here at RPG.SE want to be good at one thing. That means abandoning some other things we are not too bad at.
We're a lot more strict about this sort of thing than, say, Worldbuilding or Science Fiction & Fantasy in part because we do have a plethora of actionable challenges to solve, there are many other forums that are good at handling hypotheticals (RPG.SE feels no need to duplicate existing services that it can't do well), and the RPG community at large really likes to argue.
That last bit is important - the culture of online RPG stuff has a huge amount of argumentative stuff in it
@Nzall One could have such a perception, though in WB voting system seems more like a poll of popularity, not necessarily a measure of correctness or usefulness. I'm not saying it's bad - I'm saying it's not a model Stack behaviour.
1:48 PM
@Waterseas The goal is to use Dog Eat Dog to help students externalise their experience in a peri-colonial culture, because their immersion in it makes it difficult to recognise.
(I created Colonypunk as a response to playing Dog Eat Dog and seeing spaces in our island's experience that it didn't focus on which I thought were important.)
@eimyr RPG.SE also has a certain "popularity contest" aspect, IMHO. maybe not for rule-based decisions, but it does have them for more open-ended situations, like "I encountered this in a session, how to fix this".
Dun actually know anything about Dog eat dog
@Nzall I find RPG.SE more focused on "one, best answer" policy than WB. It's not worth arguing anyway. I'm sorry if I offended you.
@eimyr yes, but how do you get to that "one best answer" when there are multiple answers possible?
@Waterseas It's a game about the imbalance of power between Natives and a Colonising force. Very much in the Forge tradition of "use the rules to make the players feel and think."
1:53 PM
Precisely. I think the premise of WB assumes multiple equally useful answers, whereas RPG dismisses the idea. Of course, there are cases where competing points of view coexist, but I think the community votes to show which one they believe works better, not which one they like better.
Hmm, curious
One person plays the Occupiers, and everyone else plays individual Natives. The Occupiers have ultimate power over the narrative, and the Natives only get their way when the Occupiers let them. However, at the end of each scene the Occupier judges everyone (including himself) on how they followed the rules. The first rule is "The Natives are inferior to the Occupiers."
If you followed the rules, the Occupier gives you a coin from his pile. If you broke the rules, the Occupier takes a coin from you. If the Occupier breaks a rule, he loses a coin forever. After the Judgement, the Natives consider how the Occupier behaved in the scene and they use that to figure out a new rule about how to engage with the Occupation.
@eimyr I would argue that for more socially oriented aspects, the concept of "one answer to rule them all" is inherently flawed. Every situation is different, and what works for your group might not work for another group
The game is over when all the Natives have no coins (the Occupier subjugates the Native culture) or the Occupier has no coins (the Occupier decides to leave the Natives' land).
@Nzall Yeah... The thing with RPG.SE is that 90% of questions could be answered with "talk to your players, be honest and appreciative, work out what is most fun for everyone, if you can't - leave".
1:56 PM
(Optionally, if all the surviving Natives have a LOT of coins before the Occupier has none, the Natives are assimilated.)
Specific question usually have a permutation of that as the top answer.
I live on an island that is still functionally a colony, although in some ways we're post-colonial, so it's a very interesting game to bring to the community.
@eimyr I understand. I'll refrain from posting baseless hypothetical questions in the future
@Nzall On the contrary! I'd encourage you to do so!
@eimyr Didn't you guys just say that hypothetical questions are discouraged?
2:00 PM
Crap. My intended greeting was "Hi! Awesome question, I really want to post an answer, there are folks discussing it a lot here" but then we started arguing about WB vs RPG attitudes.
They are difficult to answer sometimes. Often they are closed. There's nothing wrong with that.
Also, my opinions might not be representative of the rest of RPG.SE folks.
@eimyr and that's my main concern. I don't mind having my questions closed, but if too many of my questions are closed, I might risk losing certain privileges
Really? That happens?
If a Q is closed, your rep stays, so I'm not sure how that affects privileges... you might miss out on badges, that's the one thing I imagine happens.
@BESW Any thoughts on that? ^^
Q: How good do my questions have to be so that I don't lose my asking privilege?

d33tahA friend of mine once lost his ability to ask questions because he kept asking questions that were not scored high enough in proportion to his answers (he actually didn't post any answers). I've got a few hundred reputation points and nowadays I tend to ask much more questions than I post answers...

@eimyr if you post too many low quality or closed questions, you start getting warnings that some of your questions are not well received, which tells you to check your older questions, and that if you continue having your questions closed, you could get a question ban
2:07 PM
I don't have an example to show, but I have received such messages on Physics, for example
They don't give specifics because they don't want folks to game the system, but yeah. I've seen a few folks get it here when they serial-post poor questions before understanding that the Stack isn't a traditional forum.
We aren't elected mods, so we can't see your deleted questions ratios.
If you're concerned, you'll need to reach out to a blue diamond.
But, well. I gotta say. There's a big difference between asking hypotheticals and pretending to have problems you don't have.
@BESW Sorry about spoiling your line but... the latter gets you answers
@eimyr It also gets your questions deleted.
2:30 PM
@Nzall comparing us to world building to say "well hypotheticals are allowed there" is a bit strange, because hypotheticals - fictional worlds - are fundamentally what the site is about. Our site is fundamentally about very real circumstances - real social situations between real people, or interpretations of real and established rules. If we have questions that are totally hypothetical they are very rare.
And, well, evidently we do. there's another person who also had a tendency to ask purely hypothetical questions. We tended to close them because we needed clarification they could not provide because it was totally hypothetical and there was none to provide.
@doppelgreener I'm not so sure on that, I'm sure B&C has a ton of hypothetical MTG questions, I'm sure it's similar over here given the similar complexity of tabletop rules
@Waterseas I'm only talking about rpg.se vs world building here - the cimparison he drew.
(or she!)
Mmhmm, I understand, but was raising a different comparison to counter; complex rules tend to breed many unique game states, some of which are niche enough they're more likely to come up in thought than in practice
Yes. This isn't a rules question though. And those aren't hypothetical rules.
I agree, just feels like saying hypotheticals are bad is a bit heavy-handed
2:35 PM
It is not.
@keithcurtis Hi!
They are difficult in many ways, but not inherently bad.
I'm totally supportive when it comes to writing a hypothetical questions in an answerable way.
I never said that they were bad.
I agree that hypotheticals are better suited for questions than for questions
I said they're rare and prone to getting closed. Which are true.
2:37 PM
@doppelgreener no one did. I'm just agreeing with @Waterseas
social questions just have so many other factors that a hypothetical question cannot hope to come up with a satisfying interpretation for all of them
And I am responding to waterseas who appears to be under the impression I said that.
OK, I volunteer.
Hypotheticals are bad.
Now we can all disagree with me.
@eimyr Aren't you contradicting your own message now?
@Nzall just for the sake of chat unity :D
Welp, in the past I posted some hypotheticals about a possible upcoming situation. The community driled down, discovered it was hypothetical and asked me what my problem is right now. I went with "I'm worried that..." - apparently the answer is "Don't worry."
2:41 PM
@eimyr Been there, not entirely satisfied with that answer either.
But it's legit for the Stack's format.
I'm all about prevention. That couple times Stack was right.
@BESW Hi. I'm just dipping my toe in the chat room to get the temperature of the water before jumping in.
@keithcurtis Gotcha. We're usually not quite this focused on the minutia of policy. You're welcome to lurk or participate as you wish.
I, however, am focused on the minutia of my bed; it's quarter to 1 in the morning. I'll see you guys later!
Good night
@BESW I think it's still good to refresh your policy once in a time, so you A) know what your policy is, B) know if you still agree with it and C) can educate those that are less aware of them
2:47 PM
@Nzall chatizens are a subset of the community and while discussing policies here is fine, it eventually ends up on the meta anyway
Tis also quarter to one in the morning which marks about 45 minutes of tech support which got us halfway to a resolution. Now: bed. Morning: more tech support.
Ahh, no, I'd thought BESW was saying hypotheticals were bad @doppelgreener
3:11 PM
Hello all
hi all--busy morning!
Just scrolled to catch up on hypotheticals. Good stuff
3:31 PM
Just created a short program for Excel dungeons that lights up spaces as the characters explore. I have a big screen that I can put in front of my DM screens so the party can see the dungeon as they explore. Prevents all those transcription errors.
Won't know if it works for the group until we try it. I guess that makes it hypothetical.
3:48 PM
And they all moved away on the Group W bench
"Group W"?
Quote from Arlo Guthre's Alices Restaurant
2 hours later…
6:15 PM
A "Thaum" is the basic unit of magical strength. It has been universally established as the amount of magic needed to create one small white pigeon or three normal-sized billiard balls. - Terry Pratchett
6:26 PM
@Brian "Any insufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from parlor tricks"?
@lisadoggY I would think the same would go for sufficiently advanced magic. If I were to tell you what card you chose, using my advanced magic, wouldn't you believe it was a parlor trick?
Any technology distinguishable from magic is insufficiently advanced. - Gregory Benford
Any sufficiently advanced magic is indistinguishable from technology. (Clarke’s third law, addendum.) aka parlor tricks
6:43 PM
Here's a disturbing one
Cole's Axiom: The sum of the intelligence on the planet is a constant; the population is growing.
6:59 PM
@Brian Only disturbing if you, you know, accept the unbased and unfounded first assumption.
7:46 PM
Q: Is it possible to multiclass in Dungeon World?

Momonga-samaIs it possible to have a multiclass character in Dungeon World? Please notice that I mean a real multiclass character, not moves multiclass dabbler and multiclass initiate. For example, is it possible for a fighter to get thief's Trap Expert, Tricks of the Trade, Backstab, Flexible Morals and P...

Any ideas?
Are there any circumstances in which "Our DM is pretty good at what he does, but…" does not turn out to be code for "Our DM is actually pretty terrible but we don't know any better"?
Actually no.
It turns out to "our GM is a criminal, who makes underage player drunk".
Holy hell that question
If I'd been in such a situation, I'd leave immediately.
I'd be pissed as hell if he did the vegan thing to a friend of mine
7:58 PM
@NathanTuggy Yeah, I wonder if it actually means "he's the only GM I know in my area".
Sounds about right....
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