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1:37 AM
Q: Looking for a yaoi manga with a yaoi love square

Boaz priestlySo I've read this manga but I've deleted my manga rock app but I have absolutely no clue what it's called and I'll try to explain it to the best of my ability...I don't remember the names but I'll trymizuki A guy(uke) meets up with his childhood friend(seme 1) and falls asleep on his bed. The sem...

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4:02 AM
Q: what is the name of this movie?

Gabrieli remember watching an anime movie but i cant remember the title. here is what i remember about the movie -the main character is a fighter in a tournament of some sort -he is covered in scars from head to toe -at the beginning of the match he drinks a full 2 liter of soda and then eats a banana ...

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5:18 AM
@ToshinouKyouko yay! now i just need 4
Q: Any other "cameo"s in Kiznaiver?

ton.yeungscroll down for character images Niiyama Niko seems to be a character that's inspired by Kill la Kill's Mankanshoku Mako (behavior) and Harime Nui (appearance). Tenga Hajime seems to be a dumber version of Kamina from Tengen Toppa Guerren Lagann. Are there any other referances/homages to be fo...

Is it safe to watch ReZero right now? I'm waiting for the arc to end, just like what happened at the end of episode 3 or 4
@Keale you waiting for the arc to end so you don't have a cliffhanger?
I'm waiting for the arc to end to see if it's not gonna be a bad ending. I don't really like bad endings or those times when my favorite characters die so I fool myself into believing that they are still alive by not watching the episode where they died.
@Keale spoiler for every anime ever created. everyone dies.....from old age
5:28 AM
Thanks for the heads up @ton.yeung
@Memor-X err well...
@ton.yeung they die off screen
It depends on what you believe :)
Q: Cannot find this anime episode No Matter How Long I try to Look For It

JoshI watched this 3-4 years ago in 2012 or 2013 the details might not be to good as I don't remember all of it but remember some key details for people who have seen this anime episode. Here it goes: So I remember watching this episode of an anime where a group goes into a mansion. While inside e...

5:53 AM
My alice, how have you aged
6:31 AM
Good morning JNat
6:52 AM
morning all
7:08 AM
1 hour later…
8:38 AM
hey Toshinou
tired :O
unfortunately, i'm only 5;9"
gosh darnit
tosh you're missing out
I know :(
maybe if i wore big shoes
brb prepping a nuke
stupid north korea rofl
8:58 AM
democratic republic of korea actually :^)
doesn't change the fact that it sucks :P
9:16 AM
Q: Manga about a rounded ear child appearing in the village resided only by pointed ears

FaellinThis manga series is pretty old and has been completed. The round ear child appeared in the village and caused quite a stir because for some reason, everyone is afraid of him or the round ears. In the end he is sent to live with a poor painter because the painter found him. I want to say the...

9:39 AM
Q: A&M EU Meetup - The convention approaches!

Toshinou KyoukoThe time approaches for Anime Con, where we will have our first A&M meetup! The convention runs from 10th to 12th June. Check out the schedule You can find helpful resources at a previous meta post: European A&M Gathering - Helpful Travel Tips & Resources (Tickets, Accommodation, etc.) includ...

can we cosplay as game characters aswell?
@Gerwin i haven't been to the con before, but most cons don't have any strict rules on what you cosplay :)
depends what I'm doing that weekend I'll see ;p
you don't need to cosplay if you don't want to too
i'll see
but are you guys all coming from other countries to Den Haag?
just for anime-con
9:43 AM
I'm gonna cosplay as a cup of tea
why not
Most of our EU members are from the Netherlands
I'm gonna travel over
might do some tourism while I'm there too
yeee The United Dutch Kingdoms!
I advice you to not just visit amsterdam / Den haag
but to also visit smaller villages :)
I'm from a small town near Utrecht ;p
I have been to rotterdam & amsterdam, but nowhere else
wait, might be better to have a more English Link. @ToshinouKyouko you want to do the honor of making your Meta Post into a more English link here so it can be pinned
okie dokie
9:46 AM
@ToshinouKyouko visit Utrecht
it's beautiful :)
When I was small, i had a summer girlfriend from the Hague
and very central, from Utrecht you can pretty much go anywhere
my first love <3
haha ^^
i dont remember her name now though :P
9:47 AM
haha :P
@ToshinouKyouko and i also learned that with one boxed meta question's it's probably better to report with a bit more text before pinning
don't forget to take pictures guys, lot of them, and post it :)
@ToshinouKyouko oh hey you planned this last year
A: Anime.SE's Event Calendar

Toshinou KyoukoEvent Name: EU A&M Meetup Run time: 10th to 12th June 2016. Status: Once-Off Description: The A&M members who live in the EU are going to meet up and have fun at Anime Con 2016! Come along if you can. European A&M Gathering: What should we do there? European A&M Gathering - Helpful Travel T...

9:50 AM
yeah it was a little bit early :v
i thought this was the post from your last trip. i was about to edit when i saw it said 2016
ah I see
I was expecting an earlier convention last year :P
well i updated the meta answer with the new link
10:03 AM
Q: How did Danzo acquired all those sharingan in his arm?

JanLeeYuI was just wondering, how did Danzo get all those eyes in his arm? Is it from the people that itachi and tobi killed that night?

10:24 AM
Q: Looking for an anime about four girls in highschool

SC64I was just wondering is there any anime about four girls in highschool. If possible could there be drama romance (with other guys) comedy etc... I don't want anything like supernatural, horror, fighting etc... Just four girls going through highschool together would be great thx!!

10:37 AM
@MadaraUchiha to be honest this question ^ is more of a recommendation request than an id request. however i can understand the mix up going by the question title
Right, my bad
both are offtopic
@ToshinouKyouko true. kinda funny in what the request is asking describing line one of the common theme of many slice of life are like. Yuru Yuri, K-On!, Non No Biyori, etc.
is it really all that hard to find something like that?
easy to find
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ got the Yokai Asterisk. i think it's more aligned to the Conjurer than the Vampire because from what i have been seeing of the spells so far the 7 Sins could be considered as separate summons which bestow/inflect various status effects
10:46 AM
Lucky Star ~
@ToshinouKyouko that too *double checks list to see how it was forgotten*
@Memor-X I've answered a question of yours ;p
one that you asked 7 days ago ;p
A: What is the meaning behind Renji's Tattoos?

GerwinAs the power of Renji increases, so do his tattoo's, when he achieves Bankai he gets more / bigger tattoo's, basically when he increases in power he gets more tattoo's, I believe that it's explained somewhere in the Soul Society Arc, but I'm not 100% positive on that.

11:02 AM
@Gerwin i know. i got the app on my ipad so i get a *bep-beeep* on it
ah okay nice ^^
should get the app on my phone hm
11:37 AM
Q: Anime about a creepy girl lives with charming guys

CaptainJenn There's this creepy girl who looks like Sadako. She has black hair with bangs and she doesn't show her eyes (but there was one episode that she showed her face and she became like normal or something) She lives with charming guys although i don't remember how many there are but I do remember a b...

Q: Does removing Potara earrings of a fused character nullifies the fusion?

Happy FaceJust give you some info about the Potara earrings. Potara Fusion is similar to the Fusion Dance technique, however unlike the Fusion Dance, the Potara Fusion is permanent. To use the Potara fusion, the two fusees each take one of the two earrings and put them on opposing ears. The two wi...

^ answered the 2nd one
@JNat just wondering, is it easy for SE Employees to alter tag names?
@Memor-X What do you mean? We can't alter a tag name, AFAIK
We can retag stuff and synonymize and merge, and that's how "editing" a tag works
@JNat say that we wanted to change to . can SE Employees, or mod, make a single change to do this without having to edit every question removing the old tag, adding the new tag and redoing the tag wiki and except?
or using a recent example from Arqade, rename to
@Memor-X We can edit the tags on a single question, and then create a synonym and merge
Which should do the trick for all other questions
11:53 AM
@JNat ok, maybe not the best example. say that a new gt series came out. we want to use for the new series and use for the original series. 2 separate series which wouldn't be compatible to make a synonym
could the original tag be renamed to use -old without having to edit every question?
logically i can imaging doing this via the database but even then i don't know how much access SE Employees have access to it
@Memor-X Yes, with the exact same process I described above: you'd create a new tag that has "-old" at the end, on a single question. Then, create a synonym and merge
@Memor-X We avoid editing stuff on the database level
@JNat and the 2 tags can still be used separately?
hmm... no
In that case, we'd just merge, right
And subsequent uses of the tag without "old" would be possible
@JNat i ask because of this
Q: Are we making new tags for duplicate game names hard(er) to use?

camelCaseThere is a current trend of games being released that re-use its original name. For example, Doom. The current method for creating new tags for duplicate game names is to append the release year to the game. Therefore, we have the following tags in my example: doom - the original doom-2016 - ...

sure the doom tag doesn't have a lot of questions but the person is talking about future instances aswell and i was thinking with minecraft which has over 6000 questions to edit
@JNat so the tag you merge into will have all the question of the original tag and the first tag will be empty correct? ie. if you merge into the first tag will have no questions and can still be used as it's own tag?
@Memor-X If I am not mistaken, the first tag will cease to exist, until it's used to tag some new question
tags don't exist without questions
12:04 PM
@ardaozkal what exactly did you get?
@JNat ok, i understand. i would assume it's something you should plan ahead to do right? since with the example of doom on arqade both the doom and doom-2016 tags have a number of questions to them
Yes. I suppose we could find a way to manoeuvre around some edge cases, should the need arise
@JNat and i assume Mods and Community Members are the only ones who can do this merging right?
user image
@Memor-X mods and employees, yes
1 hour later…
1:20 PM
@Memor-X huh?
@ardaozkal i see a yakata and a backdrop. which was it that you got in the mail
Oh. That picture was taken at Jap Culture Day 2016, I just got the picture with email.
I'd prefer actually getting one of those, but I'm left with a pic
@ardaozkal oh you was talking about getting the image in your email
@ardaozkal so then i assume they dressed you up but you didn't get to keep it?
2:11 PM
This is a summary of a pretty good interview (with Megumi Hayashibara) on how voice acting has changed over the years: animenewsnetwork.com/interest/2016-05-23/…
a bit reminiscent of Aya Hirano's seiyuu career (the rise, fall, and minor recovery)
Happy Kiss Day!
got that image out of a J-List email. it also talked about romance in japan so the second image was this
two of the worst shows they could have picked to talk about romance...
@CuddleBunny not sure myself because i havn't seen either......but atleast i know what the first one is
@ToshinouKyouko second one is school days?
2:24 PM
nope, second one is your lie in april
@Memor-X isn't kiss day around valentines?
"If there's one thing the Japanese like doing, it's commemorating special events on their calendars. Like the way February 9 is "Meat Day" because 2/9 can be read as niku (meaning meat), or March 12's official designation as Dagashi Day, because this is the anniversary of the death of Tajima Mamori, known as the originator of traditional sweets back in the 8th century A.D. (His bones were interred in a Shinto shrine as a kami, making him the official God of Dagashi.)

Today (May 23) is known as kisu no hi or "kiss day," because this is the day the first film featuring a kiss scene was shown
@Memor-X what is this months theme for avatar's?
@Gerwin @Hakase handles that......should get him to confirm if he does that still. if not need to update the meta
@Hakase what's this months theme for Avatars?
2:27 PM
@CuddleBunny you've clearly never seen pupa (reccomendation: don't; you'll wish you hadn't)
should also point out that i haven't really noticed a theme in past months either. if @Hakase doesn't want to do it anymore someone else could pick it up again
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ 3 minutes of a sister eating her bother's flesh? that counts as an episode now
is this an innuendo or actually eating his flesh
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ yeah, definitely not THE worst, there are dozens of titles higher up on that list... Pupa included.
@Memor-X I play Kumiko Oumae Birthday Concert in attack mode and attack your heart directly
user image
though I guess I wouldn't really count AnoHana as romance to begin with
2:33 PM
@ToshinouKyouko actually eating. lots of blood, her chewing and it's on his back. and i think whatever incest his hinted in it is covered up by the horrific transofrmations
I'm sorry I opened that can of worms... here is an apology from me:
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ ooooooo.......i havn't watched Yuki Yuna yet because, you know, no job = no money, no money = dole, dole = minimum money and minimum money = not enough for alot of new anime
my Hanabe to buy list has grown to about 1.2K already!
@Memor-X you can stream it online
2:46 PM
tut tut
you need to get your 3 copies
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ I did. And regret every moment of it
@JNat have some cosplay for eye bleach
more if insufficient
that is all
bonus (@Tosh needs uk/eu representation):
3:18 PM
Q: Hi, can anyone tell me what anime this is?

gabyI found this picture on Twitter and I'm curious, no one can seem to know where it's from /: https://twitter.com/anjmearchived/status/697992363260538880

4:13 PM
Q: What's the name of the 1st ost in Shingeki no Kyojin Episode 1?

magical erenIn the 1st episode of SNK / AOT, there's this awesome ost at 0:47, when the colossal titan appeared. Do you know the name pls? I can't find anywhere...

4:42 PM
Q: How can Itachi use his Sharingan after death?

EamesWhen Naruto was forced to fight Itachi for the first time when he was an Edo Tensei, you could clearly see that he could still use his MS. How is this possible if Itachi no longer had his original eyes (which Sasuke took)? Does this mean that Edo Tensei can also restore certain aspects of a ninja...

4 hours later…
8:41 PM
Man, Japanese girls must be so clumsy.
Dude saves dudette falling from a staircase is such a common trope.
I think that is just a reflection of the writers' hopes and dreams.
@CuddleBunny I think it's more likely that it's a fairly easy shortcut in stories involving androphobic women (which is also a really common trope).
9:17 PM
eh it doesn't seem to be that common anymore
or at least not in the ones ive been watching
9:41 PM
makes sense then
10:11 PM
Q: What is the name of this yaoi?

KogiI've recently read a yaoi and the scanlation page that showed up, happened to reveal their next project. The scanlation group seems to be inactive, as their website doesn't seem to have the yaoi. So does anyone know it? Picture is below. Its the top one that has the whole 'falling in love with hi...

11:03 PM
Q: How did Luffy get the scar on his chest?

Pookie323There's a debate going on how Luffy got the scar on his chest but I recently seen episode 223 where Zoro and Luffy we're fighting and Zoro gave him that scar. Then for what reason is there a debate on how he got his scar?

11:13 PM
Q: Why is Light's Father and almost the entire Police in the Death Note Universe are Useless?

CheckMateIzGodI mean seriously aside from that one FBI agent's wife almost all the other police/agents in Death Note are pretty much useless and dumb as bricks. In an hindsight I have realized that the police in Death Note universe contribute absolutely nothing in solving the case. It is only L,N and mello tha...


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