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9:11 PM
Are you here, @RANSARA009?
Can you write? Try writing.
Try typing a message in chat.
I've given you write access.
9:30 PM
are you their man?
Whose man?
you man
@RANSARA009 Yes, but who is "their"?
just ask from you
OK, so here's the deal.
I like your questions, and I always upvote them.
But some of the questions you posted recently have been partly copied from other website.
That's generally discouraged.
@RANSARA009, I know people might not be very supportive when you write things in your own words.
9:37 PM
yes you right
But in my view (and that of the site at large), it's not really allowed to simply copy questions from other sites.
If the answer given at those sites doesn't really explain anything, maybe just try asking the question in your own words.
And it's probably best not to search through other Q&A sites for questions to post here, if that's perhaps what you were doing.
You have lots of wonderful questions and answers to contribute.
I loved your Ocean Girl questions, since they focused on a tag that doesn't see the light of day much.
thanks jonah.. i really appreciate your advice & i 'll do as you request
Content copied directly from without attribution. A quick check shows that pretty much all of this user's question are being copied verbatim from moviemistakes. – Richard 9 secs ago
Are we allowing or disallowing?
Or are they immediately search and destroy targets?
But, @RANSARA009, it's probably best if you stick to your own answers. Or if you really want to, maybe cite the answers from those other sites directly, and explain why they didn't answer your question.
Mod party!
(Sorry @RANSARA009).
@ThaddeusHowze I would edit in attribution
I like your questions, but @Jonah makes since excellent points
9:48 PM
can any one tell me how can we delete a profile stacexchange?
Please don't copy questions OR answers from other websites without saying "on website it says".
@RANSARA009 you need to contact the Community management
@RANSARA009 Please don't leave, @RANSARA009. Your contributions are valuable.
But please don't delete your account, I really like your questions
cool guys
Over the last 20 days, you have gained about 1000 reputation, @RANSARA009.
That's you being a contributor to this site. Don't feel that your contributions are worth deleting because you made a few mistakes.
You're in the top 2% this month.
This was good:
Q: Why did Anakin turn to the Dark Side?

RANSARA009In the movies of The Phantom Menace / Attack Of The Clones / Revenge Of The Sith , Anakin turns bad and becomes Darth Vader. What is the reason he turned in to a Sith, and didn't the Jedi council know about his bad side? Is it that Yoda was unable to predict that Anakin would turn to the Dark Side?

This may have been copied, but frankly, the question itself was a good one:
Q: Why is the laser dish in the southern hemisphere of the Death Star rather than the northern one?

RANSARA009While watching movie A new Hope, I came across several foreign movie posters where the Death Star is shown with the laser dish in the southern hemisphere rather than the northern (almost as if it were upside down). Anyone know why this is?

@RANSARA009 - I would recommend editing any copied questions/answers to put them in your own words, or if you prefer, clearly cite the website that you copied from.
10:14 PM
@RANSARA009 @Jonah It turns out that a similar issue has arisen before on meta:
A: Is taking questions directly from other sites allowed?

KevinWord-for-word copying is only allowed as evidence / supplementary material, and even then must be properly quoted and attributed. A quote should never be a full post, attributed or not, and presenting it as one's own is strictly forbidden. The best course of action when you encounter something ...


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