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3:00 PM
[janosgyerik/dupfinder] janosgyerik created repository
> https://github.com/StackExchange/StackExchange.DataExplorer

SQL Server 2010 Express or later/higher"
@Duga Shouldn't that be dupefinder?
> Per "The 'SecurityPolicyApplied' attribute is not declared", almost every time SQL Server gets updated there are attributes added to the execution plan schema, which breaks the schema validation done while processing the execution plan if no one remembers to update the XSD in DataExplorer. But there's really no reason to do a schema validation in the first place, since we can generally...
trust that SQL Server will return a conformant execution plan XML, and if there are breaking changes we'll know because the execution plans will stop displaying correctly—more informative and less likely than the current behaviour of breaking because of stuff we don't even care about.
Duga, what the heck are you doing?
It might be hooked to the SEDE repo
@SimonForsberg ^^ is this expected?
3:02 PM
I would think so. as long as SEDE doesn't get as active as Rubberduck, we should be good
> NickCraver merged 1 commit into StackExchange:master from tms:screw-you-schema 9 days ago
(emphasis mine)
maybe @Duga is catching up with her todo list
improvement..? may be CodeReview will be the right choice — un-lucky 43 secs ago
Please clarify your specific problem or add additional details to highlight exactly what you need. As it's currently written, it seems you're expecting people to write code for you. See the How to Ask page for help writing questions that will attract good answers. If you are just needing a starting point, try Googling "How to code a trie in javascript", for which this Code Review SE question comes up. — Patrick M 43 secs ago
Send help... Outlook VBA script can't keep up with all the errors...
@Phrancis Go to IT and ask for a faster PC
3:14 PM
@Hosch250 bah, if I get it, I get it; if I don't, ...then I don't. it's just that I got excited about the mere possibility of finally having a shot at that darn badge when I saw the OP accept it at +2 when mine was at +20... [badge:populist] is hard to get!
@skiwi LOL
no, send them an email for that
@Phrancis You need to make it multi-threaded. Oh wait...
I'd go to IT and ask for fewer emails.
Maybe they can block some before they even get to you.
3:16 PM
@Mat'sMug For every incoming email automatically send a request to IT to let the emails stop
@Phrancis disable the VBA script, replace it with server-side rules, and let them handle it
_ErrorDump [22971]
I used to think @Phrancis did something with databases. Now I'm pretty sure "drowning in stuff" is an actual job
3:17 PM
could be worse
he could be "drowning in group_concat"
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on codereview.stackexchange.com — Gill Bates 51 secs ago
@Mat'sMug like having no job
@Mat'sMug you know what could work even better? hook up IT to the db_sendmail prompt that @Phrancis is probably still hooked up to..
why send one email when you can send them a firehose
ps my company is looking for more devs. Boss asked me if I knew people so I'll just leave this here: viagogo.co.uk/Careers
@Phrancis Stop drowning it with e-mails.
@JeroenVannevel I'm not moving to London. Ever.
3:20 PM
let me know if they need any javascript positions (there's none listed).
The frontend aspects are in jQuery
so that sort of counts
I redact my earlier statement
don't make me fix your native language
3:21 PM
> censor or obscure (part of a text) for legal or security purposes.
jQuery is sort-of JavaScript like C# is sort-of C.
i'm securing my sanity.
good save
> This entails using technologies such as C# 6.0, ASP.NET MVC and Web API, JavaScript, AngularJS, RabbitMQ, SignalR, SQL Server, git, Octopus Deploy and Microsoft Azure.
got your angular in there
that's a whole mess of awful
C# isn't so bad, but AngularJS, SignalR and jQuery?
3:22 PM
Enterprise confirmed
Angular and Rabbit, fishing down a rabbit hole?
Octopus Deploy?
@DanPantry Could be their attempt at getting rid of legacy code.
@Mast SignalR is legacy
@skiwi Advanced Git I suppose.
3:23 PM
@DanPantry That's not the impression I get whenever I read about it
@DanPantry It is legacy now, but there was a time something else was legacy before it.
@Mast or the attempt at being "hip & trendy"
@Mast True.
@Vogel612 I'd say the only thing hip and trendy there is Angular
@Vogel612 Like all enterprises? Sure.
And if you look at the google trends, Angular is far from trendy these days
3:24 PM
I can't say I've heard of Octopus Deploy before
and that's with the trend coming from google :D
I thought Angular was as famous as React at the moment.
I love changing a ticket's root cause from "code fix" to "education"
Ah well, shows what I know about JS.
3:24 PM
And as much as I hate Microsoft, Azure, C# 6.0 and MVC 6 (I think it's 6? the newest one) are all pretty good.
@Mast infamous. Angular 2.0 is gaining traction though. It's going to become a holy war between React and Angular 2.0, and I'm firmly in the React camp. Still, it is being used, I suppose, so it's not surprising to see it on a tech stack.
Same difference.
@Phrancis Both don't really tell what's going on IMO.
It's just a general category
@Phrancis Oh, I have a funny ticket story to tell from today, actually
We released a new version of our app this morning and we got 3-4 tickets from our UK users (UK is important) saying "where has this menu gone?"
They told us they were referred to us from their manager
Their manager, however, not 2 weeks prior, had asked for the menu to be removed
It's basically changing it from "customer says there is something wrong with the application" to "customer doesn't know how to use the application"
And instead of owning up to it was now directing our users to us to cover her ass ^^"
3:27 PM
@DanPantry LOL
You logged the request to remove the menu, right?
@Mast Oh, yeah.
Point them to the request.
I was assigned the ticket too.
I had the satisfaction of closing the ticket almost immediately and forwarding them the original email from their manager. :-)
I love the smell of retribution in the morning
"Works as intended"
3:28 PM
@DanPantry I suspect I know what e-mail you'll be getting tomorrow morning.
@Mast Tomorrow morning? you mean 2 hours ago.
from the manager: "please add the original menu back"
I really wish I were making it up
Oh, he's fast :P
Ah well, revert changes. Problem solved.
Not that easy, unfortunately
They were DB changes
Because someone decided it was a good idea to store menus in the DB
They what?
its.. really bad
3:31 PM
lol sounds familiar
I actually wanted to ask about some scaling with SQL if possible, actually
So, in a few months time we will have 24/7 coverage of our project
We have two SQL DBs in a cluster, one read-only, one write-only using AlwaysOn
How on earth are we meant to make schema changes without causing the whole thing to blow up in our face without downtime
Because right now we are having to have planned downtime to upgrade the system, however that's not going to be so easy once we span the globe - it'll mean we'll have to do releases in overtime on Sundays
check the SO Architecture blogpost by nickcraver
it's impossible, but you can keep it to a minimum either way
it's impossible
Just what I wanted to hear
You could stay up for 24 hours and do a release each hour per time zone /s
@Phrancis lol
The only issue is simply that both load balanced web servers look at the same DB cluster
The only way I can think of doing it truly without downtime would be to have two DB clusters and have the one cluster slowly "feed" the other one the updates
It seems counter to ACID though and much more of an eventual consistency thing though :\
> We have unintentionally tested this, successfully, a few times. To be clear: I’m saying it works. I’m not saying it’s a good idea. It’s fun though, every time.
3:34 PM
Could you just use a backup/copy cluster temporarily then migrate to the updated one all at once?
@DanPantry git revert <commitId>?
@Phrancis I can't see how that would work. If we have two web servers and they need to be updated after the DB has been updated, but both of them point at the same DB...
@skiwi databases don't git ;0
Especially seeing as the web servers have zero affinity
@Phrancis Actually, you can put database schemas under git too
3:36 PM
I think the real answer is to avoid making destructive DB changes until you're sure the table is no longer used
@skiwi Yes, but not data in the database
Hmm right... then you're screwed
> During peak, we have about 500,000 concurrent websocket connections open. That’s a lot of browsers. Fun fact: some of those browsers have been open for over 18 months. We’re not sure why. Someone should go check if those developers are still alive.
Lol, this article
I'm slowly starting to realize that most of my programming projects involve games... And I am either too busy playing those games, or I'm on the verge of quitting those games and don't want to invest more time into it
@DanPantry Sounds reasonable enough. Put a trigger on the table to log when it was last used, and if it wasn't used for X amount of time it's probably safe to delete due to be reviewed
3:38 PM
@Phrancis I'm just thinking more in terms of how traditional deprecation works
So you'd deprecate a table when it should be removed and then on the next release remove it
Downside of this is that it sucks
upside is that it requires no big changes in architecture, only in workflow
But if I am going to present any solution it needs to be a simple one, so a deprecation workflow should work just fine
@DanPantry That's not surprising though. Some clients never get closed.
Q: Func and Action, can this be further improved?

YahyaHave got two generic methods to call against a service. Depending on call, some methods return an object (passed in params), some don't (void). Can this be further improved? I have got to this point after refactoring a lot and removing anything which was repeated. private static TResponse Servi...

I think this is more suited to codereview.stackexchange.com? You are asking for 'how can this be better' not 'this is my error, what can i do'? — Matt 42 secs ago
> i want it to be bullet prof
Oh wait, Po is not the chemical symbol. That's a relief. — Mr Lister 2 days ago
Concerning LiPo batteries.
Polonium is radioactive.
3:46 PM
@Mast Just hope he doesn't need any suction (liposuction).
This would not fare well on Code Review at all, please do not move it there. See How do I ask a good question?Phrancis 38 secs ago
Don't suckle Polonium.
> That's just bonus fire
@Matt codereview : If you are asking about best practices in general rather than for a review of your code. Such questions are off-topic for Code Review. — max 50 secs ago
4:05 PM
@Phrancis @Mat'sMug yes, that is expected. @Duga should have done that a long time ago though, but she has received HTTP 403 Forbidden from the Github API for a long time, not sure why.
@Phrancis Yea, that stuff is dangerous. Building a charger for them isn't easy either.
I envy engineers a little bit, in that they understand all those mechanics. But in another way, I don't, because they have to deal with them. Guess it's all part of the fun though.
Throwing water on Lithium is a very, very bad idea. That entire column of the periodic table should never touch water.
@Phrancis The hardest part is you know for sure there will be bugs, regardless of how much you scrutinize your design.
@Phrancis Engineers don't have to deal with complaining costumers though, I guess that's the trade-off ^^
@skiwi Hah, I'd wish it was that easy.
4:15 PM
@Mast That reminds me of a chapter in Randall Munroe's / XKCD's "what if?" book
I've withdrawn the -1 because now your answers adds something that is new; however, your code does not quite deserve a +1 yet... The approach - a windowed sieve - is indeed an excellent choice for this task but I doubt whether anyone who does not know the algorithm yet can learn from your code how it works; nor is it a good example for others to follow. You might want to post it on Code Review, for advice on how to make it much slimmer, more efficient and - most importantly - more robust and more self-documenting/self-explanatory. And you can apply it all to PRIME1's big bad brother, PRINT. — DarthGizka 8 secs ago
Unfortunately it's not available online, but it's about building a table of elements from 1m cubes of the actual elements. It ends pretty badly.
I've read that one. Basically, you shouldn't.
You can do half or so, but there are some elements you should not be touching or the world will blow up.
@Mat'sMug I'm actually sad that answer got so many upvotes. Not yours, but the accepted one.
4:22 PM
Perhaps codereview.stackexchange.com is a better place — ja72 just now
Q: RecyclerView and new Intent

Jonathan Chevalier("french accent") First sorry if my english is not perfect ("french accent") Any help or advice or something that keep me going would be really apreciated. I am currently learning by myself android studio. I am working on a project with a RecyclerView and new intent but unfortunately I dont kno...

Q: Pangram test with non-ASCII characters

CodeYogi Pangram Determine if a sentence is a pangram. Determine if a sentence is a pangram. A pangram (Greek: παν γράμμα, pan gramma, "every letter") is a sentence using every letter of the alphabet at least once. The best known English pangram is "The quick brown fox jumps over the la...

@Mast aye. For the record it already had a fair amount of votes when it was found inaccurate
@Mat'sMug link?
A: Interview coding test: Fizz Buzz

NecreauxOthers have mentioned that your code is overkill, but the biggest problem I see is the parallelism. It is frankly broken and will not always give the expected result. To an observer, it looks like you used a feature that you did not really understand in order to look good, and as a result you wro...

I'm guessing it should be deleted. I don't think he can do it now that it is accepted, though.
4:39 PM
I made an edit to the answer to point out the OP admitted it was wrong
Those who already voted can now change their votes
It's plain wrong, right? Not a shred of it is standing.
We may have to meta it to get a community decision on what to do with plain-wrong answers.
In theory the system prevents a wrong answer from getting this high. The system failed.
theory ≠ practice
Q: Python - Print the average of a list which is a value in a dictionary

007Imagine I have a dictionary like this: class1 = { Max: [9, 7, 10], Jhon: [3,2,1] } The values for each name is stored as a list object. I have used this code (which works) to find the average of every name/ value and print them: print({k: [sum(float(i) for i in v) / len(v)] for k, v in class...

4:55 PM
I have some basic options working for the Review Queue Notifier Chrome Extension
refresh rate is now adjustable
> Even with all that, sometimes an RC Lipo will just burst into flame for no reason. You absolutely need to heed the warnings to never charge them unattended, and everything else.
Don't store those things indoors unless on a concrete floor.
5:16 PM
Wonder whether it's feasible to create a Roslyn analyzer that detects that you're not using C# 6, and plays the sad trombone sound effect.
@Phrancis theory and practice are closer in theory than in practice :)
@Mast HNQ tends to skew all kinds of things, voting in particular. If OP changes the checkmark to my answer, then I might be a Java Guru before I get the same honors in C# - HNQ skews everything.
The post was +13/-6 at 00:00 UTC
5:33 PM
@rolfl @Duga has received a whole lot of 403's from Github API lately, her Github API part has not been working at all. I have no clue at all why it started working again today...
.... because it did not get 403's?
@rolfl Excellent conclusion.
I guess maybe it's because we're all going to be watched again next week, right @Donald.McLean? ;)
Q: Chmod calculator

grooveplexThis program asks the user for input three times, and based on that input, calculates the chmod. I have included comments with questions and clarifications in the code. I would like to have these questions answered and help with making the if ... in ... part shorter, if that's possible. ''' Thi...

Q: generating Norwegian social security-numbers

Nilzone-I have written some code in Node.js that takes a date as argument and return all the possible combination of social security numbers. I'd really appreciate some advice when it comes to these areas: Coding style Code structure In my code I have included a brief description on how these number...

Q: getting the value of a input via $_post when form is past via ajax

IrasaiIm not sure what im doing wrong. I have successfully passed a form to my php script via $.ajax. however i want to use 2 submits(or button) to either remove or save my form data. PHP if($_POST['submit']=='Save') { code } if($_POST['submit]=='Remove) { code} However, i cannot get t...

When you notice a tiny bug
@CaptainObvious Formatted post to look nicer, then noticed it was broken code. Oh, well.
@CommitStrip sometimes it's best to throw it out and get a new one
5:50 PM
It was an IoT toaster, and the machines are rising up against humanity
thanks champ lol — Irasai 34 secs ago
@SimonForsberg May 6th, right?
@Mast I thought it was the 3rd!?
Working code which merely needs optimization is better suited for Code Review. — Ralph 48 secs ago
Q: Wrote a reviews classifier

kill129Hey this is my first post here, If i get it right i can publish here my code for code reviews. Sounds awesome. I made a movie review classifier and i would like someone that is not me to go over it. link to the project git](https://github.com/kill129/Review-Classifier) Tell me what do you thin...

Q: Lazy String splitter in C++

Smac89I created a string splitter in C++. It splits a string in a lazy fashion and makes use of forward iterators to sequentially supply the next token from the string until it runs out of tokens. The code is quite large (over 300 lines), so I will just have a link to it. I have some concerns with the...

6:03 PM
lol, just got off the phone with a vendor rep, asking what the problem is with sending orders by email. Only thing I could tell her is that there is no way for us to track emails, other than to know that we sent it
For some values of "know"
@SimonForsberg Ah, yes, 3rd and 9th.
@Mast and 10th.
@Phrancis BCC to your own e-mail address. Can't go wrong.
6:19 PM
I should create a package for this extension here soon, so people can actually use it. I am working on options for which sites it will run on.
Hi, I just answered a question only to discover it was broken upon finishing the answer thanks to 200_success... well c'è la vie
(200_success just did its duty, I am blaming my eagerness / lack of verification not him)
6:40 PM
Q: First MVC app, looking for best practices, red flag feedback on a small amount of code

ChadDThis is my first MVC app. I'm looking for best practice feedback on how to best bundle the files that I need, the order to bundle them, the placement of the @render methods within the containing html page BundleConfig namespace StateAssessment { using System.Web.Optimization; public class ...

Pimping bazola's first answer for this year:
A: Slitherio Single Player

bazolaVariables should be private when possible MyFrame frame; ArrayList<Point> listOfDots; ArrayList<Point> foods; Image OSC; PointerInfo a = MouseInfo.getPointerInfo(); int size = 10; int speed = 10; Random r; You should make variables private and final whenever possible. There are many benefit...

7:00 PM
Q: Variable s gives me a negative number

Guest5088It's the second Euler project #include<iostream> using namespace std; int main() { int a=0,b=1,c, s=1; //cout<<a<<" "; //cout<<b<<" "; for(int i=1;i<=3999998;i++) { c=a+b; a=b; b=c; if(c%2==0) { //cout<<c<<" "; s=s...

A: Variable s gives me a negative number

Guest5088-_- . It's says that the fibonacci numbers should not exceed four million.Pay more attention on what you read .

Wow thanks.I'm an idiot — Guest5088 6 mins ago
@200_success What in the world
7:15 PM
Q: Better ways to write some projects in Javascript

13aalI have two little projects that I've been working on; One is to find all palindromes: function palindrome(str) { var replaceStrChr = str.replace(/\W/g,'').replace(/ /g,'').replace(/_/g,'').toLowerCase(); var arrayifyStr = replaceStrChr.split('').reverse(); var stringifyStr = arrayifyStr.j...

Q: Improving Ladder Code in Data Type Detection

carlossierraHi am building a CSV file parser, and in order to get the appropriate Object to represent different data types found on the parsed files, I wrote the following function: public static Object stringToDataType(String valueAsString) throws ParseException{ // detections ordered by probability o...

Q: Calculating the sum of the digits in 2^1000

Olba12I have a program which calculates the sum of the digits in the number 2^1000. The program is not beutiful and I was hoping for some advice on how to improve it. The idea I have used is to create an array with the first element equal to 2^0. The first element in the array represent 10^0 the secon...

Incoming meta question that I've been wondering about for a while...
Q: Is our "broken" wording broken?

Simon Forsberg "Questions containing broken code or asking for advice about code not yet written are off-topic, as the code is not ready for review. After the question has been edited to contain working code, we will consider reopening it." We don't review broken code Broken code is off-topic here ...

@SimonForsberg Good question
Q: AngularJS services for APIs in large applications

AlexI've been reading about AngularJS services and factories, and how you should strive for a thin controller, but as the project I've been working on grows it seems more and more impractical with as interconnected as the app is. For a little background, I am using UI-Grid to display most data in th...

Q: Is our "broken" wording broken?

Simon Forsberg "Questions containing broken code or asking for advice about code not yet written are off-topic, as the code is not ready for review. After the question has been edited to contain working code, we will consider reopening it." We don't review broken code Broken code is off-topic here ...

@SimonForsberg Added my 2c.
7:33 PM
> Is your code working as intended?
@Mast ^^ To someone posting their question "as intended" might be that it's broken
If they intend to post a question with broken code, then their code is "working as intended"
that's another way to look at it ^^
I just wanted to bring the topic up for discussion.
I only feel that there's something that we need to change about how we use that word, because considering how many times we have to explain it to people, there's something we're doing wrong.
and it's also a comment I saw very recently, on a question that was closed for this reason:
> It's not broken code you retards -_-
I have not liked the word "broken" personally, if only for that it sounds a bit rude/condescending. Something like "nonfunctional" or "malfunctional" might sound better — Phrancis 5 mins ago
@SimonForsberg ugh, that. Flagged it as offensive
@Phrancis Yeah, I removed it as soon as I saw it. I didn't see a flag though.
But maybe we saw it at the same time.
We're just that fast you and I
@StackExchange I've been wanting to rewrite the off-topic reasons for a long time. This effort didn't get driven to completion:
Q: How should we revise the standard off-topic reasons, if we can have up to five?

200_success Note: For chat-like discussions of this subject, let's use this Discuss Close Reasons chat room Code Review currently has three standard off-topic reasons: Questions containing broken code or asking for advice about code not yet written are off-topic, as the code is not ready for review. A...

7:39 PM
Apparently :)
@200_success This is about more than just the close reasons though, this is also about the comments that we make.
Yes, but the wording in the standard reasons will eventually become the new standard vocabulary.
My suggestion at the time:
> Questions about code that has not yet been written, code that does not work as intended, or code that the author does not understand are off-topic, as the code is not ready for review.
Your best option would be to ask a Code Review question with your real code, not some sanitized or idealized version of it. — 200_success 22 secs ago
@200_success I do like that more than the current one.
7:58 PM
@200_success Nitpick--remove the comma before "as the code is not ready..."
@Vogel612 What do you mean by "afford"?
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Class that generates records after performing business logic
@SimonForsberg exactly what it means ... Is it viable to split up the conceptually dense "broken" into multiple words?
also "working as intended" for all intents and purposes isn't the correct reason either
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs to codereview.stackexchange.commmm 47 secs ago
consider code with a smell. One you can pinpoint to some state-mutations
8:03 PM
@Vogel612 Considering how often we have to explain what we mean by the word, I'd say yes - we can definitely afford it.
I daresay that the code is not broken, but does not "work as intended" either
@200_success do we have five close reasons now? Cause I'd vote to change that close reason...
@SimonForsberg do we have the space for that in our close-reasons, or in a comment?
@JoeWallis We could possibly get five close reasons, but we'd have to run it by the CMs.
do we have that space in the mental chaos of it's readers?
considering how many questions are closed as broken, I'm wondering how much "anecdotal evidence" it is we're looking at
and how it compares to "hard numbers"
I'd say that "broken" works quite well even when compared with other reasons
8:06 PM
@Vogel612 I could answer about close-reasons if I could just find where on earth it is that mods can edit those again...
but in comments, yes, I believe there's room.
remember, over 60% of the questions we closed are closed as broken
in comparison the next reason is hypothetical with 13%
Just this week I had someone who didn't understand "hypothetical".
@Vogel612 Run a SEDE query finding comments mentioning "broken". I did run one a few weeks ago.
I can't recall any cases (this week) where there was a discussion about "broken"
@Vogel612 I'm not only talking about close reasons though, also about comments and how we use the word overall.
@Vogel612 I ran the query when preparing my question the first time, but I didn't actually post the question until now. We haven't discussed this word before, at least not recently AFAIK.
no, not "we discuss this", but "a user doesn't know what it means".
8:10 PM
Q: C# Repository Pattern Implementation

WaragiI'm in the process of delving into different design patterns and trying to implement them into my daily work routine. I come from an unstructured world of PHP and not understanding how to utilize it to its potential. I have recently switched over to C# and I'm trying to unlearn some bad habits ...

@Vogel612 Seems like I can't see the length of the close reasons without deactivating them, which I won't do. :(
34 mins ago, by Simon Forsberg
> It's not broken code you retards -_-
(if you can figure out how to make those comments links or improve the query in other ways, go ahead)
@SimonForsberg Ah thanks. Also "Note that the max-length for a close reason is 400 characters (including markdown)." from what 200_success linked. Don't know if it's different for 3 close reasons however.
@SimonForsberg Darn strait.
@JoeWallis Community Managers pushed back. We would have to build a stronger case if we wanted more than three.
8:29 PM
@SimonForsberg You're looking for a fool-proof definition. Whenever you think you've found one, a bigger fool will rise.
I could quote you a couple of philosophers now, but I think we all get the picture and I don't want to say not-so-nice things about users.
I am going in circles
@200_success That's a shame. I mostly want it for this and this, seems like we'll never 'fix' it, ):
Isn't this off topic? I'd suggest using the code review stack exchange website. — evolutionxbox 57 secs ago
Robert Cartaino wrote a slate with three reasons:
A: How should we revise the standard off-topic reasons, if we can have up to five?

Robert CartainoI found working on this jigsaw puzzle a personally rewarding experience. It really helped me appreciate what you do here. Obviously the longer your site has been around, the more problems you find that need addressing. I'm sure you've tried cramming more unrelated close reasons into each slot, b...

I've written another set of three (originally four):
A: How should we revise the standard off-topic reasons, if we can have up to five?

200_success Questions must be asked by an author or maintainer of the code and include the code to be reviewed. Links to code hosted on third-party sites are permissible, but the most relevant excerpts must be embedded in the question itself. Questions about code that has not yet been written, code that doe...

We would probably have to explain why those don't work if we want a 4th or 5th.
@evolutionxbox If it's broken, it's for Stack Overflow. If it's not, but needs quality check, performance etc., then it's for Code Review. — Joseph the Dreamer 42 secs ago
8:51 PM
Such complicated... very database logic... much to be desired... wow
4 Visual Studio instances open. The quest to find the nasty culprit continues
@JeroenVannevel What culprit?
When I use a partial class, it reports a diagnostic twice. I think I've tracked it down into the default roslyn test helper to this line:
foreach (var project in documents.Select(x => x.Project))
@200_success I've been feeling that the current one like this is too broad:
> Questions about code that has not yet been written, code that does not work as intended, or code that the author does not understand are off-topic, as the code is not ready for review.
TTGTB for me
8:59 PM
Q: PHP pages that interact with MySQL

Ralph PCould someone review this PHP code to see if my pages are coded safely to not allow common attacks (SQL injection, XSS, etc.)? I would be thankful, of course, for anyone to point out other problems in my code as well. // getpaste.php <?php $db_conn_config = parse_ini_file('../private/db_conn.ini...

I think that should become Distinct rather than Select. Otherwise if you have two documents as part of the same project, it will diagnose that project twice
Interesting. Does it work as Distinct?
Night, @SimonForsberg.
Yup. I added .Distinct() behind it and now it works as expected
Jeroen you're genius
Thanks Jeroen
Can you create a new analyzer + Code Fix project and look at the unit test helper file DiagnosticVerifier.cs its method GetSortedDiagnosticsFromDocuments() and tell me what that line of code looks like there?
9:02 PM
> I just had a 2 hour conversation with a woman last night over the phone. It was an hour and a half in before we learned that the microphone on my phone was acting up. Women don't seem to mind men being quiet.
I don't know if they updated it since then and my computer does dumb
Ok, so how would I do this?
just create a new diagnostic + code fix solution
using the template
I don't see it.
What is it called in the wizard?
File -> New -> Project -> Installed -> Templates -> Visual C# -> Extensibility -> Analyzer with Code Fix (NuGet + VSIX)
9:09 PM
I don't have that one.
@Hosch250 OK… tell me more about what you think is wrong with that reason.
Q: Small implementation of an Observer in Python

Sens4Good Evening, I wanted to start with the Entity Component System but for that I have realized I should have know some basic patterns. So here is my implementation of an Observer. Later on I also want to implement an notification system with threading and somehow events. So I just wanted to get ...

Then you need to do "Download The .NET Compiler Platform SDK" first prob. But it's fine, I got it going on my laptop I think
It seems that not written and not working should be separate.
@JeroenVannevel OK, got that. So, I run that, then try again?
okay, I found it. They did it slightly differently there but it should be the same issue. I'll create an issue on their repo and ask for input
9:11 PM
People say their code is written, but broken.
oooh wait
Yep, they fixed it. They're using a HashSet now in the new version
Instead of a List as they used to
And not understanding, that isn't really related to the other two.
Still good job Jeroen
OK, you don't need it anymore?
9:27 PM
@Hosch250 no, not necessary. Thanks anyway
Q: Haskell Pig Latin Translator - v2

BalinKingOfMoriaThanks to Gurkenglas for the help with the previous iteration: Haskell - Pig Latin Translator! Given the constraint that the newtypes are required, what improvements could be made to the following Pig Latin translator? {-# LANGUAGE FlexibleInstances #-} {-# LANGUAGE InstanceSigs #-} import Con...

Q: Retrieves Remote Certificate, displays Validity

user3178174I'm a Windows sysadmin who is new to C# and "professional" coding. My background is in VBScript ("get it done") and I've apparently built up a number of bad habits. I'm hoping a review of the following code can help me do things the right way when tasks are still easy so that more difficult pro...

10:09 PM
> VBScript
a number of bad habits
VBScript is a bad habit
possible answer invalidation by carlossierra on question by carlossierra: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/126979/revisions
10:44 PM
Q: How to make Markov Chain model from sequence of data in MATLAB?

abc tI have a sequence and from that I have to make Markov Chain Model in MATLAB. Markov Chain model considers only 1-step transition probabilities i.e. probability distribution of next state depends only on current state and not on previous state. I am using equation given below to make Markov Chain ...

A: Interview coding test: Fizz Buzz

Mat's Mug Then add a special case In all likelihood, they were looking to see how flexible and maintainable you could make your code be, and you gave them a showcase of some raw technical knowledge instead. I'm not impressed with the fact that the fizzbuzz logic is written in three different places, ...

Nice answer @Mat'sMug
@Quill I can't wait until I get a Mac... bash is cool

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