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1:55 AM
Q: Chainsaws in Die2nite

F OakHow do I make a chainsaw in Die2Nite? Or is it something that I have to pick up?

16 hours later…
6:08 PM
A copyright violation?
@badp @brant gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/11994/… Better get on that before everyone else shows up.
Mindstealer merely copy pasted the build order from @bwarner's answer.
Well, it isn't copy pasted.
6:12 PM
Eh, no need to get in his face about it
you expect useful info to get copied around
Erm, there is.
Here's the reason:
plus we have no way of knowing if he just copied it from someone else's post
maybe he's never even been to SE
Loads of stuff in my town is copied directly from gaming, but I always linked back to it.
Wait, Mindstealer?
I think he was in another town of mine before.
He probably got to G.SE through me.
6:15 PM
It's a private forum viewable by, at most, 40 people. Who cares?
Just drop in a link to the source, no need throw insults around
especially when the point of him posting it is to encourage everyone to work together.
I've played with Mindstealer before.
I think he's alright.
I also think posting an entire schedule and saying "this is how we do it" without even introducing himself is really arrogant
He's just trying to get a jump on it before everyone else shows up.
That's basically what I did in my current town.
Whatever you do, make sure you establish an organizational system for the forums.
I can't believe how much more smoothly my current town runs now that I've taken my own advice. :P
> If we hit 40 people before midnight then yes. Otherwise you might as well stay outside and autoscavenge for another day.
I just posted that but I'm not actually sure if it's true
My day 1 lasted for like five days.
6:23 PM
are you safe outside of town?
I've just updated the post.
I think that's kind of silly, honestly.
Not my rules to make.
I don't see why we should encourage rule breaking however.
I mean, that doesn't agree with the white hat vibe I get off meta.
Information gets copy-pasted verbatim all over the place. The least of our concerns is people doing it to private forums for others' benefit.
Have you guys familiarized yourself with the new policies about external links?
6:29 PM
Stuff like @bwarner's build order post are why gaming.SE exists.
@GnomeSlice My main worry is that that answer isn't really perfect enough to be posted verbatim as is without context as if it was some god send truth to knee at.
actually no
If you just copy paste it you're misrepresenting it.
That's what bothers me, rather than just blind application of the "law."
You guys need to check the global forums.
There's a big thing about how they're going to be cracking down on any external links.
yesterday, by GnomeSlice
"People seem to miss this, but giving out external links in Town Forums is not permitted either. It's not just the World forums. If you see somebody giving an external unapproved link (at this moment there are no approved ones but that will change in the future - keep watch of the little icon in the upper left to see) - please report the post.
yesterday, by GnomeSlice
It doesn't matter if you believe it's not hurtful, or if it's a "helpful tool" - if it's not approved you are not allowed to link it in any forum. There are reasons we do not want people using such links which I can discuss in more length elsewhere.
yesterday, by GnomeSlice
Unfortunately even the English Wiki is not an approved link - as much as people are used to giving that out, it constitutes as spoilers. You aren't going to be punished for looking at it of course, but if you link to it and we see it - it will be deleted"
That's one of the more pertinent paragraphs.
Yeah, good luck with that, admins
6:31 PM
@Brant Just set up a regexp for anything that looks like a link and monitor those.
if needed, give a free hero day for every successfully reported link. :P
@badp > Well our Important Links thread hasn't been pruned yet, so I'm thinking that as long as no one flags it, we're good.
I don't think a big reminder about SE's copyright policy belongs at the top of that answer.
Just because we happened to see one guy on a semi-private game forum copy and paste its content for the (intended) benefit of other people
@GnomeSlice It is.
@Brant Revert then.
I'm not going to edit it back in. Promise.
6:34 PM
I did. I just wanted to explain myself first. :)
Whass occurin
Cliffs notes version: someone in the town we just joined copy-pasted this answer in our town's forum, without a link back to the source.
@Brant link is broken.
HFoC now is in Passed chasm of the beast
Some French town reportedly made it to day 41.
But then again, they're in season 2.
6:42 PM
@GnomeSlice Rules changed in the meantime.
No, in the meantime of season 1.
Season 2 merely added ghouls.
Which rules are you referring to?
@GnomeSlice Apparently water is much scarcer now than it used to be.
You mean in terms of Jerrycans?
6:46 PM
@GnomeSlice Generally speaking -- not sure of specifics.
7:08 PM
So given that I don't know if I'll be available around attack time to haul my ass back to town, what should I spend my remaining 4 AP (+food+water) on today?
7:24 PM
Man, if people are going to using that, I really should improve the answer, otherwise I'll get a bad name... We haven't upgraded the pit at all in our town, and it was definitely a good decision.
I tried posting a link to it when my first non-beta town started, and it basically got ignored.
7:56 PM
@badp Thanks for updating my answer.
I'd been meaning to do that.
8:50 PM
So we won't get zombies tonight?
9:18 PM
Well, 40 minutes to the attack and we only have 23 citizens
I'm going to walk out of town and autosearch for a day
1 hour later…
10:35 PM
Dammit, we lost an excellent player tonight. :(
How do you guys manage to clear half the map of zombies? I cant figure out how to get enough water(plumbing is only in my dreams)
@Foak > Plumbing.
It lets you fill up water-based weapons for free.
my town isint even close to getting that
maybe we need to go on a workshop boom right away
What day are you on?
10:39 PM
I don't think we got plumbing till after day 10.
oh, huh
too many zombies already for my liking
[day 4]
Post a screenshot of your map.
I take it those poor souls to the east are part of an expedition?
there are enough of them
10:42 PM
I hope so, for the guy who's alone.
I've never gone this long before.
are you the one in palisides? seems like a good town
I'm not really sure what is generating it. All of my towns have basically seemed the same. I don't really have enough time to closely follow the decision making process, so I kind of miss out.
each time I learn a little more
@bwarner and I are both in Palisades.
ha, those guys you saw are all home now
lightning fast
10:47 PM
My strategy for staying alive is to just never go outside.
I always die by like day 3 otherwise.
eh, you just have to be careful
I get tired of just building
though, that will probably be what I do until I get plumbing(if ever)
My play-time isn't consistent enough to warrant the risk out the world beyond.
I'd be unable to get back one night and die.
I just construct.
How are your forums organized?
not well?
how do you mean?
A: How do I help organize my town in die2nite?

GnomeSliceBe Active! One of the best things you can do is to make everything as simple as possible for the rest of the town. One of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure the stickied threads stay on-topic. One of the easiest ways to do this is to start off by making a bunch of other threads for s...

It's a little late for you, now that you're on day 4-5.
But I've never had a town run as smoothly as my current one, since I tried implementing this.
oh, yea, we havent really follow that
well, that is a good proof for that then
10:50 PM
Leaving the stickied threads for basic instructions really helps in making sure that inactive users don't waste their ap on the wrong stuff.
It's surprising, really.
huh, maybe I will try that next time
You could give it a shot now, and see if it takes hold.
Just make discussion threads for construction and upgrades, in particular
And you can link back to my answer if you want, to give them an Idea of what you're going for.
yea, hmm, maybe later
should I add a disclaimer with the link too?
Just say "a fellow player came up with this" or something.
Let me see a screen of your construction thread.
huh, that means I have to look at it
11:01 PM
how much of the 76 posts do you want to see?
Just one page.
I want to compare it to mine. ;)
@Gnome We had plumbing on day 5. I pushed to make it a priority
@bwarner Day 5?
I thought it was at least day 8.
Yep, check the register. Once maintenance is done again...
11:04 PM
we have something like 100 defence to come up with in the next bit
Ours has noticeably less discussion. :P
that looks like way to do it
So, we have a SEPARATE thread, for discussion.
And we keep this one for instructions
So that anyone coming on for like 5 minutes can easily know what the community has decided needs building without having to read pages of writing.
@bwarner I stand corrected.
that means somebody has to stay on top of it, but yea, that works well
@bwarner > What are your projections for our fair Palisades' future?
I still think we can make it to day 25. We can build temp defenses for quite a while...
@Foak > Not really, as soon as theres a general consensus in the discussion, someone updates the stickied one.
It's a shame that we lost Timmy last night.
He was an excellent player.
Has WorkShop died of dehydration yet?
11:08 PM
you guys out of water?
We have loads of water.
One of our residents has gone away on vacation.
Nope, he said he would be able to login and drink
I'm hoping he'll die from inactivity so I don't have to kill him myself.
I guess you can only wound other residents though.
Bah, that would take all the fun out of that last day... We have to try ou that new attack command
you can hurt otheres?
11:09 PM
In 100+ soul point towns there is an attack command that allows you to attack other people
You can wound them.
But not kill them.
huh. Whats the point?
It takes 3 AP and has a low chance of injuring them. Of course our town has tons of bandages stored up...
@bwarner I didn't fully understand that message.
Oh you mean, where we all wound each other on the last day?
what other stuff can you do in those towns?
11:10 PM
@Gnome, yah, that was what I meant
@FOak From what I've been able to discover so far, that is the only different thing we have. Despite what the help says, our map is the same size. Which is fine, because we can't use a larger map without camping anyways
Unrelatedly, @badp tells me that the game has undergone a slight modification which apparently makes water much scarcer than it used to be. I think it applies to all towns though.
@GnomeSlice I don't have data, merely rumours, to back that up.
well, we found a water plant for our town
I thought it would be cool if attacking people could cause them to lose AP. Then you could follow someone out into the desert, beat them up, leave them to die, and then claim innocence.
The real data is in the hordes.fr release notes.
That said HFoC never had water trouble.
11:13 PM
Didn't they only last 16 days?
HFoC lasted 24 days.
It would also have to make themunable to post on the forums...
@Mana mentioned something about a French town making it to day 41.
Which I find rather implausible.
They have camping though, which would probably help a lot
And larger maps would mean more undepleted zones
@bwarner You still need to drink...
11:14 PM
@bwarner Weren't WE supposed to get a larger map?
That's what those water coolers are for. And you can have other citizens carry water out to the camp
We were, but that obviously hasn't been implemented yet in the US
English version* you mean.
@Badp The water change happened in the French version, not the English version, right?
"Currently the max estimate is at 2407, and we have 2249 defense (with turret upgrade).

This leaves 158 Def Left, requiring emergency supplies.

Rubbish heap 10 def
Mount Killamanjaro 50 Def
Emergency Defenses 45 Def
Spiked Trap 25 Def

Leaving us with 28 Defense needed, which should be covered by the continued estimate/scavenged items.

So should we start building?"
@bwarner So I gather.
11:17 PM
Newest post from our construction thread. Any input?
Again, I'm not sure whether it's truth or not.
@bwarner > You think we need to start up with temps already?
We probably will today, but that post assumes we won't find any more nuts & bolts. We have 3 toolboxes on the ground waiting to be searched
What will we do with extra nuts and bolts?
If we can get 4, spiked wall would give us a boost of about 50.
And even one more would give us about 20 from one of the ramparts projects, can't remember since I'm not in town
11:21 PM
Reinforcing beams - 25 def.
I doubt we'll find three more sets today though.
Upgrading from shack to houe is one defense per citizen as well, so we can probably pick up 20 or so from that
@Foak > Has your town placed priorities on certain items?
@bwarner Already have mine. ;)
not really.
I just want to go fight zombies
Make sure everyone prizes nuts and bolts over everything.
11:24 PM
If we have 30 citizens with houses, we can absorb about 150 zombies over our defense with minimal losses. We have vibrators for the terrified, and we have plenty of spaces with no zombies anyway.
I doubt we'll get 30 houses up today.
You can only upgrade once daily, and not everyone has a shack.
Yah, not today, but by day 24 we will
hmm, maybe I just need to play L4D
@bwarner What's the Upgrade plan for today?
Turrets definitely
We have plenty of water. No use saving it if we run short of defense
11:26 PM
Shall I update the tagged thread? Or should we put it to a vote.
Although I'm inclined to agree with you.
We have plenty of water.
You have stolen the Bedside Lamp from BigBlueCar without anyone noticing. Damn ! You've got skills...
A job well done.
@bwarner > Should I assemble the wonky caddy cart?
Do you guys have many heros? Do they help much?
Most of our town seems to be hero.
They can come in useful.
Some of the abilities, like being able to make food into better food are pretty useful.
The dictator power is useful as well.
Hold on.
@FOak > Our "Dictator" is able to post messages on the front page, like this.
11:44 PM
how much is hero per day anyways?
No idea.
I don't have a credit card, so I never bothered to look into it.
Our heroes are part of the reason our town is so highly ranked as well.
Heroes are worth far more citizen points than average residents.
@GnomeSlice wat
@badp Dictatorship. It's a hero power. I hadn't heard of it either.
It's hardly a dictatorship though, he mostly just posts what I, or anyone else tell him to.
It annoys me to no end though, because his grammar is, for the most part, rather poor.
And I have to see it on my homepage every day.
15 bucks a month
so I guess 50c a day
That's pretty steep, considering the actual amount of play value in the game.
11:56 PM
no kidding
it might be good for one game's worth, but thats it
goodness, no wonder they offer the loyalty bonuses
As long as the rest of your town are heroes, you don't need to worry about it.
You really only need a few of them.
ha, yea
I need to get into a 100s town to see some good ones though
coalition -- to the tower please
looks at @brant
My current town was abused. An impatient user used coalitions to bring in mostly -100Sp players.
Most of them are ok, I guess, but it kind of defeated the point. And some of them are/were not ok.

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