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8:36 AM
enters, coughs, throws up a hand while shuffling to the coffee machine
Q: Bullet formatting

PaulIs there any way of tightening up the bullet formatting when using nested/indented bullets? For instance, this post uses levels of indenting to emphasise a point, but seems to lose a bit of the cohesion between the levels the further you nest them (notice the inner_wall, inner_ground_wall, inner...

@Vincent waves and is annoyingly cheerful this morning
8:58 AM
@PieBie steers clear of Pieter :P
come here, I'll bite ya to death
I can literally quote that movie from beginning to end, every single line...
oh... my.
you should talk to a friend of mine. He is a huge MP fan
yes, my brain just loves storing useless information
9:08 AM
ah well. I have that too with useless trivia and Magic: the Gathering cards :/
I think all men have this condition regarding useless trivia :D I used to have it with MTG, but that was 15 years ago...
I think we should tag this as a bug
A: Bullet formatting

PieBieI think this particular CSS is the culprit: .post-text ul li, .wmd-preview ul li, .post-text ol li, .wmd-preview ol li { margin-bottom: .5em; } .post-text ul li:last-child, .wmd-preview ul li:last-child, .post-text ol li:last-child, .wmd-preview ol li:last-child { margin-bottom: 0; } ...

@Vincent @CAI @joojaa?
9:23 AM
It seems a bit like a css bug yes
at least worth a look by the designers
@Vincent that's what I thought
I dont think it is. The main problem was the inconsistent markup.... that CSS doesn't do what you think it does
nested lists are inside their parent <li> so the margin is already there
but it's not... for example the point inner wall and the ones below it don't have the margin that others do
but that's because the text is not seen as a li and thus does not get a margin... I see
easier to show than explain lol
yes, the text inner-wall is not an li by itself, and therefore does not receive bottom margin, and therefore the li below it sticks to it
9:38 AM
yeh, the way to fix that would be to add a top-margin to nested ul/ols
does that look better?
I added ul ul, ol ul, ul ol, ol ol { margin-top: 5px; }
@CAI exact, so it is a bug... or at least, it could be improved
@CAI mind if I hide that .gif behind a link? It's really annoying to look at :)
@Vincent I like looking at it.. I find it therapeutic
but go ahead lol
@PieBie I wouldn't call it a bug per-se, but it would definitely be an improvement!
il like the improved look
its not really a bug though...
@joojaa the bug tag says: "Indicates you've found an erroneous or unexpected behaviour in the system that needs to be fixed." I think this falls under unexpected behaviour
9:47 AM
Does it really need adding as a bug?
@Paul the bug tag says: "Indicates you've found an erroneous or unexpected behaviour in the system that needs to be fixed." I think this falls under unexpected behaviour :D
It's not really a bug.. It would get it looked at if people care about it and want it changed though
shrug feel free to lop off again.
meh, what else are the devs gonna do with their time? :p
9:51 AM
LOL! Don't care that much! Just spotted the problem and it looked a bit funny. Adding the ---'s in seemed to kinda fix it.
10:05 AM
mornin @johnp
how are ye doing
sunny here today
yeh here too!
I've run out of coffee so im struggling lol
oh no!
americanos dont work on me anymore ;( started drinking espressos
10:11 AM
I could do with an espresso right now!
i think i may start buying caffeine tablets
I quit coffee in the morning. Still wonder whether that was a good idea
If you want advice on caffeine, ask Darth :P
unexpected behaviour != bug
haha it probably is for the best @Vincent does Darth like his caffeine?
are you malfunctioning @joojaa
10:17 AM
unexpected behavior can also be emergent features
@johnp yes thats kind of my default mode
I don't even think it's unexpected behaviour, it's just a design issue
yes but I'm more interested in whether emergent issues are bugs.
@johnp he used to be a big time Red Bull consumer
If emergent features are bugs then most of the tech we have today are to be classified as being a bug
10:20 AM
But I tihnk he went cold turkey
ah right! I was one too I must admit. I switched to coffee instead. I still wonder how much my life has been shortened as a result of my red bull days
@joojaa a bug is a bug, how it happens shouldn't be relevant
well, probably relevant to fixing that bug, but not wether you call it a bug or not
The only RB I ever consumed was in combination with red wodka
I think the stuff reeks
speaking of caffeine consumption, I've had an overactive nerve twitching around my nose the past 2 days...it feels like im kind of scowling in disgust :L
yeah it's like petrol. great with vodka when ur tired on a night out though!
I might have consumed some of it to get through an all-nighter for my bridge club
10:24 AM
@CAI so lets take SVG as a example. It gains much from being redered by the host. Being rendered by the host is a design decision. So now by having clients do it we have 2 design choices.

1. all people run the same codebase (flash does this)
2. everybody is free to run any codebase that renders the image (SVG does this)

Now 2 leads to different results in different machines. Invariably... Its emergent form the choice. So the question is:

*is this a bug?*
but my recollection of that entire night is... rather vague
haha love it. I always thought bridge was a thing reserved for the golden years :v
you make it sound hardcore
we used to play tarot... bridge is also good
@johnp yeh the only person i've ever known to play bridge is my grandad!
I found a rather young club here
it is quite the intellectual challenge
it has a reputation of a game for seniors, but it is actually a rather deep and complex game with lots of logic and math
10:27 AM
haha yeah same. all those kind of games are becoming popular with a younger crowd these days i think. like mahjong and that sort of stuff
@joojaa Interesting! I wouldn't necessarily call those different results bugs. It's the same as cross-browser compatibility in web-design. You'll rarely get every browser to render your website exactly the same, but that doesn't mean those differences are bugs, as long as you know they exist and know they don't break functionality.
@CAI yes but the longwinded extreme rundown of that is that nothing that follows form a bad design decision is a bug?
On the other hand in reverse everything is a bug.
I guess it depends on your definition of 'bug'
Unless it breaks functionality or meaning I wouldn't call it a bug.. just bad design
exactly therefore bugs dont exist or everything you like is a bug. Hence the confusion and anger around these things.
I think there is a grey area between bad design and bug that isn't well defined
10:36 AM
LOL my office chair ate one of my socks. The sock was being pulled nto one of the wheels and it wasn't even around the shaft :)
trying do dislodge it now,
aah got it. it had jammed inside the protective cone. Thats certainly not a bug
rather unexpected
1 hour later…
12:00 PM
why is ist so hard to get temporary contracts?
12:45 PM
hey @Ryan
hey @Ryan
@Vincent @johnp hello gentlemen
how're you?
exhausted, havent been sleeping well this week
12:52 PM
I'm good. Sleeping has been rather ok
coke's changing it's branding slightly... lol 20.theladbiblegroup.com/s3/content/…
and finished a logo :D
ah cool, a new one or the school proj?
@johnp looks rather nice
is not going to convince me to drink more than a glass a week, though :)
looks nice, what typeface is that
12:59 PM
Montserrat -- I'm totally in love with it
It's a Google font to boot
i read about that island the other day, it's the cutest thing!
might not seem like a big deal to some, but as ireland has no colonial history it's really endearing :3
but yeah it's a lovely font
Trying to find some info out so was told to look in our database....
its in Access 97
let's do the time warp again!♬ @Ryan
1:04 PM
Its just a jump to the left, then a step to the right!
YES :v
oh my
1:21 PM
@PieBie Using 4 spaces (which can be auto added by selecting code then pressing ALT + K or clicking the {} button) is a better way to format blocks of code FYI
@ZachSaucier OK, thanks
2:03 PM
morning troopers
2:30 PM
hello dark lord
2:50 PM
its hump day, woot woot
what is hump day?
ah, lol. never heard that expression before
lol i think it last week i had to ask that
3:03 PM
@johnp the day for the middle of the week
an apt name for it!
This is the first time I'm acatually writing a style guide for actual release to the customer. Any tips?
Use small words, lots of diagrams, and prepare yourself for lots of questions
3:23 PM
@Vincent don't add anything unnecessarily, just add what makes sense. I remember looking through other guides and thinking "yeh ill add that" then spending hours trying to make something fit that obviously wasn't needed
thx guys!
2 hours later…
5:11 PM
score! got another fitness model willing to do photo shoots with me pretty much any time!!
2 hours later…
7:06 PM
@Ryan what happened to the bounty on that currency q?
@CAI I haven't awarded it yet. Its in the grace period. Thanks for the reminder!
hate giving you both bounties :P
Lol sorry! Said the grace period had finished that's why I asked
Q: How to properly credit yourself/others for design work on a portfolio site?

S. MirandaI'm working on a portfolio site to showcase some of my design/layout/photography work. In a lot of cases, myself and one other person would work on a design idea; but in all cases, I am the one doing the assembly work on the computer and tweaking it to completion. What is the best way to handle ...

7:24 PM
I'm such a generous overlord, not like that @Darth_Vader guy :P
he's all lasers and overthrow the republic and blah blah blah
weird breathing noises too, kinda creepy

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