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12:07 AM
@ton.yeung lol, I can't tell if it's real or just a really well played out troll.
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3:49 AM
Q: What order do I watch yu-gi-oh in?

AMRPGAnimeniaxWitch Yu-Gi-Oh! serease do I watch after the original one and so forth?(Sorry for the bad spelling.)

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6:32 AM
Q: Anime girl holds in guy

AnimeThere's an anime where this schoolgirl is having "relations" with a guy and sees somone watching them. When he gets to the point of no return and is about to pull out she holds him in with her legs but I can't remember what it's from, it's been stuck in my head for years. Anyone know what it's ca...

7:14 AM
7:31 AM
Q: Ok so I don't remember much about this manga... It was ages ago.

Ossa LamiaBasically this girls brother dies and something happens, I think she develops a split personality OR is haunted by him? As her "other" self she gets a tattoo on her cheeknear her eye.. Um.. the girls design is gothic-y/emo-y I think she also has a stuffed animal she's very close to. She gets pic...

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11:07 AM
@ton.yeung one of the guys at my last job did this on one of the live hosting servers. he admitted to the mistake but he also pointed out that the 3rd party offsite backup group didn't do their job properly because the backup he was expecting to recover from didn't exists and there had been no backups for the past couple of months
his only saving grace was that it was a new server and the data was relatively similar to what was in development
@Quill evening, hows things
I have a project plan due tomorrow that I haven't started <_<
no anime for me tonight
how about you @Memor-X?
@Quill good, saw Korra dump Mako on Avatar which is kinda good....but i was kinda hoping for some moment between Korra and Asami which makes Korra question who she likes. played Gravity Rush and finally worked out how to stop the view twitching because of the Gyroscope in the controller. almost got gold in the Gravity Stasis Time Attack mission, got 1470 and went to kill the last Nevi to give me that 1500 for gold and time ran out just as i killed it but didn't get the points
watching Heston on SBS at the moment.
11:17 AM
@Memor-X have you finished Korra yet?
Heston is cool
@Quill not yet, on Episode 6 of Book 2.
Book 3 and 4 were great
Nickoledeon like stopped airing them because they were too mature
@Quill when did they stop airing? or did they just stop after Book 4?
They stopped airing like half way through Book 3
it went to online only after that
@Quill me thinks Korra and Asami started getting very close at that point
11:24 AM
keep watching ;)
my only evidence of this is that the US didn't like Haruka and Michioru being lovers in Sailor Moon and made them cousins
That was a long time ago though, wasn't it?
These days we have shows like Modern Family and Orange is the new black airing
@Quill yeh but Shoujo Ai/Yuri Hating Entropy Bitches have been operating since a long time ago too, look what happened to them when they messed with shoujo ai/yuri. i think seeing Madoka the US got scared that they may evoke the wrath of the Dark Goddess of Love if they try that shit again
I still haven't seen Madoka
@Quill you should
why havn't you?
11:29 AM
I just haven't got around to it
I still haven't finished Cowboy Bebop
you will watch it after Cowboy Bebop
@Taisho tag
why u do dis Taisho
@Taisho tag
Uploaded (UTC): 17.03.2016 13:49:29 by (38771) JNat, tag: Plastic Memories
11:32 AM
oh right, the edits
I thought it was JNat who uploaded that one
I did a few face shots from Plastic Memories
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12:55 PM
anyone know of a good guide to jailbreak an iphone 5 so it can run ios 8?
i was hoping to avoid it but ios 9 is draining power far too quickly
you can't really downgrade an iphone firmware unless you have blobs saved
@Quill unless you jailbreak it right?
not necessarily
@Quill well then would a itunes restore from before the ios update have these blobs?
oh wait, have you just tried the normal ipsw file method?
12:58 PM
@Quill only iso 9 is still signed and from what i am reading if the version isn't signed it wont downgrade
then you need the blobs
they aren't saved unless you save them before you upgrade, they're not an official thing IIRC
@Quill shit it
it's been a while since I did this stuff, it seems SHSH blobs are old news
maybe there's a way, I'm not sure. I've been running non-jailbroken since I got an apple developer license
@Quill well i don't want to jailbreak it myself however i figured it would be my only option to downgrade
I'm not sure jailbreaking it will help
jailbreaking doesn't let you install unsigned firmware IIRC
1:52 PM
@ToshinouKyouko *poke*
@Memor-X * rolls over * 5 more mintues~~
Hoy Hoy ~
@Ikaros helo
How are you? :)
2:02 PM
tired ~
i get some days off tomorrow though \o/
cant wait
also got my last japanese class tonight
2:19 PM
tosh doing jap class?
oh o:
ya, slowly but surely
2:54 PM
how are you guys @Ikaros & @Tyhja
hi ho
hi hamham
pokes @ToshinouKyouko's sleepy face
@ToshinouKyouko Fine I'm having fun with i3 :D
2:59 PM
@Ikaros i3? :o
@ToshinouKyouko i3wm.org
A graphic interface for linux, like gnome of xfce
Except you can configure it pretty hard
very interesting
Like vim but for graphic interface
@Tyhja Hay
3:02 PM
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5:01 PM
Q: I need help finding an anime

HydrobubbleOkay so probably about 2 years ago when I started watching anime, I watched this one random anime, I think it's tags were ecchi and romance? I'm no sure and it was my very first anime. It had a guy who met a girl from another galaxy or something and she was to marry him. The guy refuses because a...

@Sakamoto We all do, we all do
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9:25 PM
Q: looking for the name of manga

Nessaso I don't remember exactly when I started reading this manga and I get frustrated because for the life of me, I can't remember the name. The only thing I can remember is that it involves a boy and girl who both have a secret life and are enemies i think. But they like each other. The manga also ...

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10:58 PM
Q: Does Light Novel-based, slice of life anime in general have a clearly defined setting?

Fikko3107Something I noticed while watching a lot of popular anime based on Light Novels that focuses on slice of life for the most (Oregairu, Haruhi Suzumiya, Oreimo, etc.) is that they never stated where in Japan is the story actually taking place. In a lot of cases I noted that these settings tend to b...

11:58 PM
Q: Looking for the anime

UltimatePainI am not sure if anyone is able to know about this anime but here I go. The plot starts with a young boy coming into a village to start off his journey to become a deity? He seeks to stay in a lodge where a girl hotelier offers a vip room if the person is able to find a ticket within the village...

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