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5:00 PM
Actually, what is our definition?
Our definition is vague
it's "if it seems logicky and nobody tries to find a hole"
the uses the description of an actual logic puzzle
On the first Google page for "logic puzzles", over half of the results are not about q_a's definition
Are "What color is my hat" problems Logic or Math?
5:02 PM
Mar 28 at 19:39, by manshu
user image
literally the first result is exactly what I said, @ffao
Sure, if you get a sample of 1 you get 100%
Hardly statistically significant
That image scared me. :|
OK, you said the first page? I count two results that aren't what I described
What about liers and priests puzzles?
5:04 PM
but, again
that's what it's meant to do
we're talking about what exists in the real world here
racks of magazines in every bookstore titled "logic puzzles", filled with the thing I described
Wait, StackExchange isn't the real world? They lied to me!

I'm sorry you were told the real world was such a boring place
I promise you the actual real world has interesting things in it. Things besides math, and people being wrong about the proper use of language.
@question_asker The world is so full. How could I not have known the internet was the world?
5:06 PM
Wikipedia calls them "Logic Grid Puzzles"
I'm sad that bad education and social stigma make people think math is not interesting
and the general definition: A logic puzzle is a puzzle deriving from the mathematics field of deduction.
Math doesn't get interesting until university.
It's not either of those things that made me think math isn't interesting. it's math :(
Then it gets fascinating.
Pre-university math is incredibly interesting
5:07 PM
what an unbelievably presumptuous thing to say
You probably had bad teachers before uni
see above
Just look at all of the elementary math problems in olympiads out there
also, I think you're mistaking me finding it boring for me not getting it
my teachers did a fine job teaching it to me
I like math. But I don't know much math.
5:08 PM
and, you know, I do think there is genuinely interesting stuff in math (both high-level and low)
but I also observe a lot of people who only really know math and CS stuff, and they take their understanding of math (better-than-average as it is!) as an understanding of everything, which... unbeknownst to them, isn't the case.
(or math and physics, or math and chemistry, etc.)
the hard sciences are great. we'd be in a bad, bad way without them
ah yes, the theory that everything is determinable.
but dang, y'all. learn about literature or sociology or something.
Most teachers I see teach you how to mechanically solve problems, which is extremely boring... When I say bad, I don't mean bad at teaching the mechanics, but making it interesting
5:11 PM
That every problem can be reduced to a (YUGE!) set of equations.
learn that language isn't precise; learn that the universe does not operate on logic.
Physics lied to me too!

*Cries some more*
"how the universe operates" is a hard science
What isn't is mostly stuff about the human mind
5:13 PM
not in the way I was using it there
but even then: there aren't answers for a lot of things we can observe, in the hard sciences
@question_asker lied to me as well!!!

*Cries a lot more*
I can't trust anyone...
Don't trust you..
I love to lie to You
Hell, any programmer dealing with Date formats knows the universe isn't determinable.
*Picks up gun*
I quit.
5:14 PM
See, dates are a human invention
That's why they make no sense
Woah. Ant colony deleted.
Was that a mod? or OP?
Looks like she got tired of fighting about it in the comments - understandable.
Why is the question asker called OP?
Original poster
5:16 PM
You're not lying, are you?

@Khale_Kitha re: bounty - yours has a couple more days on it than my bounty on Hugh's puzzle does ...
And someone also claims that the puzzle was plagiarism
But I don't understand the provided wiki page without looking for more time that I have to agree/disagree.
Yeah, I just mean that it doesn't seem to increase the visibility.
There's been like 6 views since the bounty was put on the puzzle.
And half are me.
just keep making edits to it
change all the double spaces to <br />s
Yeah, I realized earlier...
and then change them back
5:18 PM
There's no reason that anyone's going to notice edits.
I never noticed the UPDATE on Hugh's personally.
"oh look, karen's still missing" people will say
"somebody should do something about it" they'll say
I kind of wish there was a "A puzzle that you have marked Favorite was edited" notification.
Or maybe "karen is probably already dead, why bother"
if you go to your favorites, they show up in yellow
@ffao See? you math people have no sense of mystery or wonder
Of course she's not dead. It's only been like 5 hours.
5:20 PM
What do you mean she's not dead? I killed her!
You did it!!
mystery solved
But...the kids...
@ffao That's kinda how I feel that people consider it, to be honest.
"I found out what happened to Karen... she was killed. And the murderer... the murderer was You."
5:21 PM
The answer wasn't figured out in the first 10 minutes - oh well - nevermind them.
the internet and texting has destroyed our patience
LoL, You. I'm about to vote that comment :P
I'm still laughing about KK's idea of mailing a letter that says "RU still there??"
I don't remember the context, but I remember what it meant.
I should have used a name that people like more, perhaps? Sorry, Karen.
Arbitrary name, FTL.
Donald Trump
people love that guy
5:24 PM
@question_asker I was going to assassinate him, but too many people love him.
Yah, real classy guy.
I mean..
Did anyone see the Vincent Fox video talking about the wall?
I just looked at a page on CNN about the candidates
5:25 PM
No idea who that is, sry.
Former President of Mexico.
and, in a stroke of Saying More Than You Meant To, CNN has a linked article (puff piece) called "Who Is John Kasich?"
He shouted on CNN "We're not paying for Trump's F**king WALL!"
@ChrisCudmore Please replace cursing with +-<>.,!
5:27 PM
Will that run?
@ChrisCudmore It will print out nothing. :P
I wonder how many puzzles that would ruin if I setup a greasemonkey script that auto-translated that stuff into text, as the page loads. Hahaha
But then - I'd need to get around to learning greasemonkey..
Inc Value, Dec Value, Inc pointer, Dec Pointer, get input.
So nothing useful.
Perhaps there's an extension on ze inter-webs?
@ChrisCudmore Zep!
5:29 PM
Yeah, maybe - but I care too little.
@Khale_Kitha Zeah, zo muny zings veovle zon't sare 'bout!
Vhy am I zalkin' like zis? Vleaze helv.
slaps You, hard
Sounds like it worked.
(I would of stared that if I hadn't voted so much.)
5:33 PM
haha, do stars use up votes?
No. I can't star anymore!
I stared too much. :P
Hahaha - I star so rarely, I didn't even know...
There's a star.
Sigh @ that Grid of Characters
I want to know the answer..
Oh, well.
5:37 PM
A bunch of puzzles I want to know the answer to but can't solve
Q: Retrieve a phrase by assembling the string puzzle

crybabaYou’ve never seen such a verdant shade of green as the leafy tops of the trees that now form a focal point up ahead, peaking over the high and solid concrete walls which surround Eden. The colour makes you uneasy, so you focus on the grey of the wall instead. Intellectually, you’re well aware tha...

I'm currently re-looking at tht one
I just want to know the answer for that.
I set this up, just now..
string[] pieces = phrase.Split('\n');

string completePhrase = string.Empty;

for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)
foreach (string piece in pieces)
completePhrase += piece[i];

completePhrase = completePhrase.Replace('O', '0');
completePhrase = completePhrase.Replace('I', '1');
completePhrase = completePhrase.Replace('_', ' ');
The result is:
0 01 11 000 100 0 10 101111110011100 11 101001001101 1 1000010000 001 0 0011 11101 0100110 1 1011001 01101 0100 00 01010111011b0f6893129a8ffe0b14edce4d98c0858
It comes to...
in base64
Which translates to
5:45 PM
Now put it in Wingdings and you'll have the answer.
38 8a fc e7 49 b8 40 8f a9 b6 5a 82 5d in hex
56 138 252 231 73 184 64 143 169 182 90 130 93 in decimal
Op mentioned number of rows is relevant somehow
Hey, the 8 thing could be a [REALLY REALLY REALLY BAD] password.
I don't think you should be joining them
5:47 PM
yeah, the 5th column is fully hex
I'm not sure inferrity is right
that hex string seems to turn into sPaJMSmo/+CxTtzk2YwIWA==
Which, would translate out of base64 into
So this doesn't feel like the direct direction.
Or slightly off angle.
Can we take it as binary with a hex CheckSum?
That's what I was trying to do
5:51 PM
The full thing in hex is
38 8a fc e7 49 b8 40 8f a9 b6 5a 82 bb b0 f6 89 31 29 a8 ff e0 b1 4e dc e4 d9 8c 08 58
Possibly - that's something I'm unfamiliar with
Just to finish my method, though
The full hex turned to base64, then to a string, is:
Naturally, a direct concatenation.
Also the clue: "Assembling the string"
If it matters, I actually made the Wingdings. :P
Makes me want to put these together, somehow.
Okay, so it's Mouse 10 Check Left Hand time ......
Long password...
Some more
absentee mention coming in:
@HughMeyers If this bounty runs out on this puzzle, I'm just going to set a new one until there's an answer posted by someone who isn't you.
I don't think the checksum idea works, we would have two equal strings with different checksums
5:57 PM
good point.
What's a checksum?
oh no @manshu is back
A simple example: I want to transmit 7 bits, but I have 8. I'll set the last (or first) to make the number of 1's in the string even.
oh no...again that boring human is here. Now everyone have to get out of this room. He is sooo smelly. He have never take bath
right q_A?
5:58 PM
That way the receiver can check if the data was transmitted properly.
They can be more complex, like in Credit cards or gov't ID numbers.
@manshu you're not a bot!!
It's a quick (but not conclusive) way of checking if a number is valid.
actually, you came at a good time. for once, we're not Etcing in there
@ChrisCudmore Ah, it makes sense now. :)

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