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3:00 PM
@DanPantry It's much worse on TNB, I even wrote a userscript to get rid of it
@DanPantry ^_^
@Quill v_v
I'm such a utility developer :')
"So I gotta make my own app as practice in swift... Time report app! :D"
"utility developer" sounds like a good way to call a developer a tool
(not that I am calling you a tool @Gemtastic)
ah, so when a guy from utilities comes about the gas...
Well, I want to intend that I'm a developer who likes to make utility tools
3:04 PM
The truth might scare you. You can take the blue pill and see a Range object with magical properties, or you can take the red pill, faceoff with COM and the "real" Excel object model, and see how deep the rabbit hole goes. I liked the blue pill. — Mat's Mug 6 secs ago
@Mat'sMug lol
I read that in Laurence Fishburne's voice
@Kaz Portable Data Format ;-)
Or Paid Developer Funding
Cus you'd probably charge more if you had the choice
aside from poisoning your coworkers and murdering the sales department, eating blue pills that make you see magic code will also get you into trouble with HR
> poisoning your coworkers
Honestly, I'll say it again. WTF workplace
"Can I 'theeoretically' poison my coworkers cus they steal my lunch?"
You could "theoretically" go to prison for it
3:07 PM
I'd totally do it, though, if my lunch kept getting stolen like that
Get a new job being @Pimgd's rubber duck.
Only if you like getting touchy-feely.
I rub my rubberducks.
only if you like getting in the bath with him
no man why would you put it in bath if it's not dirty
0/10 very disturbing
3:08 PM
Attention programmers: you are supposed to tell the duck your problems. Do not rub the rubber duck. It is not a lamp; there is no genie.
A: What is the best comment in source code you have ever encountered?

halcyhttp://code.google.com/p/xee/source/browse/XeePhotoshopLoader.m?r=f16763d221dfca6253983824b470adf553a19e06#108 // At this point, I'd like to take a moment to speak to you about the Adobe PSD // format. PSD is not a good format. PSD is not even a bad format. Calling it // such would be an insult ...

@EasterlyIrk you're missing some backstory here
@shog9 Is there a story behind this…?
@Bsilverstrim77 It's very tragic. Poor duck.
@Pimgd ...
It all started a long, long time ago, with some monkeys and a retail coder....
Feb 24 at 15:03, by Pimgd
too much fondling
somewhere around there
3:10 PM
@Hosch250 how did you let @Pimgd abuse his duck like that????
I wasn't there to knock him out.
In fact, he is on the other side of the pond.
@Pimgd I notice a later message...
Feb 24 at 15:07, by Vogel612
TIL a new handy SQL function select * from fn_my_permissions(null, 'DATABASE')
Tells me what permissions I have on a DB
@Phrancis It's all fine and dandy until you don't have permissions to do that :P
@Pimgd woah that escalated quickly
3:13 PM
@Mat'sMug more like it de-escalated after a minor bump
@DanPantry Well, I do ;p
Q: What happens if I poison the person stealing my food?

RyanfaeScotlandI must have the worst luck. Not only have I been feeling rather 'backed up' lately but someone at work has also been stealing my sandwiches and / or milk! I've tried discussing the milk theft with the manager of the team who are responsible as per this question here on milk theft however they se...

trouble with HR is just a minor issue after murdering the sales department
I like making inside jokes that rely on knowledge from a few hours ago
@DanPantry wuh-wait that's real???!!
"Dobby never meant to murder, only harm or.. seriously maim"
@Mat'sMug yep. HNQ, too.
3:15 PM
a shame it got closed
> Questions seeking advice on company-specific regulations, agreements, or policies
we need a "moralcompass.se" site
Q: Loop through excel spreadsheet using macro

LearningMacroI'm trying to loop through excel cells to get value from sql server table. I've written a macro that will take the jobnumber from the excel and query sql server tale to get customer details and dump it on the spreadsheet. So far I'm only able to get data for single cell. How can I loop through th...

there's been like 7 flags tonight
try nth
3:23 PM
someone just flagged this
@Quill well, he's clearly trolling. :^)
I was just making a passing comment @pimgd
and I'm working on flag-related code that will end up here, so...
check your programmers websocket if you're connected
the rooms's on a timeout, never seen that before
yeah, I saw that
My most complicated diagnostic is one that changes if(o is int) { var y = (int) o; } to var y = o as int?; if(y != null)
Turns out that is actually 3 times slower
no, +- 7 times
3:27 PM
incoming ohgodwhy (title, content)
@CaptainObvious Nearly a good question, but currently Off-Topic as asking about extra functionality.
well, in about a minute or two
Q: How can I make my code shorter, easy to read and much more simpler than it is now

NoviceAm trying to create a minesweeper game, I have the following code which has to many nested ifs, I want to change the code to take out the nested ifs and make it better to read. But I am stuck on how to change the nested ifs. Any help would be great. thanks /*method to check cells around a ce...

Q: Matrix Diagonal Difference

JonathanRProblem Given a square matrix of size N×N, calculate the absolute difference between the sums of its diagonals. Input Format The first line contains a single integer, N. The next N lines denote the matrix's rows, with each line containing N space-separated integers describing the columns. Out...

@CaptainObvious this one
Welcome to Code Review! Please edit your title to tell us what your code is doing - every single question on this site could have this title, make yours distinctive. — Mat's Mug ♦ 29 secs ago
3:32 PM
@EasterlyIrk No, I do no have cats.
I do, however, have Taco Bell now.
You mention [a] small example program with a loop in a loop in a loop which is very inefficient to begin with. What specifically are you trying to do? Can you post the code and some sample data with expected results so that we might suggest alternatives? Or perhaps head on over to CodeReview to have your code improved on for efficiency? As for your very general question about which solution to go with, it's hard to say without more information. Generally speaking though, VB.Net will still be quicker, but we can probably make your code or formulas much more efficient — tigeravatar 17 secs ago
@EBrown this needs a cat/taco-bell pun but I'm lacking
does taco bell even exist in Europe
We have cheeky nandos instead and bants with the lads
3:36 PM
@Pimgd Gato Bell
@DanPantry That is literally the second most British sentence I have ever read.
@EBrown It was really unbearable to write
I think I need to go wash my mouth.. fingers.. whatever.. out
@DanPantry The most British one I ever read was: "I thought my flatmates were eating crisps in the loo."
@EBrown lol
@DanPantry we have nandos here. they make good chicken
@EBrown ... but they ran out of bogroll
3:38 PM
@EBrown Try this
@Pimgd That's what the crisp packet is for
@DanPantry shouldn't that be bloody unbearable to write?
@Mat'sMug What do you think I am, a sailor? :p
an americanized brit, apparently
If you say "Space Ghetto" in an american accent it sounds like "Spice Girl" in a Scottish accent.
3:39 PM
Just an FYI.
Why would anyone star that? Lol
because random thoughts deserve random stars
I saw it on Twitter yesterday.
You stole the quote? Retract the stars boys, he's a fraud /s
@EBrown I think there's a typo in there
"... if girl spawn will help him ... " should probably be "... if the girl spawn will help him ... " but I'm not sure
also interpreting as modern english it becomes creepy; the last message being "I will turn you into a dead pig so you can eat yourself"
3:44 PM
@Pimgd Eh, I read it as it was intended
> facebook
but maybe I'm not modern enough
@Quill Oh yeah, you're at work.
it's 1am here
no he's not
He's in this chatroom
3:45 PM
it's just facebook
> Some ask me what is my resoin for liveing
@CaptainObvious Hey I was just working on that challenge last week (in JavaScript though)
@Pimgd I have like five chatrooms open at work
I should get a monitor solely for chatrooms
@Quill A second monitor.
3:46 PM
So funny.
@EBrown hmm, maybe I should get a third monitor for work, then
Well, iMac: 1; Elliott 0.
linking old messages go
Feb 19 at 14:49, by Pimgd
The real problem with the 2nd monitor is that it's more interesting than the 1st monitor
It autocorrected "punny" to "funny."
Don't get a 2nd monitor just for chat or that will happen
3:46 PM
@Quill I had five at my last job.
@EBrown ET: 2
@Mat'sMug >.>
you will stare at it all day and not do any work, like I am doing right no-
@Quill My second monitor is literally just The 2nd Monitor all the time.
@EBrown I don't know I'd use 5, but that still sounds awesome
3:47 PM
@Pimgd Hopefully your boss doesn't see this.
You can't have too many monitors.
@Quill I actually needed more.
="/* " & E114 & " */ exec usp_GenerateSupplyOrderRequestXml_3_0 @SupplyOrderId = " & B114 & ";"
You can run out of desk space to place them and out of ports to connect them, but afar from that, you never have too many.
Kept running out of places to put my windows.
3:47 PM
That, kids, is how you should not write SQL
> kids
@Phrancis That's some nasty string formatting
> over them to stere them in the right
I can't even...
@EBrown can you odd?
@DanPantry I can barely number.
3:49 PM
console.log("Pizza", event);
if (!event.hasOwnProperty('content')){
    console.log("Burger", event);
    return false;
Side note... Excel is not a database. Just sayin'. — Mat's Mug 7 secs ago
@Mat'sMug But it can be used as one.
@Mat'sMug Sheets contain data I base my assumptions on. Data based.
Excel ain't a database, but my database excels
3:50 PM
at basically data?
walks away slowly
@Quill That was bad and you should feel bad
@Mast That's a really good one.
I finally got myself one of those modern phones. Now I can Excel everywhere.
you guys ought to pun more I can't keep up
3:51 PM
What if I make a database of excel files that contain the names of the databases
I have Excel on my phone too.
Having Excel on your phone is a great way to impress the ladies
I wonder if @Zak has tried mobile Excel and how often he made it crash.
@Quill @JeroenVannevel can you confirm?
I used to work for a company that used Excel like one would use Access, and it was beautiful.
3:52 PM
@Quill My lady wasn't impressed.
@EBrown Basically, "not at all"?
I don't need an app to excel
@EBrown With utter misery?
@Pimgd @Phrancis No, actually with a lot of data. We literally stored all our data in Excel. It was a shared spreadsheet with absolutely NO VBA.
It's not even Friday.
3:53 PM
It was the best thing ever.
I was so pleased.
The sarcasm is strong in this one.
No sarcasm, I honestly enjoyed it.
It was also a network shared workbook.
Which made it all the better.
So, @Mat'sMug, what got you interested in VBA in the first place, which app is the bane of your existence?
It was like 185MB or something.
@JeroenVannevel you're so smooth, I bet the ladies slip out right between your fingers
just like butter
3:54 PM
@JeroenVannevel I just read an article about horrible Tinder stories.
isn't that like all of buzzfeed these days
Buzzfeed? Lol, what a joke.
@Mat'sMug Did you destroy the repo?
There's no buzz on my feed.
3:56 PM
@Mast my first office job required lots of redundant Excel work. when I "discovered" I could bring up an IDE and automate my world, I did it.
@Mat'sMug My past 18 months, in a nutshell.
> ContextSwitchDeadlock occurred
Message: Managed Debugging Assistant 'ContextSwitchDeadlock' has detected a problem in 'C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\root\Office16\EXCEL.EXE'.
Additional information: The CLR has been unable to transition from COM context 0xfc79c8 to COM context 0xfc7910 for 60 seconds. The thread that owns the destination context/apartment is most likely either doing a non pumping wait or processing a very long running operation without pumping Windows messages. This situation generally has a negative performance impact and may even lead to the application becomi
@Mat'sMug Excellent choice.
@Mat'sMug Oh god, you're using an STA?
VBA is frakkin' STA
3:57 PM
How do you get anything done?
I don't. it deadlocks.
that's kind of a showstopper.
Wow, I just worked out why a HTTP call was being called twice and breaking everything
@Mast the whole entire COM is the bane of my existence right now
Someone made an instance of the controller within the constructor of the same controller
@DanPantry C# ftw.
3:59 PM
why would you need to make a new instance of the controller
@EBrown JavaScript, actually
@DanPantry someone has to control the controller
@DanPantry OMG even better.
@Quill because they wanted to re-use one method on that controller and were too lazy to make a new controller
I should honestly get something done today.
4:00 PM
For some values of something
@DanPantry that's a good sign your hiring standards were too low
I think I'm going to go get some laundry started.
Then start on my chatbot.
Yeah, that seems like a plan.
Q: A console-based bingo game in Java

Claystorhttps://github.com/qbolt/Bingo I created this for a class assignment and I wanted to do it in an object-oriented way. I haven't really shown anyone my code before and none of my teachers thus far have ever given any feedback. I'm just looking for any criticism I can get. I did my best to use git...

4:04 PM
oh boy
The appropriate place for improving code that already works is codereview.stackexchange.com. — Mark Thomas 20 secs ago
Hey @RubberDuck.
hey there @RubberDuck
@Quill Hola!
You too @EBrown!
@RubberDuck I was just about to say, "Oh, I see. Say hi to everyone else but not to me. :P"
4:08 PM
I saw someone linked my all time favorite review earlier @DanPantry.
What one is that?
Also, you're a C# guy, can you look this over for me?
200's "for every right decision you took a bad one as well"
Ah, that is a good one.
Gah, I'm going to actually go get laundry started now.
oh @Geobits and @Minibits will do it for you, but if you send it to them you may not get it back.
@EBrown blog post? too much code IMO
4:11 PM
I'd reduce the two gigantic code blocks to a minimum
@EBrown if you're gonna do massive code blocks, you can use the brace-on-the-same-line instead to save space :)
"real-life examples" love cars and animals
@Mat'sMug I don't have any real-life examples for either of those.
4:13 PM
@Mat'sMug ;)
@EBrown nobody will know it's not "actual" real-life.
unless you tell 'em
I really don't think you need 20 expression-bodied members to get your point across.
Brace for impact, Outlook...
4:15 PM
not enough SNAP
I wish I knew what made it fail, it happens 1-3 times a day it seems
Alright, trimmed even more out.
@Mat'sMug do you have any trick for this? To show/log any kind of error message?
1 message moved from VBA Rubberducking
Steps to Reproduce:

Create an instance of a SyntaxGenerator
Call generator.DefaultSwitchSection(statements)
Enjoy the crash
4:17 PM
@EBrown I'm probably the wrong guy to ask. I don't care for expression bodied members much. They're cool for a second, then you realize they have problems of their own.
@Phrancis I KNOW! Write an error handler that logs runtime errors to a new email, and sends it to ... oh wait
@Mat'sMug I'd be perfectly happy writing it to a text file ;0
@RubberDuck +42
I use 'em, but I use braces by default.
4:19 PM
@Quill Much good suggestion.
@Mat'sMug I actually have a lot of code here that tries to log exceptions to a database, and the logger tries to log it's own failures to the database...
> Network's down... StackOverflow
Write an error handler that automatically creates an SO question with the error details.
@EBrown no. make one that searches for the exception message on SO
4:21 PM
@Mat'sMug That's not what I said. ;)
@Mat'sMug you can tell who's the moderator here ;)
Q: Custom Contains() function

Blue Eyed BehemothI have the following function and I was wondering if anyone could come up with something more efficient. It just has to split both the content and the search string and determine how many words are required to be matched before being true. For example, "A dog can run.".ContainsV2("Red Dog Run...

Q: Emulating constructor overloading in Typescript

CarcigenicateI'm writing a Matrix class, and I want to be able to construct a Matrix in two ways: Supply a 2D array that the Matrix can use internally Supply the dimensions of the Matrix, and the value to fill each cell with. In most languages, the obvious solution would be to overload the constructor, ha...

@Mat'sMug Oh! If it doesn't find the exception string, then it creates a question.
@EBrown Second best.
(You can tell I'm feeling contrary today.)
@Mat'sMug @RubberDuck @Hosch250 Is this better?
4:23 PM
@EBrown much, yes, but I'd kill the horizontal scolling
@EBrown Yeah. The big code blocks just take up one full screen now.
@Mat'sMug Killed as much as I could.
@Phrancis Helpful.
Killed some more vertical spacing.
@Mat'sMug Doesn't scroll horizontally for me.
4:26 PM
I need an IoT integration that starts my popcorn maker when a chat flag comes in.
^ and ^^
@Mast the one with the => thingies all over the place does for me haha
That's very technical of you, @Mat'sMug.
s/=> thingies/EBM's
4:28 PM
oh come on, there's gotta be a shorter way of saying "expression-bodied member"
Lambda symbol.
I wasn't talking about the lambda
in The Whiteboard, 1 min ago, by Kit Z. Fox
But that's part of why I'm making the mockup. It's a delay tactic.
Oh dear god.
I have no idea what's going on anymore.
There is no short version afaik
4:30 PM
so that's it, they're EBM's.
Electronic Bowel Movements?
Extremely ballistic missiles?
What are you talking about @Mat'sMug
2 mins ago, by Mat's Mug
oh come on, there's gotta be a shorter way of saying "expression-bodied member"
I'm talking about the pain of typing
> the pain of typing
Coming from a PROGRAMMER.
4:31 PM
I know, I'm just making you type more of it
That should be "Ugh."
Any static readonly fields should be simple constants.
4:32 PM
it irks me
@EBrown calm down, you sound like an angry T-SQL stored procedure
but I haven't quite thought about why
What about it irks you?
Jeroen's right. static readonly fields shouldn't be consts for the heck of it - yet that's how it reads
@JeroenVannevel Is it perhaps the use of the term "constant?"
4:33 PM
well first of all: static readonly is not a constant
it's a static readonly
you can re-assign it from other constructors meaning it's not a constant
It can be assigned in the constructor with a generated value passed in.
Oh no wait
I'm bs'ing
you can only assign to it in a static constructor which is still evaluated only once
But, it can have a generated value passed into the ctor.
I've updated the language for that part a bit.
For example, I could assign a static readonly int with a pseudorandomly generated value in the ctor and it couldn't be converted to a const.
4:37 PM
In a way it is still constant
Yes, it is, but it can't use the const keyword.
Basically, it is a constant that can take any value rather than a value that is known pre-compile.
you tweaked Roslyn to compile static context assignments from non-static context?
@JeroenVannevel That's what I meant to imply. Once the value is set, it cannot change.
    class Test
        private static readonly string foo; // note: static

        public Test()
            foo = "bar"; // illegal. ctor isn't static
the constructor must be static as well for it to work
I feel so useless today.
I woke up at 0900, it's 1244, and the only thing I've done is go to Taco Bell.
And clean up some of this post.
4:45 PM
but you had fun with us. that's never unproductive :)
That's actually a very good example of being unproductive...lol
I wonder what new movies are out.
Perhaps I'll make this day even more useless and watch a movie.
lol, I just saw an email in my "ithelpdesk" inbox, about printer problems, signed "the dinosaur"
I'm so happy 99% of these emails aren't for me
None of these movies look any good.
4:52 PM
hello wonderful people and @JeroenVannevel, I am home
flagged for bullying
@JeroenVannevel Second
Went to the basement, and got my basket of laundry that I forgot about for the last two months. (It's been done this whole time.)
4:54 PM
Flagging my comment doesn't count
@EBrown wow
I've been missing half my clothes for like two months.
And I saw that @Mat'sMug.
can we get the conversation back to something remotely related to CR or programming?
I'm going to get started on my chatbot when I get my other clothes in the laundry.
SE chat?
4:57 PM
Starting with either SE or IRC, not sure yet.
tool or toy?
D. All of the above.
@Mat'sMug needs more cowbell?
I need to figure out how to use submodules in Visual Studio's Git extensions though.

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