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1:55 AM
@AnkitSharma, @Mr.Alien recently my last answer was deleted citing reason "not an answer"; so I thought of resolving it amicably. Accordig to @KeshavSrinivasan my below answer doesn't answer the actual Q. I want to know which specific part of Q (because I could find mapping to every part of Q, including what's mentioned in comment below deleted answer)
2:17 AM
@iammilind Answers are supposed to answer the actual question asked. And the question asked was about whether Hinduism is compatible with communism or not. Your answer is spent discussing the nature of the caste system. The OP clarified that his question wasn't about the caste system.
@iammilind Like I said, if you want to edit your answer so that it actually answers the question asked, then I'd be glad to reopen it.
3:19 AM
@KeshavSrinivasan. If you want to be pedantic, then let's be it. First of all: Nowhere in Q the OP asks about "compatibility of Hinduism". The last statement asks " does the religion work with communism."
Nevertheless I am answering both of them. What you intend to know and what OP asks in my last paragraph
"If atheism is removed from "communism", the religion might work with it. But "divisions" will always exist irrespective of religion (e.g. "Hinduism") or social structure (e.g. "communism")."
@iammilind You just give one sentence addressing the actual question asked. The rest of your answer doesn't address what the OP is asking.
Secondly if you read the OP properly then it does want to clarify. I am pasting it again.
"I'm not asking about the why of the caste system, although that may provide context."
In this Q the context is necessary because people misunderstand castes with divisions.
So I don't feel any valid reason to delete. Now you are also changing your statement. Earlier you said "not answering". Now you say "only 1 statement". I can't ask you everytone, if you like my answer or not. Anyways, I want to hear from other moderators. If they agree to your opinion then. We will not argue further in chat.
@iammilind Well, I disagree with you about the caste system, but my opinion is irrelevant. The point is, if you want to discuss the caste system in passing, while devoting the bulk of your answer to a discussion of Hinduism's view of communism, that would be absolutely fine. But as it stands your answer is doing the opposite; it just makes a casual remark at the end which even attempts to answer what the OP asked. The rest of it is just spent on the caste system.
OP didn't ask about Hinduism & Communism. Read the title again plz.
@iammilind The OP said don't get hung up on the title: "@PratikBhat no its not thats about the origins, purpose, and history of the caste system. My question is clearly about whether Hinduism and the social aspects of Marxism could co-exist. Don't get hung up on the title."
3:30 AM
Yes so I am not hanging up either. Even in Q it don't ask. Just a clarification in form of comment so similarly the last para in answer. I have quoted all the Q in original post as well.
@iammilind I think the title should be edited to reflect the OP's intent, but in any case your answer as it stands is irrelevant to what the OP is trying to find out. In any case, if you edit your answer I'm happy to undelete it.
@KeshavSrinivasan to me it seems that your personal disagreement with my answer which is not relevant, led you to delete it.
I dont find any scope of further editing. Whatever you pointed, is already clarified above. You can't decide the length in which I have to describe somethings.
@iammilind No, it's not a matter of disagreement, there are lots of anti-caste system answers posted on the site on a regular basis, including by you, and I don't delete them. This situation is different.
@iammilind When most of an answer is not actually an answer to what the OP is asking, and just a sentence or two actually answers the question, that's a clear case at least in my mind of an answer that doesn't meet the standards of the site.
@iammilind In any case, you're free to tell the OP your views about the caste system in the comment section. But if you may want to post an answer then the answer should be about whether communism is allowed under Hinduism (although of course in that answer you can mention the nature of the caste system in passing).
4:34 AM
@KeshavSrinivasan, it seems that the flag I posted to undelete the answer is declined. Has it been reviewed by other moderators already? Would you mind, if I post this Q in the meta, to get more opinions from other users? That won't be demeaning in anyway. Just to have neutral view
4:53 AM
@AnkitSharma, have you already reviewed the declined flag of my answer:
I have done all the due processes mentioned in following meta post to get my answer undeleted and also gave explanation to Keshav on why my answer is proper. But it's not working out.
Q: How to appeal to undelete an answer deleted by moderator?

user121196How can someone make an appeal to un-delete an answer that was deleted by a moderator? There should at least be an appeal/vote process, if the deletion was unfair. Moderators are humans like rest of us, and they can be unjust.

Hence, I was wondering if other moderators also agree with the opinion of Keshav. Do you feel that we should get more opinions in meta. Because, I certainly feel that the answer is proper and following guidelines of the hinduism.SE
5:14 AM
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5:40 AM
@AnkitSharma, so what's your view. Do you agree or disagree with the deletion?
6:04 AM
@iammilind I don't have any context of your post, bit stuck in office.
6:55 AM
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8:02 AM
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10:28 AM
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12:51 PM
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2:25 PM
@AnkitSharma. Now you can have context of the answer & there is also a meta post on it. Hopefully you might be free to look through it. What's your opinion?
1 hour later…
3:53 PM
@iammilind To be frank, i am having same opinion as keshav
4:13 PM
@AnkitSharma, ok in that case I won't argue further as 2 out of the 3 moderators are agreeing for deletion.
Deletion is not permanent either and i think that answer can still work with the suggested improvement of keshav's.
2 hours later…
5:52 PM
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8:41 PM
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