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12:57 AM
Where is everybody today?
1:21 AM
@HodofHod Was traveling.
1:34 AM
@IsaacMoses oh, well I hope you had a safe and pleasant journey =)
1:48 AM
@HodofHod Thank you; yes and yes.
@IsaacMoses I'm curious if youve ever heard anything about wearing earmuffs in rh"r on shabbos?
2:26 AM
@HodofHod I've heard about a gezeira against gloves there and then.
@IsaacMoses i've heard about gloves, which is the reason i ask about earmuffs, as i group those items of clothing together. I think i'll ask a question about it.
(slowly catching up on recent site activity) I see that gloves came up recently
@IsaacMoses yeah, that was another PSQ of mine
@HodofHod Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire?
@HodofHod Parti Socialiste du Québec?
@HodofHod Philadelphia Seaplane Base?
@HodofHod Prohibited Species Quota?
@IsaacMoses sorry, i made this acronym up, and ive used it a couple times here. PSQ = public service question.
2:34 AM
@HodofHod Thanks, on behalf of the chatroom, for stopping me before I filled up a page with guesses.
@IsaacMoses a question I either know the answer to, or know enough about that I'm not that interested for myself, but feel would be a good resource for people. synonym - a seeded question
@HodofHod Well asked. It's not at all obvious that this is the case.
@IsaacMoses That what is the case?
That I know the answer?
@HodofHod Right
@HodofHod is earmuffs the topic?
EDIT: are earnmuffs
2:39 AM
@HachamGabriel Most of the time, including now, there's no set topic in here. Anyone can discuss whatever they want.
@IsaacMoses I try to phrase it in as basic a way as possible. In this case, I knew the arguments for and against gloves, though I didn't know who held what. So I did gain some interesting knowledge from this.
@HodofHod Ah, so it wasn't even totally a seeded question.
@IsaacMoses No, it wasn't.
@IsaacMoses As I understand it, though, seeded questions arent bad, especially on a beta.
... which you did, I'm saying
@IsaacMoses ahh, i see. I seem to recall reading something similar on meta.so recently
@IsaacMoses wait, what??
how is that PSQ?
2:48 AM
@HodofHod gcmap.com/airport/PSQ What, you've never flown a seaplane into Philly before?
Sometimes people edit questions but don't really know how to properly do so, shouldn't there be a way to "send a message" to the person either asking them to edit their question or at least asking exactly what they mean?
@HachamGabriel Other than a comment?
@IsaacMoses a comment would be okay just I don't see it happening
@HachamGabriel Bemakom she-ain ish...
@IsaacMoses (beli neder) haha will do
2:52 AM
@IsaacMoses Of course I have! I just forgot..... =)
@HachamGabriel Yeyasher kochacha in advance.
@IsaacMoses you may be one of the only people in the world who pronounces those words correctly :)
@HachamGabriel :) I try.
Looks like a lot of interesting stuff went up while I was away. I look forward to reading more of it. For now, though I need to do some real world stuff.
Good night, @HodofHod and @HachamGabriel
@HachamGabriel @IsaacMoses Is that phrase at all related to "shkoyach"?
@IsaacMoses good night
@HodofHod it got turned into shkoyach
2:58 AM
@HodofHod Yeah, the latter is the illegitimate child of the former
@IsaacMoses @HachamGabriel, I know, I know =) Just joking
@HodofHod appreciated
3:49 AM
Q: Why do tags show the vote count for answers only but the tag count for both Q's and A's?

HodofHodWhen you view your tags on your user page, each tag has a number to the left - that's the total number of votes for all the answers you've given in that tag. To the right is another number - that's the total number of questions and answers you've submitted for that tag. Why the inconsistency? I ...

3 hours later…
7:02 AM
Strange. I just got two notifications from different people from comments on two different posts. I was not pinged in either of them, and it wasn't my post. I had commented on both posts earlier, though. Thats weird. Is SE changing the way notifications work?
9 hours later…
4:20 PM
Q: Shabbat songs that rhyme only with Hashem's real name

morah hochmanMany songs we sing and the Shabbat table we use the word Hashem instead of Hashem's really name even though the song was written in rhyme or the tune clearly calls for the word Ado-ni as the clear word that rhymes. For example Tzur Mishelo. Where does this custom come from and why?

@msh210 doesn't seem to me to be a duplicate. It's asking "why replace the name, and where does the custom come from" whereas the older question
Q: Pronouncing Hashem's name in a song

Michael SandlerSome people are very careful to say Hashem or Elokim when singing a song with one of G-d's names in it so as not to use His name in vain (related question), but I have also been told this is unnecessary since these songs are equivalent to prayer. If you shouldn't pronounce them, why did the aut...

@msh210 is, rather, is asking (1) assuming one should replace the name, why was the song written with the name, and (2) assuming one shouldn't replace the name, can one repeat words. What do y'all think?
@msh210 I agree.
1 hour later…
5:56 PM
It is a poll, though in Meta we seem to be OK with them.
Q: Where did you find judaism.SE?

Shmuel BrillSimilar to What Jewish print periodicals do you read?. How did you find out about Judaism.SE (friends/google/ads)? Please write one source per answer. (If ads, please write the ad's location). Upvotes signify that you also came through that source. Please do not upvote for other reasons.

6:11 PM
@ShmuelBrill Yes; Meta's different.
@ShmuelBrill Thanks, BTW. This could yield interesting results.
6:28 PM
What does the "favorite" star do?
@ShmuelBrill Puts the question on your Favorites list, accessed through your account page, illuminates a pretty star on the question for all to see or increments the counter thereon, and contributes to the author earning two badges. (As far as I know; there may be other effects.)
@ShmuelBrill Can you see other users' (e.g. my) Favorites lists?
@IsaacMoses yes
@IsaacMoses mods aren't allowed regular (sock-puppet) accounts?
@ShmuelBrill :) I actually just verified using Private Mode on my browser to be a non-user. I suppose I could create a test account, but I've never had sufficient reason to. I think anyone is entitled to create a sock puppet if they want, as long as they don't abuse it by, e.g., voting their own stuff up. (Which would probably be detected by the vote fraud detection algorithms.)
6:43 PM
@IsaacMoses is the stackJudaism twitter account automated, or is it run by one of the mods?
@HodofHod Fully automated.
@IsaacMoses Interesting. I wonder what algorithm decides what wuestions and answers get tweeted.
@IsaacMoses What about the mi_yodeya one?
@HodofHod FWIW, I set up twitter.com/mi_yodeya a long time ago and set it to automatically tweet links to new questions. It has been a long time since I've logged into it myself to post a manual tweet, but I did from time to time in the past.
@HodofHod Dunno. I haven't paid much attention to it. It's got 8 followers, so I assume it doesn't have much influence.
3 hours later…
9:16 PM
How has this guy not found himself over here yet?
9:34 PM
@IsaacMoses A moderator who hasnt shown up in 13 months?? Shameful!
@HodofHod Yisrael, af 'al pi shechata, Yisrael hu.
@IsaacMoses. Takeh, takeh. :)
10:07 PM
@IsaacMoses his website is down also.
although he shows up stackoverflow.com/users/72453/sruly more often
@IsaacMoses can you super-ping him here? :)
@ShmuelBrill Could, but won't.
1 hour later…
11:18 PM
@IsaacMoses Typing 'sru' in the 'spoken by' box at chat.stackexchange.com/search brings up suggestions, but not him, so if he's chatted on chat.se then it hasn't been under the name 'Sruly'. (Unless not everyone shows up as a suggestion?) I wouldn't know how to superping him, then. Is there a way?
@msh210 Mods can superping any user on any site, I think, by doing `@@USERID_AT_THAT_SITE@SITENAME.StackExhange.com
@IsaacMoses Ah, good to know.
But again, I wouldn't use such an aggressive measure in this case.
Testing @isaacmoses
I assume that that pinged you?
(I used @@ 705@cooking...)
@msh210 Yes, although the fact that it resolved to the username I'm using right now, in here, could have made that work through other means.
11:27 PM
@IsaacMoses P'raps so. I don't know how else to test it (without going to cooking.se, changing my username... not worth the bother).
@msh210 Anyway, I'm pretty sure that's how it works.
@IsaacMoses Okay, thanks.
@msh210 Good night.
@IsaacMoses And to you.

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