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2:28 AM
Who wants to help me do some post-PTIJ anti-fun data analysis? (I'm of course talking to you, @IsaacMoses)
3:12 AM
@Yez if you get help there is one analysis that I would find very interesting. It would be to assess number of "average votes per question" for each user asking questions (anonymously is fine) and sort those by number of questions asked. I have a feeling that the more one asks, the less funny one is. If true it might support an informal limit on questions asked so everyone self-filters the best questions
@mbloch That's one of the data-points I had in mind. User ID #'s would be anonymous for anyone who isn't trying to snoop.
@mbloch I basically want 4 points of data, some of which overlap. # of q's with net score less than or equal to 0, number of q's with net score less than or equal to 0 sorted by user, total number of q's sorted by user, average score/q sorted by user. I'm open to any other suggestions.
3:35 AM
@Yez note that, per our policy, some PTIJ questions have been deleted. A 10k user can see them but I don't know how that would work with SEDE.
2 hours later…
5:15 AM
@mbloch data.stackexchange.com/judaism/query/460514 (only Main (not Meta), and (I think) only non-deleted questions). And here it is without user IDs, which might be better for visualizing the data. cc @Yez
3 hours later…
7:53 AM
@msh210 Kol Hakavod and thanks for the analysis. Everyone might read in there what he wants. I see a few learnings from the perspective of someone that wishes there would be a limit (e.g., 7) to how many questions one should post per season

# asking more than 7 questions produces low overall quality (but sample is small)
# the top 6 users by average score all asked 2 questions or less
# if one goes in the detail of the questions asked by the top posters (by nr of questions), one sees some very good quality (high scores) and lots of low quality
8 hours later…
4:08 PM
@mbloch This isn't different from non-PTIJ times. People who think about their questions, take time to write them up well, etc. ask better questions. People who just write down the one sentence that popped in their head without thinking much about it or looking into it tend to ask poor quesitons.
3 hours later…
7:21 PM
@DoubleAA I think the trend you described is encouraged by the PTIJ season which is by definition much more lax and open than usual. As a consequence, many low-quality questions stay open and clog MY (in my view). I am wondering if we shouldn't try some self-imposed limit - think it was proposed by someone in meta and am sure will be discussed again next year
@mbloch That "someone" was @Yez, who restarted this discussion now.
Q: Maximum limits on PTIJ questions per user

Y ezIn another post, suggestions for improving the quality of PTIJ material were discussed. In the highest voted answer there, one suggestion was to impose a limit of how many PTIJ questions each user may post in one PTIJ season. The post also included another detail, which was included in at least ...

@Scimonster thanks for this - I think the data msh210 generated is quite helpful to propose a smaller limit than one a day. Let's see where this goes
@mbloch Oh wait, @DoubleAA suggested this last year as well.
A: A silly question doth not a Purim Torah post make

Double AATo help maintain PTIJ quality, perhaps the following should be implemented: A mod imposed limit of X (open undeleted) question-posts per person per season. (X=5?) Any question with a net negative score after Y hours is to be deleted by mods. (Y=12?) This would encourage users to post their bes...

@Scimonster yes I remember now, I had upvoted it. I will respond to @Yez meta post as it is more directly focused on limits, looking forward to see what others think
7:44 PM
I would also recommend against just making up sources in order to have a question. That's not Purim Torah, just silliness.
Maybe i'll go put that on meta...
Q: Can my question be taken off Hold now?

Adam HeegI have a question that I believe is now clear. Can it be re-opened or can you explain what more I can do to make it fit the guidelines? Are there any specific laws and consequences for claiming to be God? Thank you,

"Questions that are just a forum for a bad pun should also be off-topic. These are not Purim-Torah - they are just silliness." (from A silly question doth not a Purim Torah post make) -- This is a good rule, which we probably should have been stricter about.
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9:02 PM
Does anyone know an event finder for dates on the Hebrew calendar? I'm picturing something with notable events, births, jahrzeits et c.
9:20 PM
People are down voting like crazy on this site.Whats up?Everyone having a bad day?JOKE
9:46 PM
@Eagel They have probably just seen lots of bad material posted.

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