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12:00 AM
RELOAD! There are 2010 unanswered questions (93.8528% answered)
2010. huh.
@SimonForsberg Duga became a room owner of a Gallery room. Trouble is, she doesn't seem to be posting there. Can she post in gallery rooms?
If you have working code, but are looking for style/design feedback, Code Review Stack Exchange may be the place for you. — Jeremy Banks 34 secs ago
12:30 AM
@Duga that's less than yesterday
Q: Pong game C++,SFML

Lunathis is my second SFML game, it's PONG, please tell me what you think, any reviews and/or tips will be deeply appreciated =) #include <iostream> #include <SFML/Graphics.hpp> int player1score = 0; int player2score = 0; bool intersects(sf::CircleShape& c1, sf::RectangleShape& rect2){ sf::FloatR...

12:47 AM
@DugaBot Yo Duga, I heard you like commits... so we'll commit to commits so you can commit while you commit commits.
If I get this merged into Roslyn, I'll make a my first tweet that isn't about RD in about a year, maybe more.
Q: DFS, BFS and A* search 8puzzle

apz2000I implented the DFS, BFS and A* search but couldn't make A* work, also if there are improvements they are welcomed. #!/usr/bin/python # coding=utf-8 # Para poder poner acentos en comentarios # Alberto Penhos # A01018426 # # Se hizo con listas, ahí se guardan los valores en el siguiente formato: ...

1:04 AM
@CaptainObvious Wow, looks like that could really use some CR love
1 hour later…
2:09 AM
Q: Hackerrank: [Algo] Matrix Rotation

TonyYou are given a 2D matrix, a, of dimension \$M\$x\$N\$ and a positive integer \$R\$. You have to rotate the matrix \$R\$ times and print the resultant matrix. Rotation should be in anti-clockwise direction. Rotation of a 4x5 matrix is represented by the following figure. Note that in one rotatio...

No problem :) Also: to get useful remarks on your code, you can ask on codereviewLukas Kalbertodt 21 secs ago
@CaptainObvious this is actually a maths problem...
2:47 AM
Darn you, you stupid non-short-circuiting Or!
And that killed at least two bugs.
Shouldn't this be moved to Code Review? — MCMastery 51 secs ago
@Hosch250 OrElse ;-)
Yup, I know.
I have graduated to the psychopathic maintainer level.
2:55 AM
I'm just about ready to hunt that guy down.
btw, any idea why the general settings / hotkey grid doesn't want to be in a scrollviewer?
I just don't get it
it's even prettier at runtime
Set the design width.
and the best part, if I click on one of the items...
the columns' widths animate and the checkbox columns swiftly move out of the screen
@Mat'sMug That looks awful.
2:59 AM
HorizontalAlignment="Stretch" seems to fix it
and... that was dumb. very very dumb
I'm an idiot
@Mat'sMug Does VB.NET have anything like C#'s using Static for enums?
wait, what's using static?
I think this should be migrated to CodeReview — Oriol just now
using static System.IO.FileMode;
Then, you can just use the FileMode members like Append instead of FileMode.Append.
TIL using static is a thing
if VB.NET is backward-compatible on that, all enums are using static by default
FWIW I think it's an awful idea
3:14 AM
I've not seen any indication of that.
oh it's C# 6
woot woot
yes. Key2 is hidden for now
because 2-step hotkeys require the LL keyhook, which is still disabled
but hotkeys can be enabled
and, they seem to work :)
3:18 AM
After this bug, I just have to adjust the C# tests and write the VB.NET tests.
Then, I have to get ahold of the Roslyn team to discuss the merge conflicts between Master and my branch. I was told to work in Stabilization so I could PR to Master and potentially Stabilization as well.
is VSD making a warning to the effect of "'using static' makes it harder to determine where an enum value belongs, and easier to run into naming clashes."?
No. You can make an issue if you want, though.
We are desperately behind in VSD.
I would suggest you avoid merge conflicts with Roslyn
That is my goal. That is why I need to contact them.
Besides, they told me to not bring Master into my branch because they might want me to PR to Stabilization too, and they don't want Master in Stabilization.
confirmed: RD hotkeys work. now I just need to make them actually do something
3:23 AM
Question: do they work on my machine?
Last time, they crashed Excel.
they should
the LL keyhook did
in VBA Rubberducking, 9 secs ago, by Duga
[retailcoder/Rubberduck] retailcoder pushed commit adc902c0 to next: closes #1257. Hotkeys are working ready to activate their corresponding action
3:39 AM
GUIs are fun aren't they? :)
"fun" yeah
4:01 AM
actually, it's just another problem to solve. see, the next thing here is that I have an event handler called hooks_MessageReceived that needs to fire up an ICommand, depending on which key was pressed.
What's the best strategy here?
> strategy
lol strategy what's that
I'll explicitly map each key to an Action<ICommand> and call it a day
Sounds reasonable
Q: Iterating through a 2D array in C# crashes once it passes the variable from which the method is called

MandL27What I'm trying to do is create a piece of code that gets a value from adjacent (forward/backward on either axis) objects in a two-dimensional array. Tile u = findTile(tile.X, tile.Y - 1); Tile l = findTile(tile.X - 1, tile.Y); Tile d = findTile(tile.X, tile.Y + 1); Tile r = findTile(tile.X + 1,...

5:04 AM
Building Roslyn for hopefully the last time before I dive into the tests again.
Yeah, I know, I've not yet killed the last bug or tweaked the last performance gain out of it...
Good. Everything works, but the simplifier, for some reason, doesn't simplify.
Working on the tests tomorrow. Good night.
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6:23 AM
Q: How to properly insert streaming data into MySQL table

HumoyunI have written a script in python to insert tweets into MySQL table in streaming mode by retrieving them from twitter using their Streaming API. I have never done so before (writing streaming data into relational DB). My program is working but certainly in a wrong way. Because when I checked MySQ...

7:02 AM
Q: Fixed-length Stack in Java

Tamoghna ChowdhuryI implemented a fixed-length stack in Java for use in my fractal generator program, an RPN calculator and my esolang interpreter. This is a generic stack, and goes over and above the call of duty in places to supply my esolang interpreter with some essential methods (the initStack(),dumpStack() a...

7:56 AM
Please post this at codereview.stackexchange.com and you will get better answers, since that site is exclusively for this kind of questions and on SO they are off topic as working program enhancements. — Sami Kuhmonen 1 min ago
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: File read/write methods
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9:04 AM
One of the questions that almost got migrated to CR went HNQ on SO instead. Score: > 100
Q: Pythonic way to avoid "if x: return x" statements

BernardI have a method that calls 4 other methods in sequence to check for specific conditions, and returns immediately (not checking the following ones) whenever one returns something Truthy. def check_all_conditions(): x = check_size() if x: return x x = check_color() if x: ...

"Prefer Python", they said. "Perl is unreadable", they said. And then this happened: return next((check for check in checks if check), None). — jja 2 days ago
9:27 AM
@Hosch250 I don't see a reason for why she shouldn't been able to. If you aren't able to figure it out, make it a github issue and we'll see if I can look into it next week.
10:06 AM
This Question would actually belong the Code Review site... — Cindy Meister 7 secs ago
10:25 AM
@Duga UWYA.
@CindyMeister As it currently stands, this question wouldn't survive Code Review. It works for one case but not for another, violating the first question of CR: "Does your code work as intended?". What this question needs is some clean-up, not a migration. — Mast 22 secs ago
11:06 AM
I didn't know English Language & Usage got spoiled that fast. (source)
11:17 AM
You can ask questions here, but it's best if they fit the SO profile. See the How to Ask help pages for info. And even though I said we don't do code review here, I'd be happy to post a simplified version of your code as an answer if you get rid of those links and post the actual text of your code (and the assignment description) into the body of your question. And I guess you better ask an actual question too. :) Eg, "Is there a better way to write this?" — PM 2Ring 57 secs ago
possible answer invalidation by StackedCrooked on question by StackedCrooked: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/58447/revisions
@Duga Harmless.
11:46 AM
Q: Cleanliness of async setup in constructor

Robert SnyderI started a project the other day and started going down the path of using async and await as I have never used it before and it seems like a good match. The app that I'm making is a WPF solution using MVVM. It is going to read from a smart card and show the information that was saved to the card...

12:06 PM
Note: the cross-post was removed for reasons of moderation. Your question is still off-topic here though: it's either primarily opinion-based. — Wai Ha Lee 16 secs ago
Q: C++ program crashes while handling float to in conversion through vector iteration

majanote: I'm sorry about the title, couldn't think of anything more sensible ============================================================================ I wrote this program to help me visualize some probabilities. 0) it takes three inputs: a reference value, a pool of allowed attempts and a con...

12:34 PM
Q: Android Studio Background Service to Update Location

chozI have this background service, which runs continuously even when the application closed (Paused or Stopped). The service is to retrieve the user location and post it to server. Here's my code. public class LocationUpdaterService extends Service { public static final int TWO_MINUTES = 12000...

12:52 PM
And another badge! Yay!
I like this mobile chat app, now to figure out if it is the updated ChatSEy or the SE app....
probably SE
IIUC ChatSEy has been taken out of the Store
1:08 PM
@CaptainObvious I'm not ready to give up on that one yet, I think with a little work from OP, this one off-topic question could become 2 good questions, 1 on SO and 1 here
They've clearly put some effort into the question
For those of you interested in interesting mechanics of the Swift language:
A: Default Implementation of Objective-C Optional Protocol Methods

nhgrifYou do it just exactly as you've implemented it. The difference ends up being in how the method is actually called. Let's take this very simplified example: @objc protocol FooProtocol { optional func bar() -> Int } class Omitted: NSObject, FooProtocol {} class Implemented: NSObject, FooPr...

@nhgrif My last attempt at the language failed at installing the environment, but it still looks interesting.
Also, this tool is amazing:
Hola mis amigos.
1:32 PM
@CaptainObvious using aysnc code in a ctor makes me feel pretty uneasy...
I don't feel like I have authoritative knowledge to leave an answer though.
private void WaitForTargetToBeLoaded()
    while (!_target.IsLoaded)
That should be reason enough to feel uneasy
You can't asynchronously construct new objects
I believe the common solution is to provide a async Task Initialize() method that does the async stuff then
@JeroenVannevel Oh snap! I missed that! Ouch!
This is also kind of a wtf.
> IEnumerable<ITerminal> terminals = await terminalFactory.EnumerateTerminals();
I'm going to iterate the collection so that I can iterate the collection.
Yeah, at the very least he's iterating twice
Can't look inside EnumerateTerminals() but it probably doesn't make much sense there either
I'm not 100% sure of that. The compiler might be smart enough. Not sure.
.ToList().ForEach() will create a list and then iterate a list
1:43 PM
Okay, then it does what I thought it did.
Not something it can optimize because .ForEach() only works on a list
@RubberDuck shouldn't that be just: Terminals.AddAll(terminalFactory.EnumerateTerminals());?
@Vogel612 I think to do it lazy it'd be something like
var terminals = await terminalFactory.EnumerateTerminals()
foreach (var term in terminals) { ... }
Or.... actually. Nah. You're right.
Terminals.AddAll(await terminalFactory.EnumerateTerminals())
but yes
@RubberDuck it should
1:46 PM
Terminals.AddRange(await terminalFactory.EnumerateTerminals())
Ewwwwwww...... there's is not AddRange method on ICollection.
Q: Preview: A ToS update restricting companies that scrape your profile information without your permission

Jaydlestl;dr: We’re planning to make some changes to our ToS to stop companies from scraping user profile information from multiple websites and then spamming them. The changes only restrict a specific kind of commercial use of profile data that is scraped or copied from our site without the user’s per...

Important ToS update there. Well done StackExchange. Well done.
Why do people insist on overcomplicating things? stackoverflow.com/a/36236123/2792531
Because we're people?
I mean, it's kind of just in our nature.
2:13 PM
@RubberDuck ain't that the truth
The other day I saw something like this in a production report CASE WHEN CAST(~SomeBoolField AS INT) >=1 THEN ...
Really all that is doing is CASE WHEN SomeBoolField = 0 THEN ...
Q: `read` re-implemented for Int's

J AtkinI have written a safe read function for haskell (for education!). I think this is fairly idiomatic haskell code, but I'd like to know for sure. If you see anything else that could be improved, please let me know in your answer. module ReadNum (readNum) where main = print $ readNum "87k7" r...

I can't think of a better way of formatting this small block of React JS code, yet I find it ugly to read... anyone got ideas that would make it look better? Or is it fine?
const Todo = ({ onClick, completed, text }) => (
    <li onClick={onClick} style={{textDecoration: completed ? 'line-through' : 'none'}}>
@PinCrash I think it looks fine; it looks like an HTML element. What do you find ugly about it? The style part?
You could extract that to a variable above it, but that would require you to use an explicit return and to use {}.
2:24 PM
IIRC that's simply how it's done in React. I don't like it either.
OK, guess I'll just get used to it then :)
2:37 PM
@PinCrash Not quite.
Let's consider, for simplicity sake... that the field is 4 bits...
The ~ operator is a bit-wise inverse.
So, if it's zero, than ~0000 is 1111 and that's greater than 1, sure.
But what if it's something like...
Except, the field is literally 1 bit, and can only be 1, 0 or null...
But, I'm following you
So that means you need to ask
If I had to guess... it probably was originally a bit mask field
and someone pointed out that you can have single bit width columns
I'd certainly be curious to find out
2:59 PM
Anyway, the difference is all bits are off versus any bit is off.
@nhgrif Isn't that basically all of CS in a nutshell? =;)-
Q: What is the accepted practice for handling numeric conversions under OOP?

Aruka JI am making a weather app that involves temperatures. You can change between Kelvin, Celsius, and Fahrenheit just for fun. However, temperature figures get used all over the place in different ways. Does it make sense to have a Temperature class that stores the number as well as its units, and h...

3:15 PM
Q: Assembly - Better data storage option?

mirGantrophyI am working on a project for class, and it works as required by the rubric, though I am wondering if there is a slightly better way to implement a few things. I was docked a few points for an unnecessary 'mov' in another project. Here is problem 1. "If—else (34 points): Write a program that ask...

3:32 PM
must be the only (non-esoteric) language where I'd say that commenting almost every line of code is probably a good practice
SO is to ask specific questions. We do not do code reviews. Please edit your question to specify exactly the code that is not working (the shorter the better). — eduncan911 8 secs ago
Q: Asks the user to input 10 integers, and then prints the smallest odd number

guest123141even = [] odd = [] for i in range (1,11): print(int(input("Enter a integer:"%i))) if (i%2 == 0): even.append(i) else: odd.append(i) if len(even) == 0: print("ERROR") else: print(str(min(even))) well.. i don't know what is the problem... please help me ;(

3:49 PM
@CaptainObvious grab the nukes...
Q: Asks the user to input 10 integers, and then prints the smallest odd number (new)

guest123141 here is my solution... what is wrong? please help me ;(

Q: Quote of the day program

In78 Create a class diagram and Java code for the following system and scenario, taking into account the possibility of future extensions. "The system is a command line utility that prints a short 'quote of the day' on the user's terminal when run. To begin with the quote is selected randomly...

You really need to take the Tour. Please read carefully. If you don't use the site correctly, you will only get banned, without getting help. Be patient, read the link, also read the on-topic and how-to-ask pages in the help center, and then hopefully somebody can help. But you have to do this right. — janos ♦ 9 mins ago
Couldn't have said it any better.
@PinCrash Every line shouldn't be necessary, but every block of lines can be a good idea.
4:04 PM
@RubberDuck no. Most of the time we do actually care about which specific bits are on or off.
stackoverflow.com/teams/68/metova?tab=members :) my new chat handle at work is MetovaStackOverflowAmbassador
possible answer invalidation by Ziezi on question by Ziezi: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/88644/revisions
Q: SSH passing your Public key to all the users on remote host

JazzCatI've grown tired of typing my password back and forth to all the hosts you connect to, i want to be able to jump to every single user on all the hosts with ease. So i've made this script with a quite messy oneliner at the end of it. The script first reads user input where to connect to. remot...

4:20 PM
I dunno, I might almost consider assembly to be mostly esoteric...
4:34 PM
@CaptainObvious The authority problems are strong with this one.
@nhgrif In some ways. I was just having the same conversation about FORTH the other day. My argument was that it didn't have to be designed to be an esoteric Lang in order to eventually become one.
If you are writing assembly and asked why, aside from "homework for a class", the reasons are going to be mostly similar to why you are writing any other esoteric language most of the time.
> The use of esoteric distinguishes these languages from programming languages that working developers use to write software
That's not to say that no working developers write actual production assembly code.
Just that it's mostly not done...
So, I should go write a production system in Whitespace, and it won't be an esoteric language anymore?
If you are writing in a particular language for any reason besides that it is the best tool for the job, you are at a minimum making an esoteric use of that language (even if it's not an esoteric language)
And that's kind of how FORTH is. There's still some production code floating around from the bad old days, but you wouldn't write any new code in it.
4:48 PM
Like writing an Adroid app in Objective-C would be an esoteric use of that programming language which still has modern uses in production code today... But it's far from the best option for developing an Android app in.
5:01 PM
Or, you know, developing anything with VB.
That's it. I'm convinced. VB is an esoteric language.
@RubberDuck I 100% agree.
14 hours ago, by Hosch250
I am getting close to 30k on SO
28.7k currently
@ Gerstrong If there Is a typo, it is a copy and paste error, the program compiles using gcc on Centos 7. I will look into correcting this. @Olaf I originally used #define in the answer to a question on CodeReview. I was down voted for the use of #define, that led me to ask this question. I would never use #define in C++ for constants, but up until now I would always use #define for constants in C. I always make a distinction between C and C++, some others no longer make that distinction as far as I can tell. — pacmaninbw 16 secs ago
5:17 PM
Q: Extremely Simple Paint Program in Java (Tips for making it run smoother?)

GameNationRDFI have written a very basic paint program in java using awt and swing. I have separated the program into two different class files; one of them holds the JFrame and adds a custom panel (this custom panel being the second class file, extending JPanel). In my first try, I tried using Timer and an ...

I don't have time right now, but can someone check this question to see if it's on-topic? The title looks suspicious.
Q: Assembly Keyboard Input, data loss in registers

mirGantrophyThis is 8086/DOS assembly - .COM file format I am working on a project for class, and it works as required by the rubric, though I am wondering if there is a slightly better way to implement a few things. I was docked a few points for an unnecessary 'mov' in another project. Here is problem 1:...

It looks like it works.
@200_success Says it works according to his class's rubric. Looks on topic to me.
The question is they had a specific problem, but managed to work around it in a different way.
Even if it is broke, OP thinks it works.
5:22 PM
They want to know if it there is a better way to do it.
> The version of the program that prints everything on it's own line is worth extra points, so I opted to do that. When printing a character to console it gets it's data from DL, but if I have to print a newline before that character, that data in AL is gone. Is sending that data to BL necessary, is there a better option?
They couldn't get it to work with the AL, but using the BL too works, it looks like.
A: Should we have a Code Review Blog?

nhgrifAs one of the referenced bloggers, I would not contribute to a Code Review blog. Other bloggers have mentioned they also wouldn't contribute. I can't see there being enough contributors making enough contributions to be worthwhile.

possible answer invalidation by Ritchie Shatter on question by Ritchie Shatter: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/123908/revisions
I agree, I've not posted on my blog in over a year as it is.
@Duga Adding a .h file is fine.
@nhgrif How would you feel about creating a meta listing all blogs and call it a day?
We'd reference to it every time somebody says we need a blog.
A meta with blogs is just as good as a blog itself, right?
5:39 PM
Please link to my blog anywhere and everywhere.
Each answer could be a different blog that is edited over time to include links to interesting/relevant/useful articles.
And make everything community wiki
If you give me a few hours, I think I have a decent idea for the format of this.
I am on the road right now though
I love when I sign in to a site to apply for a job, only to have it tell me that I am unauthorized to apply for the position.
That's when you call them and tell them they need a new web/backend dev (where ever the problem is)
6:04 PM
@nhgrif You probably have a better grip on it than I got, so feel free to share.
Yes, but there's a Git plugin suitable for code review. To only review commits, you can use gitk (pretty sure you know that) but there you cannot comment on them. — Perl Dog 45 secs ago
Looks like this question got fixed like OP promised.
Q: Overloading Operators:

noor noorI need the solution by C++ Create a class called invoice. It should store total money amounts as long doubles , list of items as dynamic array of strings and number of items as integer. The invoice class should have : Copy constructor__ An overloaded + operator to add 2 invoices (total, number a...

Q: Better way to write code asking for permissions in Android app

Michael Naresprivate void loadTabsIfGPSAndInternetAvailable() { final Utils utils = new Utils(this); final LocationClient locationClient = new LocationClient(this); if (!utils.isConnected()) { utils.generateNoConnectivityAlert(); } else if (!loca...

@CaptainObvious HAMMERTIME!
6:20 PM
I really want my delvote privileges back
@SirPython even bothered writing a comment on that one. He's too good for us.
One more VTC.
I don't know what i'm doing I need a LOT of help This type of question is out of scope for stackoverflow, codereview would be more appropriate. — Floegipoky 28 secs ago
@Floegipoky Just because the OP needs lots of help doesn't make it on-topic at Code Review. The OP's code has 11 bugs; that makes it 1100% off-topic on Code Review. — SirPython 45 secs ago
6:36 PM
@Duga And then some.
@CaptainObvious Why isn't that one dead yet?
7:00 PM
Q: Compiling problem when using enable_if typetraits

lukkioI have this simple code: #pragma once #include <iostream> #include <cstdio> #include <cstdlib> #include <type_traits> template <typename _T, typename = std::enable_if_t<std::is_floating_point<_T>::value> > struct Point { _T x; _T y; Point(); template<typename _U, typename = std:...

ermagerd walloftext
have they heard of whitespace?
no clue, but the audio is awesome
7:19 PM
Q: Display customer list in ReactJs using es2015 class syntax

Nick DewittI am just getting to grips with ReactJs using es2015 classes, i have just converted a simple portion of an app i maintain into react code and tried a few things out, this displays a list of customers with a sub-list of the animals that they own. Am i utilising es2015 features correctly, are ther...

Q: How about a Code Review blog library?

nhgrifIn response to this meta question and this comment in The 2nd Monitor, I'm curious how Code Review meta would feel about the idea of a maintained list of useful, on-topic blogs maintained by active Code Review users. The idea is that the meta question would explain what the list is, and the answ...

@nhgrif I'd ping the ones I suspect of being interested in contributing, but I know the majority are avid meta followers. Nice question.
@Vogel612 So, one man teams for the win?
@Mast I'm primarily concerned first with whether the general meta users would consider it an okay use of the meta.
I'd downvote for as! alone. You're not a Jedi. — nhgrif 59 secs ago
@nhgrif There's precedence for 'lists interesting to the users of this site', but it's still tricky business. On the other hand, if the majority doesn't object there's no reason not to do it.
Can you show me some of the precedence? Particularly, anything that's not so directly related to site business as the frequently used comments example I posted?
7:32 PM
If the code works, then this should be in Code Review, not here. — Carcigenicate 42 secs ago
Q: Tools for format and error checking in your programming language

Mat's MugLints and Hints: What tools are available for checking and correcting the conventions, style and common errors in my language (lint tools), and are there tools that can automatically fix them (hint tools)? This is a follow-up to a comment posted on Is there a place for automated code reviews? ...

Q: Performance checking tools

MastPerformance checkers: What tools are available for attaining the metrics necessary to perform a performance review? Bench-marking is often not easily done by hand after all. This is a follow-up to this question about formatting and error checking tools. Tools listed here should help getting met...

Of-course there are all the 'how to ask a good question' and 'how to be a nice reviewer' questions as well, but those are directly site related.
possible answer invalidation by Nick Dewitt on question by Nick Dewitt: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/123956/revisions
do you want to post an answer referencing those two posts/
Q: How about a Code Review blog library?

nhgrifIn response to this meta question and this comment in The 2nd Monitor, I'm curious how Code Review meta would feel about the idea of a maintained list of useful, on-topic blogs maintained by active Code Review users. The idea is that the meta question would explain what the list is, and the answ...

@nhgrif Sure, I'll think of something to make it a real answer.
7:46 PM
Q: Efficiency python

randomuser134Here is my code; def _possiblerightmove(x,y): return x < (len(self._marker[0]) - 2) and self._marker[y][x] =='' and self._marker[y][x+1] =='' and self._marker[y][x+2] == '.' def _possibleupmove(x,y): return y > 1 and self._marker[y][x]=='*' and self._marker[y-1][x]=='*' ...

Q: Polynomial class C++11

SauravInitial stage of implementation of the polynomial class. Essentially I need to implement the basic mathematical operations. Right now I have implemented just addition. Was wondering if this is a good way to proceed. I also want to be sure if the move constructor would be called during the additio...

@Mast they have their benefits.
but they're still a team of crazy people more often than not
anyways I'm off for today
A: How about a Code Review blog library?

MastI'm all for it. There's good advice on a couple of those blogs which is referenced every once in a while in an answer or a comment. Can we abuse meta for this? Totally. We've made list questions before[1][2]. We've even done community-based questions which had everything to do with the actual ...

Is your question basically "this works, but is this the right way to do it?" If so, I think your best bet is CodeReview. If it doesn't work, then can you add to your question what doesn't work (please review what a Minimal, Complete, and Verifiable example is)? — Barry 1 min ago
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Parallelizing an algorithm with OpenMP using a dynamic work queue
8:02 PM
Would it be OK to add VSD to the C# one? meta.codereview.stackexchange.com/a/5259/34073
We don't have too much, but what we have is good.
Q: IDataConvert::Release() does not return 0

BartIn order to convert a database type DB_NUMERIC to real, I noticed that a call to IDataConvert::Release() does not return 0, which is indicative of some additional pointers to the object dangling somewhere. In order to free the object, I would need a loop, which in my case has exactly 19 iteration...

8:22 PM
Q: Program to find the longest Collatz sequence crashes

SmebI made this program to find the longest Collatz sequence which starts with a positive integer below 1000000. But the program crashes at the same integer (113382) everytime I run it. The weird thing is that when I try to find the sequence length with n = 113382, without the while loop, the program...

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Question seems to be a better fit for codereview.stackexchange.comJimL 29 secs ago
Q: Prime Number Calculator with GUI

RyanI wrote a Java program with a Swing UI that calculates prime numbers. The primes are displayed into a listbox. I used a few optimizations to generate the primes faster. I’m using the NetBeans IDE, so there’s a lot of generated Swing code. Currently, the program finds as many primes as the user h...

Q: MySql Procedure Splitting Apart a Comma Separated List

gfrobeniusI have a system that outputs a comma separated string into a single column. I need to grab the individual values out of that list. The list could have random spaces and commas that need to be accounted for. I'm new to MySql but I have a working example, it just seems rather long. I'm wonderin...

No reason, the author probably just didn't know (or forgot) about removeAllChildren. That happens all the time in programming, that's why we have code reviews. — Sulthan 1 min ago
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Q: Implementation of exp function in c

Bojan PavlovićI am trying to write code to calcultate e^x using: This is the code I have so far, it works for small values of x. Please do not pay attention to the variable e, specifically to the fact that user enters it. #include <stdio.h> #include <math.h> int main(void) { double x0,x1,e,x,sum=0.0;...

Q: Quicksort implementation in Java

PseudoPsycheI'm working on implementing quicksort as a bit of practice and review for myself. Currently this is just a simple implementation for a primative integer array. After getting this working fine, I plan on making it generic. What I have below still has a slight bug in it that I haven't been able ...

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A great big answer on unit testing asynchronous code in Swift:
A: XCTestCase#waitFalseExpectationUntilTimeout implementation

nhgrifThis is an extremely overcomplicated solution to a relatively straightforward problem. The waitForExpectationsWithTimeout method should effectively only be used assure that a particular asynchronous expectation was fulfilled. So, in the case where we are testing whether or not the user was succ...

Threw away a couple of installers, 20GB freed up. I should clean-up more often...
Q: Avoiding while(true) and repeated error printing in user input validation in Java

Mikko MarttilaI'm just starting out with Java, and trying to make a method to get a positive integer input from the console. My currently working implementation is this: public static Scanner sc = new Scanner(System.in); public static int getPositiveIntInput(String message) { int n; String error_me...

Q: Ranking array values in Java?

Imdad AliThe sales rank (“popularity”) should be calculated for each product. 1, then next highest has rank 2, and so on. Sales rank in one array and product sales in another array. How would I do this?

@CaptainObvious No code.
that question is a little amazing
This doesn't have enough votes: stackoverflow.com/a/35784342/2509848
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Q: Code Review Blog Library

nhgrifI really enjoy reading some of the answers posted by Code Review users. Where can I go to get more helpful advice for improving my code from these users? importBlogKit To keep this organized, please post one blog per answer. Answers should include a link to the blog, a link to the user, and...

Please add any other appropriate blogs.
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Q: Code Review Blog Library

nhgrifI really enjoy reading some of the answers posted by Code Review users. Where can I go to get more helpful advice for improving my code from these users? importBlogKit To keep this organized, please post one blog per answer. Answers should include a link to the blog, a link to the user, and...

This question would fit better at codereview.stackexchange.com. — Gert Arnold 42 secs ago
I added Loki, but didn't include a table of contents.
Jeroen, Rubberduck, Quill, Ethan, there's a lot of people with blogs.
Malachi, not sure whether Mat's and janos blog.
Yeah, Jeroen and RubberDuck's are really good.
10:55 PM
@ruakh Right, but the hash itself may or may not do a pure hashCode() % reservedSize to determine which hash slot to use. The proposal may have been in reference to other types, however, such as String et al, and I never saw the proposal myself - it's just something a standards-following coworker mentioned in a code review once. — fluffy 57 secs ago
I haven't written in ages
What am I saying
@JeroenVannevel Go fix that.
my website is so slow, it's bothering me. I want to remake it without wordpress
You'll get new customers. Make sure they got something fresh to look at.
but I also don't care enough to do it
11:04 PM
Do you host it yourself?
I just visited it. 30 seconds and counting before it's loaded
no, IPage or something is my hoster
Wow, that's slow indeed. I'd demand my money back if they keep this up, this isn't Wordpress' fault.
Q: Merge Sort Implementation Efficiency

JoeI made a merge sort implementation in C++, which I have tested with the values 6, 38, 27, 7, 12, 58, 92, 43, 3, 9, 82, 10, producing the correct output of 3 6 7 9 10 12 27 38 43 58 82 92. However, when running my program, it seemed pretty slow, and I was wondering if there were any places in my c...

My WordPress blog is fast, and so is RubberDuck's.
check out this cool video about working at @StackOverflow on TalentTribe https://talenttribe.me/story/355fe566-ea1c-4657-8bed-96a9b10bb166
11:08 PM
sent them a nice message to tell to check it out
I think nhgrif uses WordPress too, but I'm not sure.
Is it good that Roslyn's tests take so long to run that it is easier to just test things out in real time, then write the test suite?
I catch lots of bugs with my test suite, but I only run it when I'm getting ready to commit.
That's the usual moment to test, right?
Not in VSD. I run the tests every time I change something in VSD.
Thing is, in Roslyn, I have to run the entire suite from the commandline.
It caches the results for the unchanged projects, but it still takes a long time to run just one suite.
Does it take more than 20 minutes?
Around there, more/less.
11:17 PM
Well, probably closer to 10 minutes than 20 if I'm only running one suite (the others are cached).
It takes about an hour the first time I run them.
That takes the fun out of it quite rapidly.
It takes about 30-sec to 1-min to build if everything is cached.
That's not a problem, but 20 minutes for tests is.
They've been running for 10 minutes now.
Just finished.
So, 10 minutes like I guessed.
One more test suite to write, and then PR time!
Or rather, commit time, and time to figure out where the merge conflict is.
11:43 PM
Anyone think public Task StartServer() => Task.Run(() => { _netServerAdapter.Run(); }); is a little too confusing?
Oh lovely. I just accidentally cleaned the entire solution instead of just one project.
@EBrown You just gave me an idea for a very grumpy smiley.
@Hosch250 Lol
I think I'm keeping that line.
off-topic. Better suited for codereview.stackexchange.compokey909 42 secs ago
@nhgrif If you're ever around, I could use your advice ().
11:49 PM
@Hosch250 would've expected )};
@Vogel612 That works too.
Now it is building every project in the thing, as well as running all 42 test suites...
codereview.stackexchange.com would be better place to ask such a question. — FZE 22 secs ago
@Hosch250 Nothing like a good hard bit of work on the CPU.
11:54 PM
Like as not, it'll be an hour before it finishes.
    bool Prompt<T>(out T result, string message, PromptOptions options, T defaultValue = default(T), string failureMessage = null, Func<T, bool> validationMethod = null, Func<T, T> parseResultMethod = null, int maxTries = 0)
        where T : IConvertible;
Oh good, it didn't clear the test caches.
So long.
Shouldn't this be reopened?
@Justin If it works now, yes.
11:59 PM
According to the OP, it works. I didn't test it
Looks like it.

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