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7:00 AM
Uh... nope. Sorry, wrong number.
Can anyone explain the point of a "two-factor authentication" where you enter the phone number that the code is sent to?
@feersum A confirmation message is sent to the phone number for the user to enter on the site
@ZachGates You've missed the point completely.
If you don't have the phone connected to the number (or a phone, period) you can't get in to the account
If I can enter an arbitrary phone number, this does nothing to verify that I am the original account owner.
7:06 AM
Right, but the basis is that, because it's your account, you'll enter your number
And if I had some phone it didn't recognize, you think it would have gone oh haha you can't use that phone ?
lol now Google says: "Google is not affiliated with the contents of code.google.com or its owners."
7:34 AM
Hey everybody, check out my new code golf challenge
isaacg makes challenges! \o/
Is it the first one?
Q: Strongly Connected Components

isaacgTwo distinct vertices in a directed graph are strongly connected if there is path in the graph from each to the other. A strongly connected component of the graph is a subset of the graph such that each pair of distinct vertices in the subset are strongly connected, and adding any more vertices t...

@zyabin101 This is my 22nd
@isaacg \o/ ==> /\o/\ ==> __o__
7:48 AM
wonder woman saves the day
it should have been named "Don't Bother Batman and Superman. See Wonder Woman"
@Optimizer No, my happy smile just dropped its hands.
smiles have hands too?
@Optimizer At least the \o/ one.
8:06 AM
@AlexA. please do :)
Highlight by arity :D. Though that's made very complex due to pfns
@isaacg btw, thanks for your patience :P
$ head /dev/urandom | tr -dc [:alnum:]
Quick and dirty solution for /dev/urandom.
Because /dev/urandom shoots new lines at random, the amount of data received as result is random.
But I can feed the result to a file as much as I want and avoid newlines. :)
That is good for managing a random box, for example.
trrrr trrrrr
8:24 AM
I think my site's coming along pretty well
The PPCG tabs are starting to pile up... Ugh
@isaacg for the output format where each vertex is labeled by its component, is a matrix OK?
i.e., the first row is the label of vertex 1, the second row is the label of vertex 2, etc?
That seems like a bit much, to me.
I'd say no.
if each label were a number, would a list of those numbers be ok?
i guess, are you looking for the labelling of vertices to be something like a dictionary?
8:46 AM
@ven They can get messy. I just closed about a dozen of them
@ZachGates might be me but I find your histogram to look blurry
@xnor A list of the numbers would be fine. Basically, I want there to be a straightforward mapping of graph node to label. Index in a list is straightforward enough, numbered column of a matrix isn't really.
@isaacg Can the graph have 0 vertices?
Can the graph have one vertex?
8:57 AM
@isaacg let me check that I understand
we can output a list l of arbitrary objects so that l[i]==l[j] if and only if i and j are in the same connected component?
treating the vertex labels as numbers [0,...n-1]?
Let me think about that.
hehe, that allows one to offload a lot of work to the function caller
This sounds like it can be used to skip a lot of the work
of course i have a short strategy in mind that would use it :-)
I think offloading the work into the labels is not good.
I think it should be a label can either be a single vertex, or it can be a sequential numbering, and that's it.
I'll update.
9:02 AM
ok, that should also take care of cheap outs like "hash the object"
Will update.
9:25 AM
@Fatalize Could you take a screenshot?
mysql> select Choice1, Choice2, Choice3 from Election;
| Choice1           | Choice2     | Choice3                        |
| Alex A.           | Doorknob    | Dennis                         |
| Conor O'Brien     | CoolestVeto | El'endia Starman               |
| Mego              | Alex A.     | Martin Büttner                |
| Alex A.           | Doorknob    | Dennis                         |
You people think you're soooo funny
But you see, I know to sanitize my database inputs
What sort of casual do you people take me for? :P
> Dennis');DROP TABLE results;--
9:36 AM
It's not even the right table name lol
@Mego What is this from?
Who did the SQL injection now? >:|
@zyabin101 I have their IP address, but that means peanuts to me
Martin Bумttner, you say?
9:38 AM
Martin Büttner
Yeah the terminal I copied that from was set to Latin-1
But the text data is stored as UTF-8
@isaacg Shows up as Martin BУМttner on Mozilla Firefox 45.0.1 on Windows Vista. Obviously, the system and browser are in Russian.
It depends on your browser encoding
My browser shows it as Latin-1, is what I was trying to say.
9:40 AM
@Mego ISO Cyrillic. ಠ_____ಠ
The terminal showed it as Latin-1. I pasted the Latin-1 text. If it shows as anything but Latin-1, blame your browser.
It should be UTF-8, but I haven't yet figured out how to change the terminal encoding in cloud9
@Firefox45.0 ಠ_ಠ
@Dennis your userscript repo is long empty.
> Care to check out the GitHub Channel on YouTube while you wait?
9:45 AM
Yes yes ü in UTF-8 renders as ü in Latin-1. You people are about 30 hours too late for the jokes, and about 10 years too late for any humor on the subject
at least newer than your DB schema
That doesn't make any sense
why can't you change your db encoding to utf?
It is encoded in UTF-8
The terminal uses Latin-1, and there's no obvious way to change that
9:53 AM
which terminal?
10:06 AM
bash in cloud9
It's a web interface to bash, so it's not mintty (which I could much more easily configure)
@Mego Ah dang, I can't insert more than 3. I wanted to add all the mods I liked :P
@Sherlock9 Nope, only 3 post parameters are used
Well, looking at the list now, I would only not select 3 of the nominees, but only because I haven't interacted with them very much yet
@Mego What does echo $LANG print?
10:20 AM
@isaacg C, as expected
You could try changing that
@isaacg My machine outputs ru. Apparently $LANG in every shell means system spoken language, not system programming language...
Mine is en_US.UTF-8
@zyabin101 ru is shorthand for ISO-8859-5
(aka Latin/Cyrillic)
10:22 AM
@Mego O_O
No, you see, to fix Mercurial, you need to do this:
apt-get purge mercurial && apt-get install git
It looks like Mercurial talks in my language for both LANG=ru and LANG=ru.UTF-8. I think the Git shell defaults to UTF-8.
@Mego ಠ_ಠ
Also, I have Windows.
Well then you have bigger issues :)
@Mego ಠ_ಠ
10:28 AM
I've updated the polling site to allow for changing your vote - simply voting for a different, valid set of candidates will change your votes in the database. Errors also make a little more sense. Also muddyfish has been removed from the options since they withdrew.
Oliver Ni?
Yep, they just nominated 5 hours ago
Candidate score is just a number, and trying to get more out of it than that will not benefit you
Look at what candidates have done and said, not a semi-arbitrary number next to their name
@DonMuesli Great! Now you can use your newly obtained high-rep hammer to hamper duplicate questions!
Just one vote to close as duplicate activates the high-rep hammer and immediately marks the question as a dupe.
moves back to playing around with the OpenSTV distribution
I'm interested: @Dennis if I get two high-rep hammers by earning, say, both the gold badge, and the badge, and then dupe close a question with both tags, which hammer gets used?
@DonMuesli Congrats!
@zyabin101 I know, but I'll use that with care (I think it makes more sense in StackOverflow, where tags are "thematic")
@Sherlock9 Thank you!
@DonMuesli I just need another 125 good answers on and then I'll get it too :P
The fun is in the path, not in the destination :-D
11:04 AM
Fair enough :D
@zyabin101 Both are used. The question is badly smashed :-P
Hm, still, it will probably take me till next semester to get there, unless this semester gets too time-consuming
I have a question guys. Given a random 2-colorable image (this would essentially be a bunch of lines or squiggles crisscrossing a square, so this could be a vector image), could you write a program to color that image?
11:22 AM
@Mego when the results of your caucus will be released?
11:35 AM
12:15 PM
@Sherlock9 The description isn't quite right. A bunch of lines or squiggles crossing the image and not stopping anywhere on the image. Hence, 2-colorable
Q: A Hackers Finishing Touch! Destroy the evidence

aliqandilAssume you've written a Virus/Trojan/Worm/... and hid it somewhere under a pile of codes in some system. You only need the code to run once, and you know that it will. What you need to do now, is to destroy the evidence without injuring the system any further! since your code is part of the syste...

Chat meta-challenge: Try to find a user on some site named LegionMammal978 (that existed before this challenge was posted) which does have a non-blank picture.
I suppose that depends on what you mean by "picture"
12:43 PM
codegolf.stackexchange.com/q/18028 has attracted a high number of very low quality answers from new users (albeit not recently). Protecting it may help, but many of the LQ answers have severe content or formatting issues, or lack of details/golfing effort from the answerer. Do I go through and calculate solutions' scores, and edit in the scores, or do I flag them all as VLQ, or do I not do anything about it?
@Sp3000 Profile picture
^^ I dunno what that counts as
@Sp3000 Invalid. LegionMammal978 meant Stack Exchange site.
> EMCAScript
^ from ECMA Standard 262, first edition, June 1997
> on some site
^ A non-existent page with a funny image. :D
Talking of site leagues, I have +170 change this week! \o/
1:04 PM
@zyabin101 Probably the one of the more important tag (the one with more questions), but I'm not sure.
@zyabin101 Yeah, I decided to use a Gist instead.
1:25 PM
I apologise if people can't read this message, but somebody just BROKE THE INTERNET!!! so you may have bad connection for a while.
@zyabin101 No, I didn't
I meant any site on the internet
@Sp3000 Well, that's my Minecraft skin
Yeah hence "I dunno what that counts as"
Since it's not really something you had control over
Ahem. You can't connect to this website. The internet is broken.
1:27 PM
How about: any image commonly associated with my profile on that site that is not extracted from larger texture is valid.
It's smashed.
On the floor.
@wizzwizz4 Then how are we communicating?
@LegionMammal978 NASA.
They have a much faster, much more reliable, idiot-free internet connection.
And Google hijacked it, so YouTube still works.
So idiots get no Internet?
@LegionMammal978 Well, Google hijacked it...
1:29 PM
Not so great.
It's going to be slowed down by comment-threads on YouTube videos, and pictures of somebody's cat.
Is there a cat on your keyboard?
@Dennis No, there isn't.
@Dennis No, there isn't.
Maybe there is!
Maybe there is!
1:33 PM
I've deleted the GNU coreutils. It should've stopped now.
I think cat is deciding whether it prefers stdin or /dev/urandom.
@wizzwizz4 It prefers 1рЁ*wћ`.
Oh, again...
Elongated cat.
That actually looks nothing like a cat...
Hi, @ven!
1:41 PM
My PC died. Forever, it seems.
@zyabin101 If it runs Windows, there may be hope.
That's just because when Windows breaks, it looks like the entire computer has broken, but you might be able to use "Last Good Configuration" to fix everything.
Because Windows PCs randomly play dead for no reason?
@Dennis I ninja'd you!
I just ninja'd Dennis!
@wizzwizz4 It runs Windows, but there is no hope. The PC died itself. The press of the power button reveals no sign of life.
2:16 PM
You remove messages quite regularly, zyabin. Any particular reason?
@wizzwizz4 hi :) (hey, i've been here for a few days already :P)
Hey @wizzwizz4, about your old Hilbert curve question. What does this bonus mean? "-5% If you don't pollute the global namespace (you know what I mean!)" Sorry, I don't know what you mean
@zyabin101 Take it apart, then image the drive, then image the BIOS, then image the RAM, then image the Motherboard, then image the serial number, then image the camera, then image the imager, then image the meta-computer, then image the meta-drive, then image the meta-BIOS...
@Sherlock9 If, for example, you use JavaScript, writing var x=0; instead of x=0; is what I mean by "not polluting the global namespace".
Some answers utterly trash the global namespace. Once your code is finished, there shouldn't be rubbish left over.
@wizzwizz4 Well, neither Python nor Ruby is statically typed, so I guess I qualify for the bonus? I'm not sure
Also, who has the most recent version of the leaderboard? I was thinking of putting it in some of my old questions
@Sherlock9 Python would qualify, unless you wrote __main__.x=0
But who would?
@Sherlock9 Wait... Are you submitting another answer to one of my challenges?
2:34 PM
@wizzwizz4 Nah, I'm just checking if my old answers qualify for more bonuses :D
I did edit some of them today, though
Oh well; I'm going to post another soon!
Well, my Ruby answer does use an unnamed function, I think that counts against it
Sorry wizzwizz
@wizzwizz4 Excellent!
is there a data structure meant for "ordering". Aka, inserting element A right above/below element B is a log(n) operation?
oh, a linked list
You seem to have tag-lock on
2:46 PM
I've just found a really cool package in debian-main!
wizzwizz, am I correct here? "Well, my Ruby answer does use an unnamed function, I think that counts against it"
@Sherlock9 Do variables leak out of the function?
Let me check
Everything appears to stay inside
Then it's fine.
@zyabin101 Do you run a server?
@wizzwizz4 I run a local server on Winginx, a Russian-coded web server based on nginx. It can run PHP 5.3, 5.4 and even MySQL.
@zyabin101 So... you're a
I installed these, and also phpMyAdmin and Adminer, two MySQL managers hosted on server.
I once found a great video tutorial on how to make your own webcomics. Now, where was it...
3:14 PM
Does anyone think there would be any reason to include postfix syntax in a language?
Hit another private repo. The GitHub devs really love private repos.
@Downgoat Actually, there's a paper on it here.
@wizzwizz4 ಠ___________________________________ಠ
3:18 PM
@wizzwizz4 how did I fall for that .____.
@wizzwizz4 ¬_¬ is that a rickroll too...
@Downgoat No...
@Downgoat Nope. An infinite loop.
3:22 PM
A way to prank your friends: afford a paid GitHub plan, get the friends to follow you on GitHub, and make a private repo.
@zyabin101 How does that prank them...
@zyabin101 Oh.
@zyabin101 buying a github plan just to prank your friends is really pranking yourself
@wizzwizz4 Your friends try to visit the repo, which leads them to a 404. Boom.
@Downgoat GitHub devs can have infinite private repos, I think.
@zyabin101 Buying a GitHub plan =\= github dev
3:28 PM
I hit these pranks a lot.
@wizzwizz4 ¬_____¬
@Downgoat Trolling the trolls.
in Beep Boop Maggot, 16 mins ago, by Chatgoat
@Downgoat Typical troll, trolling me, then accusing me of trolling you.
3:32 PM
@wizzwizz4 ¬_¬ rickroll?
No more rickroll.
No more YouTube.
No more YouTube comments.
stahp posting xkcd
@Downgoat better?
seems there's an xkcd for everything these days
3:38 PM
except for if I should allow postfix operators in my language...
@Downgoat Yes.
There should be a prefix operator to enable postfix on its one parameter, and a postfix operator to allow prefix on its one parameter.
@wizzwizz4 wat. example pls.
Let's say > is the prefix operator, and < is the postfix operator.
@wizzwizz4 ?
3:41 PM
If it starts as prefix:
+2 < * 5 / 6 3 > is the same as 2 + (5 * 6 / 3).
does that even save anything tho
ohai himarm jr jr jr
@wizzwizz4 I'll just have infix and prefix operators then
@Downgoat I was wondering when you would say that.
Although, prefix is less ambiguous.
3:45 PM
@wizzwizz4 March 26, 2016 – 8:45:03AM PST
@wizzwizz4 but most languages use infix
@Downgoat But most languages are ungolfy, and need ()s.
He has defined functions in it, and his kernel folder is much cleaner.
@wizzwizz4 reply button. Use it pls.
It is painful to my eyes.
@EasterlyIrk :28530943
@wizzwizz4 what?
@EasterlyIrk Double reply.
@EasterlyIrk yeah but we have all the cross compiled C libs and stuff, which is most of the files are I think
3:48 PM
@EasterlyIrk test
okai, just wondering where it replied to.
@Downgoat Fine, but I am going to define some helpful funcs in kernel.c
@phase permission to use some of your kernel in avocadOS? Like copy some functions.
@EasterlyIrk okay, sure
like print, read, etc.
we already have print I think though?
not in kernel.c in meaty skeleton.
does anyone still use gotos/labels?
3:52 PM
seriously, this has some really cool stuff.
I don't know what to program for zyabinVI. :/
a computer crasher
@zyabin101 zyabinVI?
It's my experimenting organization.
oh okay
Should I allow custom-defined operators at run-time?
3:55 PM
Including infix ones.
Python and Julia need that badly.
But new operators, not just redefine existing infix ones.
Swift allows custom operators iirc
haven't tried it
!%&*+-:<=>^|~ those are the chars operators can be, do those seem like enough?
there can be multicharacter long operators...
@Downgoat custom or predefined?
I tried to appoint flawr for my second position in zyabinVI overall, and first web design position, but he didn't accept the invite until I cancelled it the next day.
3:58 PM
wtf imgur is down
@EasterlyIrk both
@zyabin101 I will accept an invite :3
I think %!^&*<>|~!+- should all be predefined.

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