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12:14 AM
there it's all defaults only the chord progression, but should be enough for you to say "not what I was thinking" if it's clearly not already
you made that?
can i use it?
It sounds pretty good
it is perfect
does it loop?
Ironically I think I accidentally made it a perfect loop
If you notice that burst at the beginning, I didn't mean to render that in but it's what hung off the end lol
Can I use it? I'll put your link anf name in the game
12:22 AM
yeah go ahead, but you should let me know how to fine tune if
it was just supposed to be a rough draft of the theme, it's not really a whole song
Cool I like it make more of it :)
I'll pay you in exposure
Me thinks I'm going to have to make a trip up to the historical library in the area...
@Jon That's fine with me, at that rate I can guarantee a deadline of "eventually, probably"
12:26 AM
I'll give you 1% of sales if you wanna do soundtrack
@PearsonArtPhoto lol why?
Gathering history for my game.
An easy 1000 for you
@Jon Assuming you sell $100k of your game?
I will
12:28 AM
Nah 1 copy of the game is 100k$
You'll get your name and logo on the about screen
The menu is interactive so it really encourages someone to check out the screens
@Jon I'm not worried about that, in that sense I'm already sold but what I'm on edge about is setting requirements precise enough that we'll both be happy with it indefinitely
Ok I need to smoke a j and listen and play and ponder
Ok I'll see about getting on the same page there
So my secondary thoughts, it gets too intense near the end
I really like to keep it low key
the game isn't intense.
if there is intense music playing, its kinda weird
It almost has to be ambient
12:42 AM
well that's a relief lol, I had no idea how I'd increase the intensity without changing the mood :P
Hey just wondering guys, what was the highest math class you guys took
(Calc 3?)
Some crazy university math
Long time ago
lol I'm being serious like what was the highest type of calculus you guys took
Matrices math class. Took that shit before I could appreciate it.
oh so like linear algebra
12:46 AM
This class was literally only about matrices math
My brain hurt
My math education got screwed up early on, my elementary school said they can't give a 6th grader calculus and I basically dropped out of school completely after that lol
lol gg
I got 100% on day one of grade 12 math. The test was on what he was going to teach in the school year.
I found it, for the MIT cs curriculum, they learn Calculus, Multivariate Calculus, and linear alegbra
Was the only one in class to ace it
12:50 AM
Basically took the class but already knew it all kinda bullshit
High school sucks
You follow the slowest
^ I never could take a class seriously after I realized that, so I became a troublemaker :P
lol well then I'm fortunate classes are at my current level, they always keep me busy
I'm glad for that, I think the school system has improved in some ways since then
12:55 AM
Heh. There was a old teacher that still grabbed you by the ear when I was in grade 1
It has improved for sure
Mick I'm pretty excited about that song
Really think it would be cool if I could use your stuff
1:17 AM
@erebel55 Like farmville. click and get stuff, but only after waiting
I would make it abstract and colorful, but basically a tending game
5 hours later…
5:49 AM
Just read "Stephen Hawking says...", I stopped and thought "no he didn't".
Stephen Hawking says too much about things outside his area of expertise, and the media goes batshit insane every time he does
same with Tyson
@IcyDefiance No. I mean stephen hawking doesn't say anything.
Also, I didn't really know that.
I don't pay attention to him anyway.
kind of ashamed to say I didn't get it... lol.
what I was talking about isn't really his fault though. I'm more annoyed at everyone else for thinking he's some kind of prophet or something.
You know who Colin Furze is?
Well I just found out that he has an awesome underground bunker in his backyard.
This guy is pretty cool.
4 hours later…
10:18 AM
I'm starting to think I have an alter ego that's a comic artist.
is that you?
I'm pretty sure it is. :P
@WilliamMariager this is the very definition of like 99% of conversations that happen in here
10:46 AM
why is this resulting in a casting error ... <code sample> ... ah you need a new game engine for that, just download the c++ bcl and start with sdl, in about 4,000 lines you should be ready to render a blank blue screen then we can talk about that casting iss ue you have
eh ... like ... wtf?
6 months later ... so i wrote this game engine, my transforms are behaving oddly ...
Why aren't using <any existing game engine> it solves this for you, seems daft write your own these days?
<insert epic nuclear level rage here>
Jeez dude, so emotional ... you need to relax a little ... are you sure you're cut out for this?
Welcome to GDSE! ... i love it here by the way ROFL
I'm mostly "Why aren't you using <this mathematical concept>?"
There are a few <this mathematical concept> that I would like to learn
Complex numbers, matrices, Delaunay triangulation, Newton–Cotes formulas, simple stuff like that.
But not that I have the will or the time to
Yay I know the first 3 of those (though not how to calculate the last one (efficiently), just how to use it and what it means)
10:54 AM
man, I just tell object A to move/translate/morph from B to C, and occasionally interact with object D
I know like zero algorithms
The first one I know, buuutt it's not like I'm a pro with Quaternions
Just learn algorhymes
Every time I need to do some transform in Unity I struggle a bit to do what I really wanted from the start
What sort of thing do you get hung up on?
colliders :P
10:58 AM
smh /golfclap
plowed through 30 cm of snow with my 4wd
Nah, it's just because I don't play around with it too often, so I just derp a bit when I should be using Forward(0,0,1) and the other constants
shoveling is for losers
I miss the snow
@DH. eh, long as it gets the job done
@Chris send me $50 and i'll ship you a container full of it
11:09 AM
I don't think you can ship a container filled with (essentially) water for $50
Though wait, that depends on the container
@Jon I preferred it when it was free
I was thinking of shipping containers
@Chris shipping and handling man, it gets you every time
yeah, when it costs more than the contents
@Tyyppi_77 Well well well, we meet again.
At school so no time for a big fight
11:18 AM
Pleeeease <3
starts a big foodfight
How are you?
I'm alright, can't sleep. hbu?
Okay, tons of school work todo so no dev time today... luckily holiday from thursday to the next monday
11:20 AM
I'm glad we talked earlier, even if it was a bit rough at first
Yeah me too
@Jon i'd pay $50 for a container of snow ... assuming it was still snow when it got here
Although I would like to know how snow is, 50$ is a lot of money around here so I wouldn't pay that :P
@DH. the container is probably going to have to be worth that at least in order to get it ther in the right state
just sell it on arrival lol
Any kind of shipping to here costs 15$
So you get the idea how far and how expensive importing is
11:33 AM
not really ... shipping a letter here is cheap enough but as soon as you get something in a box it goes expensive like that fast
I was excited to see Blizzard Store enabled shipping here to Brazil, but when I saw the shipping I was just "OK, when I'm rich I'll buy that" because 15$ is 75% of what I would pay for the stuff
@Wardy But it doesn't need to wait over a full month for the delivery really
There was a guy that actually did this last year
He shipped crates of snow
And made a ton of money
@DH. lol it probably costs them $15 to get a guy in the states to put that item in a box
I already saw a guy that sends animal poop to whoever you want
11:35 AM
complimentary glitter bomb
cards against humanity sold cow shit
Makes me wonder if that glitter thing is still alive
it said, this isn't a trick, its literally cow shit -- they sold 10K units
And literally shipped cow shit to people.
shows how bored people are with their lives imo lol
11:37 AM
@Jon 10k people bought cow shit?
well, most people thought it was going to be some secret stack of cards
But it ended up not being that at all... they were serious about the shit
30,000 actually not 10
6$ x 30K
@Jon ROFL that's awesome :) i love their card games
these guys literally made 150K selling shit...
11:38 AM
I wonder how they got that huge amount of shit for delivery
farmers probably lol
I know cows shit everywhere, all the time, but someone needs to get it
If you ever get the chance to walk trough a pasture for cows, don't do it
you will feel like you're on minesweeper
This guy keeps hitting it out the park with his videos, lol
reminds me of when I visited Sydney
trying not to step on syringes on the street
(okay, wasn't as bad as a pasture, but still)
Flappy Bird was probably the poorest highest profiting game of all time.
I though that Flappy Bird didn't make any money
yeah it didn't make money
Really? I thought it made a ton...
11:43 AM
The guy made it completely free
Flappy Bird, Dong was making like $60k/day I was reading with its ad revenue for a time
There was an ad in it.
The guess was that it was making around $50k/day.
I never saw it
@Tyyppi_77 That's a lot of sales
And I had the chance to download the original one
11:45 AM
I would guess that it made that amount of cash for around 200 days or so on average, probably netting the author something like $10 million.
I plan to use Unity's Networking Services for their relay and matchmaking goodness, it's easy to set up
catch is that you pay for bandwidth, which is fair enough
but if I make my game pay-up-front, and the Android version gets pirated heaps (or even the desktop version), I dunno if it will be a large amount, or if I'd want to implement some sort of authentication thing on my end
Hum... maybe pay inside the game?
Although a lot of people would complain thinking the game was free while it isn't...
I haven't really thought about how I feel on that sort of monetisation yet
yeah that's the thing
personally, I'm not a big fan of in-app-purchases
but I know some don't mind
if the cost is small I could just not worry about it
if it's out of hand, can always shut down the service and rebirth it under a new structure if I'd have to
Could just have ads, which would likely offset any cost.
Ads suck
It then becomes a case of battling my consumer-friendly morals with my capitalistic desires
11:50 AM
There are ways to prevent piracy to some extent, if you design it correctly.
Especially with networking features.
You would need a huge player base to ads pay the server stuff
Unless you put those annoying videos
I'm not your typical mobile gamer
I see a giant ad and I will probably just uninstall it
I'm out of touch with what people are willing to put up with lol
If I see anything obstructive during my gameplay
I'm impatient enough as it is when developing
I'm more and more getting to the point of being willing to pay a buck to not have ads...
11:53 AM
putting up with crap during game is infuriating
nowadays, developing a game is more about fucking over the person playing than actually providing an experience
Yeah, I like it when games have that option
see, and that's horrible eh
all about sucking the user's wallet dry
Yes, it is... but that is how people vote, with money
rather than building something of quality first
And if it works, you are not going to see it get better.. it is going to get worse.
Hell, developers are selling the idea of a game before it is even out now
11:54 AM
Just make another hundred Flappy Bird clones and put ads in it
Why the hell would you pre-pay for a digital download???
Just wait for it to come out -- all this early access pass bullshit is ruining it
Early Access is so... meh
People are buying games before they are out!! think about that man
You don't even get a gameplay video
People are buying the DLC before they are announced
Its messed up
11:55 AM
"Oh hey buy our game and will see how awesome it is. Receive this bullshit artworks together with the game if you do so"
I bought Starbound thinking about the promise, since it sounded cool but
I feel so ripped off
The game gets updated like once every year, and the updates don't even change anyting that big to justify it
At least you didn't buy cubeworld
Wollay, probably the biggest piece of shit to ever make games.
man, I bought Cube World
Tim Schafer is also a piece of shit now
I also bought cube world.
With the promise of a damn game -- release the source code you piece of shit
At least Tim released source code for his failed project
My plan for my sequel is to sell alpha/beta access on itch.io and IGS, and then once things are pretty much near completion, then go for Steam Early Access, but not linger in it for very long
Early customer feedback is quite helpful I find
Its the least he can do considering he made over a million dollars
11:58 AM
ah, that space base thing eh
he uses his name to round up money
Then doesn't deliver after getting 6x what he asked
The guy can burn through money faster than you can imagine.
I'd like to know what he paid himself out of that kickstarter fund.
Anyways, it must suck to be a dev -- work on a game for a year -- then get laid off before you can release it
game development really is a volatile marketplace
not much job security
12:14 PM
Game Developers apparently have the highest satisfaction of any programmers.
Yeah, on that Stack Overflow survey eh
it's 1am and I'm compiling Wii U builds lol
my kid's gonna wake up in 5 hours
woe is me
Doesn't surprise me. I bet half of the programmers, especially those younger programmers often found on SO, came here in some part because of games.
12:32 PM
I have no idea how to do anything so i figured I'd just make games.
I've done a few interesting things with software, mostly analysis stuff.
@Jon lol been there
Done some fun Android stuff as well, and a few interesting simulators.
I used to think I was reasonable as a programmer then i tried to make games
now I have daily facepalm moments
12:34 PM
I used to think I was a reasonable programmer, and then I learned about design patterns.
Now I'm back to thinking I'm almost a reasonable programmer...
The best thing is that you don't need much to make a game. My first one was a kind of tactics game on a A3 piece of paper painted in squares with plain/forest/water/hill/mountain areas in them, played with Lego bricks representing units.
sounds horrible.
I played with ZZT/ Megazeux, which really aren't all that different from Unity when it comes down to it.
lol i learned about patterns and was like "yeh right who uses those ... i mean look at this code sameple <insert anything from any system you ever worked on>, see no-one actually uses patterns right?"
then I got a clue
It actually played rather well. And all the rules fit on another piece of paper.
12:36 PM
I had my ego stroked when I took over for a programmer that I swear never heard of functions...
Is it me or are devs now obsessed with saying "yup i folloewed every pattern in the book so it's all good!"
functwhat now?
There was a huge amount of code overlap, by the time I was done, I think I improved the speed, functionality, extensibility, and reduced the LOC.
I'm a hacker type programmer. I don't sit there and think of all the stupid architecture shit I am going to put in
@PearsonArtPhoto lol reminds of a 20,000 line of code CRM system I was given to "maintain" a few years back ... 2 aspx files, no code behind
12:37 PM
I think about it for a few seconds, then implement it
@Jon then refactor it
This was done in C++. There was some organization, but seriously, the number of LOC that were duplicated...
I just know some people that rather talk about coding, than actually code
that's pretty much my workflow ... build something then ask "how could this be better"
You see questions like that sometimes on SE -- you know who they are.
12:38 PM
My boss told me I was only allowed to reduce the code if I needed to touch it for some reason. I found reasons to touch most of the code, just to simplify it.
@PearsonArtPhoto that's dedication to a cause lol
I wish I had looked at the before/after LOC count, but I'm sure there was less after I switched companies.
i'm gonna do a line analysis of my current project.
That was actually quite a bit of fun overall. It was quite possibly the best job I've ever had in a lot of ways. I didn't care much for the company, but the work was fun, and the team was fun.
My current project has ~250,000 lines of code
sorry -- current solution.
12:54 PM
I think my game has around 10K lines of code, approximately... Hard to say really. Of course, a lot is contained in prefabs as well, which don't count into that.
I don't currently code at work at all.
@Jon can VS count the lines of code in your solution for you ?
its not the best metric, but it gives you a rough estimate
my API project consists of multiple solutions, so not sure how big it is lol
@Jon where is it? ... just curious
under Analyze
Analyze -> Calc code metrics for solution
oh i remember this stuff
WOW, that refactor seriously made a difference
last time I checked I had over 100k lines in this solution its now like 12k
that said it won't be counting the stuff in nuget packages
I packaged up my framework
interesting ... my framework only comes in at 2k lines
my lowest maintainability index is 72, all other projects are like 78+
so that's pretty good
1:56 PM
Maintainability index?
Interesting, my game thus far is only 2600 lines of code...
Maintainable Index of 79 on the entire project this far:-)
we had a microsoft dude evaluate a previous project at work
they gave us this detailed report on our code maintainability
it was pretty interesting
near 0 score in the unit testing part
haha ... is that even possible?
I thought that was basically impossible to do
I even tried a few times lol
yeah, not sure how we got it, but it happened.
the worst code I could bring myself to write still comes out around 40 to 50
I just can't write worse
Oh I mean, the microsoft report, from a actual person
2:06 PM
haha maybe their reports are more critical lol
If I took this report on the company product, I know a few functions that would receive 20 or less
I did my duty on the 3d computer and graphics..
2:30 PM
Paying attention to the metrics allowed me to find a bug I didn't realize I had...
Er.. why you posted this Jon?
it looks amazing??
Well, the game was already released month ago
your point?
a good game is still a good game. I hadn't heard of it yet.
seriously chill out man
2:50 PM
That this is just a trailer, so I would expect real gameplay by anyone other than the devs, since they do post edits and all sort of productions to build hype
@DH. Presumably for people like me who have never heard of it before.
@DH. Posting a gameplay vid could spoil parts of the game.
Any sort of trailer is a small spoiler really
damn that looks good
In the reviews, they say the concept is good but it lacks a deeper history and the puzzles don't get too different trough the game
But the game is cute and good anyway
@AlexandreVaillancourt why are there so many questions with more than 10 votes :(
2:59 PM
@KevinvanderVelden Because people don't understand how A51 works
I don't know... I knew straight with my first vote that it was a limited resource...
@DavidFreitag yup, that's why
And the fact that it said "missing 12 questions with scores of 10 or more"..
I really don't know otherwise.. :/
A51 should have a thing when you try to vote on a 10 "hey... that doesn't help"
3:01 PM
When I went into that A51 I voted mostly question that were with 9/8 votes
@Almo Or a hard cap to 10 on questions until the minimum is reached
To be fair, it allows people who are "I kinda want to help but eh at effort" to just spam votes and then the people who actually want to help can redistribute their votes
I've done that more than once (the redistributing bit)
1 hour later…
4:30 PM
How do you call it when you want to design an 'expandable' window where you have 8 'frame' parts (four corners: top-left, top-right, bottom-left, bottom-right; and four sides: top, bottom, left, right), that can adapt to the size you want to give to the window?
Is there a common name for that?
9 pane? Or something like that
You're just skipping the middle image :)
9 patch, 9 slice, 9 pane.
All of the above.
yeah; I think there is a generic name for that but I can't get my finger on that
kk, thanks!
9 patch seems to be the common one
Or at least google doesn't show window frames like for 9 pane
4:35 PM
Yeah, that's good!
9 slice also gives proper results. So anything but 9 pane
Yeah; it's for documentation.. writing 9 pane and expecting ppl to google that will make me look dumb :P
Music sounded like Mass Effect 3's background music
good luck with that
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