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7:00 PM
flagged for what?
A: Does any technology prevent a CA unilaterally revoking a certificate?

Phil LelloIt seems the consensus is that no current technology does. I'd like to see a model where a server can present multiple certificates. For example, self-signed for basic encryption, and 0..N for affiliations, for example: An HE federation asserts the owner is a university A government asserts a...

@Matthew that's an opinion plug not an answer
flog flag it
@TildalWave ... from the OP, actually.
yes I realize that, but it's still not an answer
@ThomasPornin Yeah... That seemed odd
7:04 PM
It seems that when he posted the question, he wanted an answer along the line of "CA can attack you, this is bad", instead of the answers he actually got, that said, basically, "your question does not make a lot of sense".
It happens occasionally. Someone goes to SE, not to get an answer, but to get validation for his own opinion.
@ThomasPornin I was kind of hoping he'd accept your answer today, once it got over 10 points, and mine was at 25!
@ThomasPornin good point, voting to close the question as unclear :)
@Matthew Eh, the populist badge.
@ThomasPornin Yeah, and if you're on SO, you can get downvoted as having "not answered the OP's question," which is fundamentally wrong/incorrect/insecure to begin with
I only have 4 populist badges. There are not many people misguided enough to accept another answer than mine.
7:08 PM
@ThomasPornin That's the one
@Matthew did you get it?
@MarkBuffalo No... I don't think either of our answers were the one the OP wanted, as @ThomasPornin said
It's hard to get, because that kind of answer usually gets downvoted
@MarkBuffalo I have it
@MarkBuffalo twice.
7:12 PM
on this site too
@kalina noice
i'm not sure if i'm a picky arsehole or pandora is really bad at recommending music
basically, I started taking part, got two populist badges in like a month and then decided not to take part anymore
@Ohnana s/is really bad at recommending music//
Pandora will never play the music I selected to listen to
@TildalWave :|
7:22 PM
@Ohnana Pandora is shit.
I maybe will hear the band I am interested in hearing once or twice in a 2 hour span.
I've not seen a single "here's what else you might like" feature done good on teh interwebz
Yea I got spotify and dropped Pandora
@TildalWave You've never used GMusic then
yuck google is worse
7:22 PM
@DavidFreitag nope
@kalina I have 3 populist badges in five years. Clearly you are more of a nerd than I. I knew it.
@Xander was just lucky
@kalina Was not.
why does torture seem to be the "in" thing to include in AAA games
I'm not sure I want to see a woman getting electrocuted and then tortured with water
@kalina Eww.
7:24 PM
Metal Gear Solid V has the full set of everything I hate in it as well
Oh yeah... well.. I've got a talkative badge.
@kalina because it's a lazy way of forcing the player to have feelings
attempted rape scene, torture, and abuse
it's also a moment for forced self-reflection
@Ohnana that was deep
7:25 PM
if done properly, it can be very powerful
if done wrong it's just obscene
@Ohnana just teasing, I had some other thing over that part of your sentence and that's how I read it at first... I did go huh but by the time I activated the chat to read the rest of it I started accepting the short version LOL
Cutscenes in games serve only to annoy me
@TildalWave too late i'm crying in the corner
"Ok please finish with whatever it is you're saying that I don't give a shit about, let me shoot stuff"
look at what you've done
7:26 PM
@kalina I think the problem is that every game seems to feel the need to be that bit more extreme than the last one with the the inevitable consequence that they end up taking it way too far
@DavidFreitag I feel you man.
@Ohnana if done "properly", as you put it, I still wouldn't want to see it
@CameronVerotti JC3 was supposed to be my salvation and they royally fucked it up
@kalina and that's totally okay. personally, i'm a fan of content ratings calling out things like that so you can avoid shit
@DavidFreitag I like them in Final Fantasy... to an extent
7:27 PM
They need to bring back the obscenity filter for games
and there was that one game that allowed you to turn it off
@MarkBuffalo Never played a FF game
maybe if video games are going to include such adult content they could rate the game accordingly and maybe introduce a "contains this content" warning where such things have to be explicitly mentioned
@DavidFreitag This is right up there with voting for Adolf Trumpler
@CameronVerotti Or the STORY_MODE=OFF argument
7:27 PM
@kalina it's like GoT, each season they seem to feel the need to be grosser/more explicit than the last, and they've started taking it too far
or Hitlery Clinton
metal gear solid 5 should require everybody associated with making it to see a shrink
@kalina I shudder to think if they're going to include that kind of violence in VR gaming...
Look can we just make a game where I shoot stuff?
@DavidFreitag Then you have the games that do not let you skip...
7:28 PM
quiet is a super assassin who is sexually objectified to immense levels
@kalina Modern Warfare did that with the terrorist stage. It explained it at the beginning of the game, and gave you the option to skip.
@CameronVerotti There are ways around that
@CameronVerotti then you have the games that force you to take part (GTA5)
@RоryMcCune Where? Where have they taken this too far? Those damn, dirty games. But which one? There are so many of them. Let me know which one so I know which one to avoid
7:28 PM
@kalina oooh yes
I bought GTA5 and totally regretted it
@Ohnana "Content Descriptors: " does not include "Torture"
@MarkBuffalo that's Game of thrones just watch the last season and you'll see...
@RоryMcCune I am only up to... Season 4 or 5?
Which one are we on now?
And now I really want to play Stardew Valley
7:29 PM
> In one sequence, players are directed to use various instruments and means (e.g., pipe wrench, tooth removal, electrocution) to extract information from a character; the sequence is intense and prolonged, and it involves some player interaction (i.e., responding to on-screen prompts).
it's in the extended rating section
ESRB is been lazy on ratings
But my desktop isn't setup and all of my laptops are rickety and ancient
@MarkBuffalo 5 is the latest one, 6 is out next month
@Ohnana no, "in one scene" in small print is insufficient
@Ohnana oww, sorry ... here, have a flower ❀‿
7:30 PM
@RоryMcCune Is #5 the shitter-death?
The list in Content Descriptors should be listed in order of severity
@kalina fair point
@MarkBuffalo no that was 4
the box art should be "CONTAINS TORTURE" in bigger letters than the game logo
Get yer flags in while you can, guys!
7:30 PM
A: How to patch "keyless entry" car keys?

GreggDSo, are the manufacturers going to change the system so that the car shuts off if the key becomes undetectable?

and then the developers will stop doing it
@kalina doubt it
but the content descriptors were created when torture and violence weren't a thing
FarCry 4 was an excellent game
7:31 PM
@DavidFreitag if you had to walk to the checkout with a box that said "RAPE" in size 100 font and "Metal Gear Solid 5" in size 30 font, you probably would think twice about it
@DavidFreitag My kids are playing that one right now.
I don't remember a second of the storyline, but I remember all of the killing
@DavidFreitag I haven't played FarCry since the original.
@kalina pffft who the hell buys games from not steam?
@Iszi I am not going to carry my key FOB in a pepe can.
@Iszi :)
7:32 PM
@DavidFreitag Console gamers.
@Xander FC3 is a great game, but it's very storyline heavy. FC4 is just a great game, and it looks soo good.
@Xander What is this "console" you speak of?
Must be some sort of archaic outdated thing.
@kalina ah, the good old "we'll shame the hell out of you, but we'll stop short of actual censorship"
@DavidFreitag I love story-line heavy. Half-Life 2 and the episodes are my favorite game ever.
Glorious PC Gaming Race!
@Ohnana well once you open the door to censorship bad things happen
7:33 PM
@Xander Well FC3 isn't that storyline heavy, but I honestly prefer a game with zero storyline. And FC4 has a storyline, it's just completely ignorable
Like JC2
@kalina Thought that door was pretty open already.
@DavidFreitag Ah, gotcha.
plus, it's worth noting that worse things have happened to living breathing humans than what happens to the characters in GTA V
You can just play the game and blow shit up without worrying about the storyline
@CameronVerotti I'm talking about the kalina universal solve all problems system
7:34 PM
@kalina oh haha!
which would be introduced after getting the population of earth on regular marijuana hits
The division has a nice short but sweet storyline that I am not too bothered by...
@kalina Censor me. Shame me.
@kalina Just put some in the water, nobody'll notice.
I've been bad.
7:35 PM
@MarkBuffalo Giggity ( ͡◉ ͜ ʖ ͡◉)
I just clicked flag by accident
@DavidFreitag "hey this tastes like bong water!" "don't think about it"
I'm so sorry I meant to reply
but pizza said no :(
7:36 PM
here comes the mod squad
@kalina There is no confirmation?
@DavidFreitag I started typing while looking at another screen
"Click yes to accept incoming modswarm: "
spacebar = ok
@kalina I fucking hate that
7:36 PM
I am on the last leg of this project
anyway I was going to say
only a few things left to go... it's due tomorrow
and it's killing me
I figured it you just grew lots and then set fire to it that the entire population of earth would get stoned anyway
I will get used to it. This is necessary
7:37 PM
@kalina Yeah and anyone within a few thousand meters would get super stoned
@DavidFreitag yes but if you had a plantation every few thousand meters and did them all at once
@kalina It would be so much easier to just put it in the water
I'm OK with spacebars :)
@TildalWave Yeah space gay bars :P
I'm OK with those too
7:43 PM
I fucking hate virtualbox.
@DavidFreitag Given that it's crap, why wouldn't you?
@DavidFreitag right there with you on that one
@Xander Because up until recently it has worked just damn fine
@DavidFreitag why the hell are you even using Virtbox
@CameronVerotti Because it's free?
Because, AFAIK, on win7 it's the only free solution
7:45 PM
there is too many!
@DavidFreitag Quit being a cheapskate, and make your boss buy you a copy of VMWare Workstation Pro.
Those are just unix utilities, how does that have anything to do with a VM host?
I just like saying box... I never said I wanted to contribute anything useful...
@Xander Trust me it's not me being the cheapskate.
@Xander VMWare Chinese Backdoor Pro
7:46 PM
@DavidFreitag hyper vee
@DavidFreitag The networking functions of it are so horrible... Especially after using VMWare
@CameronVerotti Why not? VirtualBox is awesome.
HyperV... a Windows OS inside a WIndows OS
@kalina Not on Win7.,
7:47 PM
@kalina has shitty linux support and doesn't work on windows seveeeeeeeen
@Xander get a real OS
@DavidFreitag You'll need to reinstall windows, probably
Yeah fuck that noise
I had the same problem, and 19214312940234 different fixes didn't work. It mysteriously began working again as soon as I reinstalled windows.
@DavidFreitag The Linux support seems to be reasonable these days. Granted I don't do a ton with Hyper-V, but I haven't had any issues with Linux on the current versions.
7:48 PM
@MarkBuffalo I will use it at home, but never in my companies infrastructure.
@CameronVerotti You would use VMWare Chinese Backdoor Pro on your company's infrastructure?
@Xander same
all I hear is whine
@MarkBuffalo Its the safest bet.
@Xander If it worked on 7 I'd use it over virtualbox in a heartbeat
@DavidFreitag get a real OS
something from this decade
you wouldn't admit you're running a linux from 2009 so why would you do that with windows
7:50 PM
@kalina I had to switch from 10.04 to 14.04 because it's too old
14.04 has LTS i think
...that's kinda the point...
oh that trusty Tahr!
And finally it booted... piece of shit.
Put it out of its misery @DavidFreitag
7:52 PM
Everyone, relax, daddy's home.
@Simon you want me to call you daddy?
pls no
@Simon #Chat-Killer
ok bye again then
8:01 PM
^that's mental a PDF that's a self-hosting website
@RоryMcCune lol, good ol' travis
@RоryMcCune beautiful
I'm going to throw up again
@MarkBuffalo stop eating food that's out of it's sell-by date?
and/or being pregnant
8:11 PM
@MarkBuffalo you're sick
@RоryMcCune I think this might be the case... or maybe I'm pregnant
drink Gatorade, get sleep, slow yourself down
@RоryMcCune their PDFs are a work of art - they're both PDFs and ZIPs :) I don't think they work with adobe but evince has no problem.
@MarkBuffalo taking some of the pressure off your wife?
@Ohnana ha. she gets to stay home and do whatever all day
no pressure d:
8:13 PM
@MarkBuffalo i mean, pregnancy is a pain in the... well, everything
pain in the stomach?
feet, joints, bladder, etc
@Ohnana Prior experience?
@MarkBuffalo nope, just listened to waaaay too many people complain about it
My wife has been off work for weeks with pregnancy sickness :-(
8:16 PM
@AviD Hey, what's up with these silly customs over here?
Q: Why do we play bagpipes, get drunk, and wear green on Moshe Rabbeinu's Yahrzeit

NicSo today is Moshe Rabbeinu's Yahrzeit, and there are many people in the streets commemorating this by wearing green and drinking. There is also a large prevalence of bagpipes. I was wondering what the source for this minhag is. This question is Purim Torah and is not intended to be taken com...

@Matthew :-( Hyperemesis gravidarum?
> purim torah in jest
@Iszi Ha ha ha.
@Xander No, thankfully she's getting enough food in and keeping it in, although we have seen the doctor a few times with it
8:17 PM
Why the hell does windows not have support for ext4 filesystems
@DavidFreitag Because it has support for NTFS! Who would want any other formats?
@DavidFreitag because it doesn't fit their agenda to take over the world
@Matthew That's good. My wife has had that with every pregnancy. Thankfully she's been able to control it for the last couple with the help of medication.
@CameronVerotti I don't care about what M$ does, how is it that nobody has written a 3rd party application to do this?
@Matthew Careful with that. Hopefully, your wife's employer is more understanding. But mine fired her about a month after she'd been back, because they'd suddenly noticed the "issues in her attendance history" (completely disregarding that they were doctor-excused). The job was crap enough that we didn't bother fighting for it anyway.
8:19 PM
@Xander She has some anti-emetic meds which are helping
@Iszi She works for a university - her annual sick leave limit is really good, and it's heavily unionised too
@Matthew Well, I hope she feels better soon regardless!
@Xander Me too - I hate seeing her feeling so rotten, and not being able to help her directly
8:41 PM
Ok, I have to admit, the Paragon ExtFS program is pretty nifty.
Albeit super sketchy
nifty and sketchy :o
@DavidFreitag cuz go fuck yourself
@Ohnana (ಥ﹏ಥ)
@Ohnana But I'm not in linux
8:55 PM
stfu and appreciate my joke
That was a joke?
Oh, great, now my vm isn't even trying to boot.
@DavidFreitag Hehe. Reminds me of this for some reason.
@Ohnana C'mon, my own wife won't even do that for me. What's gotten you to expect anyone would do it for you?
9:23 PM
WOOOOHOOOO kernel finally booting. I mean, it kernel panicked, but it's a start!
time to scan through the dmesg? @DavidFreitag
@CameronVerotti Oh, I know why it kernel panicked
It's trying to load the rootfs from nand even though it's not on there
@Iszi I decided to comment on the logic of "you don't really know what you're asking" to that question you just answered
9:27 PM
so kernel starts booting, then goes dafuq there ain't no rootfs there, dummy!
goldernit, it's an ext4 filesystem, not ext3.
d'oh compiled without support for ext4 :d
@DavidFreitag Your mom was compiled without support for EXT4
OH SHIT SON! You gonna take that?
@MarkBuffalo My mom was compiled without support for a great many things.
Lookin grim, mark, what you gonna do?
9:39 PM
@DavidFreitag :( I'm sorry
@MarkBuffalo We're all only human
Well, that de-escalated reasonably.
@MickLH Yes, because you weren't involved.
Psssh, I provided that comic relief that just saved us from WW3
@DavidFreitag Who?
9:40 PM
@MarkBuffalo Do you have Mick on ignore or something?
No, he's trolling because if he actually did, he wouldn't ask "Who" when my name is clearly in your message.
@MickLH Or he blotted out your mere existence. It's something I have thought about doing.
If I had offended him enough to reach an ignore list, he would remember unless he was so traumatized that he had to protect himself from the memory
Unless he was severely lacking mentally, of course, but that's rude to assume
@Matthew Which, in a way, is more or less the point of my answer. Any question of the form "what can a bad guy do if he has X running on my computer" is essentially "my computer is pwned and needs to be killed with fire".
9:46 PM
@Iszi just go with the john oliver answer: "he can see your dick pics"
@Ohnana LOL
@MickLH Stoppit.
I was really hoping we could start using a kernel newer than 2.6, but alas...
@Gilles This.
@Ohnana Yes, indeed. In fact, we should do this to all the 10 Laws of Security: s/it's not your computer anymore/he can see your dick pics/
@Iszi No, no gender neutral. They can see your dick pics.
9:48 PM
@Iszi Yeah - I've been trying to pick my battles with answers now... Sick of getting moaned at by posters who don't like their answers
There are female hackers too ya know.
@DavidFreitag Well, then we'd have to do more work to gender-neutralize the description of an attacker - currently, it's "bad guy".
@DavidFreitag they wouldn't be looking at your naughty bits. they get enough of that online
@Iszi "Baddie"
@Ohnana Yeah, but what if they need a good laugh?
BTW: I'm totally taking "dick pics" and making it a meme. Writing it up now.
9:49 PM
@DavidFreitag fair point
@Ohnana It's hysterical though
@Gilles Do you mean stop treating people in the way that I have inferred they must prefer, based on how they treat me?
@MickLH I don't recall @MarkBuffalo ever treating you like that.
Probably because you're not me, and so you don't catalog every interaction I experience in my life.
@MickLH aaaand you aren't stopping. Ok.
9:51 PM
@MickLH Right, and two wrongs make a right.
@Gilles Now I'm genuinely confused...
@Gilles Can I polish your boot before you kick him?
oooh @Gilles waddidhedooo
oh no i had him on ignore
@AviD Being generally antagonistic and insulting to pretty much everyone
Trying to pick fights with @MarkBuffalo and myself
9:53 PM
@AviD being an extremely boring troll
hmm. Sounds like he was trying to fit in?
And that ^^
@Gilles ahh, boring, we can't have that.
you should point him at @ThomasPornin's meta post on how to be proper funny.
oh look it's more gamedev people, hi hi new person
@AviD No, we pick fun at each other because it's fun (and funny). For us it's like banter between siblings. With him he was genuinely trying to pick a fight.
9:54 PM
Who are you talking about? Have I got someone on ignore by accident?
I would never waste my time picking a fight online, I have a stack of papers I need to write. I come online to relax and chat with friends.
@jesus.exe sorry, that came off as really aggressive
kinda forgot how to people there
9:55 PM
Most do in this place
Or in most places online, actually
@Ohnana Silly, trolls never knew how to people.
true dat
I, of course, forgive unconditionally and instantly, so we're good by my book.
@DavidFreitag With some, it's like siblings. With others, its like the less-gifted cousin. With @Simon, it's like the weird kid who lives down the street and eats nothing but mayonnaise on saltines.
Oh, you forgive us for kicking you? Oh, that's funny.
9:57 PM
oohh @Gilles ONN FIIIAARRREE!!
@AviD Yeah, but you know what I mean :)
@Gilles that's three beers now I owe you :D
@DavidFreitag this is someone else you goofball
However, I have a feeling we will see that one again.
keep your people straight
@Ohnana Nope, same person different sock
9:59 PM
@Iszi heh. thats funny.
@Ohnana I tell @AviD he's trying to pick fights, and his reply is "False. I'm far too busy being awesome."

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