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12:06 PM
3k rep... O_O
how ruthless can I (should I?) be with these close votes.....
12:48 PM
@CAI as ruthless as necessary :P
congrats! :D
(that's a party hat apparently)
1:00 PM
I recognised it :)
1:44 PM
@CAI congrats
@CAI Yay more help!
2:00 PM
wait.. I thought he was doing the tag wiki and you were editing the posts??
@Darth_Vader context?
you.. pew pew bad tags.. cai.. albert einsteins the tag wiki..
@Darth_Vader seems an adequate description of things lol
ok quick question... if I skip something in the review queue i cant get back to it can i?
and yes, when I pew pew I actually pointed at my monitor did the pew pew
2:05 PM
Speaking of which, - opinions?
@CAI think there is a time it will come back
@CAI you can if you have the link or after a period of time I think
@ZachSaucier change it to career tag
wait we dont have a career tag, lol
2:07 PM
about to say...
@Darth_Vader of course. you have to!
Id close the question anyways for being too broad.. opinions.. everyone has those, doesn't mean they are the answer
that's why we're in chat :)
its like that question magically appeared at a time where no votes or comments existed
@ZachSaucier I was in chat to vent.... and..
a/s/l <!-- now that shows my age, lol
lol. havn't heard that in a while
2:09 PM
so should we close this:
Q: Career change - FED to Web Designer / Digital Designer - Advice :)

rapture89First off, apologies if this is the incorrect forum - I did have a gander to see if I could find a job / career forum but alas couldn't find one. As the title suggests I guess you could put me in the category of Front End Development as my previous roles have been focussed on such. Roles that re...

Q: Tips and resources for beginning designers

Andy GroffThanks to the internet, graphic design and programming are becoming increasingly overlapping fields. As a programmer, I constantly find myself needing basic knowledge of Graphic Design, but have trouble locating thorough yet concise graphic design learning resources, and instead usually find bi...

Yes to both
either that or too broad
Q: Does Photoshop have the same UI on Mac as Windows?

EloffIt seems most tutorials are on Mac, I'm wondering if they will be easy to follow on Windows and I could use my existing Windows computer, or if I would be better off buying a more expensive and weaker Mac.

who flagged that as opinion based?
I can see why it could be voted like that
one more vote and a mod doesn't have to step in, lol
is Adobe cloud really not cross platform for a user?
it is cross platform
2:21 PM
ok so the user must be using an older version that requires him to install it based on:
@Johannes I don't have a Photoshop license yet. I need to decide between Mac or Windows first because the license is not cross-platform from what I've read. And how is a question about Photoshop not about graphic design? Unless I really misunderstand what this community is about... — Eloff Feb 25 at 2:51
CC is cross platform. pre CC isn't
eventually it will be all web based.
\o/ yay
I dont agree with that
firm believer that if I pay for software I should own it, you dont own Adobe. Also the price is getting crazy..
@Darth_Vader agreed
2:27 PM
furthermore I dont agree with how Adobe does their SDK. people figured out how to utilize InDesign SDK to their advantage so they now audit how you use it and you have to go through a form and approval process to be granted the key. If you say you're going to use it in an application they've built they will tell you sorry you have to buy that application.
yeah their SDK is trash. It could be so powerful, but they just don't want to devote the resources to it I guess :\
but it is evident that none of the Adobe application departments talk to each other. Their scripting documentation for one application is completely different then an other. It should be seamless.
So no other opinions on ?
all the scripting docs are a bit of a mess
and whats with all the PDF docs?
@CAI jongware has killer documentation but no tutorials..
@ZachSaucier nuke it, that why I removed it from the question =D
2:32 PM
@Darth_Vader jongnore?
let me find em
oh bummer it looks like he deleted his account =*(
this is his site: jongware.com/idjshelp.html
couldn't find him on SO anymore
yeh looks better than adobes docs.. still not ideal though
no idea why adobe wouldnt have some decent online docs
seems stupid to me
2:37 PM
because it would mean they would have to open their application more
speaking of ranting applications.. I cant wait for Apple to be one single OS
is there a plan for that?
@Darth_Vader that doesn't even make sense
it annoys me so much
@ZachSaucier yes look at the updates coming through.
eventually when iPhone stops being so locked it will be more like Android
shareholders dont want it to be unlocked so hence the reason. If you look, script, or do anything against the OS you can tell and look at how the applications are operating you can tell.
if they don't make it more open then Apple will continue to die
that depends who you ask.
2:43 PM
gotta love clients going bust literally days before completion of a big project :(
Of course it's IMO :P
I love my macbook and Ive been through all three.. but then Id be considered a developer
@CAI yikes.. hope you got paid
duno if you were here i was talking about it the other day..
found out via theyre local news website!
@Darth_Vader I can't find a good article talking about the unified OS
2:44 PM
@ZachSaucier its not in article form yet.. hence if you work with the application you can tell
and i got paid up to a point.. still a chunk outstanding. just had an email now saying he has no money but still wants the work!
@CAI lol
@ZachSaucier theres no official plan or announcement or anything like that but its obvious from the way both OS's are going
@CAI can you do a offer out right for the remaining?
@ZachSaucier exactly
2:47 PM
I hope they don't unify, that was a huge design blunder for Windows 8
or if they do, do a better job than Microsoft
@Darth_Vader he is is offering to set up a payment plan but its nowhere near close enough to pay everything off anytime soon.. i'm gona sit on it for now. I'm not rushing to give him a reply
his exact words "you may tell me to F off!"
thinking about it
@CAI ya sorry I wouldnt do a payment plan. I would say this is the flat fee for the rest. payment plan just is another way to get burned
I would say pay a flat fee you think is fair and then leave it at that
@Darth_Vader unless i set up a payment plan and he waits for the work. he said he flat out doesnt have the cash right now. I duno i'm leaving that for another day
@JohnB sorry! it was a quote so it wasnt me :/
anyway Its getting late and i need to draw some insects!
2:52 PM
heh, no need to apologize for him, sounds like an interesting character to work with
well he comes across as a decent guy 99.99% of the time.. just seems to be a bit liberal with the truth.. emailing me that after I find out he's not paying me from a random news site
heh, candid!
@CAI sounds sneaky, lol
3:06 PM
yikes.. I ran out of coffee grounds!
4:02 PM
anyone out there having problems with Chrome lately?
Nope. What sort of problems?
what kind?
password no longer save after telling it to and a few plugins dont work
started switching to firefox cause of this
haven't run into those issues, but not sure I've tried saving a password the last few days
you running v 49.0.2623.87 m
The 3D proposal has a month left to get 13 more example questions, let's help give it a push again meta.graphicdesign.stackexchange.com/a/2940/8708
4:07 PM
only one month? :(
yep, gonna be tighttt
All some people need to do is juggle their upvotes :/
Cow's ad on Blender just needs one more upvote meta.blender.stackexchange.com/a/1014/199
It would be really meh if it failed again :(
@JohnB done
4:11 PM
@ZachSaucier: Yes. I am interested in the correct usage in general. :) — elegent 15 secs ago
rep-farmer, lol
4:26 PM
4:42 PM
@ZachSaucier oh I get it, I'd rather have that question than an Adobe question..
didn't we find a nicer term for that?
I forget what it is
@ZachSaucier edited, I know it's not meant to be offensive but someone might see it that way
5:10 PM
hey @shettler, welcome to the chat
welcome @shettler and @user3412846
5:22 PM
so.. i know it's been discussed enough times but is 3d off topic?
I genuinely have no idea
Time for another meta post? :p
My personal thoughts: application specific questions (like the ones we have for Illustrator or Photoshop) don't fit here because we don't have the audience. General 3D questions (like composition and stuff) are okay
My wish: please can we just have a 3D site to send all 3D questions to so we don't have this discussion anymore
@JohnB yup
@JohnB please!
anyway im off
later people
Hello. I'm not profesional web designer. I'm trying to make a web design for my website. My problem is that I have 3 menu bars and I can't pick right colors that would look good and provide best UX. My current design i.imgur.com/1NJvOIi.png | Can you give any advice, examples how could I aproach this problem. Thank you in advance.
5:39 PM
A: Is there a good resource or tool to help build a palette/color scheme around colors I select?

Zach SaucierThere are a lot out there, but here are some of my favorite generators. Most listed allow you to enter in your own color like you specified. ColorFavs - Palette from image as well as gallery of palettes & colors from other's images Pictaculous - Palette from image (opposite is image from color)...

a set of colors that groove nicely together can make all the difference
@JohnB Thanks! I will definetly check that. Can you give comment on layout ? Do you think this is the best way displaying items i need?
5:54 PM
@user3412846 I would probably find another way to organize all those categories
@JohnB Thats helpfull. Thank! :)
Possibly create a bunch of main categories then divide everything into subcategories, only display relevant ones when called upon. That's how most e-commerce stores do it, it works well
a bunch of unorganized links like that just makes it hard to find what you want
Of course I can see all those are just placeholders, so maybe you already had something like that in mind
6:20 PM
@user3412846 What is the top menu for? It is a bunch of random topics
what is the site for?
@ZachSaucier Well yeah I actualy have something similar in mind.
@ZachSaucier It's a portal for imigrants were they can find new dates sell stuff find info about events find companies that are offering services for them and etc..
"find new dates"?
Zombo.com 2.0?
that is quite a wide spread of things for a website, don't you think you'll have more success if you focus on one thing?
7:04 PM
@JohnB lol.. you can do anything at zombo com same like in my project :)) I can see the humor but I did my research and i think there is a niche for this kind of entertaining website. And there is successfull examples of "zombo.com you can do anything here" websites so Ill give it a try :) + im learning coding
It's just a very, very large scale for one person, especially just starting out
I recommend you start with something smaller then perhaps expand later
@ZachSaucier That is true.. That is why im starting from Classifieds. But I would like to see final site in production with all it's functions i have in mind. Hopefully i will finish them and wont "burn out"
GL HF. I am not going to give more advice on the design
Thanks! Actualy I found the inspiration from graphicdesign.stackexchange.com website itself. Im not making 3 nav bars ill make one top navbar second like in stackexchange and categories will be placed in white coontainer. It looks good (for me) but thanks for advice anyway. Cheers
8:09 PM
@mods can you message this guy to explain please?
it looks like he is OP of that answer and he created a new account
Does a mod have to remove the protection for the user to edit their question?
@AndrewH only a lock would require that
protection just means no new answers from users with < 10 rep
ah, I see the problem
Based on the edit it sounds like the OP cannot edit their question and is writing answers
8:25 PM
lost access to the unregistered account for the original question, now posting with a new registered account
It just sounds like the user is just saving a smaller version for web and then using CSS to scale the image back up and is wondering why it is pixelating.
@ZachSaucier messaged, thanks
I'd kinda just like to nix the unregistered account capabilities, this problem happens too often :\
and mods are powerless when it does happen, all we can do is point them to the contact form
8:52 PM
What happened to the original account?
3 hours later…
11:32 PM
Q: Modifying questions that are very popular

go-juntaThis question got a lot of attention and had 2 questions in it, which are related: Selling a logo to a business who did not ask for one The first one was about a strategy to sell a logo made during a school project. The second was about how to estimate the price to ask for it. The second part ...


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