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1:12 AM
@JasonB. My fat fingers on my iPad seem to have downvoted your recent answer about histograms and that was not my intent. Sorry. It appears I can only take that back if your answer has been edited.
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8:22 AM
Personally I don't think this should be closed as off-topic: mathematica.stackexchange.com/questions/78504/…
@kirma @Silvia No, I'm still confused:
- 1 pp = 1/72 inch
So if I have 96 dpi screen (and assuming dots are equivalent printer points) the ratio pp : px is not 1:1 and WindowSize -> {2560, _} should not be full width window.
Ahh, where am I missing something?
How to install various Mathematica packages should be on-topic, as it is directly related to Mathematica, it is about using Mathematica in practice, etc. It shouldn't matter that the package is made by WRI or someone else.
Maybe we should have a meta post on this and decide?
@JacobAkkerboom You have IT background, help me :P
@Kuba My number is definitely bogus, or does indicate something that doesn't make sense...
@kirma my is 96dpi for every screen.
And MMA says so
@kirma so assuming it is 96dpi, should I have window width the same as screen width?
8:31 AM
I'm not certain at all any more... :)
8:43 AM
@Kuba Ah unfortunately that's not really my background :P. I've also gotta run to be in time for a football match right now
Spoilers: AlphaGo won, it's now 3-0 so it won 3 out of the 5 games against this top human.
Q: Moving discussion from comments to chat removes deletability ‎- rationale?

Yves KlettPrompted by a recent transferral of a long comment discussion to chat by a moderator, I noticed that (this being chat then) previous comments become permanent. Not an issue in this case at all, but sometimes I like to remove a comment for tidying up. So just out curiosity, are there any serious ...

Q: What is a printer's point?

KubaAccording to the documentation it is a basic unit for size spec. WindowSize and ImageSize says: I would like to clarify couple of things: Is this the same what Wikipedia calls Point(in typography)? Because Printer point seems to be something different. (notice no "'s" there) Is this the same...

@kirma @Silvia Posted a question, hope this will clarify things :)
9:03 AM
@Kuba I believe it should be the same as point in typography...
@kirma Me too, but now we have to find a flaw somewhere else in my reasoning :)
2 hours later…
11:29 AM
@JimBaldwin lol I saw that happen, assumed someone found my code to be bloated compared to DrB's answer. Good to know was a mistake. No worries
@Kuba concerning your question on the printers point, etc: I made some interpretations of my own on the following answer mathematica.stackexchange.com/a/310/78
I just assumed that the printers point is always 1/72 inch, and that Mathematica reads the screen dimension wrong (as can easily be seen on the ruler, etc...)
12:35 PM
@P.Fonseca Thanks, forgot about that topic. So do you agree with my statement:

"So it means the safe way to go is just to assume that the base unit in FrontEnd is pixel. But when printed it will behave as defined with correct printer points."

The first part seems to be proven but about the second, I don't know if MMA respects printers dpi (maybe it doesn't matter, I don't know I don't print so much :P)
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3:38 PM
Someone around for a stupid q?
3:58 PM
@Dr.belisarius I'm feeling pretty stupid. What's up?
@MichaelE2 Hi, Solved, but it was confusing for a few minutes. Look:
Thread[{#1, #2} &[{a, b, c}, {1, 2, 3}]]
(* {{a, 1}, {b, 2}, {c, 3}} *)
Now look at this slight variation
(* Thread[{#1[1], #2} &[{a, b, c}, {1, 2, 3}]] *)
I felt sooo stupid
@Dr.belisarius I just did something on that level looking at a question.
@MichaelE2 We all have "those" moments
But politicians tend to hide them :)
4:19 PM
@Kuba I think I have the answer. Right now composing :)
4:39 PM
@StackExchange What does it mean?
being an "owner"
Does he ought to pay taxes now?
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6:20 PM
3 hours later…
9:02 PM
Does anyone agree these are duplicates: (91534), (109841) ? (My lone vote can close it, but I don't like to do that.)
2 hours later…
10:50 PM
@MichaelE2 I agree. I have voted to close as duplicate. It is also difficult to answer the newer question in any meaningful way since it hinges on a feature from version 7 (StoppingTest) which does not run on my v.10 any more.

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