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12:00 AM
This is not a good situation. The fake citation is potentially dangerous to you, if you treat the fake-citing paper as legitimate. Maybe it was some sort of mis-statement, but maybe it was deliberate falsification. No easy way to know. If deliberate, it is very dishonest. — paul garrett Feb 27 at 20:58
Misquoting people is a strong offense and we should always be very wary of doing so.
12:30 AM
I don't know what are you comparing. In today's edit someone added a first name and title! But I don't want to extend this discussion
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4:03 PM
Q: If Rabbi Google quotes Mi Yodeya, can i rely on his advice?

ScimonsterThe Israeli Rabbinate is considering granting smicha (rabbinic ordination) to Google. Now, assuming he gets accepted, what if Rabbi Google's answer is to look at Mi Yodeya? Mi Yodeya's policy states clearly: Q: Does Mi Yodeya offer personal guidance in response to practical questions about J...

And we're off!
Did you mention it in chat?
@Scimonster Why did I think I've seen this question before?
@Scimonster Hmm. I guess us chutznikim aren't allowed to answer yet.
1 hour later…
@DoubleAA Nice! Tell Jin!
How did you come across those?
@Scimonster ... and we're on the HNQ ...
6:00 PM
Feb 5 at 9:24, by Scimonster
"If Rabbi Google quotes Mi Yodeya, can i rely on his advice?" (I'm saving that for Adar II.)
Other saved ideas:
Nov 19 '15 at 20:15, by HodofHod
@IsaacMoses Q: Does Dina D'malchusa forbid me from using commas outside of backquotes?
Feb 12 at 17:38, by Isaac Moses
@DoubleAA bees? My understanding is that you have to use date honey for it to work.
Feb 12 at 17:51, by Isaac Moses
PTIJ: "How large do the skywritten letters have to be, when one proposes marriage via skywriting?" vel sim.
Dec 1 '15 at 7:12, by Double AA
Arguably the funniest typo in a major online Jewish text http://www.chabadlibrary.org/books/default.aspx?furl=/adhaz/piskey/13
Jan 21 at 17:20, by msh210
@IsaacMoses PTIJ... if you use scare quotes, does your acceptance of friendship count toward the requirement?
Dec 20 '15 at 5:24, by Double AA
Mar 8 '15 at 22:13, by Double AA
@YeZ I wonder if a cache-monster is a behema or a chaya?
@DoubleAA I'm looking forward to this one
6:16 PM
@DoubleAA Thank you, O Moderator, for your zerizut in facilitating community content-generation.
@DoubleAA / mods, I think this one from the end of last year deserves more answers and therefore petition for its re-opening:
Q: Can you give mishloach manos to yourself?

ShokhetMy friend teaches at a Sunday school, and made mishloach manos with her class last week. One very bright student asked her, "What if there's no one for me to give mishloach manos to? I can't give it to my friends in public school (very strict rules about bringing in outside food); can I give it ...

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7:20 PM
@IsaacMoses Done.
Q: According to the Vilna Gaon, why doesn't Kaddish open with "יתגדל ויתקדש כרעותיה"?

Seth JAccording to the Vilna Gaon, the opening line of Kaddish is very disjointed. So much so, that most people are, ostensibly, mispronouncing one of the words. Grammatically, it would also work, and it would seem to make more intuitive sense, to say: יִתְגַּדַּל וְיִתְקַדַּשׁ כּרְעוּתֵהּ שְׁמֵהּ...

^ I first read the title as "... why doesn't Kiddush open..." and thought it was PTIJ.
@msh210 Thanks
@IsaacMoses en b'ad ma
I got my post out right away to give as much warning to people as possible before Rosh Chodesh starts tonight.
#zerizin #hokheiach #ptij
@DoubleAA I'm glad to see that we have al mi lismoch for celebrating RH
@DoubleAA Thanks, I'll make sure to eat extra sufganiyos. Since they're left over from Chanuka, they're super-yashan.
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8:40 PM
Q: Modulo the Mods

Double AAI'm told the mods here are "msh210", "MonicaCellio" and "DoubleAA". How do I calculate the equivalency classes defined by the congruence relation $a \pmod p$ of $a \in \mathbb{Z}$ for $p \in { \text{"msh210", "MonicaCellio", "DoubleAA"} }$? (rendered Mathjax)

@DoubleAA Rosh Chodesh started hours ago #LivingInIsraelAsOpposedToTheUS
@msh210 This revision history is indeed worthy of
8:59 PM
@Meta-Man I know I'm out of my league when I find obscure halachot more accessible than the math in that question. :-)
Note: I do not tend to find obscure halachot accessible.
ולדלג תחנון לשמך הגדול :)
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it doesn't meet the "Torah" requirement of "Purim", "Torah", and "Question" (meta.judaism.stackexchange.com/q/797/1713) — Daniel 1 min ago
Possibly the first application of the updated PTIJ policy
@Daniel yup, I agree.
9:15 PM
Q: Are all Jews really Arabs?

DanielThe Gemara (Shevuos 39a) says כל ישראל ערבים All of Israel are Arabs. Is this true? I always thought that my family came from Eastern Europe. If it is true that all Jews are actually Arabs, what is the best way to leverage this fact to help promote peace on earth? This question i...

This has garnered 3 answers, two of which have gotten offensive flags. I don't think this post should stick around as it's not generating funny answers.
@DoubleAA hmm I might be personally biased but shouldn't a question be judged on its own merit rather than on the merit of the answers?
@Daniel Posed in a public forum, it's kinda asking for trouble.
@Daniel Generally yes. PTIJ has ambiguous boundaries which we should always evaluate in favor of maintaining a good time for all. If it's causing problems, even if well intended, it should go. IMO.
@DoubleAA Let's give it some more time; maybe someone will come up with a good one soon that can redeem the question.
@DoubleAA I don't see what's offensive about the two extant answers.
9:25 PM
@Scimonster I'm not convinced one good one can save it for this purpose if it's likely to generate 3 times as many bad ones
@DoubleAA Fair enough. I do agree that the point of PTIJ isn't exactly to find the best questions and answers but rather to have fun.
@msh210 I didn't flag either, but valued community members did. No need for anyone to be offended by PTIJ
@msh210 one was deleted for being offensive
(oops i was misremembering the second offensive flag here and the one here judaism.stackexchange.com/questions/69067/god-boxers-or-briefs . my point still stands though i think.)
I Will do the honors if people believe I should
9:31 PM
@Daniel To be clear I have not had my mod hat on in this conversation.
@DoubleAA ... Except in reporting that flags are flying
There, i provided an answer. Now that i'm נוגע בדבר i'm requesting it not be deleted. :)
... was not expecting that to be starred
Right now that question has 4 answers: 2 upvoted, 1 neutral, 1 DVed and deleted. Overall score - positive.
Hey @DoubleAA, now that I've had some of the math explained to me (elsewhere): nice meta question. :-)
@MonicaCellio You want to bring that explanation here? Some of us still don't get it.
9:49 PM
@Scimonster Basically, "mod" is (in math and programming) typically short for "modulo". So if we have msh210 is a mod, we should be considering numbers modulo msh210, like numbers modulo 3. The numbers modulo 3 form equivalence classes, meaning sets of things that have a certain equivalence with one another (in this case being the same modulo 3, like 2 and 5 are the same modulo 3).
That equivalence (being the same) is also called a congruence relation.
@msh210 OK, i think that helps. Thanks
Why can't I see the <HR> in that post?
When the modulo is a number and you're doing typical "modulo" arithmetic, the things in the equivalences are integers (numbers, call them a if you like, in the set of integers ℤ). That's why the question says "relation of a ∈ ℤ".
@msh210 8^P I doubt that, in this case.
"∈{...}" means "in the set of things: ..."
@IsaacMoses Yeah, mostly kidding. But I see it.
9:53 PM
@msh210 The Z was the missing piece.
Probably worth linking to this from there.
@Scimonster comes from a German word related to the Yiddish tzel (to count) IINM
@Scimonster Nah, people will figure it out with enough Wikipedia-reading....
@msh210 In your browser, there's a horizontal rule above the bolded rule?
@IsaacMoses Yes
9:54 PM
@IsaacMoses Yes. Both are horizontal, actually, but only the second one is bolded.
I guess this is off-topic on MY, but does anyone know the original Greek name that Onkelus is a Hebrew/Aramaic transliteration/variant of?
@msh210 Uncle Louis
@IsaacMoses I don't know Greek, but that sounds vaguely non-Greek to me.
@IsaacMoses I always thought it was Uncle Us
10:05 PM
@IsaacMoses I can confirm that I was also taught Uncle Louis in yeshiva
@Daniel @IsaacMoses Okay, I guess you guys must be right, then. Thank you!
@DoubleAA The Arab question is a HNQ.
@IsaacMoses / all ^
@msh210 Might it be worth it to preemptively protect it?
@Scimonster Done.
10:34 PM
@IsaacMoses How 'bout here?
Thanks for that everyone. </sarcastic> Now it's late, and davening is early (i think it's Rosh Chodesh or something like that). Should not have stayed up reading and writing all this PTIJ... even though it's fun.
1 hour later…
11:44 PM
Some say Aquila; see the Wikipedia page on him: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aquila_of_Sinope

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