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12:00 AM
@lirtosiast Wow, that's interesting
@lirtosiast Wait, maximum required* number of moves
Split personality? @LuisMendo
I'm considering a challenge where you are given a partially filled scrabble board, a new word (and its location), and you need to score the word
but I'm worried about it being too complex...how many of you would be interested in participating in such a challenge
12:10 AM
@lirtosiast I'm definitely interested.
It might be a good idea to create a new chat room to discuss this.
@flawr First map the reals to (0,2pi) with g(x) = 2 arccot(x). Infinity goes to 0.
@lirtosiast oooh that is interesting
Then f(x) = g^-1(2pi/3 + g(x)) = cot((2pi/3 + 2 arccot(x))/2) is a 120 degree rotation on that.
2 colors is actually easy, its the size of the diagonal
There are 2 nums a, b such that f(a) = b, f(b) = infinity, f(infinity) = a
Change the function so f(a) = a, f(b) = a instead.
I think that's your function.
12:14 AM
@lirtosiast But that's not continuous?
user image
^ spotted on Facebook
hmmm, with 3 colors, you can easily construct a board that requires the maximum number of moves:
Oh yeah, I see why.
and I'm pretty sure you can repeat the pattern with more colors
I'm not sure how many moves the above board requires, though
Well, I think the last cell to be reached will be the one in the opposite corner.
@DonMuesli Oh, I didn't see the continuity requirement
@El'endiaStarman not necessarily. You can spam 0,1 to reach it quicker
oh, true
Doing 1 2 0 repeatedly will finish in 12 moves.
@lirtosiast It looks to me like it might be impossible to achieve. But intuition ofteh fails in these cases :-)
@El'endiaStarman why 12?
12:21 AM
@flawr No. f has to be bijective, therefore monotonous. If f were decreasing, f o f o f = id would be decreasing as well. Since f is increasing, if x < f(x), f(x) < (f o f)(x) and (f o f)(x) < (f o f o f)(x), so x < (f o f o f)(x). Similarly if x > f(x), x > (f o f o f)(x). Therefore, x = f(x) for all x.
bijective, therefore monotonous good point! That's the key
@Dennis +1
12:36 AM
Q: Why is this a duplicate?

AMACBRecently I asked this question: Solve a quadratic expression. Seconds after I posted, it was flagged as a duplicate of Resolve quadratic equation, and was downvoted several times. The two titles look similar, but, as I put in the comments, ...The main challenge for mine is interpreting a stri...

12:46 AM
Additionally, please do not try to argue your case for why a challenge isn't a dupe in the challenge text itself; that's what comments and meta are for. Especially do not revert an edit that removes the unneeded text. — Mego 20 secs ago
Is this a reasonable comment to make?
A bit stern, but not overly so.
I fear that the user might start an edit war over that unnecessary chunk
In that case, just flag for moderator attention.
12:48 AM
@Mego Yes. We should really change the 'was flagged as dupe; please click this close button or edit your question to clarify why it isn't' message though
Kind ------- neutral -- you ----- stern (scale)
@lirtosiast That's one of the things that doesn't fit our not-a-Q&A nature.
Should one downvote a dupe?
You should downvote an uninteresting/low quality challenge
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Not for being a dupe.
12:49 AM
@flawr CA.
The criteria for downvoting is independent of the criteria for closing, in most cases
So one should've downvoted that challenge because...?
It is quite often that a question fits both criteria, imo.
Because the string parsing significantly detracts from the quality of the challenge; it's a cumbersone I/O format
12:51 AM
I think that string parsing a quadratic equation might be interesting
Short version: downvote if it sucks, and close if it has major issues
especially if terms aren't combined
@Mego "Parsing a string is not interesting" isn't the objective truth
I liek that idea.
12:52 AM
There are languages in which it's fiendishly difficult (TI-BASIC)
@NathanMerrill A combining-like-terms challenge would be interesting. Splitting a string based on a simple regex and then doing the meat of another challenge is a dupe.
12:52 AM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ People downvote things with or without reason, but more often than not I think it's because they find the challenge uninteresting in some way.
@Mego oh I agree that the two challenges are dups
@Mego Many languages don't have regex, and for those that don't the parsing could be more difficult than than the solving.
but if I were to say "take x^2+5x+7" and return (1,5,7)
especially if the terms can be reordered, thats interesting
the combining like terms is an optional requirement, but is still interesting without it
@lirtosiast And that's why it crosses over into cumbersome I/O format territory
12:55 AM
If you guys are going to try to make this viable, maybe you should invite the OP to chat?
It's either incredibly trivial or incredibly cumbersome
I do think a plain parsing challenge would be better than one with the quadratic formula added.
1:06 AM
So something like "given a one-variable polynomial expression, output the coefficients of the simplified polynomial"?
@Mego would it be in standard form?
@Maltysen Not necessarily
could it have multiple terms of the same exponent?
That's the point
what about things like (3x)^2
1:09 AM
You could get something like 4a^2 + 3a^5 + 2 - 3a + 2a^2
I'm not the one who came up with the idea for the challenge; don't ask me :P
@personwhocameupwiththischallenge ^^^
Output the coefficients, or just simplify it to standard? Roughly the same I guess though.
But I'd say the 5 basic arithmetic operators (+-*/^), plus parentheses, would be fair game
uh what
1:10 AM
he really wanted to make sure it was deleted.
But the most recent action was undeleting it.
I'm confuzzled as fukz, yo.
he changes his mind a lot?
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I guess so
1:13 AM
25 mins ago, by Dennis
In that case, just flag for moderator attention.
There's nothing a moderator can do about that though.
Nothing a mod can do about a user potentially starting an edit war?
SE must have an equivalent of 3RR
Well, we can delete or lock it.
1:16 AM
I'm primarily confused why a mod said "do this" and then the response was "don't do that"
I interpreted Dennis' comment to mean that it should be flagged if an edit war erupts. At present there's been one edit and one rollback, and you left a comment. Assuming you don't edit it out again, no edit war will be had.
So I shouldn't have just edited it out again?
Yeah, I would have recommended against that.
Okay, it's on a one-hour lock.
My bad, sorry
1:20 AM
It's alright
Q: Solve an algebraic expression

AMACBThe Challenge Your task is to create a program that can solve an algebraic equation. Input Input will consist of a String. The string will be an equality involving the variable x, and follows the following rules: x will never have a power associated with it The valid operations in the equati...

I know that's a dupe of something
I just haven't found the dupe target yet
Oh heh I thought he reposted the same thing. My bad.
Q: Solve an algebraic expression

AMACBThe Challenge Your task is to create a program that can solve an algebraic equation. Input Input will consist of a String. The string will be an equality involving the variable x, and follows the following rules: x will never have a power associated with it The valid operations in the equati...

Q: ASCII art a tree like [C language]

Rasheed AI hope I'm posting in the right section. So the task is pretty basic: The height h of the tree shall be an inputted natural number for this program, here's an example for h=5: View post on imgur.com So I can see that the number of blank space for the first iteration = h - 1. What's a simple w...

1:45 AM
Right tool for the job :)
Hah, it really is
@AlexA. are you going to play minecruft with us
It even beat Mathematica apparently, by virtue of the Mathematica answer being deleted
@AquaTart Is that a question there is no punctuation
I have like 15 second ping >_<
1:51 AM
@AlexA. That's a question
@Mego I've noticed bad lag too
I had a 16 byte Pyth solution, but floats
@Quill Is your headphone cable in your shirt?
Yeah (thanks, mobile)
2:06 AM
In the room description, should "General discussion for codegolf.stackexchange.com" be changed to just "General discussion". I think it should
@Quill Oh yeaj? Doesn't that feel weird to have a plastic cable up against you?
There is a thing that says rooms shouldn't stray from topics that don't belong on the parent site
@Quill and that is applicable to us because we golf with avocads on the main site?
@Quill If it's a rule, then it's not enforced very well...
@AlexA. no, and these headphobes have a fabric cable
2:09 AM
@Vihan It's not a hard-and-fast rule; it's a guideline.
@Vihan enforcing chat rules is the task at the bottom of every moderator favourite things to do
But we definitely shouldn't remove the mention of our parent site in the room description. This isn't a general general discussion room, it's general discussion for our site.
What's wrong with that?
What ever happened to the "don't add rules that disqualify existing answers" rule?
2:11 AM
It lives somewhere on meta.
That's called answer invalidation
This is a food / politics / probably some others, chatroom at times though
@Mego the guy is like 4 hours old on this site
@Maltysen He's getting a rude awakening to our rules :P
@Vihan speaking of politics, I got introduced to the donald trump theme song. and… o_O
2:12 AM
Some chatrooms won't change their name from "SiteName general discussion" because they think it'll be unclear who they belong to
@Vihan Yeah, we get off topic. Many rooms get off topic at times.
Over here…USA! Over there…USA! Freedom and… liberty… everywhere!
@Maltysen Relevant
oh yeah I saw that
make donald drumpf again rofl
2:25 AM
@Liam When you get a chance, please rescore my submission. Revision 35 should make a huge difference.
Because it wasn't fast enough already apparently :P
There's no such thing.
TIL Dennis is a cheetah.
Btw @Mego, did you try again with the portable integers sizes? I don't know what else it could be...
@Dennis Not yet; I'll do that now
2:35 AM
@AlexA. Now I get that "Make Donald Drumpf again" thing.
I saw the video on Facebook, but didn't watch it.
@Dennis Shouldn't the line sieve = malloc(sieve_length * sizeof(long)); be changed to sieve = malloc(sieve_length * sizeof(uint64_t));?
Still having issues even with the portable int sizes
$ ./timepi '-march=native -O3' pi 1000
pi(x) = 106304942    real time:  3836300 ns
pi(x) =  75656860    real time:  2723100 ns
pi(x) =  70296234    real time:  2684100 ns
pi(x) =  38400974    real time:  2078000 ns
pi(x) =   6305450    real time:   526400 ns
pi(x) =   2683894    real time:   450400 ns
pi(x) =   1679067    real time:   214600 ns
pi(x) =      4369    real time:    33800 ns
@Mego Definitely. Did you change that before testing?
Have you tried without -march=native?
@Dennis Yep
2:41 AM
Without -march=native gives the same results
I also tried explicitly casting the UL values in the macros to unit64_t's
#define bit(k) ((uint64_t) 1 << ((k) & 63))
#define ones(k) (~((uint64_t) 0) >> (64 - (k)))
@Dennis will do.
I'm an idiot
I figured out what the problem is, I think
2:45 AM
I'm using a 32-bit toolchain
Installing 64-bit gcc toolchain now...
I don't know enough about C to tell if that could make a difference.
With the 32-bit toolchain, it can't use 64-bit ints
So *int64_t is probably just an alias for *int32_t
Of course you can use 64-bit ints.
2:49 AM
Not when the toolchain is building x86 code
@feersum You just have to believe.
See above.
I'm pretty sure I've used 64-bit ints in 32-bit applications.
Use the magic you know, Captain. Believe.
Well, this is my best guess
2:50 AM
If using 64-bit gcc doesn't work I don't know what will
What platform is the code not working on?
Windows with 32-bit Cygwin
$ ./timepi '-march=native -O3' pi 1000
pi(x) =  93875448    real time:  2879500 ns
pi(x) =  66990613    real time:  2288700 ns
pi(x) =  62366021    real time:  1952200 ns
pi(x) =  34286170    real time:  1260000 ns
pi(x) =   5751639    real time:   554500 ns
pi(x) =   2465109    real time:   202500 ns
pi(x) =   1557132    real time:   158200 ns
pi(x) =      4339    real time:    44900 ns
The 32-bit platform was the issue
The code must have some mistake, if it works differently in different compilers.
2:52 AM
It's not just the compiler; it's the whole platform
32-bit Cygwin uses 32-bit programs. Programs compiled in 32-bit Cygwin are 32-bit programs.
Link to the code?
In essence, Cygwin32 pretends to be a 32-bit x86 Linux install, and so the tools work like it's a 32-bit platform
A: Calculate the number of primes up to n

DennisC, 0.035885s (Mar 6 2016) #include <math.h> #include <stdint.h> #include <stdio.h> #include <stdlib.h> #include <string.h> #include <time.h> #define cache_size 16384 #define Phi_prec_max (47 * a) #define bit(k) (1ULL << ((k) & 63)) #define word(k) sieve[(k) >> 6] #define sbit(k) ((word(k >> 1) >>

Should still work though.
2:54 AM
Final time: 0.00953902 s
@Dennis You might also try using -Ofast in lieu of -O3. -Ofast is -O3, plus some fast-but-unsafe math optimizations that don't seem to affect this code.
Unsafe math optimizations?
If it doesn't affect the code, how can it improve it?
@El'endiaStarman For floating point, presumably.
I mean it doesn't negatively affect the code
At least on my computer, -Ofast is slower. I haven't been able to speed any code up with -Ofast afair.
2:59 AM
Oh wow it's being slower now, too
On 32-bit, it was faster, but also the 32-bit issues :P
@Mego Could you try again with 32-bit and change __builtin_popcountl to __builtin_popcountll?
That should still cause a fail if sizeof(long) is 4.
@Dennis Yahtzee
Correct results :)
3:04 AM
So it was the popcount function returning a long that caused an issue
smh intel use portable int types
0.0126962 s ಠ_ಠ
On 32 bits? That is expected.
Good thing the timing platform is 64
3:08 AM
There's a lot of stuff in the code that takes advantage of large integer sizes.
That can probably mitigated by using SSE.
@HelkaHomba Do you like my treehouse?
@Dennis is it expected on GeoBits as well?
@AlexA. I haven't seen it.
@HelkaHomba Okra
@AlexA. They added okra in 1.9? Completely different game now.
3:23 AM
@Mego No but they added igloos
You should settle in one
@AquaTart I really want to. Hence why I was looking for ice.
I'll try and find out what the nearest ice biome is
Why does the Solve an algebraic expression have so many downvotes?
Because of rule changes after submissions were posted
@AquaTart I'd love you for an extra forever
3:29 AM
-6 seems a bit excessive for just disallowing built-ins
-6 doesn't seem excessive for a challenge that invalidated every answer with a late rule change
That user hasn't really shown any interest in working with the community, which probably contributes to the downvotes.
They apparently didn't read any of the relevant meta posts about challenge writing
And didn't use the Sandbox
3:31 AM
@Mego Especially since the rule change made the challenge unclear.
@Mego Not surprising as they're a brand new user. Still though.
They posted a solve-this-quadratic that was closed as a dupe, complained about it on Meta, then posted this solve-this-polynomial, and only disqualified built-ins after three answers had been posted that used built-ins.
If I rewrite the general challenge with a better spec, would be closed as a dupe of that one?
@AlexA. And that's exactly why we need a better tour page and help center :)
@Vihan I'd VTC the current one as a dupe if the new one is objectively better
3:32 AM
@Mego Yes. Yes pls.
@Mego Game changer. You can grow okra and when you craft with it you make bhindi masala.
Ok, I'll go porpoise a challenge in the sandbox then...
And put in H0 at the top: THIS SITE IS NOT STACK OVERFLOW.
@AlexA. omg i need it
This shows up in your inventory
@AlexA. brb changing pants
3:37 AM
(because I drooled all over them, dirty mind)
( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Thanks friendly neighborhood moderator
I do what I can to further the Lenny cause
Feb 22 at 0:59, by Doorknob
@AlexA. this is next-level lenny abuse
@Doorknob ( ^ ͜ʖ^)
3:44 AM
<       a -= 7, Phi_6 = malloc(a * Phi_prec_bytes + 15016 * sizeof(int16_t));
>       a -= 7, Phi_6 = malloc(a * Phi_prec_bytes + 15016 * sizeof(int16_t));
I hate it when diff does this.
what... what's the difference?
It's probably the ghost byte after the third a
Line endings?
Tabs vs spaces?
@Sp3000 I didn't know that ghosts could bite D:
3:47 AM
There was indeed a tab between 7, and Phi_6. Not sure how it got there.
@AlexA. you like it?
@Dennis that seems like a strange place for a tab O_o
@Optimizer YES
come to my place, I'll give it to you
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DowngoatI'll work on finishing the spec later, I'm just placing these here so I can start writing it Solve an Linear Equation This challenge with a better spec Spec Your program will take a linear equation containing a single variable x and output the value of x. [will write about output precision la...

3:48 AM
That sounds... like you aren't going to feed me okra
I prefer lady's fingers
Alex, I don't understand you
Less sketchy now but I can't purge the pre-edit version from my memory
you use lenny when he is not suitable
@Doorknob Well, it wasn't intentional. Deleted a line and... oops.
3:49 AM
and then you don't use lenny when he is suitable
my life is a lie
What's with you guys and okra? I used to have it like every other day before I quickly got sick of it...
@Optimizer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@Optimizer ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
So many lenny faces, so little time
3:51 AM
@Vihan dude...
every other day?
you like those fingers soo much?
@Doorknob Everywhere is a strange place for a tab. s/\t/ /g
@Mego those are 4 spaces, your life has been a lie
@Optimizer okay about every four days
I think we're at that special time of night where we
@Vihan and only in season
@Mego ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
3:52 AM
@Vihan How was it prepared?
I don't know why I typed life originally but it works too I guess
@Mego I literally just did the opposite.
@Dennis ಠ_ಠ
@Dennis ಠ_ಠ
3:53 AM
Birdbros know what's up
[ ]_[ ]
But I thought you loved tabs, @Optimizer?
Spaces or tabs, you can't have it both ways!
@AlexA. something like that
s p a c e s f o r l i f e
3:57 AM
@Optimizer <3
Duolingo gave me Ich sehe Menschen, and the first thing I wondered was: what's the word for "dead"? :P
(The translation is I see people.)
@AlexA. It's right next to my hill ._. Yet now I kinda want to build an arboreal abode also
20 mins ago, by Mego
I want that in my mouth
@AlexA. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
@El'endiaStarman El Cinco Senso
3:58 AM
oh, aqua tart ninja'd my lenny, nevermind
@HelkaHomba ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ It was the tallest tree I could find... next to your house.
Now that I'm finished, can I request feedback on this:
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

DowngoatI'll work on finishing the spec later, I'm just placing these here so I can start writing it Solve an Linear Equation This challenge with a better spec Spec Your program will take a linear equation containing a single variable x and output the value of x. Input / Parsing The input will onl...

4:20 AM
@Vihan finished doing what ? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
it just occurred to me
that @Geobits has been a downvote icon for so long
that I've forgotten what his original avatar was
Fedora guy
ohhhh yeah
i just heard it as "hello from the outer space"
@AlexA. ? You saved my years-old avatar? +17 creepy points for you, sir.
4:28 AM
@Geobits I just Googled it
Ok, only +4 creepy points then. You don't get to keep the others.
I can accept +4 I suppose.
How do I earn creepy points?
Ask creepy questions. Give creepy answers.
@Dennis should I be compiling or running with different options than before?
gcc -Wall -O3 -mpopcnt -lm -o dennisc dennisc.c
is what I've been using
4:39 AM
You need the -gottagofast flag
import sonic
sorry #include<sonic.h>
Dennis the Hedgehog
Oh, no, import sonic is proper.
4:41 AM
Because all running hedgehogs prefer Python? :P
@Liam Yes, -mpopcnt should become -march=native now.
This one does.
k i'll time it
(The latter implies the former.)
@Liam I read that as "kill time." ._.
4:41 AM
We do that all day every day.
Like, "it's killin' time, oh boy oh boy."
Ok, done with House of Cards for another year.
By the way, some of you guys might like this:
Speaker is Reshma Saujani, founder of Girls Who Code.
@Liam Thanks! Feature request: Make timing in header and body match.
Did they not?
I copy pasted lol
how did I do that
4:52 AM
I swear my clipboard has a life of its own from time to time.
It's Clippy, back from the dead.
Klipper, actually.
No, I mean the Windows Clippy. I don't know how he got there, but keep your eyes open and watch your back.
Yeah, I know what you mean.
4:54 AM
Yes or OK. Nice.
Did not know that clippy memes were a thing
Rule 50.
And they say we waste time.
4:57 AM
rule 34
Yea... that probably exists too
OK, Clippy porn has to be weird.
And potentially dangerous.
In other new, where do we stand on the whole mathjax issue?
I know it was messing with stuff, but are we going to get that back anytime soon
@Dennis It starts like this:
I stand on the side of Mathjax.
4:58 AM
@Liam Probably not
@Liam Step 2. Procrastinate indefinitely.
IIRC randomra posted some Clippy porn in here a while back.
uh what

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