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9:04 PM
Ugh, I have to go to work tomorrow
Q: If I encounter a travelling pokémon, is it gone forever?

PyritieIn PSMD, sometimes you find friendly pokémon travelling the dungeon by themselves, and talking to them will refill your HP, PP, and belly. After this, you are connected to them and you can use them in later dungeons. But sometimes you end up finding several of these in one dungeon where you real...

People ask some weird questions - "Can I become a commercial airline pilot in just a few years so I can sightsee the world for free?"
@CoolestVeto while I accepted your edit, it isn't much helpful as Modded minecraft crash questions are off topic (and that qusetion will be closed)
@ardaozkal Why are modded MC questions off-topic?
9:15 PM
Don't tell users not to constructively edit questions
@CoolestVeto Modding MC tech support questions are off topic, because it opens an enormous can of worms
@CoolestVeto Because this community decided that making tech support of a subset of one game off topic was a reasonable thing to do
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ furr enuff
And totally doesn't set a bad precedent you guys
Basically, users can have any combination of mods under the sun, many of which are poorly documented if at all. We're just not equipped to handle them
@CoolestVeto see, right, here.
9:17 PM
While there are certainly counter arguments to be made
(read in order)
I don't think think they're particularly well suited to Arqade as we are now
Regardless, and I want to reiterate:
2 mins ago, by two bugs
Don't tell users not to constructively edit questions
@twobugs I don't disagree, I do strongly disagree with the game-specific language involved in the decision that we're going with
@twobugs I'm not, I'm just saying that his/her edit will not be much helpful.
That's fair, I'm for a more "don't tech support modded games AT ALL" because it's just as bad
9:19 PM
I think that doesn't go far enough. We should just make tech support off topic
@ardaozkal But it IS helpful, even if the question is off topic.
@murgatroid99 Also a very fair stance
@twobugs Let me rephrase it: not as helpful as editing a question that will not be closed and then removed in a month.
@Unionhawk We are not the US legal system. I'm pretty sure we can recognize that modded Minecraft tech support is a rather unique beast and isn't quite apt to be used as precedent for future things.
Do not try to rank the "helpfulness" of a question...
9:20 PM
@ardaozkal But that's not a reasonable comparison. He can't just transfer that edit to another question to make it more useful
I'm educating the user on proper formatting. It's equally helpful. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
@CoolestVeto Yes, I agree
@Yuuki We have another decision that has consensus making specifically Clash of Clans "How do I attack this base" off topic, specifically
Do not pay much attention to @ardaozkal as a general rule of thumb
@twobugs someone needs to pin this.
9:21 PM
It sets a precedent that making game-specific decisions is a thing that we are comfortable doing.
Which I think is actually problematic
@ardaozkal Don't start with this.
@Unionhawk I'd say that those two scenarios are off topic for the same reason.
Do not make The Bridge/Stack Exchange into your "xDDDDDDD social experiment" or whatever
@Ronan ...because people do not like?
@Unionhawk I'd say too localized.
9:23 PM
@ardaozkal Which is no longer a close reason.
Guess what too localized isn't a reason anymore
And I don't think that was a good idea either.
Rephrase: They are mainly helping OP rather than multiple people.
I don't play Clash of Clans or know anything about it so I don't even understand the "attack this base" questins
@ardaozkal And? That's not a problem
If everything had to be general Stack Overflow would have never been popular
@twobugs I don't either but the same principle applies. I do not support the idea that we are comfortable taking that specific of a scenario and saying "this is off topic because it is a question about this game asking about this thing"
9:25 PM
@Unionhawk Yeah, I agree. We shouldn't make things off topic for a specific game "just because"
The rules should apply equally and fairly
@twobugs Some SEs banned homework-like questions.
Why? Too localized.
@ardaozkal That's not at all what I'm talking about and you know it.
Just helping op.
Yup. I was suggesting that there was a common 'thing' that makes those two types of question off topic, and if we could categorize that thing then we should just ban that.
"OP"? Who are we, 4chan? I thought the term was "asker".
Since we're a Q&A site.
Some people here are better suited for 4chan.
@Yuuki OP works in more areas than 4chan, yo. :P Really any forum.
@Yuuki I can't get the hang of "asker".
the dude who asked the question
9:27 PM
@Fluttershy I thought one of our things was that we aren't a forum.
or the dude or lady who asked the question
OP doesn't even make sense in this context
Since we are not a forum
No like, I can't get to using it.
@Yuuki Well OP is nice in that is stands for both OP and OP.
@Yuuki Oh, we aren't. I was just pointing out that OP isn't only a 4chan thing.
9:28 PM
Both of which apply to us
Yeah it's also a le reddit thing
"Asker" means "soldier" in turkish and makes me go "wat" when I read my message again later.
@Unionhawk Yeah that too
Baller fan-film
OP also has multiple connotations, mainly in gaming...
@twobugs Oh yes I didn't think of it but OP does stand for OP as well
9:30 PM
overpowered, server operator, original poster
@Unionhawk And original post
OPception: OP removed the OP as the game mechanic is now OP.
Since we are a chat room, OP would mean operator, which in SE terms would mean moderator
@fredley I think that it'd mean both RO and Mod
I mean that depends
9:32 PM
Let's stop talking about stupid things, and focus on the real issue here: ssh tron
Room owners do not have bans
No a kick mute is not a ban
@fredley is that as good as telnet starwars?
@KevinvanderVelden better
@fredley as good as IPv6 telnet starwars?
@KevinvanderVelden that's a thing?
9:33 PM
@fredley yeah, it has colors
Also extra scenes
For the lazy: telnet towel.blinkenlights.nl
9:34 PM
@ardaozkal Not sure a telnet command is exactly "for the lazy".
As in, I'm gonna wobble off to bed
@Yuuki for the ones that are too lazy to google it.
Today is apparently both National Oreo Day and National Overdose Awareness Day
... why is there a youtube video calling it a "windows hidden trick"?
It's not a windows thing
9:37 PM
@KevinvanderVelden It's especially funny since telnet is not enabled by default for Windows, IIRC.
Since after win xp I believe
Weird Trick To Watch Youtube Videos On Windows: Go to www.youtube.com
But yeah telnet apparently needs extra support (and a windows service IIRC?)
For a 5 kilobyte executable...
Q: Where should we direct users asking questions on modded games?

Alt-F4I was recently informed that questions involving Minecraft mods are off-topic. As a new user to Arqade who is attempting to help out the community, where should I direct users asking questions on this information? To be specific, I am referring to questions involving mod-specific crashes, not "g...

DJO do the best political dubs
10:13 PM
Ok, I feel weird.
Shortly: I had to do a job offer to someone.
However, 2lazy to explain, good night bridge.
Q: Is the weather report ever incorrect?

KrjaxI checked the TV on my last day of Spring - Year 1 and it said that it would rain tomorrow. SCORE! I can prep fields to start planting right away tomorrow (well, after the seed shop opens). After spending the time tilling the soil and fertilizing, I go to sleep, excited to jump into Summer withou...

Q: How do I use the /tellraw command

chunkymonkeymanI'm trying to do the /tellraw command. I know how but I want to know how to make text with more than one color and with click events.

Q: i keep crashing and getting this when I try o play minecraft, I am on 1.9

PixieYAMCompletely ignored arguments: [--nativeLauncherVersion, 301] [17:21:20] [Client thread/INFO]: Setting user: PixieYAM [17:21:20] [Client thread/INFO]: (Session ID is ) [17:21:22] [Client thread/INFO]: LWJGL Version: 2.9.4 [17:21:23] [Client thread/INFO]: Reloading ResourceManager: Default [17:21:2...

Q: NVIDIA Shadowplay only recording audio directly to mp4

Max BrowneI like to record CS:GO videos for my YouTube channel, and before this hasn't been problematic for me, but I've had this question on my mind for a while now. When i watch the mp4 file that was generated by Shadowplay after i finished recording, it would only play the audio, but not the video, as i...

10:44 PM
Okay I think I am figuring out how to become maximum overhitler
Since I have to go into work tomorrow I buy take Tuesday off and play The Division (yes I am buying this, shut up) + Harvest Moon
Great plan, me
Q: My friend can't join my server

deadmanwalking78My friend can't join my dedicated server and when he tried he got a message says "Server is not responding", do I have to port forwarding my router? I was trying to, but the options I have in mine are this: Type: Protocol: Remote host: Remote port range: Local host: Local port: Status: so what ...

11:01 PM
@twobugs If it wasn't for the parenthetical, I would've thought that there was a The Division x Harvest Moon hybrid game.
And now I really want a farming-themed shooter.
@fredley I'm so not clicking that. Why do you always indulge in horrible stuff?
Q: Teleporting in minecraft singleplayer

thelonelyamporaI have been digging around the internet for a few hours now trying to figure out how to teleport to my spawn point or to certain quadrants. Every single thing I find just tells me that entity UUID provided is in an invalid format. I have cheats enabled. I have tried literally everything. I have m...

11:29 PM
Q: What is the most efficient way to get new characters up to speed?

badpYou play through the tutorial and chapter 1, and it's easy. Then you play through chapter 2 and you start really having to have fire magic, so you create fire mages, but they're level 1, and you're level 6, so you go back and play the tutorial a few times, and maybe the first few levels, and it's...

Q: How do you make a Weather skeleton in Minecraft?

Demongirl10I don't know how to create a Weather skeleton and nothing has been working for me.

Q: How can I distribute all mobs evenly with /spreadplayers and /execute?

A.J. RuckmanI want to summon multiple Slimes, then make sure that they are never in the same block. (If it's not possible to keep them from being in the same block, having them be at least 1 block from each other would work too.) To do this I tried nesting execute commands like this: execute @e[type=Slime,...


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