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6:00 AM
@Egobits Yeah who doesn't love a good BDSM song?
@Mego Yea, you can only sing about how much you hate your parents for so long.
Ooh, for super 90s, throw in some Offspring
Already done :P
It's right next to the Green Day.
@Mego I saw the Offspring at Warped Tour a million years ago.
Whenever my gf and I hear "gluta glieben glouten gluten" on our Pandora playlist, we mute the speakers and bet on whether it's Rock of Ages or Pretty Fly
6:02 AM
I went to a Warped in Jacksonville. Sooooooo high.
You mean elevation, right? ;)
Yes. It's pretty far above sea level for a port city >_>
Offspring, Green Day, Korn, a shitty job I could call out from... those were the days.
Ugh Korn
6:04 AM
When was that?
It would've been late 90s.
Korn reminds me of my sister, and I'd rather not be reminded of her, so I never listen to Korn
Corn reminds me of your sister too
Looks like I'm not the only drunk one :P
Resemblance is uncanny
6:06 AM
TIL Mego's parents birthed a penguin and an ear of corn.
That's some very nice-looking corn, to be honest.
10/10 would eat
@AlexA. Texas is weird, man
I was only there for six weeks (and didn't see much at all of Texas), but I can confirm that it is indeed weird.
What part did you go to?
San Antonio. USAF basic training. So maybe I'm biased.
6:08 AM
@Egobits I can imagine that only visiting a state for basic training may give you a skewed view of the state. :P
Texas is big and I've never been there but I just assume the whole thing sucks.
@AlexA. Nope. Obviously it is all exactly as I experienced it :P
Know what?
@AlexA. I hear Austin is nice. As in a Washingtonian would fit in there.
dun dun duuuuuuuuun
Q: Read an analog clock

ghosts_in_the_codeYou are given the positions of the minute and hour hands of an analog clock as an angle of clockwise rotation from the top (12). So a hand pointing at 9 is at an angle if 270, and a hand pointing exactly in between 12 and 1 is at an angle of 15. Input will be two integer angles (in any order of ...

Ok playlist, skip the godsmack and get on with the white zombie.
6:11 AM
@Egobits Oh that's true, I've heard good things about Austin.
You used to have your full name on your GitHub, which was linked to your profile
@AlexA. Yeah but I have since removed that :P
Instruct the jury to strike this from the record and their memories.
Besides, my geoip info says something completely different from my current city
@AlexA. Cut me some slack, I'm drunk :P
@Mego Yea, last I checked mine said New Jersey because Comcast sucks.
6:15 AM
According to geoip, my IP originates from Frisco, which is very incorrect
I don't know what geoip is but it sounds like geobits
It is exactly like that.
Geolocation based on IP
or that
You give a database your IP address, it gives you where it thinks you are
6:16 AM
It really just gives the city where the ip block is registered, which is more and more inaccurate each year it seems.
Eww Limp Bizkit is in this playlist
@Mego Probably because they did some stuff with Korn. I haven't gotten that far yet I guess.
Best quote from the new Deadpool movie: "I'm gonna to do to you what Limp Bizkit did to music in the late 90's."
Good thing we deleted those totally inappropriate messages. That was ban-worthy.
@Mego Break Stuff?
6:18 AM
@Egobits Results May Vary
How do I find out what my geoip says?
It should list some city.
Mine says Mount Laurel, New Jersey, which I've never heard of.
That one says Richardson, which is also very incorrect
I assume Comcast registered there.
I also have Comcast. I really wish I didn't.
6:20 AM
Not another good option here :/
I have AT&T. It's just barely not Comcast.
Unless I want DSL. And no. I don't.
I haven't really had that many issues with Comcast, tbh. The problem is that when I have an issue with them, it's a serious issue.
Like when I moved last year. About a mile. The commercials make it look very easy. It is not. It took over two weeks for me to get my internet set up in my new place.
When I changed my physical address, they canceled my email address. When I called them they were like, "Oh you still wanted that?" They actually said that.
Yea, they cancelled my whole account. I had to set up another one and give them another distinct email address.
To this day when I sign in to pay my bill, I have to consciously think about what to login as.
Occasionally (read: every 3 months) my entire area will lose internet service, and it takes going through 3 chuckleheads at AT&T for them to realize it's not our router.
6:24 AM
So then a technician finally goes out and replaces the hamster in the service station
Oh, I used to have a problem every time it rained when I lived in Arkansas. Turns out it was a cable they had laying on the ground that had been run over by something. I told them about it three times before I just spliced the cable and heat-shrank it.
That was CenturyLink I think.
If you lived in Arkansas you probably had other problems, too
Well, yes. I wasn't living there by choice. Seven years in Arkansas was the price I had to pay for three years in Tokyo. Worth it.
Why Florida now though? Washington is so much better.
6:27 AM
It really was pretty much like you'd imagine, though.
I dunno, even then I think I'd just stay in Tokyo
@AlexA. Family near here to help out with the kid every now and then. Tonight, for instance.
Ah, that makes sense.
@Mego Yea... I would move back today if I could.
I'm listening to Smells Like Teen Spirit and I'm realizing that I still have no idea what the lyrics are
6:28 AM
@Mego Something about eating your friends I think :P
( I definitely do not know all the words to that song >_>)
Something about Freak on a Leash makes me want to stack newspapers.
@Egobits I always thought it was making fun of idiotic things teenagers think/say/believe and how they're basically useless to society :P
But it could be cannibalism for all I know
On a completely unrelated note, I worked at a newspaper press when I was 17.
Unrelated, you say? :P
6:33 AM
Oh okay
Watching the music video for Smooth Criminal by AAF I'm realizing they are exactly the guys The Offspring make fun of in Pretty Fly
My son loves uno dos tres quatro cinco cinco seis. And I love him for loving it :D
Also a King of the Hill reference in the music video?
Is there? I haven't seen the video in forever.
6:35 AM
Click Click Boom
The singer's soul patch makes me want to punch him in his stupid face
@Mego That's.... an understandable response. No jury would convict.
On an actually unrelated note, my dog seems confused by the lack of child.
6:37 AM
Give him some corn
Finally, Metallica
Time to program :P
You're quite a bit further on the playlist than I am :(
You've been skipping, haven't you?
I'm just about at the Ballmer peak, so I'm just biding my time right now.
Yeah, over the Korn and the Three Days Grace
6:39 AM
^^ One of the best songs from the 90s IMO
Neither of which I'm terribly fond of
There's Three Day's Grace in this? Hmm.
Who did that Kryptonite song?
3 Doors Down
Oh okay
6:40 AM
You mean "that song everyone plays at Guitar Center that's not Sweet Child o' Mine"?
@Mego Pfft. I remember when that was Stairway to Heaven. Kids these days...
Well I guess nowadays Wonderwall has made it into the rotation
@Egobits But that one actually requires some skill
Oh, you aren't talking about Cave In
6:41 AM
No, I'm talking about Kryptonite
My favorite to play at Guitar Center is Today by Smashing.
The typical crowd at Guitar Center can't manage to fingerstyle, so no Stairway for them
Does anyone have any ideas on golfing this:
A: Read an analog clock

DowngoatPyth, 11 bytes ++/E30\:/E6 Will try to golf but I'm not very good at Pyth

And yes, I mean both meanings of fingerstyle :P
@Mego This upsets me for no good reason.
6:41 AM
@Mego insert Wayne's World reference
"No Stairway? Bogus"
Granted, I can't fingerstyle very well either, but I can hack it enough to make it through the Stairway intro
I do fingerstyle better than chords :/
I was not born for the rhythm guitar role.
@Mego ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Oh god the singer from Disturbed has the one thing worse than a soul patch
6:44 AM
Is he the one with flame chops?
Ooooh ah ah ah ah
Oh. Yes that.
I just hit Drowning Pool, so I have a ways to go before I get that beauty.
Let the bodies hit the floor
I like the song though, so maybe I just won't watch the video
6:45 AM
@AlexA. Is there any other song? :P
That song got played waaaaaaaaaay too much in Iraq :/
Like insensitive much.
Military people are weird. I don't know how else to say it.
They also played Zzyzx Road too much IIRC.
I don't know that one
It's by Stone Sour.
6:47 AM
Oh, never listened to them
Understandable. It's less than a decade old :P
Oh lord Evanescence
Wake me up inside
I love playing Evanescense songs on the keyboard. Other than that, meh.
The number of times the emo kids played the opening on the band piano was too damn high
They are really fun to play, though :P
True, but you know what else is fun to play on piano? Not-emo music. Like Beethoven, or Billy Joel.
@Mego True... just about the first song I learned on it was a Billy Joel... We didn't start the fire :)
piano man was one of the first ones I learned
Fun fact: the lead singer was so bad at piano that for live versions she played a very simplified version of the opening to My Immortal
6:52 AM
Piano Man was one of the first ones I attempted... I'm not good at the two-hands-moving-independently bit
So I don't try to play piano often
@Mego This fits my feelings towards modern musicians, so I choose to believe it with no further investigation.
@Mego The first song where two hands "clicked" for me was Greensleeves. After that it didn't seem as hard.
Though I did learn the full keyboard part for Separate Ways by Journey
6:53 AM
I think learning guitar helped with the whole "two hands independently" thing though.
Because you can only fret a chord with so many hands.
Even still, your hands are somewhat in sync
Eh... kinda...
For some parts they are. Other times they're just doing their own thing, even though it's kinda connected.
I like to play but I don't like to learn pieces
@Liam I hope this is worth pausing SoaD :P
idk what soad is
6:56 AM
System of a Down
there's also traditional chinese music on there that I played with my ensemble
Specifically BYOB?
byob is a good one
@Mego >_>
@Egobits Guitar makes a hell of a lot more sense to my brain than piano does
6:57 AM
I was jamming out to that a few minutes ago :P
@Liam I like the loose counterpoint. Very nice first click.
And now the playlist is giving me A7X. Noice.
Thanks lol. That one is just a midi I wrote
@Mego It does to mine, too. That's probably why my guitar skills are better ;)
@Mego That seems like a bit of a switch :D
@Mego Didn't they do that bat song?
6:58 AM
It fits with the theme
Heavy music
@AlexA. Bat song?
Yes, they did the bat song >_>
Bat Country
Yes, that one
I knew it was bat something
I used to like them a lot
6:59 AM
Their guitarists are insane.
@Egobits Can confirm
@AlexA. -1 VTC as dupe
I saw Avenged Sevenfold at Ozzfest a million years ago too
@Egobits I assumed nobody listened to it last time :P
Oh I was supposed to listen to it?
7:01 AM
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ If you want to
Ok, doing so now.
Very screamy so far.
Hmm. +1 for guitar and drums. -1 for unintelligible lyrics. Undecided as of yet.
@Egobits From that description, sounds like Nirvana :P
Not quite :P
Actually, I think Cave In did contribute to a Nirvana tribute album that had songs from a ton of different bands.
ooooh it's getting melodic. Interesting.
7:04 AM
Gonna go with a solid -1 on that song
It's definitely not my usual cup of tea, but it's not completely terrible.
Same band, 10 years later. ^
(I think you'll both enjoy this one more than Ebola)
Still not a fan
halp i try drink for eight beer no drunk. how drunk beer?
7:06 AM
Though this just popped in my head:
Eight beers?
Yea, I'm as baffled as you are right now.
Pro-tip: if you've drunk 8 beers and you don't think you're drunk, you are absolutely drunk.
@Mego I saw Flogging Molly at Bumbershoot a long time ago. I even waited for an hour in line with a friend to get stuff signed. I did have anything for them to sign though so I took off my shirt and they signed that.
I've never been a fan though
7:07 AM
Inject your ears with some Flogging Molly, that'll get you wasted
I have a condom (unopened) signed by 30sec2mars from high school
Eh, I dunno. My typing normally suffers more when I'm drunk-drunk. It's also been over a five hour period that these beers were drunk.
I haven't listened to much of Flogging Molly. Mainly just Devil's Dance Floor and Seven Deadly Sins
Now I must learn to play the intro to this on my whistle.
But I'm going to the local Irish pub on St. Paddy's, and if I don't hear at least one Flogging Molly during those many hours I'm there I'm going to be highly disappointed
7:09 AM
There are no Irish pubs here. Stupid Florida.
There's one, and it's fantastic
Except when the crappy country bands are playing
Hell, I found a nice one in Tokyo, but not here. There's something seriously wrong with that.
Speaking of pseudo-Irish, I found out earlier that I still remember all the words to Jump Around, much to my surprise.
hi all
7:21 AM
Q: Is this number random?

lirtosiastI asked random.org for 128 random integers between 0 and 232 - 1. Since the random number generator gave the first 64 numbers first, they must be more random than the other 64. Write a full program or function that returns a truthy result when one of the following 64 integers is input: [1386551...

7:38 AM
@mınxomaτ It's hard to decide if he's insane or a genius. Probably both.
Clifford Stoll is best human.
He definitely seems like someone I'd like to hang out with.
He needs to calm down with the ecstasy
There's nothing (ok, well maybe a little) wrong with a bit of ecstasy.
He probably took so much LSD in the 70s that it still lasts.
7:43 AM
Measuring the speed of sound with a phase differential was nice, though. It makes me hate my high school science classes more than I already did.
Seriously, what did Avogadro's constant ever do for me?
7:57 AM
That dude's brain was super addled
But he was super cool
He's exactly the kind of person you need while drinking around a bonfire.
I'm afraid he might accidentally catch himself on fire
Oh FFS, Seether? Must skip.
This playlist has run its course from the looks of it.
Nah it gets better

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