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12:00 AM
@AshleyNunn scratch off tickets
@Dragonrage Ah, yes, the LH post
The funny part is I don't remember what I ended up using
@AshleyNunn the one that gave me like 380 rep
@AshleyNunn credit card i believe
@Dragonrage Oh, nice :)
@Dragonrage Ah, yes. :)
my security problem has given me just under 300
it would be more, but i capped out at the beginning of the day. its been running on hnq for over 24 hours
at least i got a few badges from it
Ah, just 2 more hours till i get off work
That does remind me, they might be able to help me with my jammed ethernet cord.
(Not that I super care, I don't use that laptop for much of anything, but the cord is technically not mine.)
12:05 AM
Q: How likely is it to pull a character from data cards?

EllesedilIn Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, one of the ways to unlock new characters or promote existing characters is through data cards. If you go into the data cards screen, there are four generic cards/packs that have the ability to unlock characters either through granting a character shard, or providin...

Rocket League, anybody?
@GnomeSlice let me check if I have it on my external
@ardaozkal PS4
Ah, my bad.
Forgot that you had a ps4
@AshleyNunn have you tried using tweezers?
12:11 AM
@Dragonrage I wasn't sure if I could just start sticking things in there, tbh
I mean the laptop is a piece of slow crappy crap I plan to replace anyhow, but that's not the point :P
@AshleyNunn my best guess is that the release mechanism for the ethernet cord isnt working.
@Dragonrage Probably. Not to determine how to get it unstuck.
my first attempt would to get something like thin plastic tweezers and try and use that to get it to release
probably wouldnt use metal, because metal might mess up something
do you care about the condition of the cord?
@GodEmperorDune I'd guess so, considering
9 mins ago, by Ashley Nunn
(Not that I super care, I don't use that laptop for much of anything, but the cord is technically not mine.)
12:15 AM
@GodEmperorDune Technically I should try to give it back to the person it belongs to but it's been in my possession for about 6 months and they've not asked for it so I suspect they've forgotten. So if I can keep the cord intact, I'd prefer it
use a toothpick to push down the release
or plastic screwdriver
or apply torque to straighten the inlet, in case it is slightly askew
I tried that, with a little spreader thing I use for frosting, but I couldn't seem to get it. Maybe I just suck at removal :P
@AshleyNunn you could always disassemble the laptop
I mean really, it doesn't super matter - if it comes down to it I will just get the owner a new ethernet cable
@GodEmperorDune My fear with that is not being able to stick it back together
@GodEmperorDune in her questions she states she doesnt want to disassemble the laptop
12:18 AM
I mean ultimately if I am not keeping it I guess it doesn't matter
@AshleyNunn but you have IT skills now!
but I just don't want there to be laptop bits all over
and if you can't, you can chalk it up to learning
taking stuff apart is easy, putting it back together can be difficult
@GodEmperorDune I rarely take things apart! The internet is mostly not about taking things apart.
12:19 AM
@AshleyNunn i thought you were poking around routers now
*insert it crowd internet-in-a-box pun*
Too sleepy to come up with a good one.
@GodEmperorDune I can mostly handle routers without having to take them apart.
but the poking is the most fun
I mean I do have a screwdriver and a couple disassembled CPE's in my office, but that's rare stuff
Mostly thats because inventory, not because support
In general I'm just like...programming gear and if you have to take a router apart to program it....you have problems
ah so no jtag flashing yet?
12:21 AM
(Although I've had a couple brought in that I just wanted to go Office Space on instead of trying to get them to work. But I persevered)
Also, mission accomplished.
@GodEmperorDune The most extensive thing I do with a router myself is program it for PPPoE, set wifi creds and maybe parental controls.
I'm very much residential end user
Eh, right now it pays the bills while I work on learning all the things. (Someday I hope to be not the lowest of helpdesk monkeys. It pays, but I want to do more things that are yay tech and less omg phone time)
@AshleyNunn you could make one of those videos of how to fix it in which you end up violently dismantling and reducing it to rubbish
12:25 AM
Q: Nether portal mechanics: what happens if I destroy the overworld portal?

Paultldr; What happens to the nether-portal in the nether, if you destroy the portal in the overworld? Will the portal in the nether disappear? Or will taking it spawn a new random portal in the overworld? ... I recently started playing Minecraft again after a long hiatus, on an extremely hostile s...

@Lazers2.0 i imagine that is probably a dup
@Dragonrage iunno, never saw a question like this before. interesting though.
@ardaozkal i just assumed that since it looked like a valid minecraft question, it was probably a dup
It should just "reconnect" to the next open portal
If one can't be found, a new one will be created
@NBN-Alex what if ther- oh I see. post that
12:27 AM
(<- Beta 8)
err, alpha
gotta check ingame then
can i connect a ps3 controller to my computer to play nfsbl with?
@Dragonrage yes
If it doesn't work try X360CE
@ardaozkal Gotta test it out since portals where so bad back then. It might of been fixed sometime ago, but going the googles to see if there's a better answer elsewhere.
cool. ms ps2 doesnt work anymore so i cant play nfsbl on there, but i have the pc version of the game
12:31 AM
I booted up mc already
also i hate racing games if i have to use mouse + keyboard
@ardaozkal quickest test: Set to creative with cheats,
doing that
@NBN-Alex quicker test. burn that game
oh wait
12:32 AM
how will I destroy this then.
How do you destory the outside portal while inside?
@ardaozkal fire
gotta have someone else in game to do that
fire is pretty good at destroying things apparently
12:33 AM
@Dragonrage We're not doing that again! We're still paying off the damages from the last tiem we tried to lifehack with fire
problem solved
oh wait
easiest ways to clean a shirt... what a rip
@NBN-Alex my fire answer went over well
Q:"what happens when I LAN with myself *foreveralone*"
What? @ardaozkal Is telling people I'm causing drama...?
Man, I'm getting weird pings
12:35 AM
@twobugs no. most of the drama I know of is between us.
@twobugs i think he was saying you guys argue sometimes or something
for real though, If you can wait 40 minutes, I can login to test
@ardaozkal What...?
You saying something ridiculous and me saying "That's ridiculous" is not drama.
12:35 AM
^ That's acting
So hyped for "Hugh Jackson's Huge Acting!" by the way.
@ardaozkal install mc on a vm and boot up that as well with a different account
@ardaozkal It's not @twobugs fault that you're so aggressively wrong all the time
@Unionhawk dude I didn't say that it is his fault
If you say something that is dangerously wrong and/or promote engaging in misuses of the site I am going to say something.
Any of you guys use waze?
12:46 AM
average adequatecombo
@ardaozkal Hey, just had an idea
command blocks?
Creative -> Create portal at spawn -> underworld for 500 x -> create portal to overworld
Take the portal and record the x/y/z
destory the portal after recording the location, and /kill
Hm, I need a snack food that I enjoy but don't enjoy so much I end up eating the entire package in one or two sittings
respawn: underworld, find the old portal at 500x (should be disabled now) take it and see where you end up
12:50 AM
Preferably healthy
@twobugs nutella + apple cut up into chips
@twobugs This is why snack foods are terrible :P
@NBN-Alex This is a good idea
@NBN-Alex Apples and peanut butter is my love, personally
@AshleyNunn Yeah :(
12:52 AM
The apple is just a delivery for the condiment
I love just taking a spoon to a jar of peanut butter. Am I a barbarian? Perhaps.
@twobugs Then I am a barbarian too
@twobugs nope. That's common practice.
I might have mostly consumed my last Nutella jar with a spoon
I haven't had Nutella in ages
12:53 AM
If you don't eat peanut butter with a spoon, you are a barbarian
Or allergic to peanuts
Nutella + Spoon = <3
Scoop side of the spoon or the backside tho?
Trader Joe's has this probably unhealthy but very delicious thing called "Cookie Butter"
big difference
@Dragonrage aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa stab
12:55 AM
@NBN-Alex I don't get it- probably because I'm up for 21 hours now. Good night.
nihgt @ardaozkal!
@Unionhawk why are you stabbing me?
Also everyone with spotify should check this out: open.spotify.com/user/spotify/playlist/63dDpdoVHvx5RkK87g4LKk (4 and a half hours of piano, 75 songs)
I hate when I don't know why I am being stabbed.
1:26 AM
@Chippies cc @Wipqozn
I'm going to Ottawa in ~9 hours...
traveling sucks
1:46 AM
so house of cards season 4 has a MASSIVE plot twist
you'll know it when you see it
that is all
@GodEmperorDune isn't that basically a spoiler?
a spoiler in the sense that now people are expecting a twist
you cruel spoiler-man!
We now have a doge
i mean house of cards always has plot twists
that's part of the fun
@Chippies what if the plot twist is that there is no plot twist?
1:49 AM
Like they know you know they are going to have a plot twist, so they twist the plot again and dont have a plot twist
@Dragonrage then it would be a twist, not a plot twist
@Chippies isnt a plot twist simply a twist about the plot?
@Dragonrage yes, and not having a plot twist would be a meta twist
@Chippies maybe they just twisted it and then twisted it back, so there were two plot twists in one, and you didnt notice
@Dragonrage so, (+plot twist) + (-plot twist) = (no plot twist + meta twist)
and I will stop talking about this now, because the word "twist" looks really weird now
1:54 AM
@Unionhawk There is no reason for "What" to be spelled incorrectly there.
@Sterno it could've been the twist
Anyone playing The Long Dark?
@Chippies where did the meta twist come from in that equation?
@Sterno To annoy you, specifically.
We annoyed @Sterno! Great job everyone
I really want to find a good video that starts with kfV just to troll people
Q: How do I collect loot stored in my town hall in COC?

NanoHow do I collect loot stored in my townhall & how does it get there?

How should showing them a good, non-RB video be trolling them?
That's anti-trolling
how do i make something superscript?
2:29 AM
@Sterno I tried playing it, but I couldn't figure out wtf I was doing.
Me playing The Long Dark
@Fluttershy Right?
I'm waiting for full release now, I played the early versions a bunch
@Sterno I'd wait if I were you
2:46 AM
My friend LOVES The Long Dark
It sounds fascinating, but not really my thing
My confidence that they will actually manage the story mode has dropped considerably
a beautiful game but it seems to have stagnated and exploring in the sandbox mode serves no real purpose
Submitted without comment
@MBraedley But this is comment???
@GnomeSlice Yeah. I usually have trouble getting into survival games if there isn't more to do than survive
There is really less to do in the long dark
you can scavenge anywhere
its just looking for cabins otherwise theres no reason to venture
hope they get the story mode done
3:02 AM
Ow. Chest cold suck.
3:19 AM
Q: Is the lady in the beginning of call of duty black ops 1 a real living person?

bobbyis the lady in the beginning of black ops 1 a real living lady? I just really want to know. Also i have looked everywhere already.

3:29 AM
Q: My brother cant join lan games for the second time to my laptop (first time it works) but i can always join his?

user140998Both Europa Universalis 3 and Counter Strike 1.6 have this problem. Civilization 5 works for the 2nd time but the first time I play LAN is before this problem occurs. I cant test civ 5 again thougt because my brother isnt here.

Q: Is it possible to make a script/program to automatically change your Steam profile name?

littleoneI was wondering how I could go about creating a script or program to change my Steam profile name every couple of days from a .txt file or something similar. I'm a noob to programming so if you can recommend a language and/or help me with coding it, that would be very appreciated!

3:42 AM
I don't like that the Blops3 scoreboard is sorted by "Score" regardless of game type
In Team Deathmatch (The most popular game mode), score means less than your kills/deaths ratio
If you have a high score but bad k/d, you're getting kills but giving the enemy more kills
@twobugs Did you see my reply about MHG game content?
Granted, there's a larger number of gathering/small monster quests but also way more hunting quests in general.
4:10 AM
Yeah, that sounds very neat.
4:21 AM
So I am reading Leviathan Wakes and I keep going "oh well maybe one more chapter" and I have done that for like three chapters now because they keep making the best cliffhanger moments and I was going to shower like an hour ago and I just....this book, it is good.
@AshleyNunn I love that kind of book
@SaintWacko I'm just all surprised because I don't really read sci-fi
but this book just has me by the ankles and will not let me go
@AshleyNunn Hm, I'll have to check it out. We tend to have similar tastes, but I love scifi
And now I am going to bed
Good night, Bridge
@SaintWacko I just find that with a lot of scifi they spend so much time explaining the science that I don't get the story because I am too busy not understanding teh science
Arch Linux

Proposed Q&A site for arch Linux Users

Currently in definition.

Problem and Solution

Proposed Q&A site for everybody who has a problem and needs a solution, the solution could be an answer as it happens with most of Q&A sites, but it could also be the contact of the person who can solve your problem.

Closed before being launched.


Proposed Q&A site for teachers of all kinds

Currently in definition.

4:28 AM
@NewlyOpenedProposalsforEntertainment That strikes me as an awful idea.
> Closed before being launched so fast NOPE didn't even have time to picked it up
Q: Dying light the following documents start up

gabeI bought dying light the enhanced edition the following, and I have already beat the game by the time I bought it. But when I try to start the following dlc, the option doesn't pop up. In the main menu I goto play and all it says is play campaign, be the zombie, and play custom maps. Did I forget...

Hmm... The Culling released in Early Access... can't decide if I want to buy.
4:45 AM
5:20 AM
Q: Can I help Clint woo Emily?

DalliumClint the blacksmith is clearly smitten with Emily, my sister-in-law. Is there anyway to get the two of them together?

5:52 AM
Q: How can I challenge previous arenas?

Michael McQuadeI've advanced to Arena 2, but I don't see an option to go back to previous arenas in order to continue collecting the previous chests. How can I go back to previous arenas? If it's not possible, how can I collect the cards from the previous arenas?

6:07 AM
1 message moved to Android Hell
6:46 AM
Q: MY MINECRAFT 1.9 is crashing

user141017OK, i'm going to be specific i go to the minecraft menu and i click on singleplayer to test out the 1.9 update. I made a new world (no mods) and it said downloading terrain and then it would crash every time (i tried about 20 times) PLZ have an answer soon. Here is the launcher log: Completely ...

Q: clash of clans problem connecting with faacebok

rathi am playing clash of clans account in my android mobile connected using facebook and google and now i wanted to connect it to blue stacks 2 in PC.I wanted to connect my facebook account without connecting my google account.How will i do it

Q: In Minecraft, How do I give and take away potion effects Via a scoreboars?

7ajstarI have Tried many things but none of them have worked.

7:11 AM
@Unionhawk at some point you'll have to stop being awake :)
8:00 AM
Q: Naruto Shippuden ultimate ninja storm 4 won't load steam

WilfI have recently purchased Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja storm 4. I have successfully downloaded it but when I run it through the desktop icon or steam it says preparing to launch it then has the loading wheel then it stops. Any answers will be appreciated

8:23 AM
Q: Do the Xbox One games erase if I disconnect the console from the power?

KevinI am moving and I was wondering if my games will erase if I disconnect the Xbox One console.

8:54 AM
Sep 1 '14 at 15:32, by badp
@Lazers2.0 I.... what?!
9:18 AM
Q: Which Site Should I choose to download my MSI Graphics card drivers?

AKC[This question applies to all the other graphics card with special editions] I have 2 Nvidia Geforce 560 ti MSI's twin Frozr III hawk Edition and I want to download its drivers The thing is that Nvidia and Msi's both website offer driver Nvidia offers a driver supporting a series of graphics c...

9:54 AM
Just search "John" in the users' search bar.
There will be 13 pages of user names containing John. (50 Johns + users like John A, John Does, etc.)
I meant "John Doe", sorry.
There is an agar.io reference in season 4 of house of cards.
10:10 AM
10:45 AM
Q: Why does the prompt "You have unspent skill points" constantly pop up in Dying Light?

HubroEvery few minutes, the prompt "You have unspent skill points" pops up, even though I have no unspent skill points. When I press U I see my 4 skill trees, and they all have Points: 0 below them. Is there some other kind of skill point that can be spent that I don't know about, or is this a bug? I...

10:56 AM
morning bridge
Q: Minecraft 1.9 not opening

dynamite_600I just updated my Minecraft to 1.9. I was really excited about all the new awesome things like elytras. So, I updated the game, and when I clicked start, it didn't open. I looked at the code, and it said I had to updated my LAUNCHER too. I did this, and I got the updated launcher. But now, when I...

why is minecraft 1.9 so buggy
It doesn't open on loads of people
because java?
^10+ 1.9 not launching/crashing questions in just first page
2 levels of obfuication = more thjingfs to go wrong
11:10 AM
@djsmiley2k Yeah, see rot26
rot26 would give you the same chara again right?
k good
/me had to check
I need to generate graphs
i guess I could just do a image graph, meh
Gonna be far far easier.
So my daughter tipped out a pack of crackers on my office floor :/
@djsmiley2k I hope that it doesn't check it on every request
@ardaozkal keep refreshing and you'd seen it doesn't :P
I can't remember the exact refresh I set it for but it's something like every 5s
11:17 AM
Ah nice, otherwise it'd be a good DDoS target. While your website being DDoSed/DoSed isn't that likely (they have to ddos trump's webste first), being secure is good.
and averaged over the last 5sec
I also have a script that generates a json array which will get pulled into something in python to plot them onto a nice bar graph below it
yes, I realise I'm, recreating cacti, etc etc etc
but I'm doing this to learn.
yeah, reinventing the wheel is not bad
Especially if you are doing this to learn, and will fix some of the wheels' cons.
My daughter is trying to insert a old graphics card into my printer o_O
@djsmiley2k can it print 30 images every second?
@ardaozkal why would it need to?
11:20 AM
me thinks of a printer with embedded GPU that prints the current frame in the game
Oh right haha
I thought you were referring to the graph on the website ;D
@ardaozkal pretty sure I once saw a thermal printer that printed mario as you played
Very paper/cartridge intensive but cool idea.
@djsmiley2k oh niiice
now there is two graphics cards inside the scanner
Think of the possibilities
Pancake mario
oh lord.
11:24 AM
@djsmiley2k cc @Wipqozn
Why am i watching linus dismantle a PC
he's a real douche sometimes lol
(also if you are interested in making your OWN pancake printer, check out this instructable by Umut Erkal, a Turkish MVP: instructables.com/id/Pancake-Printer )
(It runs with a RPi 2 on W10IoT)
11:39 AM
@djsmiley2k because you couldn't watch him build it
@badp hjahaha
I'm honestly a fan of those couple of workshop videos where Luke gets increasingly desperate to show that doing dumb stuff to your tower will have any effect at all
sticking a teeshirt inside?
that was funny
unfortunately the gang didn't quite appreciate the kafkaesque humour of it all
but the point is, dust builds up over time...
who's the gang?
11:41 AM
the channel?
Oh right, meh, 'internet comments'
as in the guys who run the channel
Oh right
the teeshirt one was a good video imo
there are two workshops videos on vessel and they are uninspringly bland and straight and somewhat boring
but they should of pointed out, over time, a teeshirt would become far more resistive to air movem,ent
11:44 AM
important information for people who plan to let their computer run with a hat, a t-shirt, an iron, a couple cardboard boxes and a stuffed animal in their towers for an extended period of time.
missing my point :(
the video was originally about cable management
yah true
maybe dust and poor cable management augment each other's effects
11:45 AM
but solving either won't solve the other
but yeah good point
unless IDE cables, it's never gonna matter really
being neat is HELPFUL, for maintiance etc
also I literally don't have a way in my tower to power the CPU fans or whatever that header was without going over my GPU
the cable that would power it isn't long enough to go across the back of the case and then to the mobo
something like this.
I didn't say that
/me isn't sure how to do the fact accepted thing
11:51 AM
You don't know that
That is not something that you know
Your knowledge does not reach this far
I know all things.
And of everything, including nothing.
so do the fact accepted thing
11:53 AM
16 hours ago, by Unionhawk
Surely if true, the last thing you want to do is give people ACCESS TO IT?
in other news that iphone may contain the answer to the life, the universe and everything
also the cure to cancer
also a detailed description of ISIS operations in regards to the cooking of eggplants
also angry birds
12:08 PM
@badp بعثة مقبول
does it also con tain flappy brd
12:29 PM
Q: how to prevent steam to duplicate game size when patching?

GauntSo, i have an X game that occupies like 20Gb, then, a patch comes out, but steam instead of just download and installing the patch, downloads the patch and it seems that copy all of my X game into the download folder and then patch it. I want to do this to be allowed to patch a game when i dont ...

Q: How can you select which card deck to use in a Clash Royale battle?

Jasper de VriesI've got 3 battle decks I can customize, but when you start a battle you we always seem to be using deck 1. How can you select a different deck? Will this unlock at a specific arena? If you cannot, what is the use of the other decks?

12:48 PM
Q: Is there any reason to keep starred items?

ReafexusSome crops and foraged items (and likely other classes of items) sometimes come with a silver or gold star next to them. Is there any reason to specifically hold onto these items?

Q: Is there a max skill level?

ReafexusThe achievements are all based on achieving level 10 in your skills. Is this the max level for a skill? And if so, when you reach this level can you continue to gain proficiency in equipment separately or are they directly tied to each other in a preset fashion?

Q: Can't admin my server in Garry's Mod

deadmanwalking78I created my server by SteamCMD and install the ULX, but when I entered my server by clicking Local Network and join my server and open ULX menu it shows the options that like i'm not the admin! can't force changing the map or gamemodes or anything! just voting to change like any user, so maybe t...

1:15 PM
@djsmiley2k niice
don't you love it when you can't type
And this is on a dodgy laptop keyboard
@djsmiley2k same, and my W key is broken. I might do a bruteforcer though
For stuff and giggles.
1:29 PM
a wut?
@John You should be honoured that we still remember you
@GodEmperorDune I love that episode, for obvious reasons
@Yuuki ?
1:45 PM
Jan 22 at 9:57, by Kevin van der Velden
user image
Q: How To Update Server World To 1.9

user141045I have a vanilla minecraft server... I downloaded the 1.9 server jar file and moved it into server file after removing the old run file (1.8.9) and started it up everything seemed to look fine, until I tried to play minecraft on the server, then it just siasd no further information... I am thinnk...

Q: What's influence about and... why does it change randomly?

badpI have been save-scumming myself greater counterattack in order to experiment with the effectiveness of bribes in the Assembly. However at some point I didn't have enough Influence to even start the vote. I thought I had loaded the wrong file, then I noticed... ...the influence changes every t...


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