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12:59 AM
AirMore (link to answer)... spam or not? (sanity checking with new user with "pretty woman" avatar)
(note: it seems she has G+ profile)
(moreover, the G+ profile mention that she's from MIT, with same spammy content)
1:22 AM
@AndrewT. Good catch. Went to the site, went to the Twitter of the blog author. "She" is following him, tweets are all spam and do not seem like they were written by someone with such an anglocentric name
3 hours later…
4:12 AM
Interesting case re: nightly build policy: Default encryption password for CM nightly build. If @Firelord 's comment is true, then this should apply to all CM nightly build, which is useful every time (well, until CM change it in the future). Should the policy apply to that question? (I guess not)
(I'd consider to make canonical post if possible though, perhaps by generalizing that question)
4:37 AM
@AndrewT. Yeah, I see no reason to close that question. "This feature on a nightly build doesn't work" is different from "I don't understand this feature and happen to be using a nightly build"
5 hours later…
9:29 AM
One thing I find odd about this drive to close questions about cross-platform apps is that it's always about mass-market social or message apps. Nobody ever suggests closing questions about Google Maps even though that's also on iPhone and a website.
I think it's really an objection to certain particular apps, and the fact that they're cross-platform is just a pretext.
9:41 AM
@DanHulme very pertinent observation, which I realised after you pointed it out
There is definitely a bias against WhatsApp, Viber, etc. since we get absolutely inundated with low-quality questions about them. Problems with the writing, complaints about features, trying to access accounts they lost the credentials for, etc.
Some are definitely "Android problems" but a good many are not and the sheer volume of terribleness is trying
I agree that the spate of low-quality questions is something we need to fix. I just don't think lying to ourselves about what the problem is will help in the long run.
Is there a "whatsapp power user" community somewhere? Could we lure them into dealing with all these questions with the promise of internet points?
2^ In fact, I think lying will make the problem worse, because the good questioners will be driven away by unclear on-topic requirements, while the bad ones will ask bad questions anyway.
10:11 AM
Unfortunately, I didn't find WhatsApp official support/forum/anything (they have an-OK FAQ though). If there was, then I would have commented them to visit their forum instead.
Otherwise, we will be WhatsApp FAQ replacement in the long run.
@AndrewT.: if that is inevitable, better to create a badge for WhatsApp and let motivated guys handle it?! :)
No need, there's tag badge already ;)
@beeshyams the question is where these motivated guys will come from
10:28 AM
@DanHulme. That is the problem, next to low quality...agreed
finding power users has always been a problem for us... this site does have quite a distinct division between questioners and answerers
(but in a way, that's an artefact of how successful we are)
4 hours later…
2:22 PM
What a pain! I always miss good discussion.
2:59 PM
A question on the same lines was asked some time ago. I have a hunch but I can't seem to locate it. Anyone remember it?
Q: Will a firmware update erase my personal data?

ZaibisA friend of mine has a Samsung Galaxy S5. It is actually prompting to update the firmware. But the updatetext (its actually in german) reads ambiguous. Translated it says something along the lines Initalize the latest Version. All configurations will be initialized and saved data will b...

3 hours later…
6:17 PM
Anyone know how to show a fragment using command-line? I'm looking to launch the window one observes from developer setting "Running services" in Marshmallow. I did `dumpsys activity com.android.settings` and it shows "RunningServices" under *Active Fragments*, "Added Fragments" and "Fragments created menus". I also found an answer on SO but it is not working out for me. I'm asking this because this question: http://android.stackexchange.com/q/136887/96277 can be answered *very easily* if I get to know or you already know how to show that window using command-line.
Now that I executed that dumpsys command on other windows of Settings app (activities mainly) and observed the output, I'm beginning to think that either my understanding on fragments is flawed or the I'm incorrectly observing the output.
3 hours later…
9:00 PM
Has anyone bypassed factory reset protection "Verify your account" on their Nexus device? I flashed the latest and complete image (https://developers.google.com/android/nexus/images) for Nexus 6, did a complete factory reset from stock recovery (unnecessary, I know) and it still asks me to verify the device with last synced Google account. I'm wondering where is this detail about Google account stored? // I'm thinking of bypassing setup wizard from TWRP and see how it plays out.
@Firelord it's not possible unless the activity offers a way to do it from an intent (like the settings activity does)
Okay. Thank you, for the info.
@Firelord I believe it's stored in NVRAM
9:17 PM
@MatthewRead I listed partitions "by-name" and doesn't see NVRAM anywhere. I thought NVRAM was specific to MTK devices.
@Firelord NVRAM is the terminology we used at BlackBerry (mainly Qualcomm devices). Let me see if I can find any more info.
9:52 PM
NVRAM just means non-volatile RAM, i.e. flash
the "previously logged-in google accounts" info is stored in its own partition, I believe; the main "how do I get past this screen" question has the details
@DanHulme Sorry, I didn't get it. Which question has the details?
@Firelord the one you already found; obviously it has less detail than you wanted
Q: Bypass "Verify your (Google) account" after resetting

kurtau22I won a Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, signed into it with my Google account, played around with it, wiped it, and sold it. Now the person can't get past setup because it's saying he must login with an account previously synced to the phone. Is there anything I can do from my side to remove this lock...

So, setting the value of user_setup_complete to 1 from a custom recovery indeed bypasses Setup Wizard and hence, that protection. Problem? Well, the device must be unlocked or at least user should have a custom recovery in place.
10:13 PM
@Firelord In CM, at least, it's /dev/block/bootdevice/by-name/frp
I wish I still had access to my old work emails, I know we discussed the layout of that partition
But yes, if you unlock your bootloader and/or root your device then all bets are off. The system has to be able to write to the partition in the first place, meaning a root user can do so too (and remove the protection)
I should update my answer there to mention that
@MatthewRead Cool. I see it here in my device too. I'll see what I can do with that pointer. Thanks.
@MatthewRead Contact NSA, may be. They would be having archives. :P
10:27 PM
@Firelord No problem. Some of these questions you should really consider posting :)
1 hour later…
11:36 PM
@MatthewRead rumors from HQ have it our elections start in 1..2 weeks ;)
(my informant preferred staying anonymous ;)
@Izzy Excellent!
Looking forward to it. With two gone missing, I guess helping hands will be welcome :)
"starting in 2 weeks" will be nomination. So we need to add another 3 weeks for the finale – makes 5 weeks altogether. IOW: mid-April is re-stocking then :D
@Firelord get ready ^^ :)

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