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12:07 AM
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ I asked cuz Im using shitty cellular data :/
Q: Does the new LootAnime-Crunchyroll partnership mean that Loot Crate subscribers will get Crunchyroll memberships?

Michael McQuadeAccording to a Crunchyroll Press Release, Loot Crate and Crunchyroll are partnering to provide a better anime themed loot crate. This service will be the replacement for the current Loot Crate anime crate and will feature current products from shows that are streaming on Crunchyroll. From the Pr...

doesn't hinder you from searching
12:27 AM
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ oh.
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ it does when it can cost you $5 just to check your email
now that's useful.
@Memor-X thats expensive!!
12:56 AM
@MichaelMcQuade Yeah, at this price it has to be pictures of favorite moe !
@MichaelMcQuade next he'll declare that Mexicans are Titals and that's why his great wall should be built
omg it all makes sense
@MichaelMcQuade i know. and i'm only using my mobile because i can't trust my boss not to go snooping through my email behind me backj
@Memor-X Are you serious? That's a serious problem...
E-mail should be held to the same standards as the postal services. In the US going through someones mailbox is a felony, I don't see why digital mail should be handled any differently.
1:46 AM
Q: What is the release schedule of the Digimon Adventure tri. movies?

Michael McQuadeThe first movie of the series, Digimon Adventure tri. Saikai was released on 2015-11-21, with a retail release of 2015-12-18. This movie consisted of 4 episodes, and is the first part of a 6-movie (or 24 episode) series1. According to an Anime News Network article, the second part of the series...

1 hour later…
2:53 AM
Q: What genre does cooking comically come under?

Afh LoverI have been recently following cooking comically on line webtoons , this webtoon is the mixture of a cookbook and a comic.So does it come under manga like shokugeki no souma or yumeiro patisserie genre?

3:41 AM
@Sakamoto funny how the close reason is also the answer
Q: Can we have embedded YouTube videos enabled?

Michael McQuadeDuring beta, it was suggested that embedded YouTube videos be turned on in this meta post. I think that as a recreation site, it would be nice to have these links auto-embed similar to the way they do on Arqade and other stack exchange recreation sites. It seems this feature-request was ignored...

@MichaelMcQuade however your not using a company resource to get a mailbox right? while i don't mind them investigating my email because i have nothing to hide i am against them doing it behind my back without my knowledge. if you need to investigate my email do it during work hours while i am around so i can be present
sure i can take some of the blame for not logging out of my email at night but is it so wrong to trust your boss? i trusted my boss in my last job
what's up with the poem like lines at the end of this week's luck and logic?
that said.. its so freaking episodic
had potential.. now its just brain damage
4:04 AM
@ton.yeung definitely episodic
@Memor-X best to just put a 2 way authentication on it and then logout then
@MichaelMcQuade doesn't help when i am at home where i get almost no reception on my mobile to receive the code
@Memor-X Ah :| yeah thats not a good plan then
@Memor-X if you access your personal email through the company pc or on the company network, then you are using company resources
@ton.yeung i didn't say it wasn't. i was just saying that ofcause your boss can't go through your mailbox but with email because you use it at work you use company resources.
Q: Where can i find english dub of Naruto Shippuden Episode 78-140?

DTFGhostSo I just got into Naruto a few months ago and have been binge watching my way thru the entire series. I watch some subbed anime but after watching so many episodes dubbed i just cant get used to subbed. I've gotten to episode 77 and suddenly the dubbing is gone, and doesn't start again till epis...

4:10 AM
had to read that a few times. Okay, so we are in agreement
4:25 AM
waaa..? another set of characters for bubuki buranki???
that's not a good sign
uhh.. ultra friendly americans.. D:
@ton.yeung amuricans sux
the american team...
                       very face palm
so  over the top
                 such  true
                         much  red white and blue
many  fireworks
#post tags
4:38 AM
@Quill There are 972 unposted images in 10 tagged lists: (untagged − 357); 美少女 − 390; 百合 − 83; 絶対領域 − 31; 水着 − 29; 猫 − 25; 魔法少女 − 20; 食べ物 − 19; メイド − 15; wallpaper − 2; eyecatch − 1.
Links processed: 55, valid: 55, invalid: 0. Posted: 0, unposted: 0. New links added: 55. Images have been assigned tag "猫".
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7:25 AM
Q: Need help to find a manga

Abikaui read it quite a long time ago so i only remember in bits and pieces please help me search it plot is something like in a village 6 houses sealed a tengu(or some other demon) 500 years (or 300 years) ago and every couple of decades later tengu starts to comeout. this time the chosen children(chi...

7:39 AM
don't you hate it when your aiming an OPed Archer at a Succubus and she gives you that cute looking wink and you end up killing the wrong target that was going to die at the end of the turn anyway!
uhh.. YEeaaaa...
@Memor-X wtf is this game lol
@Frosteeze Might and Magic Heroes VI
!!wiki Might and Magic Heroes VI
7:45 AM
Might & Magic Heroes VI (often shortened to Heroes VI) is a turn-based strategy video game for Microsoft Windows developed by Black Hole Entertainment and published by Ubisoft. Some patches and the DLC were developed by Limbic Entertainment, while the standalone expansion Shades of Darkness was developed by Virtuos. It is the sixth installment in the Heroes of Might and Magic series, and was released on October 13, 2011, coinciding with the 25th anniversary of the Might and Magic franchise. Heroes VI acts as a prequel to Heroes of Might and Magic V, occurring almost five centuries earlier, and...
six is a prequel to five.. very intuitive
@ton.yeung i just got 6 because i saw TotalBiscuit play it and thought it looked like a good game
@Memor-X i'm guessing tb is an arqade user
had to get it cracked because of the stinking online features in single player but it's totally playable without them
@ton.yeung no, game critic on Youtube
no, tb is a famous LPer
or game critic rather
7:48 AM
@Frosteeze sad what's happening to him though
yeah, it's about his cancer right?
hmm.. i don't game enough to follow that stuff
still working through all the side quests and dlcs for borderlands 2
I'll probably take a psycho to 72 and then start on something else
Q: needing help finding a particular manga

willThe manga that I'm looking for has to do with a boy whom is an explorer. On an exploration one day he hears a voice "help me" and when he followed the voice he came upon a restricted area and snuck in to fine a girl tied up. The place is about to be incinerated, but the girl saves him and now the...

@MadaraUchiha What does the word canonical mean in the context of your profile, "I offer a 500 point bounty for every good canonical you post."?
8:18 AM
!!google canonical
@ton.yeung canonical Present in a canon, religious or otherwise.
My guess is that its true to the source of the subject matter at hand, from canon law
9:12 AM
Canonical means straight from the source, not an opinion. SO context, they refer to great answers (Jon Skeet, Eric Lippert style) as Canonical answers, A&M, Movies and SF&F context-wise they refer to answers that pull from the source material; VN, LNs, manga and anime, instead of referring to Wikis and popular opinion
;-; internet pls
1 hour later…
10:22 AM
6 hours and still im trying to backup my downloads....ofcause i have a couple more folders causing problems which is the source of the delay
what backup
@mirroroftruth Doujin so close enough
taken me a couple of weeks to download all of this after the first batch so before i go about sorting it i'm backing it up
how have you been @mirroroftruth
@Memor-X nice
@Memor-X why do you need to back up for sorting
@mirroroftruth because i'm going to use a PHP Script to do it and in the event i screw up the files i have a backup to restore from
then you should
10:53 AM
Does Windows have a problem with folders being named with . at the end?
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan hello
hows things
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan yo/
10:57 AM
Uploaded (UTC): 27.02.2016 16:15:44 by (145604) Quill, tag:
@quill ^
yeah, I didn't tag it
that was one of my 300 no tag photos
@Quill no i mean i'm getting an Image not found
one sec
try that now
@Quill yep it's working now. what was the problem?
11:01 AM
I accidentally set the folders as private
@ToshinouKyouko not sure if your dreaming of tomatoes....or committing suicide as one in your sleep
@ToshinouKyouko yo/
@mirroroftruth yo
11:10 AM
wake up soon it is nachuyasumi :D
before that it is Spring :D
@mirroroftruth i googled that and all i got was lewd animes
@ToshinouKyouko you missed yuri
he means natsuyasumi
summer vacation
o i c
time to break some watermelons!
yasumi is sleep, but also vacation
11:13 AM
!!wiki yuru yuri nachuyasumi
@mirroroftruth what yuri?
@mirroroftruth The Gods of Wikipedia did not bless us
@mirroroftruth oh you mean Yuru Yuri
@HoiHoi-san oh yes i forgot that
@Memor-X yes
11:15 AM
@Hakase would explain it, just patched my downloadable to strip . from folder names
@ToshinouKyouko this
and +
@Memor-X fine, thanks :). what about you
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan bordering the world or reality and delusion now that i am even closer than ever to have tons and tons of shoujo ai/yuri to read
@Memor-X oh
idk if that's good or not
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan it's good
11:27 AM
@Memor-X unless you have blood bank to compensate your blood loss
it's been a time since I read/watched anything about anime/manga
I have to concentrate on the studies and I have a lot of interesting philosophy books to read
@mirroroftruth unless it's insanely cute....like maybe seeing Nanoha and Fate get married and Vivio catching the Bouquet with Einheart then i think i'll survive
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan well once your studies are over take a good break to get back into it
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan you are good, living with only studies, no anime, no manga
i can't think i can concentrate like that in studies :D
@Memor-X I'm not sure if I would. I only watched anime... because I had no life? e_e Now I have a lot of friends and I'm living my (real) first love experience so I'm not sure if I would
11:31 AM
unless the girl likes anime (she only watched a few), if so we can watch a lot of shows
user image
@Taisho bra
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan always make time for anime.....and try and corrupt your girlfriend to be an otaku aswell so you can spend many nights in each others arms in bed watching it together
Uploaded (UTC): 27.02.2016 16:15:44 by (145604) Quill, tag:
11:33 AM
1 min ago, by Chinatsu-creepy-chan
@Taisho bra
@Memor-X that's the most beautiful thing I've heard in days
@Memor-X she's an "alt" girl, it's easier for her to corrupt me :p
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan i can see the effects, corrupting:P
11:53 AM
what if we made some fun community ads?
we could advertise our chat room in a humorous way
@Hakase what do you suggest for what sites?
just random fun stuff for all sites, it doesn't have to target a specific audience
are we going to promote, where
for example, a "what if I ate the Death Note" pic with subtext "Such hypothetical questions are off-topic on the main site, but you can always join chat for fun talk and recommendations"
12:00 PM
@Hakase did not we had same discussion before also
what? they can't always join?
yes but it ended very soon because I lost interest
and now you found it
12:01 PM
ye but my interest is a very volatile substance
if nobody else is interested, I'm not either
i think it's a good idea
then keep that is tightly closed container
lunch time o/
user image
12:02 PM
so what are those ads, text, pic
a funny pic with some explanation text, or just no text
@Hakase what, if you want more doughnut then visit A.SE
use your comedy manga sense
my sense of humor is dark
unless i light it nobody can see what is there :D
12:04 PM
eh idk if we could successfully advertise with darker than black jokes
@mirroroftruth "unless I light it on fire, nobody can see what I did there :D" ftfy
Q: Work-in-progress post for our community ad ideas

HakaseIn this meta post we throw around any wild ideas for our community ads which would be displayed on other sites, should they reach the score of 6 points, and before that some approval from our own users. Post your text-only ideas in this answer below, and work-in-progress images in the correspondi...

this was the old post
you can just ignore it now, let's take a different approach
we don't have to make the ads look logical or make a lot of sense
just fun, that's enough
ya fun
demotivational posters are fun
@Gao :D
watching wall is fun when you have to read for test
@Hakase and some other sites, like MAL or amiami
12:10 PM
we're not really in the business of advertising third-party site
those are community ads which mean one SE site can advertise another
meh, that's what we do on other sites
that is weird
why would you do that
there was facebook page and g+ of this site
Q: Community Promotion Ads - 2016

Grace NoteIt's 2016 now, and we've made some changes to the sidebar size. As such, we can now restart the Community Promotion Ads for 2016! Keep in mind, we have updated some of the guidelines compared to previously - the changes are marked in bold in the Image Requirements section. What are Community Pr...

youtube channel might be far more effective
12:12 PM
Q: Is Nyaboron Ending Song A Real One or Just Made for Concept?

Eray ErdinI was watching Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo again, then in the episode 12, when the game Nyaboron ended, it plays a song. Is that song available anywhere, or just made for concept of anime? SSs 13:32 @ Ep12

cool style
you mean the art style
12:17 PM
time to go
12:40 PM
they've got the cool toilets
I've always wanted temp control for my bathtub
unfortunately it means I gotta replace the whole thing
1:10 PM
@ToshinouKyouko Heated too.
Really nice.
i dunno why they haven't taken off in the west
1:27 PM
@ToshinouKyouko Especially in the colder countries
Sweden, Greenland, Russia
@ToshinouKyouko I saw them on the news here recently
Calling them brand new and revolutionary or something
when they've been in Japan for decades
western countries are scared of change
toilets gonna eat people up
those fountains are scary though
They have enough power to hit the ceiling
2:03 PM
gotta prepare yourself
go train under a waterfall
2:28 PM
whats the story with AoT
when's it coming out
I have been waiting for this day
Q: Vocaloid - Vocalistener V4 error message

Happy FaceI have the latest version of Vocaloid V4, when I execute the job plugin, which is Vocalistener, it shows an error message. What does it mean? I changed system locale to Japanese but it still showing this error message. Any ideas?

I might have a lain question coming in later
2:58 PM
Q: What was the first anime to feature an OST not performed by a Japanese group/artist?

Toshinou KyoukoI noticed a few animes in the 00s feature Western opening and closing themes. For example: Ergo Proxy's ending theme is Paranoid Android by Radiohead Speed Grapher's opening theme is Girls on Film by Duran Duran. Both of which are pretty big names. But, most anime usually have an artist/gro...

Q: What is this hentai called

DGamer 777Does Someone know what's the name of this http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1707286582

@Sakamoto nope
Serial Experiments Lain, 1998
I don't know about earlier than that
@Quill i hope I didn't steal your question
it just reminded me
3:01 PM
@ToshinouKyouko My question about the actual anime
ah good
I was just kinda answering your question about openings
3:15 PM
@Ikaros :-)
A: What was the first anime to feature an OP/ED that was not performed by a Japanese group/artist?

QuillIn your eyes by Samantha Newark in Project A-Ko (1986) The earliest use of an English song as an opening in the Japanese version of an anime I can find is In your eyes by Samantha Newark in Project A-Ko (1986), however, English songs were fairly common in versions dubbed for North America and Eu...

3:47 PM
4:05 PM
@ToshinouKyouko expensive probably and because nobody wants to talk about toilets coz they're all shy and japanese are so open about everything, so they can talk about toilets, lolis, hug pillows, etc
I was thinking about separating IDs into their own site like ID.Anime.SE but then I remembered that it wouldn't change much except hide them from the frontpage, so then the question became "would it help a lot if they got hidden from the frontpage?"
some said they don't want IDs to move away to a separate site, that they should stay where they are
some said they don't want to see IDs where they are
it's hard to keep everyone happy
idk man sounds like everybody needs to be reminded of hiding unwated tags in the user preferences
I spy a @ʞɹɐzǝɹ
I spy him the whole month and he rarely talks these days
performs a summoning ritual
4:10 PM
maybe he decided to step back and not guide us mindless creatures, and let us figure out the stuff ourselves
I'd do that
he just likes the confusion it puts you in
goodnight @Quill-chan
4:30 PM
@Hakase lol
@ToshinouKyouko yup? :3
@Ikaros :^)
bounty 4 u~
@ToshinouKyouko o: thanks!
I noticed you were giving some good answers recently ^_~
boun tea
4:38 PM
Senpai noticed me /o/
sen pie
so how bout dem funny community ads?
anyone got any ideas?
you can just sketch it in ms paint, I won't judge your skills
Can't do ms paint.
Immon Linux
how can I send my phones to repair here in Brazil? D:
4:44 PM
dog editor then
"Get noticed by senpai / Join Anime & Manga @ Stack Exchange"
I'll try calling a Sennheiser official technical assistance
Gimp will do the job anyway
@Gao that is a good idea actually
4:45 PM
@Ikaros ya that's what I said, dog editor
@Chinatsu-creepy-chan don't they have a directory of repair points on their site?
@Hakase not brazil's I think
they had only one place in russia and very luckily it was 15 minutes away from me :D
gimp's mascot is a gimp tho
idk what a gimp is unless it's a type of dog
i think they made it up
4:46 PM
"we gonna use a dog and we'll call it Gimp"
it's a grey dog with biting a brush
idk man in my opinion making mascots for image editing programs is a bit crazy
mascots are great
the gimp one looks weird tho
but what about crunchyroll-home
4:49 PM
I don't like mascots, I like good original characters with rich backstory and interesting persona
or unity chan
ms girl
or was it IE girl?
there's both
I just don't know in which context to appreciate them
I understand how cute girls look fine in their surrounding of an anime show, but a girl in the context of a software? No idea what to do here
4:52 PM
idk, more cute designs and the world is a better place
there's basically no way to tell what she's like naturally, as it happens in depiction of her everyday life in anime
exposition is purely text description on some wiki
unless they put her all over the site, in every 404 page and footers, idk how it's useful
that's the charm, it's up to your imagination
maybe marketing could come up with some ad posters, but I don't see that often enough to feel like such mascots are being used to their full potential
I mean you're basically giving us a blank page here with some design, and if it can be anything, it's not fun
usually a brief description including likes and dislikes is given, so you could work from that
and we rely on the power of doujins to concoct a story based on that
didn't miku start off like that?
It's about what the community makes of it
5:01 PM
idk much about miku, there are all sorts of random imagery with her
I like some of it, but only because there's so much to choose from
there would definitely be some nice pics with any character if there were so many
credit goes to specific artists and not the character
Q: what anime is this young girl with blonde hair from?

chloe could someone tell me what anime this girl is from cause im very curious

I'm reading some stuff on reddit and accidentally hovered over downvote button which says
but then what are the comment votes for??
it's not like reddit is a professional network for very educated people to objectively discuss and criticize research
@Tosh can we add the image-id close reason to the list of custom reasons so we don't need to scout that link every time?
5:19 PM
Q: Where is this image from?

nyanDoes anyone know the source of this image?

@Hakase I changed the identification-close reason wording recently, closing as that should probably be fine
We're officially ID.Stackexchange
This question doesn't even ask from which anime the image is from, but the source of the image.
I'm sure they meant the source material as in manga or anime or vn or geimu
@ToshinouKyouko oh really? is it widely known?
@Hakase nope this is a secret yet to be announced
5:23 PM
they probably know it's done by some artist at pixiv and want the source url?
I feel like everything is madly bold in the linked post
it's like it's written for crazy people with attention disorder that only allows them to read the bold parts
(I'm gonna mention it in an upcoming meta)
@Hakase well, that wouldn't be far off the intended audience...
I suppose >.>
I think the close reason should explicitly mention that image-only IDs are not okay now
I gotta go home now, I'll be back in an hourish
@Sakamoto so apparently she's called "Seven"
same name as one of my collegues
at least with that one i like the picture
5:34 PM
while looking for some senpai notice me inspiration, I found dis mastapeece: 36.media.tumblr.com/3503ee4ea6ccbca1ea0b1556f0cf8896/…
we could always go with the classic pm1.narvii.com/5810/…
oh man
@Hakase it can be
ye that's why I don't get how they can possibly control the downvotes into constructive criticism
and then why would it even be needed in just comments
@Hakase they dont
reddit is a silly place
isn't it meant to be that way?
5:37 PM
rules shouldn't be silly or it becomes seriously bad
@Taisho don't see many cosplay of her, even though her's is probably the easiest costume to make
@Hakase like that hasn't happened on reddit :D
silly is fine so long as it doesn't get ugly
I don't follow reddit much, but I was just surprised by this very unenforceable popup message
@Hakase its not for the people who won't listen
someone once told me that cops are not there for the criminals
they're there for the people who are on the edge of becoming criminals
real criminals will commit a crime whether or not there are patrols
uh how does that work
5:48 PM
the police act as a deterrent
that's their main job
they just happen to throw real criminals in jail when they can catch them
ah oh I thought cops are on reddit and they somehow… ye got confused :D
sure, I know that
6:03 PM
@Hakase what
apparently there are many senpai notice me meme pics with sharks
I found quite a few during my brief search
6:30 PM
I added Gao's ad idea to the text-only list meta.anime.stackexchange.com/a/2602/191
you can add yours if you like
you can make sketches too
6:51 PM
remember it doesn't have to be tailored to conform with any other site's topic
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