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12:09 AM
Hey, @bilbo_pingouin
@MikeL, Kerbal Space Program!? Woot!
Playing FPS games with the wifey. All of you. This is why I'm scared to ever come here.
12:25 AM
hey @CalebWoodman
12:39 AM
Time to hard science the hell out of a question.
3 hours later…
3:19 AM
@TrEs-2b I really like your mind control question.
8 hours later…
11:31 AM
@Jolenealaska Yeah, it's a good question :)
Things tend to be quiet around here over the weekend
4 hours later…
3:08 PM
3 hours later…
6:36 PM
@Frostfyre Never mind my comment on the binary moons question. I completely missed the "binary" in "binary moons".
2 hours later…
8:39 PM
@Jolenealaska Thanks, it was one of the questions I had in stock and I thought it would be well received, it was :D
8:55 PM
That little number close to the review button, is that the total number of available tasks for other people, even though no more are available for me?
@Hohmannfan Yeah, it is. I don`t know why it isn't working for you.
I am not quite sure what it is, it is not related to the number I have available. Perhaps the number of pending reviews, requiring more than one reviewer, including those I have participated in, but are not finished yet?
@Hohmannfan It's often like that. Known bug annoyance.
I forget the exact reason.
@Hohmannfan Its a problem I deal with a lot to, but as its not site breaking, I forgive it.
9:02 PM
@Hohmannfan Yeah, but this one's documented.
Q: Review counts in top-bar and /review don't match

RaphaelSo far, I thought that the number shown in the orange box in the top-bar was the number of items available for review. However, when I acually visit /review, the numbers don't match: Note that top-bar shows 15 items (?) but the queues only add up to 8. Since I can't think of a reason for this...

^ Semi-relevant.
@TrEs-2b "In other news today, activists have been protesting the stockpiling of nuclear weapons questions by the United States and Russia TrEs-2b."
I just like imagining a set of questions in a nuclear missile launch chamber, with a guy with his finger on the "Ask" button.
@HDE226868 No Comment, I am not a crook
And the red telephone with a direct answer connection to HDE
We don't talk about the phone. we pray we don't need to use it
@TrEs-2b "The president today has denied that he has been holding back more ideas for good questions, stating simple, 'No comment.'"
@HDE226868 What better way to get votes than to hold hostages
9:15 PM
@Hohmannfan Who needs telephones? If I'm ever president, I'll have a red mail truck to send letters to the Kremlin.
@TrEs-2b Good idea.
I can see it now, a bright red truck speeding along the highways
The ocean might pose a problem, now that I think about it.
I have a simple solution...
Zeppelins everywhere
9:17 PM
I'll take 20.
I'll call one "Red Zeppelin".
It all works nicely.
You sure? there's a buy one get one free deal when you order 50
@TrEs-2b Nah, I think I'd like to save money on hangar space.
Wait, how's the warranty?
Excellent, it lasts a year
just the time it takes to fully rust
Ooh. Then yeah, I'll take the 50, with the BOGO deal.
We have a deal, Mail blimps... Everywhere!
9:20 PM
good, we'll send our message to all
10:06 PM
@TrEs-2b I wrote a comment to that question. I haven't posted on WB, but I could debut with an answer to that question if you feel it is within the scope.
>Can you "groom" these people? Preferably from adolescence or younger? Think Charles Manson, Stockholm, sex trade victims who become procurers. Over time people can become the people charismatic or abusive others want them to be. I'd write an answer if that is within the scope of what you want.
@Jolenealaska Yeah, it is basically brainwashing which is mind control little brother
10:43 PM
Hi guys, as discussed meta.worldbuilding.stackexchange.com/questions/3272/… it looks like we're going to destroy can people help out by going through any questions with that tag and any that are not retag them. I'll mass retag everything else to and then request a blacklisting
11:03 PM
Q: Are Too Character Based and Too Plot Based the same?

Tim BIt's been proposed that the risk factors "Too Character Based" and "Too Plot Based" could be merged together into one close reason and that there is enough overlap between them to warrant that. I can certainly think of question that are both plot and character, but equally I can think of questio...

11:16 PM
@TimB Done.
Since we've already screwed up the site enough, would anyone mind if I removed the tag from all questions with that tag? It's something I've been meaning to get around to, given that the tags are redundant.
11:29 PM
@HDE226868 sounds like a plan to me
11:53 PM
Okay, done. Had to pause for dinner.
@HDE226868 you waste time on real-life when the internet needs you?
@Hohmannfan Sometimes. Other times, I feed off the life-force of spammers.

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