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2:00 AM
I promise I read the docs this time
2 mins ago, by Quill
48 secs ago, by Quill
@Downgoat Because that's not really how you do joins
That's a comprehensive code review there, Quill.
I have a feeling you're using the "throw random keywords at the computer until something works" approach
40 mins ago, by Doorknob
15 mins ago, by Doorknob
what's the point?
@Doorknob isn't that how everyone codes?
2:01 AM
^ :P
whatever you're doing there... it probably doesn't even need a join
@Downgoat Doorknob uses vim, so it's more like throw random keypresses at the computer...
@Geobits I think you're mixing that up with emacs
Oh both are just fine at that :P
@Geobits i:(<esc>I><esc>0ysW*.
2:04 AM
I'm going to assume a cat jumped on your keyboard until informed otherwise.
:O It worked!
@Geobits ^^
@Downgoat I'm not really sure I want to see the end result of this
2:05 AM
@Vogel612 It's okay. I'll post it on Code Review and have them fix my messed up code
@Downgoat wait. What the fuck is that? Are you trying to find users with the same amount of votes as a post?
@Doorknob Alternatively... **>:(** works for that too in normal-people-land ;)
@Quill no I'm trying to sum the amount of Votes and Questions a user has
@Geobits yes, but it does not achieve the primary goal of confusing you
2:06 AM
@Downgoat funny how you check the Post Id against a User Id...
@Downgoat what in the world do you need a join for then? O_o
@Doorknob Exactly my point too :P
also, number
@Downgoat umm.... check their profile?
@Doorknob well I want the seperate values in seperate columns
2:06 AM
28 secs ago, by Doorknob
@Downgoat what in the world do you need a join for then? O_o
@Doorknob how else do I combine 2 selects
@Downgoat since you want two different columns, that are completely unrelated, a join is unnecessary
just select two things into two columns and be done with it
@Vogel612 then how do I do it?
@Vogel612 but they are in different tables
@Downgoat so what? they still have no relation whatsoever
2:08 AM
since you clean em down with a param anyways it's not like those result sets are related
I feel like an idiot now ._.
  UpVotes + DownVotes as [Total Votes],
  (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM Posts WHERE OwnerUserId = Users.Id) as [Post Count]
> Please confirm whether or not you don't want to accept this special offer.
Junkware installers are getting really creative.
I love that :)
2:11 AM
Hey, whats this? click
computer bursts into flames
@mınxomaτ But, would that actually change what the buttons are wired up to do?
I'm still wondering why you write a damn SEDE query in the first place?
As in, the text could say whatever, but the "yes" button always means "install it"?
@Vogel612 so I can use the SEDE api
with what benefit exactly?
ehhh... I don't care
don't tell me it's probably something like the latest xkcd :D
2:14 AM
@Vogel612 I assumed it was because he wanted a table with all the people, not just looking at them one at a time :/
I forget the directory for the latest -_-
but then why ... oh nevermind :/
@Quill it wasn't the latest anyways
@Quill you is no mod now>
2:16 AM
@RikerW wat
@Quill you was mod?
@RikerW No. I've never been a mod.
never ask digital morons for the solutions and never ask digital pros for the problems. It's just not ever going to give you any joy
@Quill huh
I though you were, whatever.
You would be a good mod.
2:18 AM
Thanks :)
anyways I'm back to a place where I have more powers than here
@Vogel612 I like how you use that xkcd to not-so-subtly call him a moron, then leave. Classy ;)
@Geobits what did you expect me to do?
that's similar to what you wanted, I suppose
If you want to learn more about SEDE and T-SQL specifically, working code is always good on CR and we have some fantastic SQL reviewers
I literally just found my journal on my computer from 4 years ago. lol
> CR
Not doing that. :P
@Quill yeah, I'll post it on CR and have them fix it up
@RikerW :(
2:24 AM
in Pytek, 15 secs ago, by El'endia Starman
@Doorknob HALP
-- Let's see if I can make something work!

-- This will make an activity score for a given user.

-- For each upvote given:                   +1 points
-- For each downvote given:                 +2 points
-- For each helpful flag (nevermind):       +2 points

-- For each badge (bronze, silver, gold):   +3/6/9 points

-- For each comment posted:                 +1 points

-- For each question posted:                +25 points
-- For each answer posted:                  +40 points

-- For every 500 reputation points:         +10 points
This is hard.
No. Stop using Variables. Use columns
@Zizouz212 :|
What the heck is that?
@Zizouz212 A comment is worth as much as an upvote? My score will be higher than I expected >_>
2:26 AM
Eh, it's the lowest I could do :)
So far I get this:
Incorrect syntax near '='.
 Incorrect syntax near 'Upvotes'.
 Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'where'.
Considering it's an activity score, you should probably weight downvotes and comments higher... :P
Clearly vary helpful.
@El'endiaStarman Eh, I can always adjust the scores. I wanted to see if I could get something to work.
Mind you, nothing I make ever works.
@Quill So what's a column? That table thing you linked to earlier was scary
@Doorknob: How do I tell bash that an exclamation point in a string is supposed to be part of the string?
2:31 AM
@Zizouz212 and consider going for CTEs
ugh bai
gotta study for bio test
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Good luck :)
@El'endiaStarman Can you use single quotes?
in Pytek, 8 mins ago, by El'endia Starman
elendiastarman:~/workspace/src $ python3 pytek_main.py -c "\print('Hello world!')"
bash: !': event not found
2:33 AM
@Vogel612 CTEs?
Using a backslash doesn't work either because apparently bash leaves it in...
@Zizouz212 imagine tables like objects, and columns are the keys, the values are effectively arrays (called rows) where they contain one object with all the keys and values
@Zizouz212 I think it's common table expressions..
(A \ must be followed by a function name, and ! is not a valid function name, so...)
Somehow I call myself a programmer...
2:35 AM
Everyone has to learn at some point, don't beat yourself up about it
@Zizouz212 Programmer != DBA
@El'endiaStarman You could turn off expansion I think.
anyways... bedtime
@Vogel612 Thank god :)
2:36 AM
@Geobits How so?
@Quill It's throwing me a SyntaxError around here:
Umm, lemme see...
Set @Up u.Upvotes from Users u
Set @Down u.Downvotes * 2 from Users u
you need = in there
@El'endiaStarman Try this: superuser.com/a/133782
2:36 AM
Of course, I've never seen this language, or programmed it before seriously
@Downgoat @Downgoat rewrite that to actually use joins and give the User Link to each record, then we can talk about activity score
then again rolfl probably did it already
@Geobits That worked! Thanks!
@Downgoat Quick hint: You may want to right the first line as DECLARE @UID int = ##UserId:int##
@Vogel612 rolfl? Rolling on laughing floors laughing?
Also, it may be helpful to just make that a list, and then make a row for each person on the list.
2:38 AM
@Downgoat rolfl is a former CR mod, he's done a lot of community stuff before
Aww, that only shows one user at a time. How am I supposed to easily figure out where I stand? :(
@Quill oh okay
@Geobits I'm working on that :)
While you're at it, weight downvotes to 30 instead of 2 >_>
2:40 AM
How can I represent a list in sql?
@Vogel612 well this one is a little different as it's geared towards ppcg
@Zizouz212 you probably don't want to... sounds XY to me
Eh, whatever.
@El'endiaStarman well there's always "\print('Hello world"'!'"')" but that's super ugly
This is hard
2:44 AM
@El'endiaStarman try heredocs
@Doorknob The link Geobits provided had solutions. Thanks, though.
it's not a fully general solution though
I just turned off history expansion because I never use it. :P
:o No... you're supposed to turn it back on after :P
Ugh... @Downgoat @Geobits Use this query to help you as it allows multiple user ids - I'm trying to model it off of that but I'm failing miserably.
Either that, or just put a where u.Reputation > 1000 somewhere.
2:49 AM
Seems legit. o-o
Q: StackExchange™ User Activity Score

DowngoatI'm from PPCG, so I wanted to make a score which measures a user's participation on the site. So I decided to use the SEDE to do this! Unfortunately, I don't know any SQL besides really basic select.. from.. stuff. So I did what all programs do and I looked up how to most of this stuff on Sta...

56 mins ago, by Doorknob
40 mins ago, by Doorknob
15 mins ago, by Doorknob
what's the point?
ahhh, so that's the point: to get CR rep :P
2 hours ago, by Quill
Side note: Can some more of you post on Code Review so I can get the bronze badge
@Quill you're welcome?
2:58 AM
I knew Quill had an ulterior motive for hanging out in here.
still, what's the point?
It does appear that the entire point is "it would be cool". Does it need a better one?
@Geobits because you guys are cool
3:00 AM
uh huh
@Doorknob I wanted to try to make something with SEDE
no, of the Github issue
> So I did what all programmers do
Geobits has muted the channel
3:02 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Cᴏɴᴏʀ O'BʀɪᴇɴOrthogonal Quine Task: Given an input consisting of exactly one of the characters <>^v, output your program's source code oriented with the arrow. Let's assume our program source is ABC. This is what it should do to qualify as a orthogonal quine: Input >: print ABC. Input <: print CBA. Input ...

Any suggestions?
@Downgoat "StackExchange" is incorrect. The proper use of the name is "Stack Exchange."
@Doorknob With a period?
My mute doesn't appear to last as long as expected.
No, we're just all voiced :P
3:04 AM
1 min ago, by Downgoat
@Doorknob With a period?
How do you resist the temptation to just freeze the room at random times each day?
With a space
@Geobits Ctrl+W
@Geobits the fact that that would probably get my diamond taken away :P
Oh, well I can respect that as a reason. If it was just "I have awesome willpower" or something, I'd be skeptical.
3:10 AM
@Quill Is this for anything specific, or just brainstorming at the moment? I don't mean to snoop (that's a lie), but I like rhythm games and was thinking about redoing my old one from scratch, so it interested me.
@Eridan It would be much better if you allowed any reasonable form of output (string, list, etc.), so long as there was a clear definition of where there was an empty column (such as an empty string, an empty list, a 0, etc)
@Geobits Oh, that. Yeah... I've been really addicted to Rhythm games lately, I wanted to use Rhythm games as a reason to learn JavaScript animations, so I wrote the spec for the song formats, but never got around to finishing the game itself

Chatgoat for President!

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Bookmarked 7 secs ago by Downgoat

@El'endiaStarman -1 not shot on a phantom and no slo-mo sound effects
This is how it's done:
@Mego I love this.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Clickbaity description is clickbaity :P
3:30 AM
@Geobits :P
I like sugar+saltpeter better anyway.
def how_much_i_care():
. return 0;
(defunc how_much_i_care():)
    return inf;
A little bit of everything.
> I'm not crazy, I'm just not user-friendly
That is an abominable mash-up of JavaScript and Python.
Does pseudocode count as a language? — Chase Roberts Nov 13 '14 at 18:11
I'm not sure we have any of our resident composers in the room now, but does anyone happen to know what the rarest interval is? As in, if I play a given note, what is the least likely next (and previous) note?
@El'endiaStarman A little bit of Lisp, too.
Note: the more I think about this, the less it makes sense, and the more sure I am that it doesn't have a good answer :/
3:43 AM
Yea, I wasn't sure it was worth a full question there.
Ah. Well, considering I know almost 0 music theory... :P
Maybe try their chatroom?
Do people use their chatroom,or is it like most? checking....
3:44 AM
@Geobits probably the latter :(
this guys rep is perfect:
Well there's a person in the room :/
I can never remember latter vs former. Any mnmnmnmnemnonics
The latter comes later?
^^ first last
3:47 AM
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ Is mayonnaise an instrument?
@Mego If you throw it on the ground right.
@Geobits aug4/dim5
@Mego no, but it's a fruit
@Mego It causes a wretching sound to be produced, but it's hard to control pitch.
@Geobits Also the volume is always fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffuck I made a bad choice
3:49 AM
How do I find all of my answers on a certain question?
@Quill +1 no node
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ inquestion:<id> user:me
7 mins ago, by Quill
3:50 AM
@Mego yeah, too bad we don't ;)
@Mego Thanks for this btw. That was my first gut call, but I had my doubts, so I wanted at least one other person to say that ;)
Disclaimer: my music theory knowledge is from a class I took in high school (5 years ago) and so my memory may not be so good
Ferrum fum fum Ferrum fum fum Ferrum Ferrum Ferrum fum fum...
@Mego Doesn't matter. The first answer I got agreed with my own, so it's the answer now :P
3:54 AM
It amazes my how much the 12 days of christmas my true love gave to me
I need to map 12 tones to six keys, so was wondering which to pair to reduce doubles on the same key producing different notes.
Days 1-4=N birds + day n-1
Day 5=5 Golden Rings + day 4
Days 6-7= N birds + day n-1
days 8-12 N humans + day n-1
Day 5 also gets 1-4, and all after also get the rings.
@Geobits You should look at Ocarina of Time as an example/for inspiration. All of the songs in it are played using just 6 buttons.
(well, the beginnings of all the playable songs, which are very memorable)
3:57 AM
It's not exactly what you're doing, but it will help you pick appropriate notes :P
A: Stack Exchange User Activity Score

QuillTOP 1 When selecting values that correspond to Unique fields referenced by constants (OwnerUserId), you're only really selecting one field, meaning this is redundant. UVN Unexplained Variable Names Don't use names like Q and A, they're confusing at best and unreadable at worst. DECLARE @Q...

I love how there are 3 different conversations
in this room
@9cHeruinr96a you just made it four
@Mego Hmm... yea, not exactly the same. I'm looking to play other music given six keys (for a game), not compose it myself. It's player-choice music, so I don't really have control of what song is playing.

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