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3:00 PM
I got like 95 rep on SO the last two days for doing nothing
yes, but you also got 0 rep on SO for posting a few answers X time ago
I dunno, it happens
Q: C# File Rename and My Challenges?

LoveComplexityI wrote this code in c# for change location of some specific folder and all sub-folders of it. I want to change name of all folders when move it to destination. for example I want to change name from A, B and C to 1, 2 and 3 . how should I change my code to automatically do this: using System; u...

3:01 PM
my duck's damaged
what happened?
too much fondling
the logo is coming off
it's not a toy!!
Have any of you seen a duck like that made of actual rubber?
also, spot the differences
- less detailed wing
3:04 PM
and a color logo
- black logo vs white logo
And the eyes.
- lack of bump on head
- eyelashes
- eye direction
- mouth angle?
well, at least I have 3 replacement logos
(maybe it's a fake rubber duck)
@Mat'sMug why is it not a toy
why would a rubberduck not be a toy
It's a tool.
you're supposed to put it next to your monitor, and talk to it
3:07 PM
You use it to rubberduck.
I'm a very aggressive talker,
I talk with my hands
@Pimgd Less detailed wing-end blades, less downforce, different size of tires...?
@skiwi yes, the duck doesn't run on electricity.
OH HI @Steven
3:08 PM
So yeah!
From our senior database architect:
> That sounds like a movie poster tagline. The Database Terminator.
Do not fondle your newly received rubberduck, the logo will scrub off!
Rub your duck with care.
@Pimgd but yours have hair ;)
I'm kinda sad now
ping JNat for complaining ;)
3:12 PM
@JNat why does the logo come off when you rub your duck
picture for reference
@Pimgd You must've done some really excessive rubbing then...
@Pimgd Why were you rubbing the duck?
@skiwi he was rubber ducking to much :)
Because it's so smooooth
also because it squeaks
and because I didn't know this would happen
and according to the rest, because I'm a brute =D
@JNat was there a manuel with the duck that say's you can't rub the duck?
3:13 PM
hmm, there was no such manual
@chillworld You're asking if we ship our swag with a manual?
The answer would be "no"
Was there a warning you shouldn't put your duck in the microwave rub your duck?
@JNat nah, I'm joking. In America that's sometimes needed or they dry a dog in a micro wave
Ofc the answer would be no, that'd be silly, who would need a manual for their duck, I mean, it's not as if you could do anything wrong to it...
or wait
@chillworld IKR
3:15 PM
@chillworld ;)
my McDonald's coffee cup says "CAUTION HOT!"
I'm thinking about getting a pen and redrawing the logo on it, but that's probably a bad idea
@Mat'sMug IKR? damn I'm feeling stupid now because I don't know what you mean
@Pimgd What could possibly go wrong there.
@chillworld I Know, Right?
Stupid slang...
@Mast me drawing badly... or somehow the ink is bad for the rubber
or I dunno, pens are sharp
3:17 PM
Yea, you could seriously hurt yourself. Or the duck.
(Plus I seem to be a woefully inadequate duck handler.)
@Pimgd go to tattoo shop ^^
I don't think tattoo shops will do ducks :P
Would make for a nice documentary...
"The duck with the Code Review tattoo."
@JNat can't you send him a new one, and put a note with it : Take out, place it somewhere and never touch it again
If I had two I could put them together and then they'd make infinite ducks
3:19 PM
We really need a deck with lots of stars on it, because I don't have them anymore
or maybe that's not how ducks work
how is duck formed
an egg
ah, that makes sense
but what came first, the duck or the egg
question is, which came first - the egg, or the duck?
@chillworld I bothered poor @JNat a ton already about my shirt, and then in the end it was "eh, just do the original size" and it fit perfectly
but that's because converting clothing sizes is hard
I'm clumsy like that
3:22 PM
when in doubt, just pick a large. nevermind
@Pimgd lol I received a ZK shirt. Here I have size XL because I'm big. Looks like Taiwan size XL is for horizontal big in stead of vertical big :)
I have 2XL and it fits ... but it's a bit tight around the chest area
so the shirt in in the closet and I'm receiving a new one (this times a Large ^^)
that's what you get for being 2m tall
@Pimgd certainly not made for Chinese people then
1m87 here
3:24 PM
okay it's not 2m
more like
depends on time of day =)
jip in th emorning you can be 2cm bigger then in the evening
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is asking for an improvement. ask on codereview.stackexchange.com — Daniel A. White 8 secs ago
you know with what I have a problem. That mine son is expected to be larger then me
almost 5 years old and already 1m24
mine house isn't build for a giant :s
my hands smell suspiciously like duck
oh no, now he's never going to wash his hands again
3:29 PM
it's only a problem for your kid if the ceiling isn't high enough
ah crap, I need to leave work
people can duck for doors
I see what you did there...
yeah me to ;)
well I'm off to home. I can't gain any more hours at work so unpaid at work now
3:31 PM
Holy carp, I'm ranked 6th in the post-efficiency highscore.
now you need to link to the query
This is a question more suitable for the site Code Review (codereview.stackexchange.com) — AlvaroSantisteban 10 secs ago
how does it work...?
3:33 PM
yes, that's the results
ah, upvotes per question and answer...
So it's the amount of votes divided by posts, but better.
hmm, but 1 is questions
so ... yeah
questions get more votes than answers, on average
I think, that sort of thing really needs a backing dataset
That explains it, my question:answer ratio is 26:37.
3:36 PM
Q: Improvements to householder code

Marius PopescuI'm trying to make this householder method run as quickly as possible. It runs fine now, but I'm still a bit new to java, is there anything you guys see to make this run faster? public static ArrayList<double[][]> householder(double[][] A) { int m = A.length; // rows int n = A[0].length; // cols...

160Pimgd 4.84507 213
massively dragged down because I pulled that duplicated answers thing with JDQ
@Mast right behind you there....
but the ratio is different
18 : 219
Yea, you guys are writing way more answers.
Which is good. We need many good answers.
but even if I remove those 17 answers with 21 votes
it's only 5.158 avg score then
about 20 spots higher =)
otoh I have 29 revival badges and maybe that's a contributing factor
Kill this with fire:
A: Storing data in the pixels of an image


3:43 PM
but it's not actually spam because it's not an advert
so it's NAA?
Along with the user, I see.
@Mast Perhaps you should adjust your query to have avg for Qs and As, and also account for the fact Q UV are 5 rep and A UV are 10 rep
Maybe you can rank over the sum of the two efficiency ratios
That would be a good SQL learning exercise ;)
I found a UI bug with SEDE :|
Do those go on MSE or on the SEDE github repo? @Mat'sMug ?
either, I'd say.
4:02 PM
Whoops, just noticed it's not a bug after a sanity check, I used dense_rank() instead of row_number() and so some ranks were duplicated if the order by values were equal...
oh snap
deletes half-completed MSE post
@pimgd I blame you for monopolising all my stars
I want to trade your stars for a chance to unmolest my duck
@Pimgd facerolling on keyboards is borderline abusive
4:10 PM
@Pimgd TS so hard
I still have a chance, though
just gotta get 100k reps
then I can have a new, unmolested duck
(I hope)
Q: Which is best practice? an If statement vs the latter

HappyCodingI have the following two code examples which accomplish the same task: if ((state == "MA") || (state == "RI")) { row[13] = "N"; } else { row[13] = "Y"; } Run time test 1: 3 s...

conveniently, by that time I will probably have learned not to molest ducks
1 hour ago, by Pimgd
@JNat why does the logo come off when you rub your duck
@Pimgd ...
I kinda was hoping you meant a clean build of Rubberduck or something
You really meant an unmolested duck
4:14 PM
We take ducks seriously here at CR
@Mat'sMug why do you support .net 2.0? MS stopped supporting it many years ago no?
I don't support 2.0
ok, got that impression from yesterdays c#6 discussion
you'd have to point a gun at me to implement the code inspections and resolver code without LINQ
4:18 PM
ok, good, not gonna point :)
it's just that we want to build to target a .net version that a widest reasonable range of users can work with
given 4.5 runs on Vista...
Q: C random number guessing game

Abdullah NafeesThe problem is to write a program to act as a guessing game in which the user has eight tries to guess a randomly generated number. The program will tell the user each time whether he guessed high or low. I have written this code but I am getting error from the compiler for the line srand((unsig...

@Zak RSA... less hard though
@Mat'sMug ok, makes sense when targeting VBA guys I guess. All of them are perhaps not the early adopter type.'
Dad reply to molested duck: "He looks fine, he still got his beak"
clearly worse is possible
4:26 PM
oh god
don't try pls
I have no intention of further harming the duck
@Phrancis That could work.
I've never uploaded that picture of a black duck with a red led up his behind, have I?
First thing when I get home...
the CR duck does have a hole, you could make it glow in the dark
bad pim
4:31 PM
Mine is evil.
the duck?
Q: Small PHP email script embedded with form submission

N AltunMy version is PHP 5.5.31. I saw similar code recently while studying how to send email upon form submission using the same file. However, I am unable to test mine yet as we're in production. <? echo "<input type=\"submit\" name=\"update\" value=\"Update My Account\" onClick=\"return submitFo...

I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs in CodeReview. — Scott Hunter 27 secs ago
Sorry @ScottHunter- I'll move it to code review. — Ben Simmons 33 secs ago
4:48 PM
Attention programmers: you are supposed to tell the duck your problems. Do not rub the rubber duck. It is not a lamp; there is no genie.
congrats, pim... you're famous
> There's a story behind this?
@Bsilverstrim77 It's very tragic. Poor duck.
I wonder when my swag will come.
I wonder if it got cancelled after all? I never sent the email...
Q: Validating an arithmetic sequence

KPZI'm looking for criticism on the following method used to determine if a collection of Integers forms an arithmetic sequence: public boolean isArithmetic(Integer[] nums) { Set<Integer> result = new HashSet<Integer>(); Collections.sort(Arrays.asList(nums)); for(int i = 0; i < nums...

Q: MySQL Group PO Data in Ranges with Avg Number of Approvals

Ben SimmonsI expanded the query provided by Gordon Linoff here:http://stackoverflow.com/questions/29712086/count-the-number-of-purchase-orders-that-occur-within-a-range/29712119?noredirect=1#comment58824746_29712119 I used this query configured for my invoices and it worked great- took around 1.3 seconds t...

well, good to know I caused a good laugh over at SE HQ
5:01 PM
@Mat'sMug @Pimgd Are you going to tweet them your story?
@Hosch250 If you never filled out the form then chances are you are not getting swag, I'd say
I filled it out.
Oh, I got it!
Good :)
I don't have twitter
How do I twitter
5:14 PM
I'm getting emails from recruiters left and right :)
Just got one from someone who found my resume in GoldPass, the U's resume DB thingie.
@Pimgd Sign Up
possible answer invalidation by Jamal on question by ndm13: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/92517/revisions
And then follow @rubberduckvba :-)
This one will pay me $11/hour, and I only have to work 15-25 hours/week.
@Hosch250 What kind of work?
5:16 PM
General maintenance and such?
Guess it's not bad for entry level
IT can be a whole lot of different things, I'd ask for more details
.       Research and identify campus structure as it pertains to Information Technology
.       Provide on-campus support to our existing customer base while discovering and developing new relationships and business opportunities
.       Educate customers on CDW.G by highlighting the value and expertise offered to the University
Can be anything from the on-location tech support behind the front desk to something way more sophisticated.
Hey, I know CDW.G - I worked with them regularly at my old workplace
5:18 PM
Big company, they sell computers and software and provide consulting, and lots of stuff.
@Phrancis Can you tell me anything about them?
@shog9 Happy as I was with my duck, I kept it in my hands instead of on my desk for the first day, with as result... https://t.co/M24CoMyzbF
I think I figured out how to twitter
But character limits are stupid
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this question is better suited for the Code Review StackExchange. — Mr. Llama 23 secs ago
Sure. They sell a lot of products and services, CDW-G is a branch of CDW (which is more for private businesses). AFAIK they have a really solid operations
It looks like they want a marketer to market specifically to IT.
Is it a sales position?
5:21 PM
I put my name in that I was interested, but if I'm just going to be marketing, I'm not going to accept.
We are seeking a Marketing/Account Executive Intern to work on campus closely with our customers at the department level giving them a better understanding of CDW.G's offerings, internal systems and processes. You will focus on building existing relationships with IT professionals within the University in order to increase CDW.G presence and identify larger IT opportunities.

This is a fun and dynamic experience that compliments any business discipline.  Our interns are given a fair range of autonomy and responsibility as they build skills in enterprise account management.
Yeah that's definitely a marketing position
Fun and dynamic experience
Oh boy
@Pimgd Catch words...
@Hosch250 I've actually worked quite a bit with their account managers, I'd say you probably know more about technology than the average (a lot of them come from a marketing background it seems)
Marketeers coming from a marketing background, you say?
5:23 PM
I play a RCE game and "Dynamic" is how the players describe the loot system....
As in, sometimes it screws you less, sometimes it screws you more
Some people are strange.
Nah, theyre just different
Q: Possibility of SQL Injection

DaveI am requesting a review of a portion of a 600 lines of code. This portion of the code process a filter that is farther down the page. It takes in the parameters and formats them into a query. Now I have included two bits. Firs the code, and then the portion of my DB class that makes the call to ...

Q: An iterator returning all possible solutions to n-queen problem in Java

coderoddeGiven a positive integer \$n\$, I have an iterator that returns all possible solutions to \$n\$ queen problem one by one. See what I mean: QueenIterableV1.java: package net.coderodde.fun; import java.util.Iterator; import java.util.NoSuchElementException; /** * This awesome class iterates ov...

It is working as expected. But the problem is about fulfilling the condition of the code. — Abdullah Nafees 1 hour ago
konijn is back!
A: WebTorrent player

konijnAfter reviewing, I came up with these observations: You really should not do inline scripts, put this in a separate .js file No meaningless comments, you should remove //Torrent ID Variables should be in lowerCamelCase MEDIA_EXT -> mediaExtensions, or even validFileExtensions I like the attribu...

5:57 PM
Ewwww a CROSS JOIN :|
@Phrancis the multiple definitions of "working code" in effect around the world, are a sign that there will be jobs for programmers in the foreseeable future.
"I expected it to give incorrect results for some cases. It works as expected."
All my code works. Some of it just targets systems that don't exist yet
System.ArgumentNullException: Value cannot be null.
Parameter name: val
   at Microsoft.XLANGs.Core.XMessage.SetPropertyValue(Type propType, Object val)
   at FOO.BizTalk.General.REDACTED.Orch.CreateSignable.segment2(StopConditions stopOn)
   at Microsoft.XLANGs.Core.SegmentScheduler.RunASegment(Segment s, StopConditions stopCond, Exception& exp)
6:16 PM
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is asking for an improving to working code. ask on codereview.stackexchange.com — Daniel A. White 34 secs ago
@Occam'schainsaw don't think it's a bad question, just probably better suited for codereview. — Kritner 33 secs ago
6:44 PM
Incoming funny CommitStrip
@davidheff To make you ask questions. #success
The Internet of Things has gone too far
that was rather timely
This looks like a question that belongs on Code Review, as it's not a specific issue you're trying to fix. — neminem 48 secs ago
If it compiles and runs, then you have come to the wrong place! Try the community on Code Review - they are perfect for this sort of thing ;) — Conduit 52 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is asking for a code review. Perhaps it belongs on codereview.stackexchange.comcrashmstr 11 secs ago
Why is there no close vote for migration to Code Review? — Dieter Lücking 20 secs ago
That's not how this site works. Try posting on codereview.stackexchange.comroryap 42 secs ago
7:08 PM
Q: Basic mortgage calculator

Jonathan HallI'm making a few forms of a mortgage calculator for my intro to computer science class. With inputs, I currently have it outputting the monthly payments. I'll eventually be outputting how long it will take to pay off the loan once I add some code. I'm just looking for suggestions for any easier/q...

7:21 PM
TIL: when caterpillars cocoon themselves, they don't grow wings as such. Instead, they dissolve into a ball of cells which then re-form into a butterfly more or less from scratch.
7:43 PM
Q: Writing XML parser using PHP and need some advice and suggestion for good practice

Karthikeyan PalaniswamyMy code is pasted here: http://pastie.org/10736118 It is just one of the files. I have also tried to write some tests using PHPUnit. It is pasted below: <?php class TestParseXML extends PHPUnit_Framework_TestCase { public function testSetup() { $objectParseXML = n...

for optimization you should go to codereview.stackexchange.com, for help here you need to ask a question. — Tadhg McDonald-Jensen 50 secs ago
Q: Find a palindrome using Ruby

Joe AinsworthI am preparing for an upcoming exam and have the following practice question.. Write a method to determine if a word is a palindrome, without using the reverse method. Most of you probably know what a palindrome is, but for those that don't.. a palindrome is a word which reads the same ba...

Microsoft just acquired Xamarin
How kinky is this
8:00 PM
Has anyone else gotten their swag?
I have.
A lot of people have.
Good good, got mine yesterday.
Q: Calculating a postfix expression

John DoeI've got the following code in my calculator project: private ITerm CalculatePostfixExpression(IEnumerable<ITerm> input) { var tempResult = new Stack<ITerm>(); foreach (var term in input) { if (term is IOperand) { tempResul...

Q: Oracle Database Communication/Operation

SWardI am creating an application that will move specific data from one Oracle database and moving it to a MySQL database. I created this class to help keep myself organized and this class holds all of the operations/communication that will happen with this database. I have learned C# on my own with n...

8:18 PM
Q: Start of an ATM program

user98614I'm learning Python and have made this start of a ATM program, I'm very new to this so please be gentle.. Is there a better way to rewrite this? CHECKING_BALANCE = 4000 SAVINGS_BALANCE = 1000 def welcome_screen(): print """ Welcome to the Bank of Bam! To continue please follow the ...

8:45 PM
Q: Efficiency of vector like class

user3190123I've written a vector-like class in C++ and I'm trying to figure out issues in efficiency. When I use clock() to measure the time taken to emplace objects, std::vector outperforms this class until emplacing more than 1000 objects. For simple types, the performance is much more evenly matched. Th...

8:55 PM
Q: Fuzzy / approximate text matching program in Python

JonI'm trying to build a program that will find approximate text matches between two texts. Basically, I'd like to find a way of identifying quotations, so that when an author quotes, say, the King James Bible, Heroditus, or James Joyce, this program will identify the match, and show where it happen...

i'm surprised you guys don't like javascript with all this duck typing going on in this chat room
Naruto answer; accepted non-selfie answer with 0 score: Maintaining row height while inserting
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: SessionHandlerInterface Class
I'm having to design a calendar in Javascript. it hurts
they are not easy things to make
@DanPantry LOL.
@DanPantry Especially not in JavaScript.
9:05 PM
@DanPantry surely the billions of date time picker libraries out there will do
no, becauise i dont need a date picker.
think outlook calendar
yep. but smaller
Fun times
9:18 PM
swag showed up at my house today
still waiting on SO swag
@fahadash No, 'Here is my code, please adjust it to best practice code' is for stackExchanges's codereview site..... — EZI 12 secs ago
9:34 PM
^^ dafuq?
Q: Parsing option symbols

vlmercadoI think I have this working, but I'm not sure it's completely accurate. I'm trying to parse Option Symbols. An Option Symbol is made up of 4 parts: Root Symbol (up to 6 characters) Expiration Date (yymmdd) Option Type (1 character) Strike price (8 digits) After parsing the following examples...

I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it was also posted on Code Review (see multiple comments), a more appropriate site. So even though too old to migrate, the question is already there. — Cindy Meister 16 secs ago
9:56 PM
Q: How can i develop an animation for the counter dropping to the bottom of the connect 4 board?

user96992Hi so for my school project i am making a connect 4 game in c#. I ave currently just finished making the board and was wondering ow do i now make the counter drop to the bottom when it is dragged and dropped into the top of one of the board slots? Board Code private void pnlGrid1_Paint(object ...

I'd use it
just needed a proof of concept
I'd add 3px of padding
it doesnt need to look nice
just needed html structure
10:08 PM
You should probably put the 00:00 in the tr tag
wat? why
it should be in <td>
to accompany the blank <th>
I thought you defined the first row in the tr tag?
you define every row in a <tr>.
table row
Q: Search and merge split-archive backup parts

chrisSo i wrote some code which searches parts of a split-archive backup (it's an android backup, i used flashfire to backup) and rejoins them. As you can easily see, i've achieved this by if statements and the maximal number of archive parts is hardcoded. As i'm very new to "programming" (if you lik...

10:30 PM
var clonedObject = JSON.parse(JSON.stringify(realObject))
yay! hacky hacks
@Quill .. wot why
Object.assign({}, realObject) would work too
Q: Generating property for a class instance

Occam's chainsawHope, it's my last question about current project. Yeah, it's still about respecting SOLID-principles. And it's still about calculator, so i've got realization of ITerm interface: public interface ITerm : IStackManipulator { Object Value { get; } /// <summary> /// Term type. 0 for o...

@Quill codepen.io/lambdaexpression/pen/vGBEbr?editors=0011 there we go :) that's what I wanted
proof of concept in react
also, have I ever mentioned how damn awesome react is..? it's awesome
Flags. nice.
10:43 PM
I just got navigation properties to work in my Sage300 API wrapper!
well, for select anyway
Nice work!
    public virtual IList<PurchaseOrderDetail> Details { get; set; }
    public virtual IList<PO0623> OptionalFields { get; set; }
^^ just adding that to the entity class automagically populates when selecting a PurchaseOrderHeader :)
next step, implement insert/update
then I can turn this:
into this:
never wrote so much reflection code

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