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Quill, Gold Coast, Australia
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Q: Applying naming conventions to any given identifier

Jeroen VannevelVSDiagnostics has an analyzer that verifies whether or not a given identifier is following naming conventions. The following conventions are supported: UpperCamelCase lowerCamelCase _lowerCamelCase ICamelCase On top of simply verifying this convention is followed it also suggests a new name t...

Not satisfied with current answer
someone work for me and add something
Maybe you just have to accept that you write clean code nowadays.
I can't see anything wrong there.
Well, except that those string transformers seem remarkably similar.
12:23 AM
@Quill Congrats!
@SirPython Thanks!
If the code is working, you might want to go to codereview.stackexchange.com instead — EOF 1 min ago
I'd try posting it to codereview. I suspect the people there will be more willing to look through this much code. It'll be difficult to get help here if your code doesn't crash or does something similarly straightforward to debug. — EOF 9 secs ago
Q: how to get indices of the two items whose value adds up to a value?

blackwolfI've solved the google jam store credit problem. but there's some inefficiencies that I want to get rid of them to improve the algorithm and reduce the multiple iteration. How can I do that? #!/usr/bin/env python3.4 import sys from itertools import combinations, count cases = [] credits = [] it...

12:41 AM
Looks like you have a copy-paste error right after free_tree. Make sure to fix it before posting to codereview. — user58697 48 secs ago
Q: is this pure functional programming?

jane_smRegarding this code , the way reduce is used is it pure functional? const combineReducers = (reducers) => { return (state = {}, action) => { return Object.keys(reducers).reduce( nextState[key] = reducers [key]( state[key] ) } ) ...

I've shortened the code, got rid of the delete part for now. I'll try testing this a bit more before sending it to codereview. — SenselessCoder 45 secs ago
1:01 AM
Man, writing C++ is barbaric.
What are you writing?
Well, because the library that supports my app isn't properly supported, we have to have iOS/Android devs write some code for the C++ library sometimes.
Today (and tomorrow) is that time for me.
Oh. So, do you try to write a it as a unit, or do you swap devs among a single "feature"?
No. When I have an iOS feature that needs something in the library that's not done yet, I go do it.
So, you guys aren't just randomly swapping people just so you don't have to work on C++ as much.
1:05 AM
That sentence doesn't make sense.
What should be happening is that there should be a few dedicated C++ developers so you don't have iOS/Android devs guessing at things.
There is only 1 dedicated library developer.
I was just confirming that you guys weren't just cycling each other through regardless of where someone was in a unit they were implementing.
I'm going to guess that there are only a couple of the iOS devs who would write any C++ code. Most of them wouldn't have the slightest clue.
Do you know how to check two strings from the C++ standard library for equal value?
In Swift: string1 == string2
In Java: string1.equals(string2)
In C++: std::strcmp(string1.data(), string2.data()) == 0
C++ uses == I think. At least, that is what I used back when I wrote VC++.
You've got to be kidding me. This is barbaric.
It looks like you are writing C.
Can't you just #include <string>?
Then, you can use == just fine, I think.
1:19 AM
Q: Differences between C++ string == and compare()?

KlaimI just read some recommendations on using std::string s = get_string(); std::string t = another_string(); if( !s.compare(t) ) { instead of if( s == t ) { I'm almost always using the last one because I'm used to it and it feels natural, more readable. I didn't even know that there was a ...

Or is that not available in hard-core C++?
I guess I've been told wrong.
See, are you sure you aren't writing C?
I don't think C has namespaces.
It doesn't.
1:20 AM
And seriously, you could at least write an operation overload to use that.
I mean the thing is... there's not a C++ expert involved here.
@EthanBierlein Well, I meant a lot of people write C++ like it is C, without using the "C++" features.
The good news is, there are no unit tests for the whole library.
I can detect sarcasm there.
The API layer has few or none unit tests as well. They have load tests, and that's basically it.
But... they're keeping a very keen eye on how many tests the client apps we're developing have...
1:42 AM
Q: Lua/Love2D Resource Loader (Queue)

OmegaI made this resource queue in Love2D. function GameState:queue(file, arg) self.res.loaded = self.res.loaded + 1; self.res.queue[self.res.loaded] = {f = file, t = game.getResourceType(file), id = self.res.loaded, s = arg}; game.log("Resource Queued: "..file); return {f = self.res....

2:12 AM
Q: How to get PHP $_GET array?

Skynet MoroccoI am not a developer and I want to add goo.gl API to my website but there is a problem that I cannot resolve. This is the code I have : <div class="goo"> <form type="hidden" method="get"> <input type="hidden" id="goo" value="[linkSerial]" name="goo"/></form> <?php $linkSeri...

2 hours later…
3:46 AM
Q: Shell Sort Comparisons/Exchanges Counter

booleanSo my code can be seen here: public class Sort { static int exchanges= 0; static int comparisons= 0; public static void SegmentedInsertionSort (AnyType[] array, int N, int gap) { for (int index = gap ; index < N ; index++) { AnyType temp; int j = index - ...

4:20 AM
Try codereview.stackexchange.com which is specifically about improving working code. — Quentin Pradet 28 secs ago
I can't believe this comment isn't here already, but: "I would reject this code from code review for abysmally poor use of variable names!" — lol 23 secs ago
4:31 AM
Q: Drawing art on the coordinate plane with Karel J. Robot

EridanThis question is an extension of this one, which is my implementation of a coordinate system using the Java learning software Karel J. Robot. With the below code, I created a way to automatically make the robot place beepers on spots on the coordinate plane to imitate drawing letters. Here is th...

Q: Improving How I Grab the Latest File in Python

pyNovice89I'm a bit new to Python and sort of learning on my own. I wrote a small function to help me find the latest file in a directory. Taking a step back, it reads a bit janky and I was curious what steps or what resources I could look into to help me make this more friendly. Should I be returning Fals...

2 hours later…
6:11 AM
Q: Displaying output to the right

acm818So i am very new to programming and c++. This little simple program is my second one and im in need of a little assistance. Below is my code followed by a comment showing the output that i am getting and what i want it to look like. If anyone can point me in the right direction, or let me know h...

6:30 AM
Q: A graph representation of Adjacent Matrix in Python

toyI'm trying to create a graph representation in Adj Matrix in Python. I'm not sure if this is the best pythonic way. class Graph(object): def __init__(self, edge_list): self.edge_list = edge_list def add_edge(self, edge_list): self.edge_list.append(edge_list) def ad...

Q: Best timing method in delphi

nidish.ckWhile loading my delphi application get slow when cursor placed in the center of the screen.but get faster loading when cursor moved to buttom .what is the problem? how to solve ? please reply.........

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7:31 AM
Congrats @DJanssens :)
@SirPython That particular syntax is wrong.
function foo (me = {}, occupation = {}) {

Defaulting to something is different.
foo(me || {}, occupation || {})
also it appears I'm the first..
1 hour later…
8:35 AM
Q: Spring Jdbc IN With WHERE Clause

RajkishanCurrently, i am doing like below; String query = "select column1, column2, column3 from tablename where column1 = :somevalues and column2 IN (:morevalues)"; List list1 = Arrays.asList(new String[]{a,b,c,d}); List<String> list2 = new ArrayList<>(); list2.add(properties.getID()); ...

Q: AggregateException handling

Dmitry NoginHow do you handle AggregateException? It is really useful in many TPL or business scenarios, but handling is a real pain. I defined the following three extensions to help myself a little bit. They can be used this way: try { throw new AggregateException( new ArgumentException(), new...

Naruto answer; accepted non-selfie answer with 0 score: Creating an object-oriented router class in PHP
Ripe zombie; open question with answers, at least one answer having score 0, no answer having score > 0: Aho-Corasick for multiple exact string matching in Java
monking @all
happy friday ;)
Monking @chillworld
9:18 AM
hey @DanPantry
9:31 AM
HR dept just sent out a "don't discuss your pay with your colleagues, it's confidential" e-mail. oh boy
9:45 AM
possible answer invalidation by ferada on question by boolean: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/120492/revisions
Q: Likes or votes for posts

Harshit ShrivastavaI am making a small program where users makes posts or write blogs. On those posts, other users can like or dislike the post as in facebook or upvote or downvote the post as in stackoverflow. I would like to know a good database structure which is commonly used & the program works efficiently wit...

10:05 AM
@DanPantry that means some guy's are paid to much ;)
10:23 AM
Q: using java script or jGrasp

Lethu MxohDesign a solution algorithm in pseudocode for the above problem statement, taking the following specifications into account:  accept the values input by the user and store these into appropriately named parallel arrays, and then process the data as per requirements indicated above and the output...

Q: Parse a string to get a SectorId

OraceIn mobile phones technologies, a SectorId is a 128-bit value broadcast by a 1xEV-DO BTS system. That it, a 16 bytes data. I make a struct to store those: using System; using System.Globalization; using System.Linq; using System.Text; public struct SectorId { readonly byte[] id; Secto...

10:33 AM
@chillworld or too little
10:58 AM
huh, commitstrip's buttons are broken, if I click previous it doesn't do anything
11:12 AM
Q: 2 methods to parse the same pattern of line in a file

jayjaypg22I use 2 methods in order to parse those 2 lines : flux=rp_evtmedprev_out partitions=a054010a,a054020a,a054030a,a034040a,a054050a,a054060a,a054070a,a054080a,a054090a This is the call : BufferedReader reader = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader( httpConn.getIn...

11:22 AM
@DanPantry That's not how confidentiality works though.
@CaptainObvious Closed.
@Mast precisely
though in the uk you're allowed to add gag orders to contacts :s
UK just disappeared from my list of possible countries to migrate to.
(and yes, I'm perfectly aware it's not a country, whatever)
The UK is a country, sort of
11:24 AM
You can add a gag order about contacts, but you're not allowed to do it against protected classes
What classes are protected?
So you can't prevent people from discussing their salary if it is for the purpose of investigating differences in pay because of racial discrimination, for example
So as long as you have a proper purpose they can't stop you?
I can think of a couple of ways to abuse that hole.
Yeah, it's quite a crap law. It's basically one made to make the legislation branch say "We're trying, corporations!" while wringing their hands
11:28 AM
Sounds like the entire EU.
I'd prefer it this way to the US way
Where you can literally get fired for discussing it in some states
I just got the Generalist Badge. weird
11:47 AM
Q: custom delegate getting nil in swift , not getting call back

RaviI am trying to create a custom delegate using TLPhotoControllerDelegate in swift. However the doSomething method is not being called through callback. It seems that delegate?. TLPhotoControllerDelegate() does not fire to the class B TLPhotoControllerDelegate method. Thanks in advance! Class A: ...

@CaptainObvious help my code is bork
12:05 PM
> if your application seems to be getting slower, there’s a good chance that this is caused by inefficient database queries.
Q: Implementing the Actor-Model in C#

Yair NevetAfter learning the basics (isolated state, communication and computation) of the the Actor-Model I've tried to write my own implementation and now I would be happy to hear your reviews about it. What I'm wondering the most is if the use of threading within the actor is correct for processing the...

12:22 PM
If it's already working you may want to ask for opinions/critique at codereviewAlG 37 secs ago
12:45 PM
possible answer invalidation by Pimgd, David Foerster on question by jayjaypg22: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/120516/revisions
Q: Message Service

Bryan VamBelow is the code to a Message Service. Does anyone have any ideas on how to improve the methods. It doesn't feel clean to me. public enum MessagesType { Standard, LocationTargeted, Scheduled, Expired } public class MessageService : GenericService<PushMessage> { public Messa...

Q: Using a C API in C++ code (the RAII way)

moooeeeepI have written a small code example that uses Python's C-API to do some trivial task for now: #include <tr1/memory> #include <Python.h> // helper to get function pointer for the macro void Python_DecreaseRefCount(PyObject* p) { Py_DECREF(p); } int main() { // declare struct and create...

Q: compare two floats using bit operators using their floating point representations bitwise

VsoI had to compare two float numbers and return a certain value based on the condition of if one was greater, less than, or equal the other float. Then I had to print each float in IEEE format 32 bits, 1 sign bit, 8 exponent bits, and 23 for the mantissa. I don't think the way I did it was the best...

@Duga deeeeal with it (it's okay)
So... another question in which I'm somewhat at odds with someone with a ton of rep...
Q: Telling a generic function it's type without passing an example of that type

lanzaI'm creating a generic function to handle Firebase Snapshots and I'm finding that the generic function doesn't know what type to work with unless you tell it explicitly the type by feeding it in the argument. So I've resorted to a really ugly approach of just creating a blank, for example, User...

And once again,
1:03 PM
If the code works this might be better off being asked at codereview.stackexchange.comAndy 57 secs ago
@Duga half implemented half working (too many recursions) code
Hmm, I think it begs the question though. We allow . Would we allow ?
for reasonable values of memory limit exceeded, yes
"does not work without 1 PB RAM" = what are you doing
@nhgrif Is that a thing?
So, if a user is somehow confident that the algorithm works, but the problem is the user can't call the function without a stack overflow exception, the question would be on-topic?
1:12 PM
@Mast it is!
TLE is usually a programming-challenge thing, I'm not sure whether they even check for memory usage.
is a real tag
@nhgrif That would be bad.
You get limits like "max storage allowed is O(n^2)"
@nhgrif I'm aware, but we're talking memory here.
@Pimgd I've never encountered those, do you happen to have an example with that?
1:15 PM
I do not, but I have taken programming tests with memory limits
My god, this answer has a table of contents.
Specifically, codility
They call it space complexity
Eh, to me, if you are using more than the acceptable amount of time or memory, you're failing on acceptance criteria--your code does not work as accepted (it wouldn't be accepted by QA).
I think for codility it was to stop you from doing silly things
Sounds like a good idea.
1:19 PM
like a prime calculator that has the first 10000 primes hardcoded
which is conveniently all they ask for
Ah, Codility also has a time-limit for how long you're allowed to take per solution.
I should take a closer look at that site this weekend.
yes, which was annoying
ToDo += 1
It's semi-stressful for no real reason
you get 1 hour for two exercises and it's like shit shit shit shit in 1 hour how
@Pimgd The point is you're practising for real interviews. Those usually have a time-limit as well.
1:22 PM
and then 25 minutes in you've got 2 solutions that need cleaning
@Mast for me, it was a test to filter interview candidates
the downside is that that 1 hour is not long enough to properly test your solutions
You can write the solutions and debug them
but the edge cases, you can't write unit tests in that time
so it's hard to get things completely working
Q: Swift replacement for C's for-loop

nhgrifI recently wrote an entry on my blog regarding unit testing using prime numbers as an example. When I wrote the entry, I wrote my code keeping in minding that proposal SE-0007 has been accepted for Swift 3.0. That is, C-style for loops will no longer be available in Swift as of 3.0, so I want t...

I took a swing at Swift a little over a week ago, but there was something seriously wrong with the Linux build.
found my old solutions for the demo task...
looks like it worked for all cases but empty array
that's the kind of thing you forget on a time limit
descriptive jira subtasks: "doit"
1:44 PM
Q: Simple ToDo App using redux. react and redux-react

TomThis is from the docs. What do you think of this as an example piece of code? http://redux.js.org/docs/basics/ExampleTodoList.html

@CaptainObvious I think it is off-topic
possible answer invalidation by frostware on question by frostware: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/120391/revisions
@Pimgd Yup.
@Duga Rolled back.
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is not your code, example code and the code is not included in your question. Please take a look at our on-topic help centre. — Mast 12 secs ago
2:04 PM
Needs more CV.
Q: Colour Game In Python-3.x - def, global, strings, statements

D.CThis is a python program that requires the user to type the colour of the text and not the name of the colour. They have a set time limit and a scoring system.If you have any improvements or suggestions I would greatly appreciate them. Many Thanks #Type the colour and not the word #from usingpy...

This maybe should go to codereview.stackexchange.comxpy 28 secs ago
Hi, how should I manage such answer : https://codereview.stackexchange.com/a/120533/80949 ?
What I did: downvote, comment to explain what is wrong (in my opinion), and flag as 'not an anwser'
I'm wondering if the flag is too much...
Bad answer or not an answer?
Ok, maybe I should have chosen "very low quality"
@Pimgd is that what you mean?
2:12 PM
well, I think that if it's what you describe;
then is apple and orange e.g. not an answer
I formatted it
maybe it looks better now
The idea usually is that an answer like this is either A) deleted by the poster or B) edited by the poster to contain the correct answer
Yes it does (a bit): thanks!

However, the first 4 lines are totally irrelevant to the problem (it's seems to be some PHP code to get the filesize)
And the python codes makes the same mistake: sorting by filesize instead of last modification time.
speaking about monkeys, I just had banana cake
My main preoccupation is to know if the flag 'not an answer' is adapted to the situation (or is 'very low' better, or no flag should be raised)
should be flagged, that's for sure
2:18 PM
Ok, thank you very much!
but as what... hmmh
The thing is for CR, we have empty review queues for all queues except first post and sometimes close vote
so it ... kinda doesn't really matter, and it kinda does...
On StackOverflow it's important to find the exact difference so people can do queue work faster
here... well, it ends up in a queue and thus it gets looked at
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it is asking for a code review. try codereview.stackexchange.com. — Daniel A. White 31 secs ago
Be aware though that very low quality flags are likely to get declined if the answer is well written
@oliverpool so try not an answer flag with the reason "this answer is about X, but the question is about Y, and these are different"
That's my reasoning, anyway.
As far as I remember, you can't give a reason for 'not an answer' flag
But I take good note of your advice
Thank you very much for replying so quickly!
@DanPantry I'm not referring to setting default values for arguments; I'm referring to specifying which argument a value is representing. Here's a quick JSBin as an example.
2:25 PM
@SirPython Ahh, named arguments
I don't think that should ever work in JS....
The closest you'd get is destructuring in the function parameters
thing is function args are lost (when minifying) and that behaviour would never work with things like .apply or .call
Isn't there a way you structure parameters into an object before passing them into a function? Something with ...?
could you give me a quick example of the expected input and output (without the structuring)?
There isn't any context. This was just a continuation of a discussion Quill and I were having.
I get that, but I mean, it's hard to visualise whaty ou mean by "structurep arameters into an object before passing them into a function"
I created a new question identical to this one in the codereview community. following the recommendation of @xpy. codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/120537/…Samuel Elgozi just now
2:37 PM
I'm not sure if I even know what I mean.
@SirPython That's the friday spirit!
Though around there the friday spirit seems to be beer.
beer isn't a spirit
Never mind. I was apparently thinking that you would do something with ... in a list of parameters like foo(0, "h2o", 1/2); to turn it into something like foo([0, "h2o", 1/2]), but you'd just add the brackets to do that.
lol, ye
2:41 PM
@DanPantry I was wondering about whether beer was a spirit but I was afraid of derailing the conversation even further with my usual antics
Q: Adding and removing classes at different heights on page using jQuery

Samuel ElgoziI want to remove/add classes when the user is at different distances from the top by using jQuery. I have successfully done it, and it works fine, but I think I'm doing it wrong, and I would like your help to optimize the code. The html is simple, basically the sections(including the header), h...

For review, there is Code Review. — Turing85 41 secs ago
and for overflow there is stack overflow
    // TODO: wat do
@DanPantry your job
2:47 PM
no it's just a hard thing to solve
typescript doesn't let you use mixins effectively
so it's hard to add a type model around something that uses mixins.
ngRedux mixes in actions into a class at runtime :s
welp I replied to some worldbuilding answer and now I'm having a discussion in comments
I'mma be a heartless bastard and stop replying to prevent it from devolving into a long activity
that'll teach em
instead, I'll ... chat... here...
The real problem with the 2nd monitor is that it's more interesting than the 1st monitor
2:50 PM
and the first monitor is where all my work is
lol, The 1st Monitor is the name of the CR mods' chat room =)
Hey @Mat'sMug!
@Mat'sMug ... so basically you guys don't do any job related work at all
It's something I read on the internet somewhere else though
putting high points on stackexchange on your CV might not be a very good thing because it shows you might like to spend time on other people's problems in the boss's time
and yet I get the feeling that if nobody posted on StackExchange sites at work then the world would get less work done overall
(although that's a statement that'd need some serious research to back it up)
2:59 PM
hello @DJanssens
Optimisation of working code is off-topic for Stack Overflow. If it's working you might try CodeReview but you must check their guidelines first. If it's getting broken code to work that's a different issue. You might like to reword your question. — Paulie_D 29 secs ago
> Note that the exemple doesn't work as I'm seeing it on my browser (Chrome).
well, good thing it's not working code then
@RequestMapping (value = "/banana", method = RequestMethod.GET)
I need a larger attention span.
Q: Creating simple POCO classes from EntityFramework 6 for use as DTO's

Alan WayneI'm new here. The below code works well for me to change the names of my entities to PascalCase for use as DTO's in a WCF library service. Can it be improved? TIA The situation: I am using EntityFramework 6.0 as Database-First with a PostgreSQL 9.5 backend and Npgsql 3.0.5 intermediary. These...

@CaptainObvious or "how to format my code"
3:08 PM
dat horizontal scrolling
I fixed the headers being embedded in the code but it's still ass very bad
Also, the OP used tabs which makes everything weird.
public string Property(EdmProperty edmProperty)
    return string.Format(
        "{0} {1} {2} {{ {3}get; {4}set; }}",

for various values of fixed
3:16 PM
no, I moved it left
suggested edits queue reaching new levels of pedantry:
original: I don't think the way I did it was the best or the cleanest way to do it. I do not
and new: I do not think the way I did it was the best or the cleanest way to do it. I don't
like ... what
uh, rejected I hope?
Wait... what? he just moved the short-form
3:20 PM
I don't know, it's several edits, this one is the first
well, I went for improve edit
and left a comment to the guy because pedantry is fine but make it useful
gonna pick up my drivers license tonight
if(angular.isDefined(registrationDateInfo.registeredUpToDate) && registrationDateInfo.registeredUpToDate !== null && registrationDateInfo.registeredUpToDate !== '')
there has got to be a better way
Not sure what to think of that.
3:35 PM
It's like the first introduction of Java 8
Here's how to streams!
and then a stream of sh*t comes drifting by
but it needs explanation
@DanPantry You should probably do something there, perhaps make a stick-page drawing?
that shrug one probably \_(face)_/
(help I don't know how to smiley)
also, successfully stopped the evil editor?
haha my foolproof plan failed me, sorry mate, it wont happen again — D.C 12 mins ago
isn't it watchlist.add(97860)?
3:53 PM
banana cake
chocolate cake ftw
yes but I don't have chocolate cake
I do have banana cake
banana cake is cool too
3:55 PM
Trying to implement redux into angular is making my head spin
#You make my head spin ...
It doesn't work
head adds an extra syllable and it sounds weird
4:09 PM
Q: Filter through entries with Jekyll

TemporaryNameAs the code is a bit more than a few lines and it requires a bit of setup, I put it on GitHub with instructions. Here it is I'm intending to build on this so if some labels aren't completely accurate (for example the country sort method), don't bother talking about that too much. I also realize ...

Q: Can empty test in c# be clean code?

MargusLet's say I have a class with following functional performance test [TestClass] public class Baseline : TestBase { /// <summary> /// Baseline verification test that executes /// <see cref="TestBase.SetupTestSuite"/> and /// <see cref="TestBase.CleanupTestSuite"/>. /// </sum...

@CaptainObvious the answer is your test sucks
Please refer to SE's code-reviewzamuz 1 min ago
possible answer invalidation by D.C on question by D.C: codereview.stackexchange.com/posts/120535/revisions
@Duga what the hell
4:28 PM
Q: Oracle SQL query

nickpickI have two tables: create table product ( product_id number primary key, item_name varchar2(128 byte) not null, pricenumber not null, available_from date not null ); create table orders ( order_id number primary key, product_id number not null, amount number not null, order_price number not nul...

Q: Simple Code in Python that checks for Items in Sublists

Gustavo6046Today I'll demonstrate a simple function that searches for a item in all sublists of a list. For this it uses iteration, and keep in mind that it can be slow because of this. How can I improve it? Linked lists? Sorry if this is duplicate, I though it wasn't though of before, even though it's har...

Q: Python code evaluation

nickpickIn an exam question I need to output some numbers self.random_nums with a certain probability self.probabilities: I have written the following program that successfully returns the correct answer and also a test at the bottom which confirms that everything is working well. Here my questions: ...

probably 2nd monitor is not the place to talk about some user's bans
indeed. the 1st monitor is ;-)
=/ I can't go there but this case does interest me
it's like they just figured out how to stackexchange and are going for badges and points
and doing so only slightly wrong, but really hitting some walls & boundaries in doing so
and I wonder whether you can't just guide a missile like that instead of shooting it down
but ehhhh
maybe I don't have all the pieces of data
welp, weekeeeend
4:59 PM
@Pimgd You could talk about it in the Nth
@Mat'sMug Not helpful ^^
Voting irregularities, that's not something that happens often on Code Review, right?
I don't think so.
5:21 PM
@CaptainObvious That guy must have an ego the size of the Empire State building.
I'm going to deflate it by telling him that his function is broken.
He has more iffy questions like that.
I guess it isn't broken.
Anyone have time for a stupid n00b android question?
5:36 PM
Q: Script optimisation to make an image fit a div properly with ratio respect and overflow on Load/Resize

SéaneI've tried my best (i'm new to JS) to write a script that make an image fit to its parent div with respect of the ratio and overflowing when needed. For exemple, if the height of the image is smaller than the window's height, I set the height equal to the window's height and the width overflow t...

@JohnP We don't have many Android developers here I think.
Q: Android ProgressDialog Utility

Adam Johnspublic class MyProgressDialog { private static ProgressDialog progressDialog; public static void show(Context context, int messageResourceId) { if (progressDialog != null) { progressDialog.dismiss(); } progressDialog = new ProgressDialog(context, Pro...

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That's cool I guess ^^
Q: A small simulation framework

RononDexSo I continued working on my small simulation framework, that can be used to simulate all kinds of stuff in science, or can be used to create a game engine. https://github.com/RononDex/Simulation In the "Simulation Testing" folder you can find an example on how to use the engine. I am especiall...

This may (check their FAQ) be better suited for Code Review.Mike C 33 secs ago
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs – assuming that the code works as intended – over on Code Review. — David Thomas 18 secs ago
@NathanHughes would you mind doing a quick code review? It's just 10 small classes out of which half are similar. — user3275095 52 secs ago
See the help center over at Code Review; if your code works as intended that's where you should post your code for a "quick code review" ;-) — Mat's Mug 1 min ago
I just posted the same on Code Review. I guess this question should be closed here. — Soham Dasgupta 10 secs ago
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Q: Javascript minimalist hyperscript implementation

Soham DasguptaI've tried to roll out my own hyperscript implementation. I would be interested in any suggestions to improve it or point me to any other better implementation which is still maintained. I checked the hyperscript project, but it doesn't seem to have any recent updates. My humble effort at this -...

@CaptainObvious Can you run that in the hyperloop?
Those little phrases that foretell a world of problems…
@CommitStrip oooh yeah
6:39 PM
@CommitStrip Some of those are red flags.
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Q: Connect Four in Python

AKorI've made a working version of Connect Four in Python. I'm pretty new to Python so it's decently primitive. Please take a look and let me know what you think! import random board = [["." for x in range(7)] for x in range(6)] symbol = "" winCondition = "" fullCols = [] def boardLogic(pick, user...

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I did indeed write a local version of the required classes and stub out the methods just so the compiler would locate them. That's my purpose for now. In future I will ensure the XName constants are defined when the xsd is created and watch for misuses in code reviews. — axeman 29 secs ago
Q: Team Fortress 2 item price lookup using Trade.tf developer API and Steam WebAPI

TexenoxI've made a nice little Python program using the requests module using the Trade.tf Developer API and the Steam WebAPI allowing the user to look up the price of Team Fortress 2 items through Trade.tf's spreadsheet. For those of you that may not know, Team Fortress 2 is a free-to-play team-based ...

@Mast "I have a quick question..." is another one for me
> I have a quick stupid question.
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I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because this looks like a better candidate for codereview.stackexchange.com. — deceze 21 secs ago
You have explained it perfectly. I don't want to wait on code review to get started on the next feature. — Matt 38 secs ago
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@Duga He doesn't learn, does he?
This question hit HNQ, I guess some companies have no right to exist...
Q: How to convince company to not "go overboard" with email signature?

KlaymenDKThe "signature culture" at my company is dangerously close to ridiculous, and this question made me ask about it here. We're an "MS Gold Ultra Colour Plus(tm)(c)(fm)(wtf) Partner" which is apparently an important marketing point, and a bunch of my colleagues have a wide array of certifications a...

Q: Beginner PHP calculator

rskelI've spent the last few evenings learning PHP, CSS and HTML through Codecademy and now on Team Treehouse. My goal is to progress with PHP over the next year or two and perhaps obtain Zend cert. Anyway, I've worked on a simple calculator to test what I've learned. I'd like to see, (given the same...

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Q: Bug in display of recently earned badge

Alex A.When I go to my profile, on the Activity tab under Badges, I see this: Notice how the badge only has the open bracket {. Now when I scroll down to the badge section near the bottom, I see this: Here the brackets are matched {}, as I assume they should be. Has anyone else noticed this? For r...

@StackExchange Any Safari users here? Seems localized to that browser.
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on codereview.stackexchange.comMatt S just now
@MattS No, the OP says: For autocomplete functionality, is my syntax accurate? so he is asking us to test/debug his code. CodeReview is for improving code that is known to work. — Caridorc 1 min ago
Sounds like you should request migration to the Code Review SE instead. — tripleee 6 secs ago
This should be migrated to Code Review - I've flagged it so hopefully it will get moved. — Macro Man 32 secs ago
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I don't need to have dinner today.
I've had my fair share of spaghetti just from coding.
@DanPantry In case you miss any salt, playing a game should fix that as well!
@skiwi oh i'm salty alright.
so salty i played yasuo.
and lost lane
so salty that if you put me in a river, i'd float.
salt + hash
Q: Can you identify any security vulnerabilties in this basic C++ chat application?

J D#pragma comment(lib, "sfml-network.lib") #include <iostream> #include <SFML/Network.hpp> const unsigned short PORT = 5000; const std::string IPADDRESS("");//change to suit your needs std::string msgSend; sf::TcpSocket socket; sf::Mutex globalMutex; bool quit = false; void DoStuf...

I have to correct my float comment to sink, as more salt makes you denser than water, which is why you always float on the dead sea.
I guess you could say I made a floating point error.
8:56 PM
@DanPantry it's "hash", not "hasch" ....
@Mat'sMug there's a joke in there but I'm not sure what it is
pls explain :(
i googled "Hasch" and all I found was the swedish wikipedia for cannabis
makes you float too
8:59 PM
goes back to work
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