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4:00 AM
@Geobits After a good amount of computation, 3808 misses the record for that sequence by +10.. which happens to be the twice applied digit sum, in case you want to go farther down that rabbit hole...
Anyway, in off-topic news: the tree in front of me looks very tree-like
There, I did it
How do we know you're not talking about a binary search tree or something?
-1 Could be offtopicer -.-
Does Pyth have something like repeated_permutations
It's got a lot of leaves coming off the one branch, so I don't think it's binary
The trunk is also very tall
Could be like a 100-ary tree
4:02 AM
ok ok
I wonder if there's any actual trees with cycles because they grew weirdly
I think so. I know completely separate trees can grow together, so branches probably do too.
Not sure if that counts though..
(Blame Calvin, I didn't start this!)
I'm thinking something like sort(flatten(map(int(repeated_permutations(arg,"04689")),1..n)))[n] for holy numbers
does Pyth's map flatten by default?
4:08 AM
I've updated the viewer's looks
My user ID is 75% holy
those three buttons at the top could be spread out more
@Quill the green ones?
@Downgoat yeah
@Downgoat looks a lot better to me
4:11 AM
I'm dumb
@Doorknob 40% for me. :(
I could make the buttons just arrows
Data is 100% holy
@Doorknob Mine is 4/5 pretty holy.
19B's room number is 66% holy
4:11 AM
Fun fact: looking at Data's uid is actually what gave me the idea
@Doorknob 66.6% holy
@Doorknob Des Pyth have something like Rubys repeated permutations?
Mine is 1/5 holy, but only because the font is dumb. Should be completely unholy imo.
4:12 AM
I don't know what it's called but I've used it before
ok I'll hunt the docs
@Downgoat yeah, like a big red x, an next arrow, and something for view in sandbox (maybe an icon of a sandbox)
@AlexA. is the holiest mod.
Chris Jester-Young is the least holy, with a user ID of... 3.
although I'm not sure which is shorter this or a filter approach
4:15 AM
@Mego dont post this challenge right away
@El'endiaStarman I think I'm desensitized to this from playing racing sims :/
We really need a default for integer-related challenges that is "the input and output will not exceed the representable range for your language"
Oh great I guess I have to make the meta post, then
@Mego but then there's esoteric languages that have tiny integers, like Boolfuck
@Aearnus there's a loophole against that afaik
A: Loopholes that are forbidden by default

DennisAbusing native number types to trivialize a problem It is common practice to restrict challenges to cases where input, output and/or intermediate values of the algorithm of choice fit into the language's native number type. At least for input and output, this is generally assumed even if not sta...

4:20 AM
@Mego That'd be nice to have a default for, just as we have defaults for I/O.
yay. chat flags.
Where? I missed it.
The Bridge
Ok looks like the function is .P
I never figured out how map works in Pyth...
4:23 AM
.P looks like a one-eyed :P
·P is the other eye
Alright, alright, I have a better transposed quine in ES6 for y'all external lib haters.
A: Transpose quine

ӍѲꝆΛҐӍΛПҒЦꝆJavascript ES6, 90 bytes $=_=>[...(_=`$=${$};$()`.split` `)[0]].map((x,y)=>_.map(v=>[... v][y]).join``).join` `;$() Not bad, not bad. Explanation Here's the standard quine framework: $=_=>`$=${$};$()`;$() To modify, I just split the quine string along newlines and chars to create a matrix...

@AlexA. ⋮P
That's like that fish in The Simpsons
Q: Integer range defaults for challenges

MegoWhen writing challenges involving integer I/O, I always find myself having to type the same thing: You may assume that the input and output will not exceed the maximum representable range in your language. I think it would be useful if we had a default for integer ranges in challenges, to avoid n...

Guys, I think I am undisputedly the master of JS quines? Right?
4:35 AM
@quartata Why not? Do you want to get the FGITW Pyth answer?
@ӍѲꝆΛҐӍΛПҒЦꝆ You can call yourself anything you like. Whether or not other people will also call you that, or laugh at you instead, is a different matter.
Now we laugh at you :P
@ӍѲꝆΛҐӍΛПҒЦꝆ My phone calls you �����������.
4:38 AM
@Dennis Did you mean $=_=>`($=${$ })()`;$()?
Just as long in byte count.
Side note: the work I put into the render-to-gif feature is really paying off. :D
@ӍѲꝆΛҐӍΛПҒЦꝆ You can be the QuineQueen if you want. I'll happily address you as that
@Quill Do it. And I'll rule.
@El'endiaStarman v_v
4:41 AM
I think calling yourself anything like that is highly presumptuous and worthy of derision
@Mego Good. QuineQueen in action!
@Mego But you're the Emperor Penguin though, right?
has anyone here ever written a cpu emulator?
@AlexA. Actually I'm an Adélie penguin
@Liam orlp has. The Golf CPU, right?
4:44 AM
The Adélie penguin (Pygoscelis adeliae) is a species of penguin common along the entire Antarctic coast, which is their only residence. They are among the most southerly distributed of all seabirds, along with the emperor penguin, the south polar skua, the Wilson's storm petrel, the snow petrel, and the Antarctic petrel. They are named after Adélie Land, in turn named for the wife of French explorer Jules Dumont d'Urville who discovered these penguins in 1840. == TaxonomyEdit == The Adélie penguin is one of three species in the genus Pygoscelis. Mitochondrial and nuclear DNA evidence suggests the...
You're the kind that says hello from the other isle?
@El'endiaStarman ಠ_ಠ
Um, any ideas for a profile pic of a Quine Queen?
@AlexA. That's a mock cpu
4:44 AM
the crown has to be able to output itself
I mean written an emulator for a real cpu
@ӍѲꝆΛҐӍΛПҒЦꝆ Draw a crown in a crown in a crown in a crown in a crown in a crown...
@lirtosiast Why the name change?
Not particularly funny, but fitting.
Actually a white-flippered penguin would be more accurate for my profile picture
4:51 AM
Even better: Quine quiscalus.
Quiscalus is a bird.
but then you'll have no authority
We already have one too many birds.
@El'endiaStarman There's never 2 many.
@AlexA. you gonna take that?
Whether I mean Alex or Mego is an exercise left to the reader.
(Joke, in case it's not obvious.)
4:53 AM
Let the looks of disapproval begin!
@El'endiaStarman Yeah Alex really needs to go :P
@Quill Huh what am I taking
1 min ago, by El'endia Starman
We already have one too many birds.
@El'endiaStarman Penguins aren't birds. They're cats
4:54 AM
TIL I am a cat
I have a cat, and she's adorable. But until now I didn't realize we were the same species.
Completely random drawing, done on a whim in class.
> done on a whim
that is really good
@NewMetaPosts I feel like writing an answer for the negative to this meta post, but I'm having a lot of trouble phrasing it :/
@Downgoat thx
It threatened to burst out of my head, so I drew it to calm it down :|
5:01 AM
@AlexA. I didn't feel like having my real name here anymore.
Of course, it's trivial for someone to go through the history, but still.
You should totally have said it was your pen name all along
Yes. I'm not learning z80 anymore, though
Oh. I was searching up what "lirtosiast" meant but I came up with a bunch of TI stuff.
@lirtosiast And now I can't remember what your name used to be
5:03 AM
A name I got off a random name generator, like, ten years ago
@Mego Good!
@lirtosiast Wow, I got mine off a random pseudoword generator when I started coding!
(DIY generator, btw)
@ӍѲꝆΛҐӍΛПҒЦꝆ Hmm. I guess we're similar then.
Hello @Zgarb
That's the generator, improved.
@ӍѲꝆΛҐӍΛПҒЦꝆ Nice, but I think there are too many trailing vowels.
Ooh, I got "deisuzx".
5:10 AM
@lirtosiast Yeah, I haven't looked at the code in awhile. I think there are some problems to be fixed, now that I am much more... experienced.
Q: Introducing the PPCG Sandbox Viewer™

DowngoatThe sandbox post is really just a question which we use as a system to review posts (which is great and all), but wouldn't it be great if there could be like a dedicated review queue for Sandbox Post? Nobody made one so I took it upon myself to make one! After days and hours of work, I've finishe...

@Quill I may just be grumpy, but my first thought upon reading that was "oh boy another comic about a quirky enthusiast pretending to be a professional, how original"
@Mego I believe Munroe is able to write an entertaining series of those
5:25 AM
Others: xkcd.com/1617 xkcd.com/1610 xkcd.com/1593 and I got tired
5:45 AM
I like "xauraitt". Sounds cool.
what even are these?
I made it awhile back to generate my username.
I'm just working on improving it.
Haha rotwoozha!
That is going to be the name of an esolang. rotwoozha!
does anyone have greasemonkey working on FF for Android?
5:50 AM
@ӍѲꝆΛҐӍΛПҒЦꝆ make it a node script and output like 10000 to a txt file
I did that with a scenario generator I wrote once
@Quill I'm working on it. Still need to clean up the code though.
No, I'm golfing it.
That's what I call cleaning up.
if(va == 0){
  o[i] = v[Math.floor(Math.random() * v.length)];
} else if(va == 1){
  o[i] = v[Math.floor(Math.random() * v.length)] + v[Math.floor(Math.random() * v.length)];
} else if(va == 2){
  o[i] = c[Math.floor(Math.random() * c.length)];
5:54 AM
@ӍѲꝆΛҐӍΛПҒЦꝆ golfing - renaming vars == cleaning up
@Quill This was back in the day, when I was still new to coding.
Way back when in 6th grade...
Wow, you've learned a lot in 2 weeks :P
@Quill I've never posted to CR. My code is always perfect.
@Mego lel
I cut any JavaScript posted down to size
if (typeof(module) !== 'undefined' && module.exports) module.exports = render;
else this.render = render;
5:58 AM
@somebody Single ticks
no backticks, ctrl + k
^^ see above two
Also you can't have a message with ff and non-ff lines
I really wish you could have multi-line messages with some lines fixed font and some not
Guess I should post a feature request
it'll get dupe closed, probably
feel free to write a userscript, though
6:00 AM
Except there's no point because chat is
not necessarily true
balpha is working on an upgraded ping system
10.4 qpd
@Downgoat PPCG Sandbox Viewer™ isn't working for me
6:16 AM
@Quill Neat, I'll check back in 6-8 weeks when nothing has changed
It's 6-8
I'm too sleepy to get my SE memes right; time to go to bed
Probably will post Holy Numbers in the morning
6:34 AM
@somebody what browser are you using?
@somebody Does anything show up in the browser console?
it says no element found
@somebody ohhhh
@somebody On which line? That would probably help
6:43 AM
Are you using GreaseMonkey?
@Doengoat yes, and @Pietu1998 not from a script, so 1:1
@somebody It must be GreaseMonkey's sandboxing :/
mobile or desktop?
soup and grad script work fine
@El'endiaStarman are multicolor rules allowed for Implement an SR NOR latch with Life-like rules?
@somebody They'll be necessary.
6:56 AM
not >1 rule, multicolor rules
e.g. one rule, four states
Oh, hmmm...
No, no multi-state rules.
it looks like b1/s + b2/s is much more wire-like than b1/s12
Yep. Just wanted to point out that there are other options.
7:20 AM
@quartata it's not released yet, you can get the latest version from hg
7:41 AM
@El'endiaStarman is it allowed for the signal to go back through the bottom wire as well?
"back through"? Signals should go in one direction only.
Besides, I don't even know if I'll get to post that challenge.
yeah, but what if a signal splits - one goes the right way, the other into the other input
Does anyone know if there is a tool that will compress strings in python into an alternative python expression which generates the same thing?
I'm not talking about zlib either
Oh, you mean a signal to one input "overflows" and goes back out the other input? That's definitely not allowed.
since that outputs bytes which ends out being 4 bytes in python
8:41 AM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

xnorTemperature in a line of rooms You have a line of rooms that are different temperatures. 1 2 3 1.2 | 3.5 | 4.0 | 3.7 The doors between adjacent rooms start out closed. When you open a door, the now-connected rooms average out their temperatures. For example, opening...

This one is painful for my brain...
9:34 AM
@El'endiaStarman for varlife you should shorten some hex codes to 3 digit ones e.g. #ffffff -> #fff
also, exclude stuff if they are default
e.g. rules is currently
it should be
also, you don't need the #, you can add it later
whoa, I maxed out my rep yesterday for the first time on ppcg
got 21 upvotes
10:15 AM
rep cap, it's called
10:32 AM
> Thanks Pietu1998... I just tried to post this there and they told me to post here! - Bamaha
This is on a general programming question (looks like), that starts with
> My assignment said to include an override of the default constructor that sets the counter to zero and a constructor that allows you to set the count.
posted on February 17, 2016 by Bamaha

My assignment said to include an override of the default constructor that sets the counter to zero and a constructor that allows you to set the count. My question is: How do I get my counter to output the code that is hidden if the counter tries to subtract from zero? public class Counter { private int smamitches; //private variable for the Counter clas

Well, there's it
And it's tagged and has nothing to do with code golf
tl;dr someone on SO directed this guy here
I don't have enough rep to see deleted stuff on SO, but the guy has no posts on SO. If someone can confirm we could do something to this
Q: Output MSB-set aligned, delimited ASCII

CJ DennisWrite some code that takes a single string as input and outputs MSB-set aligned ASCII. Only ASCII characters less than 128 (0x80) will be in the input. The output format is generated as follows: For each character convert it to its binary representation, remove the MSB (always 0) and then add ...

10:54 AM
@Pietu1998 I don't see anything under Recently Deleted
(no other way to find deleted posts iirc)
11:37 AM
@El'endiaStarman how hard do you think it is to make a two-way wire crosser in a 9x9 square?
At least there's no bushfires going on (I don't think?)
there probably is. somewhere
1 hour later…
1:22 PM
Q: When does Santa enter the basement? (AOC Day 1)

A SimmonsI'm reproducing the second part of the first day of Advent of Code, with permission from the creator. Santa is trying to deliver presents in a large apartment building, but he can't find the right floor - the directions he got are a little confusing. He starts on the ground floor (floor 0) and t...

1:56 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Cameron AavikCompress by Replacement code-golf You are to take an input string, and then turn it into another string with a list of replacements which would turn this new string into the input string. The catch is that you must output the smallest such alternate string + list of replacements you can. The in...

2:08 PM
@Marko Are you... Marky Markov?
I guess not, because Marky always responds after a couple of seconds.
@Rainbolt I asked Marky if he was marko
I saw
@Dennis O*@-+\i- That @ :(
Looks like he's not Marko
@Sp3000 O-*+\i- :D
2:12 PM
... whyyyyyy
Does someone have the Illuminator badge on PPCG Oo
(I'll never get Jelly fully, just blindly doing whatever works)
So... it's O(-*) and whatever follows needs to be right-arg?
O is monadic, so it cannot bind with the literal. -* is -1 ** return value.
The thing I don't get is that you can do, say, 3+×5+. What makes it (3+)(×5)+ and not, say, (3+)×(5+)?
(btw the 7-byte's all yours, in case you're waiting :P)
Just posted it. Thanks!
@Sp3000 A dyad and a nilad don't actually bind. The parser looks for the longest chain at the top of the stack it can understand, pops it from the stack, and applies it to the implicit arguments. There are 0,2-chain 2,0-chains and 2-chains, which can consume (3+)(×5)+. There is no 2,0,2-chain, so ×(5+) isn't an option.
2:24 PM
Hmm k
Hey @Rainbolt
im not the Marko you mentioned :S
@Marko Nice avatar.
2:39 PM
@mınxomaτ thanks, yours aswell :)
so this is the place where all the bright minds from codegolf are hanging :)? nice
And the dull ones too
@Rainbolt did you call me?
haha, we might learn something from that
anyway you guys are crazy, keep up the good work, im off ;)
'morning, folks
@Roujo Good morning !
Well, I should say good afternoon, it's 15h52 here
2:54 PM
Lol. These test values for a unit test...
Don't forget POS :)
3:09 PM
@Geobits Isn't that covered by dingleberry? ;)
@Rainbolt Eh, they might be high-quality, top-shelf dingleberries
You never know
I suppose even top shelf dingleberries are still crap, though :/
@Geobits Kinda like gin.
Q: What character is that HTML entity?

Ismael MiguelThe goal is really simple. Receiving a string as input, parse all the HTML entities that correspond to the following characters (including their uppercase variants): áàãâäéèêëíìîïóòõôöúùûüýÿ Parsing rules: Each entity starts with & and ends with ; The first character after the & will be the ...

3:35 PM
@Calvin'sHobbies Just noticed that your countdown is almost done - do you still think it'll be right? =)
That one got pushed back by SE. The new one is here: itsalmo.st/#ppcggraduationtime
@Geobits Ah, got it. Thanks! =)
@Geobits They pushed it back again yesterday. Here's the new time: itsalmo.st/#ppcggraduation
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Morgan ThrappWhen will I have a binary car? code-golf I noticed that my car's odometer was at 101101 when I got to work today. Which is a cool number because it's binary (and a palindrome, but that's not important). Now, I want to know when the next time I'll have a binary odometer reading. Now, I can't rea...

@Rainbolt Is there somewhere I can go to keep track of this? =P
Put otherwise, can you give me a link to the discussion? I'll just go and look there from time to time ^^
3:46 PM
$ perl -v

This is perl, v5.10.1 (*) built for x86_64-linux

Copyright 1987-2009, Larry Wall
What is this ancient version of Perl doing on my computer? o_O
@Roujo I can't find the discussion about times, but you can look here for more information: meta.stackexchange.com/q/274340/254466
@Rainbolt Oh, that's still being updated with discussions, nice. Thanks! =)
@Rainbolt Thanks for the update! Not sure how I missed that.
@Dennis sorry, it's 3am here and my brain isn't working atm - did you mean the -p flag counts as +3 bytes?
@grc No, our consensus is that it counts like one, since perl -pe '...' is at an edit distance of 1 from perl -e '...'.
4:03 PM
makes sense
@Mego Because you shouldn't leave a challenge in the sandbox for less than two days
That's a myth. I've had questions in there for an hour before taking them out and had no problems. I currently have a question that's been there for over a year, and it just recently got new, good feedback.
Well I wouldn't post a challenge in the sandbox just because it hasn't gotten any feedback in 12 hours
I would, if I was confident that I didn't miss anything.
Even for tinfoil, this is a little kooky ...
A: Apple's open letter- they can't or won't?

The AvengerThis is just bullshit for the liberals buying their overexpensive toys. They already have a backdoor and had one since the very fist computer they built. If they didn't the government wouldn't have allowed them to function. It's that simple. They are alltogether evil. And now they lie to our face...

4:18 PM
@Rainbolt That's like saying New York at night is dangerous is a myth, because you went out once and nothing happened.
Sure, it's perfectly possible to post a successful challenge without using the sandbox at all, but if you're going to use it, you might as well give it some time.
@Dennis No, it's like saying "If you are feeling confident that nobody will bother you, then you can go out at night in New York." I never said that bad things will not happen.
I think some people, myself included, have a better idea than others about where their challenge stands. If it's an extremely simple challenge, and you put a lot of time into it, and nobody responded to your sandbox post in 12 hours, then the risk of posting it early is a lot less than say, a complex challenge that you aren't very sure about.
How do you turn an number into its string representation in Pyth?
@quartata backtick
awsum thx
21 bytes :/
This seemed like a better approach in my head.
I'll try something with filter instead.
4:33 PM
would local TCP socket communication be faster than STDIO piping?
@Dennis Update Vitsy?
@VoteToClose Vitsy updated.
@CᴏɴᴏʀO'Bʀɪᴇɴ :D Duuude, so many things just got changed. Safe Version doesn't allow verbose mode, yet, but the standard jar does. :DDDDDD
@NathanMerrill My money is on "no". (If there's a faster alternative to how the OS implements pipes, it should use that instead.)
so for KoTHs, piping is the fastest way to go :(
4:38 PM
Where is the graph showing additions/deletions on a commit in Git?
@NathanMerrill If I'm understanding your method correctly, probably.
@Dennis About how much time, would you say?
well, I was considering using Redis for interprocess communcation
maybe I still will
but it will mean that KoTHs will run slower
@Neil Well, the longer you leave it, the higher are the chances that somebody will take a good look at it. I'd leave it for at least three days.
I've had good luck with regular piping in the past. Then again, anything's better than a new instance per turn :P
4:46 PM
Especially for languages with a high start-up time.
Like Vitsy. >.>
It can sometimes take a second before it does anything. >.>
To be fair, I rarely see KotH entries done in esolangs like that ;)
well, I'm definitely going to be doing stay-alive process
What's this for, btw?
I'm building a KoTH controller
but each language will have a single process
4:49 PM
Hm. A filter approach is shorter, but the problem is that you can't guarantee that you'll generate enough holy numbers.
as opposed to starting up a single process for each bot (let alone for each turn)
Yea, I meant which KotH in particular, or are you doing a generic controller to be used for multiple contests?
Also it's only shorter than one byte :P
@Dennis Only three? It's been 11 since I posted meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/8312/17602
4:50 PM
Oh that's nice.
then languages will simply need to implement a function
@quartata Definitely. (What are you talking about?)
The holy numbers challenge.
anyways, it means that I need to write a controller in each of the popular languages
which Redis makes it nice, because it makes interprocess communication so easy: redis.io/clients
That's one of the reasons I like a process per bot instead of language. More overhead, but less restriction on what languages are allowed.
4:53 PM
There's a new class in Vitsy called "UnrecognizedInstructionException". I hope you all hate me a little bit.
xD Verbosity is fun sometimes.
@Neil It all depends. If you have got no feedback at all (no votes, no comments), it's quite possible that nobody even looked at your challenge. It's currently on the 4th page, so it's unlikely somebody would see it by chance at this point.
Give me a few minutes and I'll take a look.
@Geobits to an extent. It may be nice to have language restrictions so that potential challenge runners don't have to install 20+ interpreters
I have @S{sM.nm.P`46890dShQQ but it feels too long
True. I haven't run into serious problems with it in the past, but it's possible. Then again, I'm lazy enough to not want to write controllers for each, too :P
Something like "filter through this infinite sequence until the resulting array has n elements" would be... interesting in Pyth
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

MegoHoly Numbers In many fonts (specifically in the Consolas font), 5 out of the 10 decimal digits have "holes" in them. We will call these holy digits: 46890 The 5 unholy digits are thus: 12357 An integer may thus be classified as "holy" if it only contains holy digits, and "unholy" otherwise...

Oh you know I just thought of something

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