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2:54 AM
A: What species of flower might Jesus have been referring to when he said, "Consider the lilies"?

SchuhIn Search of Lost Lilies “[A]lthough there is little doubt that the word [κρίνον] denotes some plant of the lily species, it is by no means certain what individual of this class it especially designates.” So William Smith framed his widely-quoted and, as we’ll see, outdated entry for ‘L...

IMO this deserves more votes.
4 hours later…
6:25 AM
I also deleted rhet's answer from that question @Susan
while it has some decent stuff, the good stuff is purely quotes from commentaries, and most of them not so great ones
and too much use of 'our' and subtle application to readers and modern Christians
any other user and I'd edit it
but not worth the effort to salvage a list of quotes from poor commentaries
if you disagree, by all means edit and undelete
2 hours later…
8:32 AM
@Dan I think you are lowering the mod-deletion bar considerably by doing so
@Susan I would upvote that answer just for the footnote style!
8:44 AM
Q: What was the reason for the "Consider the lillies" answer mod-deletion?

Jack DouglasOne of the answers on "What species of flower might Jesus have been referring to when he said, “Consider the lilies”?" has been mod-deleted, but I can't see any reason why this should be — there wasn't any comment on the post by the mod indicating the reason for deletion. It is very long, but mo...

@JackDouglas Yeah, fancy wasn't it? I may have to copycat that.
2 hours later…
11:13 AM
i noticed christianity stack is very biased and quick judgemental and most of the time moderators are without reason
after reading question about lilly
very sad , same happens in mi yodea
3 hours later…
2:02 PM
@talmudist Perhaps you're the agent of change, my friend. The Mod Hammer must be held lightly(IMHO); there are certainly instants of mod action required(rants, insults, totally wacko questions and responses, and in our arena, those who are intolerant of other's 'legitimate' views. DV's IMO handle the rest.
2 hours later…
4:18 PM
@talmudist I don't share your sentiment: on balance I think this was an error of judgement, but in general the mods here on BH.SE do a fantastic job (and afaik the same is true on C.SE).
5:13 PM
Anybody speak French?

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