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9:00 PM
@Shads0 I'm hoping the game is actually some sort of scary, but that idiot acting like a 4 year old girl makes me think otherwise.
@ChrisS It looks like a nice game
kinda a "dark horror Myst" meets "Colossal Cave"
I need to get a copy of MW3 still... that's my sort of game more often than not these days.
Q: Why is business-class storage so expensive?

Mark HendersonThere are many questions on Server Fault asking why server storage is so expensive. e.g. Why do I have to pay 50 bucks a month per extra gigabyte of storage or Our file server is always running out of space, why doesn't our sysadmin just throw an extra 1TB drive in there? Thes...

that just came up in my RSS feed
Its ooold
and canonical
though not tagged as such
@MarkM Nice answer for Mr. $10K/TB-Man re: Google.
9:08 PM
@Basil I just edited it... As MarkM said it's the cononical answer to "Why is storage expensive?"
It's a little... aged :)
well, the first paragraph at least.
@AdrianK That guy went from "inexperienced junior admin" to "clueless dev or user" when he brought up Google.
@AdrianK Thanks. It's not the first time I've had to tell people that they cant compare their two racks to google
You know it's bad when chkdsk bails... =[
@Basil edit it then - it's CW
9:11 PM
well that's cute. I've just seen a SE "join us on G+" advert on the SF site. Nice to see that they're getting their act together just as G+ becomes a desert.
It's on the list ;)
@ChrisS You know it's bad when I suggest using fsdb.
@RobMoir I don't think it ever got past being the dunes at the back of the beach
Indeed. The only thing Google gets about people is how to steal data from them
9:14 PM
user image
hey man i use google+ all the time
@ChrisS Not to slag on Windows Admins too much, but I've seen a awful lot of them where I can't tell the difference between those 2 types.
I suppose so
My Boss's amazon wishlist is fucking hilarious
before or after you "adjusted" it?
9:19 PM
ahh... this is his "bug out" list, in case the world ends
My beard smells funny.
zombie apocalypse, whatnot
@ScottPack Sniff my beard and tell me if it smells funny to you.
looks like he has quite a night planned there
i am tempted to get him the titanium spork for christmas
9:21 PM
@Zypher I guess you watch it rather than post then
I'd be posting there if they'd gotten their act together and released an API from the get-go.
@Iain spend most of my time in hangouts
w/ the remote peopel :)
@WesleyDavid I think she smells nice
@ScottPack I picked her up on the cheap at a Malaysian open air market.
Well, I think I figured out why kerberos auth wasn't working.
`14 Dec 16:24:57 ntpdate[9544]: step time server timeserver offset 358109197.776916 sec`
9:26 PM
that'll do it
@ScottPack: this little hint might help you along the way later on: ntpD
I use open ntpd all the time on my vm hosts (vmware tools sync blows) with that special flag (that I can't remember right now) that enables it to sync no matter how far skew it is
@pauska ntpd tends to freak out when the CMOS clock is way the heck off. As is the case in some embedded systems without battery backed RTCs.
hence the flag I'm talking about
9:35 PM
Easier to setup the system to run ntpdate on boot and ntpd thereafter to keep it synced.
or set open ntpd to run at boot with the flag
-g I think is what you're looking for.
yeah im trying to open up the manpage in ssh here, but Origin (EA) is literally killing my poor little dd-wrt router while downloading at 4,6MB/s...
@ChrisS The gangsta flag. It don't care where you come from. It will tell you what time it is.
 -s          Try to set the time immediately at startup, as opposed to
             slowly adjusting the clock.  ntpd will stay in the foreground
             for up to 15 seconds waiting for one of the configured NTP
             servers to reply.
9:38 PM
I love my Alix router, I've pushed 8MBps through it and it doesn't even break a sweat.
@pauska openntpd flag? I can't see it on ntpd.
-s statsdir
Specify the directory path for files created by the statistics
facility. This is the same operation as the statsdir statsdir
configuration command.
Stupid markdown
@pauska You're so cute when you're angry.
9:41 PM
Who uses OpenNTPd?! ISC NTP is the one and only.
@ChrisS BSD people?
@84104 FreeBSD comes with ISC NTP.
@84104 nope. I use ISC NTP
@ChrisS Open up man ntpd on freebsd and read the bottom section
I always replace it with openbsd's one.. its tiny and hasnt gotten any vulns (yet that I know of)
@pauska ISC NTPd is relatively secure. Hasn't had anything in a while.
9:44 PM
@pauska ntpd silently dies if the time is too far off.
what the hell - there is a expansion pack for bf3 already?
I think the battery died on this motherboard.
@ScottPack bah, wire up a nice DIE-HARD
Meh; ntpd is taking up ~12MB of RAM on my home server... Not enough for me to bother ripping it out and replacing it, though you do have a small point there.
1033 root 1 44 0 27432K 3152K select 2:38 0.00% ntpd -- Small enough for government work.
9:47 PM
@voretaq7 You want him to run through a high-rise in his bare feet and shoot people? Pah! @ScottPack calls that "Tuesday"
@WesleyDavid . . . pansies. I blow out some structural supports and collapse the building.
@voretaq7 But then I can't quip about the size of a terrorist's feet.
@ScottPack we can send a recovery bot in to get the feet and quip about them later.
I read this one twice and didn't get it
Q: How to check if UUID generated is correct?

Kevin HMy company get custom made motherboard from a vendor. Recently, we requested them to put UUID in our SMBIOS. They did it for us. According to them, they use a program to generate UUID Version 5 (SHA-1 hash). Details: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Universally_unique_identifier When we received the...

how do I tell if this unique number is really unique?
@Aaron Compare it to every other UUID ever generated.
(insert my rant about there being no way to guarantee the G or U aspect of these UIDs unless there's a centralized repository of every one ever generated/assigned that we check against here)
9:56 PM
I lay claim to 4353889FDC3453
@Aaron I lay claim to 0.
@voretaq7 There should have been a central repository that handed out some prefix, companies would be responsible for ensuring uniqueness within their assigned range(s). But that would have been too easy... apparently it's better to use a truncated hash generator (which theoretically is guaranteed to output a repeat value eventually).
@ChrisS Ayup.
It's not like we have some Authority for Numbers Assigned on the Internet or anything already in place.
Interweb Assigned GUID Auctionhouse Authority.
10:04 PM
@ChrisS I thought they ran out of numbers already :-\
@Holocryptic They can make more... It's the government.
Nonsense. Plenty of numbers left.
You want pi? I'll sell it to ya cheap...
@Holocryptic There's always numbers in the banana stand.
did you cast your delete votes today ?
10:07 PM
@Iain all 20 of 'em.
I'm a lowly non-deleter. One day...
And I downvoted all the 0-score stuff around the ones I tagged so they'll hopefully get reaped over the weekend.
@voretaq7 cool - my 18done to and a bunch of downvotes to come
It came today!! It came today!! It came today!! It came today!! It came today!! It came today!!
@WesleyDavid out of context line! I star you!
10:11 PM
Dammit, I can't edit my own line. =(
I was going to remove a few 't's from the sentence.
@WesleyDavid No Good Can Come Today Of This.
@WesleyDavid Lulz
@WesleyDavid What's an "oday"
Can a moderator please edit one of my sentences to maximize the awkwardness? I mean, really. I should be able to do this on my own.
You waited too long. You will need to write something more awkward now.
May I suggest an ode to socks?
10:19 PM
@Aaron That's because he doesn't define "correct¨.
@MikeyB def correct => "WhateverTheHellIWantWheneverTheHellIWantIt"
O knitted tube of warm cotton
Your fibers thick, not wispy
You're always loved, not forgotten
Even *if* you're rather crispy
Everyone, I think I've hit a new low.
@WesleyDavid Sub-basement B, and descending.
@WesleyDavid :2s/You're/Your/
10:23 PM
Wow, I've been failing hard with my contractions lately.
@WesleyDavid Giving birth is hard.
^ so so awesome and so NSFW
See, the markdown shows up in the star list!!
@MikeyB I'd like to know what the poor Chinese assembly line workers are thinking as they're manufacturing them.
What does it do to a resume? "Experience in airbrushing elves sodomizing Santa with candy."
10:26 PM
@WesleyDavid "Excellent fine motor skills. Extensive experience with crafting intricate ceramic artwork."
^^^ NSFW ^^^
but absolutely hi-larious.
WTF Dog hilarious?
@voretaq7 Nothing on YouTube can ever be classified as Very Very Very Not Safe For Work Very Very Very.
Now 4chan...
@Holocryptic GAH! What the unholyhell?
@WesleyDavid Oh yeah? Listen to the song.
@voretaq7 yawn Kindergarten stuff.
Now if he was narrating a documentary...
@WesleyDavid And if work is kindergarten playing that could probably get you fired. :-)
10:30 PM
@voretaq7 You have a point there.
And I do admit I had a fucked up upbringing. So there's that.
@WesleyDavid Did you see something christmas eve that fucked you up for life?
@voretaq7 INORITE
@voretaq7 And the other 364 days too!
@WesleyDavid Raised by basement cat?
Posted by Alison Sperling on December 14th, 2011

The holiday season is upon us, and as another year comes to an end, it is Stack Overflow Annual User Survey time again! So, take a break from wrapping gifts and come tell us about yourself. We promise it will only take a few minutes of your time.

Of course, as the “annual” implies, we’ve been running a survey for a few years now, including last year’s survey which marked the first time the anonymous data was formally used in support of selling advertising on Stack Overflow and Server Fault. This data is an important part of keeping the lights on around here, and, as a user of either of those two sites, or any Stack Exchange site for that matter, we ask you to participate. …

apparently that didn't eat our chat link
(but it ate Meta's)
@voretaq7 cuz that's the main blog, not SF blog
10:33 PM
important question: If I take survey, do I get tasty survey-gopher soup?
@Holocryptic I know why, but it's actually something relevant to our interests
and it has a gopher.
@voretaq7 I didn't and it is sort of SO orientated
I like gophers.
@voretaq7 What do you mean by "soup"? The last 30 minutes of conversation has totally messed with my mind.
@WesleyDavid When a man loves a gopher very much, and skins, guts, and cubes the gopher, then puts him in a pot of boiling water with some spices....
I still don't understand why the 'meta meta' stuff isn't on a new site 'meta.stackexchange.com' and meta.so is for disambiguating c# vs c++ vs c+++ tags
10:34 PM
@WesleyDavid only the last 30
@Aaron since the method used was supposedly based on a sha1 hash of other data, I would want o know what data they feed into the sha1 algorithm. Was it just a random number, or was it a mac address or something else?
@voretaq7 And then Archie and Veronica get involved and things really get twisted.
@Aaron wait... what?
10:35 PM
user image
@Zoredache for his use case it only had to be unique for the motherboards they produced
I like how the blog post completely ignores SU
@Holocryptic, there's some stuff on meta.so that pertains to all of SE, but then there's some stuff that only pertains to SO, and it's not always clear what the "primary focus" of m.so should be
@Aaron What the monster frogging hell?
60 seconds later and I still can't stop laughing
10:38 PM
@Aaron That's a feature, not a bug.
I thought everyone had seen these by now
@WesleyDavid, there's more! : atypical.net/fun/dilbert
One of my co-workers had one of these as his screensaver. HR did not like
@Iain Re: it being SO oriented, if we all take the survey we may influence that next year.
@Aaron HR can eat a dick
Was that offensive?
@Holocryptic Do you have to ask that... in here of all places?
@voretaq7 possibly
10:40 PM
@WesleyDavid Oh, so in here is like the circle of trust?
I wonder how many the "boring" chatrooms have
@Aaron I almost did a spit take
Jumping Jesus Christ on a pogo stick - trying to call HP for warranty support is an exercise in frustration.
@Holocryptic nope. you're fine.
10:43 PM
@voretaq7 whew You never know with all the pussies in here
Been routed to 3 different people now - finally got a voice recording… "For business parts, we have a new number: 800.334.5144". That's the number I called.
@Holocryptic @Aaron Boobies has 123 mentions. Tits... 110
@voretaq7 what about boobs
At least for IBM swervers and parts, I can directly order parts. Makes life 100x easier.
10:44 PM
531 (now 532) mentions for boobs!
@Holocryptic boobs... 532
yesterday, by MarkM
fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck
@MikeyB @markm is the cadbury bunny?
@WesleyDavid What the fuck is that?
10:46 PM
Apr 21 at 15:26, by MarkM
wtf guys? I go to a 20 minute meeting and this turns into politics.se? Less politics, more boobs.
Thank god we have chat transcripts for ALL TIME
I repeat..... ALL TIME
@Aaron I remember that day...
Man, my socks are smelly.
@Aaron Fuck it. I'll do it live
@Aaron Yeah, I know this is going to come back and haunt me some day.
10:47 PM
Of all vices, my lifelong one has been my mouth. I've sworn like a longshoreman since I was five. You should have heard me playing with my nerf basketball set as a five year old.
I'd love to show off my SF rep as a giant e-peen for prospective employers. But they'd also see these chat transcripts.
@voretaq7 Come to think of it, I list ServerFault on LinkedIn I think.
I just hoped that most employers wouldn't think to search the site for chat transcripts.
On the one hand they show I'm a competent individual who disappears from the chatroom whenever I have work that doesn't allow for concurrent chatting.
On the other hand.... tits. boobies. cock. fuck.
@voretaq7 huh huh - you said hand.
@WesleyDavid Dude.... where's my car? Oh.. there it is in the tree.
these searches are apparently showing up in the history too.
10:53 PM
@MikeyB FUCK. YOU.
And I say that with all the love in the world
:) The people who needed to see that saw it.
@MikeyB a long time ago.
Although with the way this kidney stone is (not) moving, it doesn't look good for me in the indeterminate future
22 minutes with TAC, still no escalation to P2
and don't worry @Holocryptic - your future employers can get it by googling around.
10:55 PM
@Aaron Start yelling
@Holocryptic, that'd work if I was actually talking to someone
@Holocryptic see the urologist yet? Can they bust it with ultrasound>
@Aaron I find that if you mutter into the phone "The first engineer I get I will kill them and eat their offspring" every so often it moves you up in the queue.
@Aaron Press 0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0,0
@voretaq7 I keep forgetting the number at home...
I have the lovely hold music
@Aaron other wonderful phrases are "When I find the cocksucker responsible for this hold music I will insert them face-first into my spare 6500 chassis."
10:56 PM
Imma call tomorrow though
@voretaq7, does it have to be a spare one? That way we can mix in some -48VDC
@Holocryptic, urologist?
@Aaron Spare as in "hot standby", not "in a crate in the closet"
@Aaron She's married. Not cool
@Aaron Yeah
@Holocryptic Lesbian.
@voretaq7 Oh, well that makes it better then.
Everyone knows (hot) lesbians are really bi and looking for threesomes
11:00 PM
My friend john has a buddy who became a urologist. One day they asked him why he would take a job where he had to look at other guy's cocks all day.
His answer: "Guys, I did a gyn rotation in med school. You see the nastiest skankiest women you can imagine, and ones that are even worse than that. How the hell could I go home and make love to my old lady with THAT in my head?"
I understand the first part, but I'm not sure the second part makes sense
and I have to admit: He has a very valid point.
@Aaron As a doctor you don't get to pick your patients, so when Sally the Slut comes in for you to treat her [insert horrific imagery here] you gotta glove up and look it square in the nether-regions.
and he did give us some examples that even made ME cringe...
@voretaq7 Blue waffle?
@WesleyDavid Plant life.
@voretaq7 Mushrooms?
I will never again eat slime mold in Rogue in quite the same way.
11:05 PM
@WesleyDavid no, actual plant life.
@voretaq7 Wheat?
Something that relied on photosynthesis for life?
Don't make me search WebMD you bastard!!
@WesleyDavid IDK - he said plant life
so I have to assume not fungus
@voretaq7 I'll go with ferns until proven otherwise.
alrighty. I should probably head to the christmas party
GRMMBLE ARRARARRGGHHGHGHG!! I'm up to having been transferred between 8 different people over 36 minutes and still haven't talked to anyone that can help me. God I love HP.
11:12 PM
I wonder if percocet and whiskey go well together...?
@Holocryptic, what effect are you trying to achieve?
@MikeyB That was a big reason we stopped buying HP at my last place. I guess you have to be someone like @Chopper3 to get anywhere with them.
@Zoredache Not death. Just a happy, happy place of no pain.
@Holocryptic buy more shit. get better service.
OK, time to go get a haircut so I can look all presentable for the Japanese tomorrow.
@voretaq7 That's the way it usually goes...
Well Google seems to indicate that it may be a good way to wreck your liver...
11:15 PM
@Zoredache hmmm, well I have enough wrong with me. Maybe I'll avoid that then.
@Holocryptic Damn Right!
11:36 PM
"cisco" so, i'll go ahead and set this back to a P3 while we're waiting for the DE's
@Aaron I decided to speak… very… slowly… to the last person I spoke with. Just gave up after 10 people over about an hour. Man, this sucks. I feel your pain, man.
The whole reason I had to put this to a P2 is that you've had the case for 2 weeks and done nothing useful
11:47 PM
I'm a sucker for things like that.
and wtf, get 205 rep in the past 12 hours at gaming.se, and didn't get
@Shads0 Hit a clock reset somewhere?
i could just punch a baby, but that sounds impractical
ohh i see, i got 45 rep from accepted answers...thats kinda stupid that doesn't count.
at least towards that badge.

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