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3:44 AM
@Nathaniel Congrats on 10k! Enjoy the mod tools.
9 hours later…
12:43 PM
@Mr.Bultitude Thanks! The tools are pretty nice, and we don't have very many active 10k users, so you and the other maintenance-minded folks need to get to work ;-)
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4:13 PM
@Elishaponders... Okay, I just couldn't resist this one. So here you go:
A: What are the philosophical issues with a non-spatial, non-temporal Being creating a spatial, temporal universe?

Lee WoofendenScientist, philosopher, and theologian Emanuel Swedenborg (1688-1772) addresses and offers his own unique solution to these issues in his cosmological and highly philosophical work Divine Love and Wisdom, originally published in Latin, Amsterdam, 1763. In this work, he rejects the traditional Ch...

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6:55 PM
@LeeWoofenden I suspect you've see this one. I wouldn't bother responding to the OP; I personally believe he is a troll anyway. But what are your thoughts?
7:23 PM
@fredsbend I don't know if he's a troll or just someone with an axe to grind. He may be right that African views are underrepresented here, but I suspect that's a simple matter of the demographics of Internet usage, and the origins of StackExchange in North America among programming nerds. I did edit and defend his question asking for a comparison of Latin American and African Liberation churches, which seemed to me to be a legitimate question once the charged language was removed.
@LeeWoofenden Right, his original question on the main site is a good one, but that's what a master troll does. They mix good content with bad content. Just like rat poison is 90% good food because a rat won't eat straight poison.
So you tend toward believing that the site's under representation is simply a matter of few or no users being involved with, or personally interested in those churches?
@fredsbend Looks like our friend J. Atkinson is just copy/pasting stuff from his favorite websites.
@fredsbend Beyond simple numbers of Internet users in various countries, I suspect that people engaged in Liberation Theology are less interested in scholarly, academic-ish websites like this one than they are in rolling up their sleeves and doing something about the plight of the poor and disenfranchised in their communities and countries. This site probably just doesn't lend itself to the focus and interests of the bulk of people in those churches.
7:38 PM
@Nathaniel Well, we should probably flag it as plagiarism.
Site links?
I'm adding them as comments to his posts as I find them
one of them I had already flagged as not an answer and it wouldn't take my moderator intervention flag
hence my calling for backup :)
@Nathaniel All three of his posts are from three different sites. Almost entirely copied and pasted. Little to no original work, and no attribution.
@El'endiaStarman @Caleb @David @waxeagle We've noticed that this user is plagiarizing in all three of his posts.
@fredsbend My google fu is weak on that last one. But it's actually four posts; his question is largely plagiarized too.
@Nathaniel What made you think he was doing this?
@fredsbend Huge blocks of coherent but only marginally-related-to-the-question text. The two long answers in relatively quick succession tipped me off.
7:51 PM
@Nathaniel I guess I might have noticed if I actually read them closely. I didn't notice time stamps.
@Nathaniel I vtc'd the question.
@LeeWoofenden I think I agree with you. But there's still the broader issue of having little representation of non-European, non-American founded Churches.
I've seen on other sites initiatives to increase site knowledge.
Things like a meta post with a specific monthly or weekly topic, then people study it, ask questions, answer them, etc.
Unfortunately, a substitute to having a real expert on those churches, but maybe worth doing.
@fredsbend Churches in those cultures are also less likely to emphasize writing things down, particularly in English, making it harder for us to ask educated questions and provide sourced answers.
8:06 PM
@J.Atkinson It's fine if you want to repost content here that you are allowed to repost. But you must realize that finding nearly all of your contributions here thus far have been copied from other sources without attribution presents issues, even if you do have a legitimate right to do so. — fredsbend 1 min ago
I think this is now an issue for the mod to handle.
I'm not sure how he is to prove that he does indeed have a legitimate right to repost that content here.
Though he clearly does say that it is not his authorship that produced the content originally in the first place.
@fredsbend He talks of the temple being rebuilt as well as a spiritual Israel. I answered those questions. I work in conjunction with that website. The work is from Ted Weiland. I never claimed it as my own. — J. Atkinson 16 mins ago
@LeeWoofenden Balls! Your posts are always so long. I've read that page up to your post. Only the one above yours is actually interesting and "correct" in my opinion.
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9:29 PM
Q: Should Catholic answers cite canon law?

Peter TurnerI heartily don't think we should and this is why: the Catechism is a sure norm for teaching the faith. The Catechism has thousands of citations, and only 28 of them are from canon law. It makes answers seem legalistic instead of doctrinal (or at the last friendly) It often "cause jumps" to s...

10:05 PM
You know it's been a rough day on C.SE when you notice that you've voted 45 times...
10:27 PM
@Nathaniel .... how? I thought votes were limited to 40 per UTC day.
@El'endiaStarman You are... unless posts you've voted on are deleted. Then those votes don't count toward the maximum, but are still counted on your profile. And today I've had five of those.
@Nathaniel Oh wow, haha.

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