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6:00 PM
@JimmyHoffa it's easier than you might think
and not everyone needs "web scale"
@GlenH7 Not saying it's hard per se, but the manpower it requires isn't necessarily cheap. Think about putting a helpdesk person in charge of that. Then think about how many helpdesk people it would take for it to actually work. Then think about what level and salary a single person you'd have to hire to manage it.
@GlenH7 absolutely they don't, I'm just saying, it dilutes the word as to mean nothing to start calling every cluster a "cloud"
Hey, the marketer told me it was a cloud. Surely, he can't be wrong
You have to wait for it to rain before you can get your data back
Alright, new debate. grunt vs. gulp. Go.
6:03 PM
I prefer groan myself
@GlenH7 Gulp is awesome, gulp is buggy, gulp plugins are highly error prone and made rather amateurishly. Grunt is solid, grunt is nowhere near as flexible or reasonable. Grunt is highly imperative. Grunt just works.
This is my experiences so far.
I think grunt is going to win then
I'm still using Gulp though. It just makes a variety of things easier and more straight forward.
imperative and "just works" are totally fine in my book
@GlenH7 I think Gulp may win in time. It's a completely different approach - one that is far more straight forward and easy to follow. Gulps weakness is due in large part to it's age and the quality of current contributors.
6:05 PM
but isn't this configuration that's mostly setup once and never touched?
It's a better overall idea by a long shot.
I am starting to think people are naming things by opening a dictionary and stabbing it and going "yep this is what my programming thingie will be named"
@GlenH7 nah. It's not even configuration. It's a workflow system. And it changes everytime you add or remove tools, which in the ever changing UI world is more frequently than for the back-end stuff
@AshleyNunn How else are we supposed to name these things?
@JimmyHoffa that's fair
6:08 PM
@Ampt Fair enough. :P
the unfortunate thing with Gulp is I had to recode a few of the basic-tools most people will need to use in Gulp to get them to work consistently and reasonably because the people contributing (or who did at the time) were just very amateur in their skill level. The overall idea is far better than Grunt, they just need to attract more better people to work on it.
Yeah, that's a big blech. I'm not interested in working out the bugs in someone else's toolchain software
Ask this on programmers SE: programmers.stackexchange.com. This kind of question is where it needs to go to. — rayryeng 12 secs ago
@GlenH7 Which is why I say, in time I think Gulp will win. Right now it's a bit painful, unless you're comfortable and have time for tearing shit apart and getting things just how you want, go with Grunt for now.
@JimmyHoffa Were they good enough to accept your pull request?
6:11 PM
@GlenH7 Proprietary code. That said I should go do some actual workup on correcting some of the issues I had and giving them pull requests in my off time.
We definitely don't have the time spare to dig into things like that
And I'm pretty certain we wouldn't be able to return the code back to the overall project
@GlenH7 yeah, stick with Grunt. It's currently more stable.
@rayryeng - No, this question shouldn't go to Programmers. It's just as off-topic there as it is here. This would be quickly closed and likely down voted at Progs. — GlenH7 46 secs ago
@JimmyHoffa We'll do that then, thanks for the feedback
6:12 PM
@rayryeng This question relies on opinions and facts. It would be down voted and closed very quickly on Programmers. Please do not recommend that people cross-post their questions on other sites, ever. — Thomas Owens 1 min ago
@GlenH7 yeah, I didn't do this by cloning any repos etc, I wrote from scratch the tools I need where the standard versions were buggy and used my own instead.
simple small stuff, but all the more reason why it shouldn't have been buggy to begin with... Being that I'm in Windows could have to do with some of that; may be that these things work better laying on POSIX
That's a good point too. Our builds are handled on a windows server.
@JimmyHoffa you can submit pull requests for their proprietary code?
@Ampt my fixes were proprietary is what I meant, couldn't send them up
I'm voting to close this question as off-topic because it belongs on programmers.stackexchange.comwallyk just now
6:20 PM
@JimmyHoffa ahhhh
The dangers of DIYing your house:
Q: How can it be dangerous to feed a water heater from two separate panels?

Tester101In a recent question, a user asked "Can a water heater be installed between two apartments and wired to both apartments' breaker boxes, effectively splitting the bill between the two?". One of the answers suggested that it was okay, and the poster of the answer went on to ask in a comment "How is...

Read the linked question and the -12 answer. Someone actually recommended <insert action that will burn your house down eventually>
Okay, just for the peanut gallery frauds. And no, I'm not an electrician nor expert, but I'll break it down enough for the pretenders. How is running a hot, neutral & ground from each box to a subpanel that's circuit breakered & running a single totally code line to the water heater wrong or dangerous? I said get an Electrician or Plumber to do it!!! Are you implying that two separate circuit breakers can't & haven't been used in a standard situation? There's no difference to electricity. Now, Bob & Trish know & only now it's dangerous. I hope you're all happy. Shame on you. I'll miss them — Iggy 15 hours ago
And then argued that it wasn't dangerous.
6:27 PM
@JimmyHoffa Naming, Necessity, and Hot Lead was pretty good though.
Binding neutrals between circuits from the same panel is forbidden by the NEC for good reason: binding neutrals between panels is pretty much the same thing but potentially worse. Even if unbound via external wiring, the water heater would do so internally. That could melt its electronics if anything goes wrong and cause bigger problems.
Is it really that hard to look this stuff up in the NEC?
yesterday, by Jimmy Hoffa
> wa-sheeng!
@GlenH7 I can't see the answer? what was he suggesting?
It's already deleted?!
6:34 PM
A: splitting a water heater bill

IggyOh, I see what you're doing. Now THAT'S clever! If you can find an electrician or plumber to do it. Then, YES. Very Generally, you just need a hot, neutral & ground of the right size & amperage to handle the full load, from each box & that'll split perfectly. Run it to a Sub-panel, preferably ri...

linked questino
Can blues see deletions across the whole network?
@JimmyHoffa Nope
oooh I was looking at the meta question
my bad
only where we have 2k (beta site) / 10k privs
6:36 PM
@GlenH7 never realized suspensions and their cool-downs were public
For example, Goma is on suspension until 12/28/2017
I get it now
@GlenH7 that name sounds familiar... what happened for such a lengthy suspension?
@GlenH7 he becomes unsuspended? For what plausible reason? Ah that's just funny. I wonder if he'll be a full grown human by then. That would be strange. BTW awesome read in his profile
6:41 PM
@Snowman Goma is one of the more notorious and original trolls to plague this site
@JimmyHoffa regular mods are limited in how long they can set a suspension, so any suspension will eventually run out
And probably not worth the effort to bug an SE dev for a much longer suspension
@GlenH7 I'd hardly call @Yannis a "regular" mod...
@GlenH7 why can't people stick to trolling on Facebook? So much easier and if you do it right there are no repercussions.
@JimmyHoffa There's regular diamonds and then there's SE diamonds
6:47 PM
watching freaky people getting it on
@GlenH7 I'm looking at some other questions on DIY and it looks like he was posting low-quality answers and comments elsewhere, not just that one dangerous suggestion.
@Snowman did you read his profile? He's a nutter.
I didn't even look at his posts, his profile rant says it all
@GlenH7 Was he the PHP vs ASP person, or am I remembering someone else?
@KitZ.Fox er, WAT?
I mean if you post bad advice on Programmers or SO, your software might not compile or your coworkers might look at you strange in a design review. If you post bad advice on DIY and someone actually follows it, their house might burn down, or pipes burst, or something destructive.
6:48 PM
@AshleyNunn yes
@JimmyHoffa That last paragraph... O.o
@Snowman I'm willing to believe that the comments that earned him a suspension have since been deleted.
And / or they were shuttled off to a chat room somewhere
@KitZ.Fox You are having a much more interesting day than I am.
6:49 PM
@GlenH7 Sometimes I randomly sing lyrics out loud while I'm working.
> 1 - Multiple Electricians said a GFCircuitInterrupter is not a "circuit breaker" & refused to either test it or prove me wrong for a super simple overload. They haven't a clue what GFCI's do!
@AshleyNunn exactly. Nutter. "Here's my resume of crazy. In closing: <inchoate bellow of rage>"
^^^ Profound lack of understanding of electrical systems right there
@AshleyNunn It's surprising what people are into if you're just willing to ask.
and he claims to be a "pro"
6:49 PM
@JimmyHoffa Pretty much. :)
@KitZ.Fox This is true.
Well, ask and not be creepy about it.
@Snowman He's one of those people I'd never want to touch my house, and I'd be scared to spend time in a house he touched in any sort of detail
Yep, that's the paragraph I meant.
@KitZ.Fox I'm glad I have full enclosure headphones. As some of the lyrics would be quite offensive to my neighbors should they happen to overhear them
6:51 PM
@Snowman Pretty sure they interrupt the circuit if there's a ground fault.
@GlenH7 you and your Juggaloism, when will you learn...
Nothing says "I'm a tool" like ranting against a site's moderators. If you have a problem, there are better ways of voicing one's concerns than that.
That's the way it usually works amirite?
@KitZ.Fox they are not circuit breakers, though: they serve different functions and trip under slightly different circumstances. Right now, in my panel downstairs, I have regular breakers and GFCI circuit breakers. There is a difference other than an extra $40.
6:53 PM
@Snowman I know. I'm married to an electrician.
I was being funny, by describing it in a tautological fashion.
ah. My brother is an electrician, and I read the NEC once. Also, I stayed at a Holiday Inn.
Anyone here involved in any large volunteer organisations like hackerspaces, makespaces, or fablabs?
@MetaFight I just sent an email to our local makerspace :P hahahah
@Snowman Which NEC? ;-) Is he union? Just curious.
@enderland Are you just joining, or an active member?
6:54 PM
I was briefly involved in a local makerspace, but didn't have time to do much
@MetaFight not super active, curious if they have a laser cutter :P
@enderland yeah, those are great. We just got ours.
We're having a hard time scaling up (and horizontally too, I guess). I was wondering if anyone here had experience with that.
@KitZ.Fox I've read either the '05 or '08 version and updates from some of the others
@MetaFight I could be wrong, but I've always gotten the impression these types of things are for college kids and DINKs.
@KitZ.Fox NEC 2008, although I have read parts of newer ones. My brother is in the IBEW.
6:56 PM
@Snowman What's his local? (do you know and if you don't mind sharing)
@JimmyHoffa I think it varies alot from space to space. Ours is mainly 25-35 year old men.
@KitZ.Fox No idea what chapter it is, and I try to avoid disclosing my geographic location online as much as possible anyway (you can find out if you look hard enough but I try not to make it easy).
We just moved into a big location, received money for nice tools, and even have a bit of paid staff to help with a prototyping service we're contract-bound to offer... yet development has been a bit slow. Our old management structure is becoming a bit of a bottleneck.
@Snowman That's cool.
@Snowman We all know you're in the north pole.
6:58 PM
Well, it's easy for me. IBEW 1253 covers most of Maine. Y'already know I'm a Mainer, so shrugs.
@Snowman you must live in Texas. I'd hide it too if I lived in Texas. I'd say hang tight help is coming but... there's no hope.
@MetaFight Thanks to global warming climate change, I was forced to migrate.
@JimmyHoffa If Texas weren't so damn hot all the time I would consider moving there.
@Snowman don't worry. Everything will soon be back to normal, once Obama (thanks!) is out of office.
@Snowman that's ok, they'd turn you away at the border anyway.
7:00 PM
How do I change my SE name? I want to be ThanksObama from now on.
I am working with VS2013+NTVS. Selecting functions from a list is possible (just checked). But this does not feel clean. It's just a workaround in order to find functions and methods, but does not give any relation between them at all. It's like you put all your clothes onto one big pile and then use a giant sieve to find your socks. You don't do that at home, do you? You place them all neatly into your drawers separated by what purpose they serve. Well, at least I do that :) — Marco Alka 2 hours ago
Think the following: you get an error on your productive terminal which says error: "value" not defined on line 3974:16. What part is broken? Is it critical and you have to open an emergency and work on it immediately or is it a small thing which does not really concern anyone that much and which can wait until next week? You add a breakpoint and the debugger starts to wildly jump thousands of lines for and back. You have to always take a look where you are now and how the code path unfolds — Marco Alka 2 hours ago
Did it work?
I have the same problam. ^^
He just needs a after all.
(might need a page refresh to make sense)
Oh, hey. The tag has been removed. Did we decide Design Review questions are off-topic?
7:06 PM
@Snowman Needs more beef
And beer
Hoo, boy. Does the rest of the world really see America this way?
Shouldn't they?
7:07 PM
@GlenH7 beef bell? This should be a thing. I want to rattle a bell and have steak come to me.
The more I look at that image, the more and more apt I think it is
@RobertHarvey ?
I'd swear we used to have a design-review tag.
@Snowman needz moar nintendo.
ah, that must be where that originated.
7:14 PM
yep, I'm happy she signed the piece. Was fairly easy to hunt down from there
Merka, like the plural of merkin.
found this the other day...
ok, I'm done with this name.
@KitZ.Fox well played
@ThanksObama together they make drunk-eyes 2016? (really unclear what political sentiment you're trying to express heh)
@GlenH7 bows
7:17 PM
Just so wrongly appropriate
enderland has spent an hour researching laser cutters this is going to end poorly
@JimmyHoffa No political sentiment really. Though, if you're asking, I'm a Bernie guy.
@enderland You know you want to buy one
Gotta love Bernie.
@GlenH7 that's the poorly part
7:18 PM
woo, I'm back to MetaFight!
@MetaFight Never showed as changed in chat AFAIK
Nobody for President 2016!
@enderland They're getting into the pseudo-affordable range, aren't they?
I'm not American, so I don't really have a say... but I think Bernie would accomplish some good things in his 3 years as pres (will probably not live long enough to run for second term).
@GlenH7 dang. I was "ThanksObama" for a few posts.
@GlenH7 probably not for a bed size like I'd want. :P
7:20 PM
@enderland You could get a smaller one and then use it to build a custom bed for those really large pieces you want to work on
Actually that's not a horrible idea
@MetaFight Bernie is currently a U.S. Senator and getting nothing done. How would losing his legislative privileges help him pass legislation?
none of the individual pieces I'd want to cut are that big
@Snowman Are any U.S. Senators getting anything done?
@Snowman I dunno... and I don't really care to start this conversation :)
7:21 PM
Anybody know how to debug IE9?
@MetaFight help enderland find a cheapish laser cutter that can cut foamcore instead! :P
@KitZ.Fox douse it in gasoline, light a match, and switch to a better browser?
@enderland There are some long pieces that I'd love to create with a CNC mill, and I've put some thought into how I could index from one section to the next
@Snowman I'm asking for a friend.
@KitZ.Fox MS no longer supports IE8 and IE9, so drop 'em. :-)
7:23 PM
Otherwise it's F12 and pray
Yeah, I tried that already.
@GlenH7 I could probably cut the pieces in smaller chunks as no individual piece would have to be so big
@enderland Makes it easier to mix & match components that way
I'm still not 100% sure I could cut foamcore with one either, though I am fairly certain some combination of settings would work
hey neat. I snagged the chat websocket during page load. I could write my own UI for this thing from here.
interestingly the client never sends on the socket, it's only used for receipt. Sends are all http posts
smart way of doing it really. Lowers the overhead and complexity of the push multiplexer while creating a feedback loop so you know precisely when your messages are broadcast to others
7:36 PM
Man, how did I get to be this sexy?
local engraving shop has a laser cutter... hmmm
Check your local libraries too
@enderland cutting lasers is easy, just put something in front of it: Voila. Laser, cut.
@GlenH7 library?
7:45 PM
I don't think I'm in a large enough town for that :P
The main one for my area has a maker space built into it, and I'm pretty sure they have a laser cutter
Yeah our maker space doesn't
Aren't there lasers in disc players?
I've got some sharks with a few spares. Maybe you could soup them up.
it sounds like this local shop would try for me (assuming I can vet that it won't release chlorine gas or other toxic things :P)
7:48 PM
@enderland yeah, just confirmed. laser cutter and 3d printer
I need to look up the MSDS sheet for these too, this is going to be a nightmare
var sayInRoom = function(msg) {$.post('/chats/21/messages/new', 'text=' + encodeURIComponent(msg) + '&fkey=' + fkey().fkey)}
yay me.
lol you are going to turn into a full fledged js programmer
@enderland if only. Beats the hell out of writing mind numbing C# which no modern places do anyway. Never want to be COBOL guy
I convinced our resident Ninja to go Node.JS instead of ASP.NET MVC, he seems to think it's been a wise decision
I keep trying to parse that and failing.
7:57 PM
@GlenH7 calling customer service and they were able to send me the MSDS sheet via email... sweet!
Is this something for Programmers?
Q: 'Basic' compiler design for a toy C-like programming language called "Lupe"

SuperCookie47I am writing a so-called basic (becase I don't believe compilers can be basic as such) compiler in c++, using visual-studio (not that it matters). It will be a C-like language originally, supporting only a small subset of its full feature set in comparison, but to which I can add more and extend ...

> Hazardous Combustion Products: Primary combustion products are carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, styrene, sulfur oxides, and hydrogen sulfide. Other undetermined hydrocarbon fractions could be released in small quantities.
> Unusual Fire and Explosion Hazards: Produces dense black smoke while burning. Grinding, sawing or fabrication activities of the board can produce dust particles which may under certain conditions form explosive dust atmospheres that can be ignited.
doesn't look too bad. hmm, neat
@enderland MSDS are pretty standard to request anymore
8:01 PM
@GlenH7 probably not from hobby lobby for foam board :P
@SimonForsberg I'm thinking "no"
As they're looking for a review over the whole thing, and not a particular aspect of it
So it would be too broad for Progs
> Hazardous Decomposition Products: None, except in fire. Thermal decomposition or combustion may produce carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and oxides of nitrogen. See Section 5 of MSDS for combustion products statement.
that sure reads like "don't worry about burning it unless you are in an unventilated room"
"or if you are vaping"
8:03 PM
@enderland Does sound like standard combustion byproducts
@GlenH7 I mean I wouldn't want to sit there and breath it in right next to the laser, but.. it seems reasonably safe (if it was dangerous I feel like the language would be a lot stronger even on an MSDS sheet)
@Mat'sMug Did you receive desired aid recently? You were asking for help on how to do something in here and I responded with some code but don't remember what it was about now
@JimmyHoffa I think he was slow to the draw on the code review migrate question ;)
@JimmyHoffa you ruined the all blue commentary streak we had going
@JimmyHoffa the folder tree question? this is what came out of it :)
8:05 PM
@enderland He might just shift it to us anyway just to spite us
@GlenH7 Ok, thx
Finally found their question: " I'm simply asking for opinions or first impressions. Am I going about this the 'right' way? Do you see any problems with my language defintion, the compiler structure? My plan in general?"
Who needs all blue? I'm talking to you guys from the chrome console. Who's all blue now?
Too broad
@JimmyHoffa how do you set that function to appear there? did you edit the page?
8:07 PM
This chat room is funny. 5 of 9 of the top row (for me) are mods.
/js noob
@GlenH7 and the rest are room owners
I just pasted exactly the JS I said in the chrome JS console. It creates a local function named 'sayInRoom' which I can pass message strings to and it sends them along
@GlenH7 Is that a hint for me to leave, or is it a hint for me to bring more mods here?
@Snowman Not entirely.
8:10 PM
hello @Jimmy this is a test
oh cool
@end You only need 3 letters.
letters letters letters
I was getting "undefined" errors when I loaded the function
Following this question and this one, I've come to the point that Do I really need to use git?
@Mast yeah don't remind me. going into the latex chat room is horrible (@end pings me) :P
8:11 PM
@enderland that's not an error, that's the return code. The function is void, it returns nothing.
@JimmyHoffa wat
Before starting I just thought github.com is a place to share code just like File Exchange but then I learned about its version control capability and I got more interested.
@sepideh How about using Sourcetree, or any other external git application?
I'm not a professional programmer. I think that I will never get involved in a big open source software creation project or if I do some day, I will learn version controlling from my colleague.
@sepideh You can use git without using github though.
@sepideh Learn version control NOW!
8:14 PM
@sepideh Once you have the need to learn version control, it's too late.
@Simon well github is more famous and I'm interested in learning
@ThomasOwens why too late?
@sepideh If you are on Windows or Mac, I suggest using sourcetreeapp.com . If you are on Linux, you should know git already.... use tortoisegit
@SimonForsberg where's the repo for Duga? Is it a clone of the Zirak one?
8:16 PM
@sepideh Because you've already had a problem that version control would have solved. Like making a mistake and not being able to back it out easily.
(or whatever the guys name was)
be careful answering that @SimonForsberg, jimmy has gone crazy on javascript recently :o
@SimonForsberg More mods are always welcome
this room either is a mod hangout or people who hangout here become mods, both are true
@JimmyHoffa Zirak? Never heard of. Duga was developed by me and skiwi from scratch. github.com/Zomis/Duga There are plans to make Duga become a docker image to make her much easier to setup and test and develop.
8:18 PM
@Simon in fact my problem is something else and I asked it completely here but they told me it's better be asked in chat
@JimmyHoffa I wonder if their rate limiting is client or server side... :P
@sepideh I remember that remark
@sepideh No, you don't need to use github.com. You can run git locally on your own machine, without involving anyone else. Everything you do is kept private by default.
Short answer - if all you're doing is throw-away stuff where you don't mind rewriting everything if you screw it up, then no, you don't need a VCS like git
8:19 PM
@enderland server for certain. Everything we see comes across the websocket
@sepideh Yes, because fame/popularity is obviously the best way to choose a new technology.
But if you're doing things where you don't want to pay the price of a complete re-write if you fsck it up, then yes, you need a VCS of some sort. Github / bitbucket / pick-your-provider are all equally valid choices
@JimmyHoffa ah, makes sense
> Or sometimes I have different versions of the same code in different places and I don't know which is the most recent version. They are disorderly outspread in different folders of my laptop or my external hard drive. Most of them do exist because in different times I have backed up an earlier version of the project not to lose it completely if I make a mistake and then I've forgotten to delete that backup.
Yes, you need git. Badly.
or dropbox
8:20 PM
@SimonForsberg cool. I just want to make the handshake easy to accomplish because that's the biggest nightmare. After that I can get the websocket and line up the message postings and you can have the easiest API for all of it..
which might be a better solution
by you I mean, me, or whoever wants to script random interactions with chat
@SimonForsberg then how much time do I need to learn git?
@JimmyHoffa but I'm using Java, not JavaScript. In fact, I'm not even using Websockets. Duga mostly only posts things, and when she polls recent chat messages, she makes some kind of HTTP request. If you make something in Java that can use Websockets in SE chat though, I am very interested in using that for @Duga.
@sepideh honestly not that much
8:23 PM
@sepideh have you ever used a version control system?
@enderland ugh, no, not Dropbox. I used that for a while to develop code on multiple machines, became messy when Dropbox added a bunch of "Simon Forsberg's conflicted copy"-files. Git is so much better than Dropbox, for both version control and for developing on multiple machines.
@sepideh The time it takes to work through this will get you well on your way.
@sepideh The basics? Less than one hour. The advanced stuff? You'll learn it when you need it.
First chapter of this online book appears to be enough to be dangerous with git in a short period of time
Mostly you will only need the basics anyway.
> So this can also act as a portfolio for me, if anyone wants to know about my coding ability which I have mentioned in my resume, he or she can directly refer to my projects on github.com.
8:25 PM
@GlenH7 for the time being I'm coding mostly with matlab for my thesis and I think for the current situation it's enough to learn how to use git with matlab. then I need a really good tutorial. something that enables me use github desktop with matlab in 24 hours
that is a good reason to use git ^^
Better learn the command line first. Git only makes sense in a UI context if you know and understand the command line options, and what the terms "Commit," "Push," "Sync," "Rebase," etc. mean.
@enderland no
I have been contacted by recruiters who liked my github contributions a lot.
@SimonForsberg are you a board gamer?
8:26 PM
@SimonForsberg for the posts you still need a handshake to get the fkey used on the posts - and I presume the cookie bag had to get filled with some authentication token or other such auth info needs to be present on the posting as well
@sepideh Use Git, use Matlab. No need to use git with matlab. Git and matlab can be used as two individual things.
@enderland depends on the game. Why do you ask?
@sepideh If you're working on a thesis, you need a VCS of some sort
WebSocket aside, that negotiation is the hardest part of the puzzle. Just posting strings to a URI to send/edit/delete/query messages is easy
@SimonForsberg I'm stalking your github :)
Heck, I kept 4 separate copies of my thesis while I was actively working on it
8:27 PM
@SimonForsberg Matlab has its own VCS?
but I haven't been successful though
Q: What's wrong with my installation process of Git to set it up for matlab?

sepidehBased on the answer that I received here and what is written here, I've done the following steps: I've downloaded Git-2.7.0-64-bit.exe and ran it: After completing the set up wizard, based on what is told here, because I don't know what's the purpose of sandbox folder, I've created a .gita...

@enderland What repo did you find that caused the questiono?
If you look at the websocket itself you can see the frames coming across are extremely easy data to understand
Q: How to set up Git source control for matlab?

sepidehThis is the first time I'm using Github. I want to use it as a tool for sharing code and organizing the different versions of my code. I've downloaded Git for Windows and installed. I've also installed Github Desktop as the GUI client. I'm studying ProGit book and GitHub Desktop Documentation to ...

@GlenH7 yes. SO MUCH THIS. if you are working on thesis work you have to have some sort of version control so you can save your work and commit snapshots
8:27 PM
@SimonForsberg what do you mean?
> {"r21":{"e":[{"event_type":1,"time_stamp":1453321676,"content":"@SimonForsberg what do you mean?","id":50711956,"user_id":81803,"user_name":"sepideh","room_id":21,"room_na‌​me":"The Whiteboard","message_id":26983241,"parent_id":26983191,"show_parent":true}],"t":‌​50711956,"d":2}}
for example
@RobertHarvey No. That is exactly why I am suggesting to use them seperately. Just like you can use Git and Notepad seperately. No need to use git with notepad (and good luck on that happening anyway)
Oh, I see.
@enderland Oh, that. Yes, that's a Trading Card Game me and some people at Code Review are working on every now and then, if you are interested, we got a chat room for it:

 Coding Projects and Factorio Addicts :)

Minesweeper Flags, Zomis' games, PDB, Cardshifter, and all oth...
interesting, the multiplexer replaces the :1234234 with the actual previous message owners name before pushing it down the websocket
8:30 PM
chatting so fast. I didn't understand anything :)
@sepideh You don't need to integrate git with matlab in order to use them together. Write some stuff in Matlab, switch to your Git UI (whether you are using a console window or Sourcetree or something else), make a commit, then switch back to Matlab and continue coding.
please treat me like a beginer
@sepideh What part of my message above did you not understand? How can I explain it better?
@SimonForsberg I've been thinking about it
@sepideh Have you ever used Winzip, Winrar, or anything to compress all your source code to a single file?
8:32 PM
Simon's suggestion is the easiest and quickest way to get started with protecting your code
I'll do it and if you let me I'll chat with you or someone else here individually if I need?
@SimonForsberg yes of course. but a lot of that compressed source codes :)
@sepideh How did you integrate Winzip/Winrar with Matlab or whatever program you wrote your code in?
rhethorical question meant to make a point about what using git can be like^^
@SimonForsberg I prefer to zip up all my code before committing to git as well. :-D
I just typed code in mfiles and when I finished, I placed all of them in a folder and zipped the whole folder
@sepideh I don't hang around in this chat room a lot. I can mostly be found here or here. I'm quite sure that you have folks here that can help you though. In fact, @amon helped me when I was quite new to git.
@sepideh Exactly. In git you type code in mfiles and when you finish, or want to save your work, you use git to store them in your version history.
It's not advanced really, you just need to get started with it.
8:38 PM
It's almost as if it were meant to be easy to start using... :-)
@SimonForsberg where in there do you do the logging in? I see the BotConfiguration which holds login info and a stack api key (all coming from "Environment" ? Is that a groovy standard class for accessing your systems environment variables?), but don't see immediately where they're used
@JimmyHoffa the startup script, I think
wait that was smokedetector
@JimmyHoffa That's Grails. I'm honestly not a big fan of Grails, I hope to modularize the project later on.
I think it's in the StackExchangeChatBot now that I look closer
@JimmyHoffa the logging in is done in the implementation class, StackExchangeChatBot.java or something.

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