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1:42 AM
@PaulWhite Yes, but usually 15 hours after everyone else has.
@Phil I thought I could make something of it while using a hand-held. Unfortunately awetoekerrekt, genalised UI madness and small children got in the way. Unwilling to loose what (little) I'd achieved I saved the changes. Hopefully I didn't deviate too far from the OP's intentions.
6 hours later…
8:09 AM
Morning minions
Morning Phil
8:24 AM
I currently have Curry Remorse. Seemed like a good idea at the time
@Phil I think I speak for the entire heap if I say you can spare us the details
@Phil Vindaloo?
Just chicken tikka masala
2 hours later…
10:29 AM
@Phil I've got (second hand) a bottle of chili sauce from a datacenter company we work with. Had to realize that my family is not that fond of spicyness, so offered it to a colleague. He asked what was in it - 40% red pepper and 8% dried bhut joloki. Hearing this, he said 'That's poison! Yes, I want it!'
no report about the effects yet
was it "dave's insanity sauce"? 3 drops in a curry and it's almost ruined
@dezso We have anew guy in the office who would like that. he has always a chilli sauce bottle with hime.
@JamesAnderson no, I guess
currently I cannot remember the brand
My old boss used to carry round a bottle of Cholula
10:57 AM
@JamesAnderson I've tried that
Nearly died
I have bacon. Order has been restored
11:40 AM
Q: Merge crosstab tag into pivot

Paul Whitepivot has 131 questions and crosstab has 12. Is there any important difference between the two from a tagging perspective? If yes, please add your reasoning to the 'yes' CW answer below.

12:23 PM
the Yes and NO are confusing a bit.
@YperSillyCubeᵀᴹ Feel free to edit!
Never mind, I'll try.
@YperSillyCubeᵀᴹ Better?
yes, nice.
I did some more changes.
(putting back the Yes and No, in opposite answers ;)
Okidoki. Thank you.
12:45 PM
A: How to drop all triggers in a single database?

Mark SinkinsonYou can use Dynamic SQL and the sys.triggers DMV to build query that you can execute. is_ms_shipped excludes any triggers that were shipped with SQL Server. parent_class_desc filters for object level triggers, rather than database level. Change the PRINT to an EXEC once you are happy with the o...

Surprised no one has posted a PowersHell solution yet.
Could u plz Connect To My PC — Mastan Vali 3 mins ago
taking chat to a whole new level @PaulWhite
We should start selling SLA's for this site
@MastanVali Sure, just send me your bank account details, address, date of birth & mothers maiden name — Phil 27 secs ago
lets keep that before some mod eliminates it.
12:57 PM
I'm not that slow, just appreciating it for a few minutes!
1:14 PM
@TomV I see all the hidden dollar signs there
@TomV That's why we're the consultancy
> The tool DynamicsPerf (Performance Analyzer for Dynamics) is a script that returns the word "sucks".
Surprisingly honest of them.
Looks pretty cool!
it is
creates extended event sessions, persists dmv stuff, has analysis scripts for SSRS...
1:30 PM
Should be useful outside of dynamics too, it's really user friendly
unfortunately beta1 still breaks on 2008 R2 while they say it's supported but still
I'm stuck on 2008R2 too ;(
This hash is only slightly slower than the fast one (well, about double the time, but it's only 50 ms). The real difference shows itself in the Hash Right Join node - also, one smallint in the 10+ column list cannot cause such a big change, in my view. — dezso 37 secs ago
@YperSillyCubeᵀᴹ do I miss something?
@dezso No idea.
I'm still struggling with figuring postgres execution plans out.
@YperSillyCubeᵀᴹ that number really looks strange but the other numbers (memory consumption and time) are not that different
1:41 PM
FULL joins are evilᵀᴹ though. No doubt.
Yeah, rewrite the view (avoid the FULL JOIN) as you suggested is working perfectly! Thanks alot! — Xsasan 20 mins ago
@YperSillyCubeᵀᴹ someone, some day will read this and start advocating right joins
Already up voted. Very brave effort given the question.
@dezso That's the only place where I've used them. To rewrite a FULL JOIN.
this looks rather counterintuitive, BTW
@dezso You would prefer 2 LEFT joins? I mean does the syntax looks counter-intuitive or the rewrite?
1:45 PM
but makes total sense
@YperSillyCubeᵀᴹ in this case (and only in this case), possibly no
I meant splitting the JOIN into two
the LEFT + RIGHT solution nicely shows the intention
Yeah, perhaps I should explain more, why.
@PaulWhite Not in our implementations wink
Well clearly
Howdy folks. Odd question: would it be crazy of me to move sp_Blitz/sp_BlitzIndex/sp_BlitzCache/etc support questions over to Stack? We're using Uservoice, and I hate it.
@BrentOzar Hey Brent. I think that would be a good question for Database Administrators Meta.
1:59 PM
Thanks man! I'm on it.
@BrentOzar Just as an FYI on how this works
Q: Is it acceptable to use Stack Overflow as a Q&A for a specific product?

David BrossardI work for a small software start-up and I love Stack Overflow. Is it acceptable to encourage our customers to post questions on Stack Overflow so we can answer them there and also let the community benefit from it? Would customers shy away from the fact that it is too public?

Oh sweet, that's even better. I was trying to find something like that.
@BrentOzar Could I also humbly and politely ask you to check with the community on meta before creating new tags like and , especially if you're planning a mass retagging exercise. Also: what the CM said :)
Hahaha, yeah, I read the documentation: stackoverflow.com/help/privileges/create-tags
It seemed way too light, heh.
Perfect - based on that meta question, it looks like we're in good shape?
@BrentOzar You probably won't get as much push back on DBA as you would on SO
2:03 PM
I'm only tagging the questions that are support questions about the scripts.
Yeah, I wouldn't do it on SO, doesn't make sense there.
@BrentOzar Sure, I just remember Ola's tag was burned though I don't recall the exact circumstances. Seems like something the community might want to express an opinion about. Also I like making work for you.
I was totally shocked when I searched for sp_Blitz* stuff this morning and found dozens of things on there already.
Felt really stupid that I hadn't already set up alerts so I could jump in and answer stuff with those keywords.
@BrentOzar Yep understood, just remember our home page isn't as rapidly-changing as SO.
And I know the dba.se world isn't ready for a whole home page of Brent.
HAHAHA, yeah.
Personally I have no problem with the retagging, so long as it's done gradually, but others might disagree with me.
2:08 PM
Yeah, I don't wanna do a tweet or an email to the list and say, "Head over here now to ask a question!" I'm trying to be more careful these days about using my megaphones.
@PaulWhite I, for one, don't disagree with you
@BrentOzar Oh I'm sure we'd welcome the extra visitors, I just meant to limit the rate of retagging (home page bumps). Don't forget to add/suggest an excerpt and wiki for those tags when you get a moment.
Yeah, I'm done retagging already. I was kinda stunned that there were any questions.
Working on the excerpt & wiki next. Looking at a few examples because I wanna make doggone sure it doesn't look like it's promoting us.
2:16 PM
I'm sure we can rely on your natural shyness and humility :)
/me puts away the billboard
2:46 PM
Hmmm. Don't think I've ever seen @BrentOzar chilling in here before.
It's been a looooong time.
Kinda fading away from Twitter - the signal-to-noise is pretty rough. I switched over to our company internal chat room.
@BrentOzar we actually had someone ask about outputting sp_BlitzSomethingOrOther to an email friendly document so there's precedent.
@BrentOzar slumming it?
@bluefeet hey we are classy as F
Awww yeah got a gold badge on DBA finally!
@Zane of course, it's the heap
2:52 PM
HAHAHA, slumming it.
Yeah, I really want sp_Blitz output to email - specifically, the differences from the last run.
It's gonna require me writing the results to history in a database, and doing a diff between passes, and then getting that out via database mail. It seems doable. Then just like set it up in a weekly Agent job.
We wanted that really bad, and the sp_Blitz app we had a while back was supposed to be the first step down that road. We hit a small roadblock though. It was called "user tech support."
"The PDF export doesn't work for NT4"
@Zane Congrats - a Famous Question!
@BrentOzar Approved your tag wikis. Don't forget about Database Administrators Meta, when you get time.
@Zane nice. I hadn't seen that question
I have way too many tabs open at this point.
@PaulWhite OK, sure! About the meta - you want me to ask there, or to create the tags there?
@BrentOzar Ask a question there if you're interested in getting community opinion on the support questions idea thing.
2:59 PM
Gotcha, cool.
1 hour ago, by Brent Ozar
Howdy folks. Odd question: would it be crazy of me to move sp_Blitz/sp_BlitzIndex/sp_BlitzCache/etc support questions over to Stack? We're using Uservoice, and I hate it.
I know @bluefeet posted an SO link, which seemed pretty helpful, but it can't hurt to find out how the local regulars feel about it as well.
@PaulWhite yup, that was just our normal guidance but asking is always good
@PaulWhite I for one am deeply offended by the matter. :)
@Zane Yeah well you would be ;)
you know offended I get by on topic discussion.
3:02 PM
You and your Gold Badge.
I hope you don't think we're going to start taking you seriously now.
I would hope not.
I get far too much of that at work.
Oh joy. Wells patched my box and now my teradata drivers are hosed.
Bailing for some sleep. Look after the place.
Yes Sir!
Oh perhaps you were speaking to a more reputable user....
Some day I will convince my DEVs to stop thinking proceduraly. That day is not today.
When you plan to rant over sp_blitzindex in the heap and notice @BrentOzar around
Corporate blocking policy really knocks the punch out of that joke.
"Image not found" seems to be the punchline to a lot of jokes as far as I can tell
3:25 PM
@BrentOzar I'm sure you've blogged it, but what are y'all using? Slack? Or was it the one that automatically does the gif thing?
T-120 minutes until Beer O'Clock
@billinkc Yeah, we use Slack now. We originally used HipChat, but switched over to Slack late last year.
@BrentOzar Congrats on hiring Tara by the way. Were there many applications?
@PaulWhite Thanks! We didn't do a public round of hiring this time. When we decided to buy Jeremiah & Kendra out of the company, I knew I had to backfill a couple of spots fast, so I contacted Tara because we'd talked to her in the past.
(We have another person starting Feb 1.)
@BrentOzar Oh I see. I miss a lot on Tweeter these days.
3:35 PM
Me too, actually.
@BrentOzar Ooo exciting!
I do love it when we do public hiring rounds - that's by far my favorite way to do it - but I just had the chance to get Tara, and I couldn't pass that up. She's awesome.
One of these days, we'll earn enough to hire you. I gotta get my Gold Bar Generating Script to work right though. Still some debugging to do on that one.
Ha ha ha.
Right. Vote limit hit. Definitely off to sleep now.
hands over to @jcolebrand
3:44 PM
Just a monkey with a gun...
I like Slack. Still amuses me that a company is making a fortune off IRC!
The Heap is where it's at, though
:26691880 nice
@BrentOzar and neither of them were me. How rude.
I know, right?
@BrentOzar I'm good at making cups of tea & drinking beer, if you're after anyone
@Phil and eating curry
3:57 PM
@JamesAnderson OMG, GET ME UR RESUME
Microsoft Culinary Master right there.
@BrentOzar when you figure that one out, can you share it with me?
I'm pretty sure the solve all of their hiring decisions with some sort of drinking contest.
I know that's how I would screen candidates.
Q: Performance Issue with SQL Server 2014(Enterprise)

praveenwe are recently Migrated our DB from 2008R2 Enterprise to 2014 Enterprise.on new server,I am having 2 sockets,20 cores and 40 processors(768 RAM ,windows 2012R2) with SQL Server 2014 Enterprise.there is no performance Improvement. just 10-11% CPU being using and memory 46% is using.please help m...

Requires nukage
Go all North Korea on it
@BrentOzar I'm a fan of dbareactions, Actually that's how I heard about dba.se
4:18 PM
sorry @TomV ... that was @BrentOzar's annual visit. you'll have to wait until next year
sp_youtubecatvideo 'LOL'
@swasheck So this was all just an hour of smooth talking us into accepting his first line support tasks? I feel abused
@TomV could be. or he just found it worthwhile to drop by the heap
and then once @PaulWhite left ... thhhhpppptttttt
7 minutes till beer o clock, watch me not giving a f*ck
4:28 PM
@TomV WOW, that's awesome to hear. I'm so happy when DBAr actually gets used as a learning tool, heh.
This comment appears to me to be pure speculation.
With slow performance while both CPU and RAM use are low my first suspicion would be that you have a write-heavy workload and disk/network IO is a bottleneck. It could also be that it is CPU-busy but with few concurrent tasks that aren't paralisable (so the 10% could be 4 cores pegged and the rest idle because the problem isn't paralisable) Without much more detail we can't really help further than that. — David Spillett 1 min ago
@TomV have a good one homie.
4:50 PM
Personally I like watching the webcasts and then making sure when he directs people here I can help them form a proper question.
5:04 PM
@TomV that deserves to be at dbareactions
Anyone else watched Making A Murderer? Properly messed up
@Phil yes, and yes it's messed up
I'm confused from the screenshot in this question:
Q: Massive INSERTs blocking SELECTs

Steffen MangoldI have a problem with a massive amount of INSERTs that are blocking my SELECT operations. Schema I have a table like this: CREATE TABLE [InverterData]( [InverterID] [bigint] NOT NULL, [TimeStamp] [datetime] NOT NULL, [ValueA] [decimal](18, 2) NULL, [ValueB] [decimal](18, 2)...

Does the CREATE PROCEDURE ... mean they are creating the procedure repeatedly? Or it's normal for that query to show this?
5:27 PM
@YperSillyCubeᵀᴹ I believe he just just scripted it out for the sake of asking a question here.
@Phil The more you dig into the American Criminal justice system the more you find that this happens constantly
All incentives are based on conviction rates.
5:41 PM
@YperSillyCubeᵀᴹ the "Blocking Text" column contains the definition of the stored proc; what is actually "executing" is the statements inside the stored proc.
some of the columns that are not shown in the output contain the starting and ending offset of the actual statement within the stored proc being executed.
@MaxVernon Thnx.
@BrentOzar FYI meta.dba.stackexchange.com/q/2423/72091 I appreciate the great work you do and that you've decided to share the scripts your consulting company creates. I'm not trying to call you to task, I'm just curious about the policy to see if I should do the same thing moving forward. Either way I want to make sure you are aware of the post in case you want to respond.
@Erik Did you see the discussion above? (related)
4 hours ago, by Brent Ozar
Howdy folks. Odd question: would it be crazy of me to move sp_Blitz/sp_BlitzIndex/sp_BlitzCache/etc support questions over to Stack? We're using Uservoice, and I hate it.
@YperSillyCubeᵀᴹ Nope, I'll read it now.
5:59 PM
Q: Tagging for third party tools/scripts

ErikI've noticed a recent retagging/tag creation push where Brent Ozar added tags to questions about scripts released/maintained by his consulting company. Is this appropriate behavior? If so should we retag/create tags for Ola's scripts and so on for various GitHub repositories/collections? To be c...

@TomV and the contribution above would be very welcome there @BrentOzar
6:21 PM
@mmarie are you around? do you come here often anymore?
or ... @billinkc ... i have a DW querying question
You rang?
@billinkc indeed. let's say that we have a generic query that summarizes values
but the entire result set may, or may not, be useful to any given user at any given time
so ... stocks ... we can summarize avg trading for a particular stock over the day of the year
some people may want to see how a stock trades every day of the year
and others may want to only see it on the 3rd day of the month
is it better to write two separate stored procedures for these separate requirements
or to write a view and let them filter only what they want
(thanks, @billinkc)
So you're looking at an aggregation but you don't know ahead of time what they'll be looking to aggregate over time-wise, yeah?
If so, that's what non-clustered columnstore index is designed for. Makes it the awesomesauce for rando-aggregation queries
Then from a usage perspective, I do whatever is easier on the caller. If they like views so they can suck it into Excel, so be it. They write some thing where they actually used procedures, have some of those
6:37 PM
@billinkc kinda. it's pre-aggregated historical data. what's unknown is which slice of the aggregate the user will want at any given time
they may want the aggregate for feb 29th ... they may want the aggregate for april 1, the aggregate for all of june, or the aggregate for the 3rd of every month.
a view makes sense to me ... but just want to make sure i'm not doing something naughty
You've got your data down to whatever the granularity is, probably daily. The users won't be constrained into actually telling you what they want to do with the data, likely because they really don't know what they want. Meanwhile, if you try and provide some preaggregrations assuming they'll look at every third Friday and monthly totals, you miss that We obviously need the 4 Wednesday of prime months requirement
What @billinkc said.
So, again my battles, the best you can do is make the data as snappy as possible and then work with them to understand how they want to consume it and then get out of the way.
fair enough. thanks.
Ok, Heap. I'm dumb and I need help. I'm googling my way through this but clearly missing something.
6:43 PM
What tool they using? Excel? Great, let me make sure you know to connect your worksheet (as I set resource governor for your account)
@billinkc login trigger ... and generally it's some reporting tool ... Cognos is what we have in place right now
I have a new data source sitting on a SQL Express instance on a VM in Azure that is VPNed back into the local network. I can RDP into the server, open SSMS and access the database. But I can't access it from a different Azure VM on the same network.
Express doesn't let you connect from outside the box until you flip a flag
6:45 PM
Q: Enable remote connections for SQL Server Express 2012

KyralessaI just installed SQL Server Express 2012 on my home server. I'm trying to connect to it from Visual Studio 2012 from my desktop PC, and repeatedly getting the well-known error: A network-related or instance-specific error occurred while establishing a connection to SQL Server. The server was...

The assumption is that it's a personal database and no one would ever have someone connecting to a database on their machine. Derpity Derpity Derp
you're so full of wisdom today
It's the increased fiber in my diet
@billinkc what flag are you referring to? There are many things in those answers
@PaulWhite - I cannot seem to locate anything in either chat or meta about the tag issue, where it was decided to burminate the ola tag. I'd love to re-read it.
> Run SQL Server Configuration Manager.
Go to SQL Server Network Configuration > Protocols for SQLEXPRESS.
Make sure TCP/IP is enabled.
6:49 PM
OH. I already did that
no luck
7:04 PM
Sorry, was reading starwars stuff
@swasheck Winner! No inbound rule for port 1433 was set up
But yes, next thought would be firewall. There's a setting for letting all of azure talk to itself
Thanks, @swasheck. I usually have people to do this stuff for me, some time to go google a guide to walk me through all the steps since I do this about once a year max. Instead I inherited a random server that developers frantically stood up and we needed to get access to RIGHT NOW.
Next thing to tackle: They have a dbo.Users table with plain text username, email, password, full name.
(look at me pretending to be a DBA for a day) :-P
@Erik Thanks! Yeah, I added a comment in there to clarify.
7:32 PM
@swasheck it's weird right?
7:48 PM
If he ask u to send him nudes, send him loading sign pictures #WasteHisTime2016 https://t.co/uGVPKfE1Nn
Can't stop laughing at that
My wife is completing a silly form for a gym and it asks for "ethinc background"
We are arguing between Vulcan and White Romulan
StackExchange survey question #11 is priceless. I wanna know what they are going to do with the answers.
@MaxVernon really? Where did you find that?
8:03 PM
I saw the tag here then did a simple ddg.gg search for "hammerdb"
it has 1 question at the site ;)
@MaxVernon +1 for duck duck go
@TomV thanks.
@YperSillyCubeᵀᴹ this is true. I'm expecting a sudden jump in the number of hammerdb queries.
now that I filled out the tag wiki.
Man, some questions are of such low quality.
@YperSillyCubeᵀᴹ thanks for the approvals!
8:22 PM
@MaxVernon didn't have to think about that vtc :)
@TomV lol, no doubt.
I want @swasheck's data right now so I can visualize it with an exploding box plot mcaule.github.io/d3_exploding_boxplot
@mmarie which data?
stock data makes for good box plots
@mmarie i wish i could give you that data
i have weather data that you can use
8:37 PM
meh, i can get my own weather data. plus, i don't think it fits in a box plot
@TomV - please don't get the wrong end of this stick - it's not my intention to be rude or anything. :-)
@MaxVernon Neither was it mine, I contemplated hitting enter on that one
But I guessed it's a democracy and I could vent my opinion
certainly !
the brent stuff is supportable, but what happens if anybody offshores their support here for random tools
@TomV one of two things. Either it's accepted, just like the support we offer for PostgreSQL, MySQL, and SQL Server, etc; or it's not supported by us and the vendor goes somewhere else.
8:48 PM
@TomV There are guidelines for this but it is allowed
9:04 PM
@TomV i understand your sentiment, though
Q: Can tags be edited on "merged" questions?

Max VernonThis question has been merged, and as a result cannot be directly "edited". I'd like to remove the books tag from the question since that tag needs to go away. In my opinion, that tag would be very similar to databases; it is of limited value and doesn't help define the question. From help: ...

thanks, @bluefeet !
@TomV I think it's OK for the community here to decide on a case by case basis, whatever the general guidelines are.
After all that's what guidelines are
is blinding ignorance a prerequisite for being a windows admin?
@PaulWhite how much do you sleep a day? Like 4 hours?
9:15 PM
@dezso it's the weekend for @PaulWhite ... he never went to bed
Gee chat sucks on Android
@PaulWhite I don't mind don't get me wrong, but I wonder where it ends
@PaulWhite s/Android/mobile
@TomV that's why I say I don't think it has to set a precedent.
At least not a definitive one
@swasheck it's painful!
@PaulWhite Fair point
9:18 PM
@MaxVernon I'll have a look for the tag burn discussion when I'm on my laptop. I may be misremembering
@PaulWhite i appreciate your commitment to punctuation. i typically just let swype/autocorrect do what it wants and suffer from the fallout later
Thanks, Paul.
@swasheck ez 2 let 1s stds slip on mob
@PaulWhite i'll bet that took you longer to type incorrectly than it would have to have done it correctly
It took me a minute to read that as standards as my first thought was STDs.
9:20 PM
@dezso Varies.
@mmarie I had to fight autocorrect on that very issue
@mmarie hate it when my STDs slip
are certification questions on-topic? Like "how do I get certified for xyz?" where the certification in question is database-related.
I doubt it
me too
There might be something in the FAQ about that
9:32 PM
next question. Should the wiki point people away from asking these questions here? Or should the tag go away?
or should this be a meta question?
^^^^ making that a meta-meta-question
@PaulWhite do you ever have a situation where plan explorer only displays the first plan of multiple queries?
@MaxVernon Meta yes. For both on topic and tag
@swasheck Sometimes I think. Aaron would be the one to ask
Ugh I need to get off this phone
@MaxVernon Yeah I agree. Asking questions about specific DB products an using them makes sense. It's when people just sales pitch their product that I get touchy.
agreed, @Zane
Especially in the case of it being a free product.
Q: SQL Server and msbi relation and difference

user84002With SQL Server 2008R2, we have analysis services, reporting services, and data moving and manipulation services with SQL Server Management Studio. So why do we need SSIS, SSRS, and SSAS?

I already have legs and feet, why would I need arms and hands.
no doubt!
Q: Are "certification" questions considered off-topic for dba.se?

Max VernonAre questions about the following considered off-topic? How do I get certified for [xyz] What are the necessary course requirements to become an [xyz] How to validate and upgrade my knowledge of [xyz] with [abc] If these types of questions are "off-topic", should we create tag wikis for certi...

It's all meta up in here
nasty master!
9:50 PM
@PaulWhite sure. but you're here.
My standard meta response.
Yes. Yes it is. — Zane 12 secs ago
Yes, yes it isn't.
I'm going to say something and it may be controversial so brace yourselves.
I don't like replication.
A: Are "certification" questions considered off-topic for dba.se?

ZaneI don't come on this site for career advice.

@Zane much!
I like to shoot for brevity in my Meta posts.
10:00 PM
@Zane "tell me why I don't like replication..., I wanna shoot the whole day down"
@swasheck He knows the product details better than I.
anyone care to do a quick sanity-check on this? stackoverflow.com/a/34685501/1595565
gah - I posted on Stack Overflow
I'm afraid we're going to have put you down, Max
@billinkc that's what I was thinking. Seems the only right thing to do.
10:06 PM
Alright I'm going to go run my puppy and make a turkey.
Zane's speaking in tongues again.
Turkey is slang for poop
@MaxVernon seeing what he puts up with I would be drunk too
@TomV I thought it was already Beer:30 a long time ago for you?
Ah yes
10:16 PM
this is a more abstract question. number of rows is N, queries depend on the approach, output: list of anything. cars in the example above. — mojovski 10 hours ago
good luck getting an answer with it being that abstract.
@Zane it's true. And kill it dead.
@PaulWhite excuses excuses
10:32 PM
@swasheck Well yeah, but I just don't know the definitive answer. @AaronBertrand would.
@PaulWhite definitely didnt think you had answers ... just asking if you'd ever experienced it :)
who summoned @Shog9?
@swasheck Ok, well let me try again then: yes I have experienced it, but then I work with a lot of betas and pre-releases, so I can't be sure it's ever happened to me in a release version.
@bluefeet He's everywhere at all times, like he-who-shall-not-be-named
@PaulWhite thanks.
@PaulWhite We don't say his name
10:36 PM
Star all the things!
@bluefeet I was just here reading Ozar's chat with y'all earlier
@Shog9 we were all sufficiently amazed.
@Shog9 ah, in awe over his presence. I get it
I was gobsmacked
He gets that a lot, what with being uber-famous and all.
10:37 PM
He's huge on myspace
@billinkc LOLOL
that's what I'm shooting for. To be huge on MySpace.

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