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4:01 AM
@ZachGates Not enough jQuery.
Also, reading multi-line input from STDIN (or a file) is unnecessarily painful in some languages. Do you have a specific reason for disallowing function input?
@Dennis Hadn't even thought of it. Good idea. Added it
Added what, jQuery?
oh, I guess I'll upvote it if it has jQuery
jQuery Euclidean Vector plugin is really good and does all things.
4:05 AM
@Dennis Heh.. you're more than welcome to edit. Or explain to me how to add it myself..... :)
@ZachGates Oh, that isn't a thing. I'm referencing an old SO meme.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

PhiNotPiAdd and multiply perplexing numbers The split-complex numbers, also known as "perplex numbers" are similar to the complex numbers. Instead of i^2 = -1, however, we have j^2 = 1; j != 1. Each number takes the form of z = x + j*y. Here are some examples for your viewing pleasure: 6 * 9 = 54 ...

The sandboxed posts links need to be fixed
They're all https links. For me they give an error 526 (invalid ssl certificate)
They're not https links; they do not specify a protocol. Are you chatting via HTTPS?
4:16 AM
oh, yes
thanks haha
That has to be a Bock of some kind...
Schorschbock... that's a thing?
Ah, the brewery is Schorschbräu... Sounds legit!
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I can't read more than the 4 English words that are on their website
Those Germans are crazy.
4:29 AM
Speaking from experience? :P
I just got a bronze badge, is that good?
@GamrCorps Why wouldn't it be? Nice work. :)
I didnt even realize I was that active in this community :P
i just spent an hour writing a sweetass answer and i came back to discover that it was invalid
there was something that had been left vague so there were two ways you could do it
now the way i did i was wrong
4:51 AM
I'm writing a bloom filter challenge.
Literally implement a bloom filter.
Except it's going to be a really small Bloom filter, like 32 bits or something.
user image
And the test is "is this ASCII character in the set"
so there's like 94 possible characters
@Mego Haha. Doorknob said something similar.
Perhaps it'll turn into a PPCG graduation petition.
oh hey phinotpi, while you're here
One square is inside of the other. I will adjust my example. Edit: done. — PhiNotPi 2 hours ago
why did you do this to me
4:56 AM
i swear i do actually know your username i just typed it bad
phinotphi doesn't even make any sense
s/d it/ everything/ would have made more sense
@undergroundmonorail So I assume this was the question you were complaining about?
@AlexA. It could possibly maybe potentially theoretically work
4:58 AM
@PhiNotPi yeah but i've almost gotten it working
@Mego Well, if enough people mention it, they might notice, if nothing else.
@AlexA. The squeaky wheel gets replaced and tossed in a scrap yard :P
I don't think that analogy applies in this situation
I like to imagine that we were supposed to graduate by now, but everytime someone brings it up, they push back the date even more
5:00 AM
So really blame Geobits
If that turned out to be true that would actually be pretty hilarious but also super shitty.
Improved regex: s/\bit\b/everything/gi
@AlexA. Now you have n+1 problems
Trust me, I have way more than n+1 problems.
5:02 AM
If you're having code problems, I feel bad for you, son
I got n+1 problems but a bug ain't one
( . _ʖ.)
5:25 AM
Nice job killing the chat, Alex
@AlexA. Finish this _____
@Calvin'sHobbies beer
Did I win
Eat this ____
@Calvin'sHobbies sandwich
Pet these ____
5:42 AM
@AlexA. meese.
Stew these ____
birds with carrots and potatoes. Toast these _____
420 blaze ____
s attacked me in minecraft
5:45 AM
Good answer
just _____
pet puppies forever
ice _____
berg lettuce
let us ____
5:48 AM
6:11 AM
@PhiNotPi This is now 8 hours later, but I wonder if there is a way to transpile Mornington Cresent code to my own city's train system. The rates are by distance travelled and have nothing to do with time of day, so they're pretty constant.
@RikerW @GamrCorps @Doorknob Darn. I missed everyone being on
It's probably not that hard.
Actually, well it might be hard. You'd have to try to get stuff to be as "isomorphic" as possible.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

PhiNotPiFour-Byte Bloom Filter Bloom filters are cool. In the words of that Wikipedia article: A Bloom filter is a space-efficient probabilistic data structure, conceived by Burton Howard Bloom in 1970, that is used to test whether an element is a member of a set. False positive matches are possibl...

6:34 AM
I think I should start with mapping the 26 commands in the specs. Which would be fine if I could understand the specs
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

user81655Smallest Turing Complete Interpreter Sandbox Notes Has anything like this ever been done before? Do you think this will be well received? In my research I couldn't find a simple definition of what makes a language "Turing complete". What alterations or additions should I make to the language r...

1 hour later…
7:37 AM
Q: Reverse Engineer Bracket Rectangles

PhiNotPiEvery programmer knows that rectangles □ are really fun. To exacerbate this fun, these cute and fuzzy diagrams can be transformed into groups of interwoven brackets. This challenge is the inverse of my previous. Let's say you have a group of interlocking rectangles like so: +------------+ ...

I'm on a roll today.
2 hours later…
10:03 AM
@RikerW Yes.
10:26 AM
Morning peeps
Are those like normal peeps, but in the morning?
Like those peeps
what a cuties
So... how's the snow in your neck of the woods?
10:43 AM
Let's do Flack!
So, how it's done: Download Flack Overstow <http://stackapps.com/questions/306/flack-overstow-generate-spam-from-stack-exch‌​ange-posts>
Give it your profile ID and the domain <codegolf.stack exchange.com>
Then share the result here! I'll start.
P("hello, World!"); I made this[1] for you! Javascript function golf is included into a prompt ) is prime ); into the console.
11:05 AM
It was too big for one post.
@zyabin101 Don't download - try it online!
Ahaha! It decided to chain from that time I posted a stack overflow error.
@FlagAsSpam I know.
I did post this using the online version.
'etad' push "dark" EleGiggle
11:25 AM
^ I could almost post that as an answer
11:51 AM
@MartinBüttner I'm thinking of putting a bounty up on your Forgotten Realms question. I just posted another answer on there, which brings the number of answers to 2 ಠ_ಠ
12:18 PM
@Sherlock9 I suppose I could post my reference implementation
but I think it would currently beat both of your answers :/
Q: My humble byte counter

Joseph MedhatHi everyone I was surfing this great website looking with amazement at your question and answers and found that I'm an intermediate with python cannot almost answer one (and when I find an easy one.. I find that it is aleardy answered :D ) and I want to share this program which I wrote in python ...

I would love to see it, in that case. Though I suppose it's shorter because it uses a golfing language
it's barely golfed at all
@Sherlock9 apparently so did I
@Sherlock9 btw:
["Deepwinter,Midwinter","Winter","Sunsets","the Storms,Greengrass,The Melting,The Time of Flowers,Summertide,Midsummer,Shieldmeet,Highsun,The Fading,Highharvestide,Leaffall,The Rotting,The Feast of the Moon,The Drawing Down"]*',The Claw of '
"winter" might also be worth extracting
12:24 PM
... note to self, avoid using the "unclear what you're asking" close reason
> the question is how to share a program written in python inn some way people press on link it excutes right away??
hm, extracting "inter" seems to have the same byte count:
["Deepw#{s='inter'},Midw"+s,?W+s,"Sunsets","the Storms,Greengrass,The Melting,The Time of Flowers,Summertide,Midsummer,Shieldmeet,Highsun,The Fading,Highharvestide,Leaffall,The Rotting,The Feast of the Moon,The Drawing Down"]*',The Claw of '
It sounds exactly like me, but with slightly worse grammar
> We.
This sentence is my favourite:
> When rotating sets of characters, the "from" and "to" set in a transliteration itself makes use of some very impressive score, but at least I posted this, I realised that __ and er are completely useless, which replaces a with i and u with e, but only in matches before the last character of the last string is the part after it is wrapped in e...ow:
How to you make the block thingy, with the vertical line in front of some text?
12:34 PM
Why do you people keep posting screenshots of text? ಠ_ಠ
It's too long for one chatbox
oh, haha
and I can't be bothered to linebreak manually
@isaacg >
> Inside a function (y) to save a number is a XOR-prime, we generate the list of numbers to subtract, I use the expression +14yB8. yB8 means "Bifurcate 8 on the function (y) to save a partial result from that function. Explanation: LxKh/#*b*jkhM[//&lt;hJ_.zyJd2xJKycK
12:36 PM
Nov 21 '15 at 0:38, by Doorknob
King of the Hill challenges are trivial or add nothing new, close option under the off-topic sub-menu (we already have two: belongs on Stack Overflow. The question you should be better for the site in the code-golf gibberish we all? Here's what I propose: As a site is a bit different in a ridiculous amount of upvotes still stay at the top. Answers posted, say, none of them are very because it is the first challenge that point No arguments what a "character set" is just "use jQuery or some other
(That's from meta.PPCG.)
oh, good idea to use meta
Doorknob: "The question you should be better for the site in the code-golf gibberish we all?"
I had "Edit:." at the end of mine, but I just finished implementing Martin's Ruby suggestion so I pressed the button again and something entirely different popped out. Cool
> Well, since this question needed an answer for this excellent question.
> in this ungolfing, we add to Dennis. And I golfed down the end of the code.
@Sherlock9 isn't it randomised each time anyway?
That's true. I just didn't expect it to be different each time you try it. Just different for each user
12:51 PM
Out of curiosity, @Doorknob -- where is that rule defined? I tried searching and looking in all the logical places, but I couldn't find anything on it... — Alex 9 mins ago
@AlexA. An imposter! :O
(You commented on the post as well, so I thought it was you at first...)
By the way @MartinBüttner, I don't understand how your Hello World Mornington Cresent code works. Do you have documentation?
not anything beyond the answer on the HW challenge
1:13 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

Martin BüttnerAlignment on Triangular Grids code-golfhexagonal-grid Hexagonal grids have been become a fairly popular twist for challenges about 2-dimensional data recently. However, it seems that the equally interesting triangular grids have been largely neglected so far. I'd like to rectify that with a rat...

We should figure out to write code on a Penrose tiling
@mbomb007 the issue is that it's not possible to construct a periodic tiling with fivefold or sevenfold rotational symmetry, so you can't just transfer the same concept to pentagons or heptagons. However, in my list of future language ideas there's the concept of using an aperiodic Penrose tiling (which has fivefold symmetry), but I need to sort out how to layout the code, and I want to tackle some simpler tilings (like triangular) first. Even for this I don't want to make them Hexagony derivatives, but would rather come up with new mechanics. — Martin Büttner ♦ Sep 26 '15 at 9:50
> However, in my list of future language ideas there's the concept of using an aperiodic Penrose tiling (which has fivefold symmetry), but I need to sort out how to layout the code [...]
Let me work on a few ideas, then. Like diagonals, adjacency and where the tiling would start.
I think you'd first have to decide on which Penrose tiling to use :P
and then there are two symmetric tilings for each one. my idea was to use one of those and simply write the code in increasing concentric circles around the centre
I can't figure how to generate a P1 tiling. I've looked for ages and most, if not all, Internet resources are geared towards P3
1:20 PM
you'd have to define an IP direction or something, but that is all very specific to the tiling you're using.
I think if I turned it into a language I would probably support several tilings.
"symmetric" how and what is "an IP direction"?
IP == instruction pointer
symmetric -> 5-fold rotational symmetry
blinks and I didn't think of that why?
Let me do some investigating, at any rate. Also, if you can find a paper with the rule set of P1, P2 and P3, I'd be much obliged
I remember reading this but it only covers the diamond variant I think.
1:36 PM
@MartinBüttner That would be P3, IIRC
This has a section on all three tilings, but that section isn't very comprehensive
@Sherlock9 there's also this which the author claims is also a decoration of a penrose tiling
has anyone seen this ???
1:53 PM
Martin, I don't think there's a decent description of the matching rules for P1 anywhere. Just as well. P2 and P3 are probably easier to deal with for the purposes of making a code grid anyway
does P1 actually need matching rules?
ah it does
@Sherlock9 this has the matching rules: uwgb.edu/dutchs/SYMMETRY/penrose.htm
... It should not have taken me this long to realize that I could reconstruct the matching rules using those kooky patterns
Or I should have read the papers/docs/specs more carefully
An interesting point I should bring up is that I found a Lindenmayer system for P3
@PeterTaylor I assume you read this back when? www-users.cs.york.ac.uk/susan/bib/ss/nonstd/penroselife.pdf
@Sherlock9 isn't that essentially what the first link I sent you describes?
constructing Penrose tilings via decomposition?
2:09 PM
axiom: [N]++[N]++[N]++[N]++[N]
@MartinBüttner Well, yes, but I am not sure that that paper describes the system as ... explicitly as the rules I just posted. I could be wrong though
right, it probably doesn't
I would like to think that's there's a way to generate Penrose tilings graphically (up to a point) either using a different Lindenmayer system or using something else entirely
I think I'll be crossing 10k soon... it's within my rep cap.
loosely relating to the new Paint by numbers challenge: coloring greyscale images with neural networks: tinyclouds.org/colorize
2:38 PM
@MartinBüttner Blargle. I keep get error messages in my brain every time I try to parse too much of those papers. I may try again in the future, but I'm not sure
@randomra I feel like that would have been a much more interesting challenge tbh, nice link
@Sp3000 it would be considerable more difficult I think
or you could find regions and then color them the same way as in the current challenge
True, but I do like the idea of being able to take a photo myself and turn it into a test case :P
I see
Anyway, I really like the quick improvement of neural networks in the last few years
until like 2006 it was like a depreciated thing and now it is one of the quickest improving fields
3:03 PM
@randomra I did my university honors thesis on neural networks ... If I was still in programming (and continued in the Computer Science field rather than getting a "real job"), that's likely where I would have landed
Although that link is horribly bereft of actual information
@MartinBüttner No. It would have saved me a lot of random searching for interesting patterns.
Huh. I wonder if I actually have any of my code or notes from back then...
@PeterTaylor That's unfortunate. How is the search for A181018 going?
@MartinBüttner Ran out of memory and had to restart with 2GB heap. I think that I might need to rewrite it to handle n=16 using a memory-mapped file and complicating the logic to get better cache locality.
@PeterTaylor Thanks. The code is a little too thick for me at the moment, but I'll try to read through it later
3:29 PM
Q: Spell out the Revua

NBZActually not inspired neither by Atbash Self Palindromes nor by Generalized Gematria Calculator. Given a string s of length n, output the Revu'a sequence, which is the first character of s, the first two characters of s, ... the first n–2 characters of s, the first n–1 characters of s, the entir...

/em is amused
The "Don't push me out of the box!" category for the Best Of is currently pushed out of the "box" of the top 10 by being #11
it is
there are quite a lot of other great ideas in the suggestions as well, but I wouldn't really want to miss any of the top 10 either.
Yeah. And I think that having like 25 categories dilutes the meaning of "Best Of" ...
3:45 PM
So what? The Academy Awards has about 20 awards
Sure, you only pay attention to a few of them, but there's still a lot of them
there's 2 reasons for limiting the number of categories
1) if we use all 40 categories the meta front page will be essentially unusable for a couple of weeks
2) what Timmy said. if there's too many of them, people won't pay much attention to the individual posts. I think 10 is about as much as most people's attention spans can handle (might already be a bit much).
That's fair
I think 10 may even be too many. Let's go with 6, it's the perfect number (rimshot)
@MartinBüttner when do you plan to publish the categories?
tonight or tomorrow
3:56 PM
the top 10 seems decent (ending with "Best Newcomer (answer)") but that might be a bit too many
@MartinBüttner If you're going by attention spans, it should be 5 to 7.
Could we add additional awards if people sponsor them?
@ThomasKwa you can award whatever you want :P
@PeterTaylor So ... 6 ... :D
7 is a nice, round number...
3:58 PM
I'm willing to put up 1000 rep between my proposals
But will it be part of the official awards?
@MartinBüttner What font are you using ...
the best newcomer answer/challenge/user might be better migrated together into best user with links to his/her posts
Is there a reason we're not using "Rookie of the Year" instead of "Best Newcomer?"
@TimmyD no
4:02 PM
@MartinBüttner Is the reason "No one has suggested it?"
i'd toss in my hat for "rookie of the year", that's really good
@randomra well... I know who I'd nominate for best overall newcomer, but while their first question was good, it wasn't quite stellar enough for "best new user's challenge"
but best overall newcomer doesn't have as much support as the post-specific ones
4:21 PM
@TimmyD Good idea, I'll edit that in
@Sherlock9 I added an explanation.
@MartinBüttner Since the categories seem somewhat susceptible to the fastest-gun-in-the-world effect, were you planning on narrowing it down to the top 20 or 15 or whatever and using something like strawpoll to pick the top 10?
I second @Ampora's recommendation
Some way to prevent voting until all nominations are received
@quintopia Two rounds? One post to gather nominations, a separate post to gather votes?
Hm, that sounds like a good idea apart from the fact that it will create twice as many meta posts. :/
Hm, Code Review just uses a single round. Since this isn't exactly as important as a moderator election, I'm tempted to keep it simple.
4:33 PM
@MartinBüttner This is why I supported @Ampora's recommend. One post per category for nominations, and one post (total) for voting. The latter would be a featured post. Instead of putting upvotes on nominations, you just post with all of your votes for every category.
@quintopia Non-anonymized, then
true. is anonymous important?
(the strawpoll would be anonymous but easier to game)
alternatively, you could simply put in the category threads in bold "please do not vote on any nominations until date, as all such votes will be discarded"
and tabulate just before voting starts to subtract those votes out, if any
I don't know, these solutions all sound quite messy
i recognize the value of simplicity, but we all know that fgitw will be an issue, and SE provides no built in way to prevent it
so either we accept that it may influence results and pray that it won't change it enough to matter, or we add a little bit of work to prevent it ourselves
The simplest method would be to just include in the post "please don't vote until date" and then do literally nothing to enforce it
Is the intention "One Person, One Vote", or do we care if someone votes for half of nominations in a particular category?
4:41 PM
@TimmyD that is not the intention and we don't.
Then I think quitopia has it, with the "Please don't vote until date"
@TimmyD Indeed, if we're doing the voting on SE, then presumably one would upvote all the ones one likes and then downvote all the others
(since that basically gives you two votes)
or you could only downvote the ones you really hate, turning it into a preferential voting system
I'm not a fan of asking people not to vote because people are not that mature. I'm a fan of the double post idea - one for collecting nominations, one for voting. It's how elections work on SE.
yeah, except such an election does not clutter meta.
it's also what we did for our inofficial mod election, but there it was only one poll. not 5-10.
Yea, and elections are technically three phases (one collection, two voting). But we don't need that many phases.
I assume this discussion is about the "best of 2015" categories?
4:47 PM
what if all the nominations happened in the same post? is there a good reason to separate them out?
(assuming that the votes happen in different posts)
@quintopia how would anyone be able to compare all the nominations for one category?
another issue I have the the two-phase thing is that I'd have to post all the options myself (to ensure they're posted at the same time), which means I couldn't vote on any of them :P
@MartinBüttner you make a different voting post for each category
(unless I get a dev to disassociate me from each of them)
@MartinBüttner I'll post them then. I haven't been here long enough to have an informed opinion anyway
4:48 PM
Nominations thread is CW, each answer is a separate category, people edit the answer to provide a nomination
I'll be happy to post them all as well, because I have not been active enough lately to really vote on stuff
@TimmyD this is pretty good too
@quintopia @Rainbolt I'm sure both of you are capable of reading an answer and determining whether it's good or not :P
@TimmyD that's not a bad idea.
Then a separate voting thread for each category ... have the users who are putting up bounties for the categories create the thread and answers -- provides a slight anti-nepotism, since the bounty-givers couldn't also vote on the winners
not sure if we could get issues with the post limit, but we could always add a second answer to the same category if we actually get that many nominations
4:50 PM
@TimmyD this also makes sense
@TimmyD I'm still not a fan of people offering bounties for specific categories
@MartinBüttner why so?
(also I think so far, bounties were mostly offered for categories that didn't make the top 10)
well, the poster-can't-vote thing is pretty easily resolved as long as the poster doesn't mind their votes not being anonymous :P
@MartinBüttner That makes sense.
4:53 PM
oh, now that people are awake, can I plug my sandbox post from earlier? meta.codegolf.stackexchange.com/a/8001/8478
Well, in that case, how about it's just spread out amongst a couple people? I certainly wouldn't mind posting a voting thread, and you've a couple other volunteers already. I would imagine we can find ~7 total people.
@MartinBüttner alternatively, create a sock account "BestOfPosts" or something, and have that post all the voting posts
@quintopia the sandbox could do it :P
@MartinBüttner or that
Or ಠ_ಠ
4:55 PM
@MartinBüttner I started to cringe when I read that, then I saw it was posted by you and I felt better
@Rainbolt that. umm... sorry.
@Rainbolt no idea why you cringed. it seems like a great challenge to me.
@MartinBüttner it seems odd for it to be tagged when it mentions a hexagonal grid exactly one time, to describe a type of grid that is not used in the challenge
@quintopia I think the self-promotion made him cringe, not the post.
> Use this tag also for triangular grids, the dual of the hexagonal grid (that is, the vertices of the hexagonal grid form the faces of the triangular grid and vice versa).
4:57 PM
@quintopia There's a user that advertises sandbox posts and then makes a huge fuss about it every. single. time.
@MartinBüttner i didn't see that, fair enough
@Rainbolt at what point does it become okay to advertise a neglected sandbox post? 24 hours? 48?
@quintopia I think maybe 48 is fair.
@undergroundmonorail The reason I added that to the tag wiki (ages ago) is that it might not always be obvious if cell graph or the vertex graph is more important for a particular challenge, so the line between triangular and hexagonal grid is quite fuzzy.
@quintopia Maybe poke-edit it to bring it to the top again?
4:59 PM
@RikerW ok
@quintopia Every time you address all of the comments with a significant edit, or a few hours, whichever is greater. (in my opinion)
@quintopia Wait, your icon is a dog with a mustache?
no it's martin in a sick scarf
Oh, okay.
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

PhiNotPiMajority Voting with Cellular Automata code-challenge There's a really important problem in cellular automata called the Majority problem: The majority problem, or density classification task is the problem of finding one-dimensional cellular automaton rules that accurately perform majori...

5:02 PM
Thank you @NewSandboxedPosts.
And thank you for thanking me earlier. :P
@NewSandboxedPosts thanks dawg
BTW stupid golf justfication I saw earlier:
> Because words have letters in them, your code must be as short as possible.
one day i'm going to use "Because the universe is a closed system in which entropy always increases and is slowly becoming a cold, lifeless hell, your code must be as short as possible."
Does anyone know how to get an unbounded input stream in python?
@undergroundmonorail Of course that won't freak the hell out of some people... :P
@NewSandboxedPosts Gee wiz, that's a really cool and interesting problem that has lots of practical application. I wish I had thought of that.
Did I do the meme right?
5:07 PM
@PhiNotPi you accidentally praised your own question instead of linking to never gonna give you up on youtube
JK it has no practical application
Why would I like to Rickroll when I could link to this? youtube.com/watch?v=SQoA_wjmE9w&feature=youtu.be
"Your code must be as short as possible. No contrived reason, it's just an arbitrary restriction to make the challenge more difficult."
@TimmyD So using that one. :P
7 mins ago, by RikerW
Does anyone know how to get an unbounded input stream in python?
"Because I'm really enjoying AGDQ this year and am really into doing things fast right now, your code must be as short as possible so I can get a PB while typing it in"
Really, anybody now how?
5:12 PM
@undergroundmonorail Typing of the Dead: Code Golf Edition
@RikerW Have you tried asking your question on Stack Overflow?
today is david bowie's birthday
tomorrow is my birthday
therefore: i am one day younger than david bowie
@MartinBüttner Don't you own the Sandbox puppet?
@PeterTaylor @Doorknob does.
@PhiNotPi I'm kinda disappointed that that wasn't a rickroll.
@undergroundmonorail Tomorrow is also my wife's birthday.
Yay, birthday paradox
5:22 PM
january 9th birthday people tend to be cool people
who's good with cellular automata in here? @trichoplax, @Zgarb, @PhiNotPi, @PeterTaylor?
I was wondering if there is a class of CAs where you don't have cells with different states, but cells of varying extent. e.g. the plane is tiled by polyominoes, each polyomino is a cell, and at each update, cells can split or merge based on their surroundings.
That's certainly not a classical CA.
certainly not, but it seems like a fairly closely related concept.
@MartinBüttner I thought you can nominate a new user's any answer/challenge, not just the first one: "Best answer by a user who had not posted an answer before 2015"
but yeah, it has less upvotes, I mentioned it only as a way to reduce the number of categories
oh right, I guess that's true. not sure that was the intention of the wording, but okay. ^^
5:31 PM
that was your wording
I know :/
(although I think I copied it pretty much verbatim from CR)
@Doorknob come 2017 will we be able to see who put what character into the time capsule? or just what the resulting characters are
@undergroundmonorail There's no Doorknob here to answer Time Capsule questions. :/
@zyabin101 one day
i have faith
5:49 PM
@undergroundmonorail What we should do is see who can correctly remember their own character.
Another pretty great challenge just hit the sandbox, IMO.
(I'm always careful to leave out the H)
@PhiNotPi Shandbox? Who are you, Sean Connery?
It's pronounced "Sandhbox", thank you very much.
sandhbox plays sandjigglypuff
@undergroundmonorail this is a good joke
I don't get it.
hungrybox (hbox) is a super smash bros melee player who mains jigglypuff
5:54 PM
A: Sandbox for Proposed Challenges

PhiNotPiInject Textual Rickrolls Because rickrolling is the greatest meme on Earth, you [know the rules and so do I] are to write the shortest code that can textually rickroll the unsuspecting reader. Let [you down] there be an input text which contains letters, punctuation, and spaces. Anytime a [lie...

had to read the title twice to make sure I read it right

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