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12:49 AM
If I wanted someone's opinion on a technical subject, I'd ask for it
orrrr folk could learn to burn their own disks and play mp3s on a PC cause whoever mastered the disk was too damned incompetant to split up a long long long audio file into tracks properly while making it
Any moderators around, so I am confused about 4 of my recent declined flags, I don't really agree with 2 of them.
@Ramhound yeah
@JourneymanGeek eh, works with cue files
@Bob No cue files
@Ramhound yes
the rejections seem valid
at least one of the answers (kino's) is actually correct
12:56 AM
I flagged that
@JourneymanGeek I did that while digitizing some of my Grandad's vinyls.
@Ramhound what karel did, IMO is the 'right' thing
Fuck having to listen to an hour of classical and then go through and find all the track changes.
Yeah, OP did the wrong thing, but high rep users have edit rights for a reason
@MichaelFrank PRECISELY
I see
I try to avoid edits for the simple fact they don't require approval, don't disagree the answer is now correct. Seems odd I have thousands of helpful flags and 4 declined flags put me over the edge.
1:00 AM
I almost forgot how scary Haskell can look. Then I clicked on this:
ap :: Monad m =>    m (a       -> b) ->    m  a  ->    m  b
fromMaybe     ::  r -> Maybe r -> r
ap            :: (r -> a       -> b) -> (r -> a) -> (r -> b)
                     f                      g        x :: b
ap  fromMaybe ::                        (r -> a) -> (r -> b)  , a ~ Maybe r , b ~ r
@Ramhound Everyone has their own edit policy, but as a whole we tend not to put many restrictions on what a high-rep user can edit.
If the original author doesn't like it, they can always perform a rollback.
And well
the real million dollar question is
Suggested edits are a different matter.
"Does this match the author's intent"
1:02 AM
I wonder if a tick box high rep users could use to mark their edit as suggested would fix that issue.
I wouldn't mind that feature
@MichaelFrank meh, I just tend to do edits. The op or other high rep users can roll it back
I know the feeling though. I try to err on the side of caution with closehammers
Nobody really audits high rep user edits though, do they?
not really
I don't mind fixing minor things. I just feel odd adding entire segments into an answer.
1:04 AM
@MichaelFrank They still bump.
This isn't adding though
cause how the hell am I suppose to know what they meant to say if they didn't say it?
its moving, and on a self answered question, its fine
Not many people are going to see an edit by a HRU and think, "hmm... I wonder what the question/answer was to begin with."
@Ramhound Matter of opinion, but many (including me) believe that a blanket no-adding rule is also bad.
1:04 AM
@Bob hence intent
Link-only answers for instance
There are many cases where you have a minor addendum that (a) should be part of an answer and not a comment and (b) is too minor to make a good answer on its own
If an answer needs extensive edits, then you might be better off posting a new answer.
@Ramhound in some cases I fix em up
Do we quote the material we think is important as reviewers or just flag it?
depends on whether I feel as lazy as them
@Ramhound once again, intent
Is the answer worth fixing?
Is this an attempt to drive traffic to a site?
Would nudging the OP be enough? Should we edit?
1:06 AM
Well I read the intent of "I solved it" as a comment being submitted as an answer. and flagged it as such. But I understand
and weeeel
stuff like this is why we need human mods
I mean my last declined flag was from Nov 30 '15 until these 4 flags, which are apparently 5 flags, but al the same day along with 10 that were helpful? Such a weird system
I didn't check who handled the flag
I just looked at them, and well, I'd have done the same thing
I don't care who reviewed them honestly :-)
superuser.com/questions/960178/… was the last flag before these group of 4.
"Since all the solutions I tried didn't work (including the 2 which were posted here), I had to reinstall the OS on my raspberry pi using NOOBS. Thanks for all the help though." This an answer or a comment?
Because I am getting mixed signals from these helpful declined flags. (more) then half the time stuff like that is flagged helpful the other 40% is declined
and I am rounding up be a significant margin with 40%
I flagged the answer that the "Since all the solutions .." belonged to and it was declined by the way :-)
@Ramhound It's one of those cases where the OP can't really verify any of the answers.
1:16 AM
Should I change something like "Since all the solutions I tried didn't work (including the 2 which were posted here)" to simply say that "I had to reinstall the OS on my raspberry pi using NOOBS. Thanks for all the help though." since the part that isn't na answer is the part where "all the other answers didn't work"
and get rid of the salutations obviously.
1:40 AM
@DavidPostill The U.S. is still “Land of the free!” but the issue is corporations in the country are really getting away with murder. Issue began in the 1980s. And Verizon is the biggest chunk of the Bell Telephone monopoly breakup. Nowadays they are quite bad, but the whole telco/cable-co culture is just so toxic and monopolistic.
So this an answer or a comment?
A: How to assign a icon for "Copy/Cut/Paste/Delete" Windows default context menu items?

nijaveI don't have enough rep to leave a comment but it appears this info is contained inside shell32.dll. The files been compiled so it's hard to see what functions are in it, but it appears to be the one. Of interest (registry export): HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID{3ad05575-8857-4850-9277-11b85bdb8e09} ...

There we go
I fixed my error had linked to the question ;-)
2:25 AM
Why oh why did SU just cause me to accidentally type anal at the end of my password
Looks like a lot of people are going to get free upgrades on my flight tonight... no idea if I'll be included though
I suspect some lucky people might even get bumped up two classes
What I don't understand is why they continue to sell tickets on the website for my flight, at a lower price than when I booked 3 weeks ago, even though it's already overfull
They're basically handing out £3000 business class seats at £600 at this point.
Need to figure out how to reclaim tax at Singapore too
> IRAS takes a serious view of foreigners who wilfully make false declarations to seek GST refunds under the Tourist Refund Scheme or Abuse the scheme.
But not locals? Hmm.
Wait, no. I suspect if they run out of space in premium to bump people up to they'll bump paid premium customers to business/first.
Either way, what a strange way to conduct business...
3:03 AM
@qasdfdsaq there's a tax counter at the terminal
locals can't do GST refunds the same way
Yeah there seems to be one before and one after immigration. Some shiny automated electronic system
@JourneymanGeek Well, they're not supposed to be able to, but the whole issue is that of making fraudulant declarations to falsely claim refunds
@qasdfdsaq You need a foreign passport
singaporeans arn't allowed dual nationality
Neither are chinese, although it's somewhat hard to see how they can actually tell
Especially when Britain is concerned, since there's no exit border checks
@JourneymanGeek: P.S. Do you know if Singapore airport charges extortionate fees for foreign currency exchange or are the rates generally reasonable?
@qasdfdsaq Probably market rate
British airports are known to have absurdely poor rates
3:11 AM
if you happen to be going to mustafa center, their money changer's slightly better
Got a 3 hour stopover at the airport and have to through landside and back again, so I doubt I have much time
not many options then
Well, my options are Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Singapore, London, or Aberdeen
I was just hoping Asian airports might be less mean and greedy than UK ones :-P
Also you may or may not be glad to know I am still alive
Jury is still out on that
But I was honestly not entirely sure I would be at this point
Five days of bad-assery in Thailand has left me more physically intact than 2 hours in the sun in Singapore.
3:38 AM
@JakeGould ease up with the edits please, you're clogging up the front page. Its a pain, but we throttle edits for a reason
3:54 AM
@JourneymanGeek No problem. My edits were based on this meta post and I have stopped as of 40 minutes ago.
A: Clean it up, and [diy]

JakeGouldSo… I started my own cleanup on diy—including removing the tag from some posts—and then decided, maybe there is a valid reason diy needs to exist? It seems nebulous and many of the posts fall into categories of tutorials or even hardware recommendations that are off topic. Knowing that, should t...

4:29 AM
Pondering another tag cleanup weekend
Maybe end of the month?
@JourneymanGeek So is that how you go about stuff like this? Wait until the eyeballs are away doing other things and then like elves in a cobbler’s shop, just go at it?
@allquixotic, @JourneymanGeek - you two have time this weekend?
@Bob Same time as last week? Maybe. But I'll be exhausted from a very long day on Saturday.
@allquixotic Would Friday be better for you? Assuming @JourneymanGeek can do Saturday (for him)
(ugh, it's confusing with you essentially being a day behind us :P)
4:44 AM
superuser.com/questions/1022418/… <--green eggs and spam
Or if there's no time we could always postpone it shrug
@Bob From about 18:00 UTC on Friday, I'll be asleep, then I have a full day on Saturday, and I won't be back home until maybe 05:00 UTC on Sunday.
@allquixotic So that's... *pulls out calculator* *puts away calculator* *loads timezone calculator*
You'll be gone from 1 PM your Friday, local time. Which is ~5 AM Sat local for me, or 2 AM for JMG.
Yea... only time to squeeze it in would be the same as last week, but an hour later. And you're probably going to want to sleep.
So... probably skip this week. ok.
@Bob I'll make it work :P
@allquixotic Actually - before you leave Friday?
I'm fine with the midnight/early-morning time. Hopefully not too late for @JourneymanGeek?
Urk. Should stop polluting this chat too...
5:00 AM
@Bob fraid not
I have military stuff all next week and I need to pack
And possibly an entire week away from my PC :(
That's very urkish. To be made to do military service like that....
(or any of my PCs. I can't take a netbook into a military camp)
@allquixotic I'm not even sure what I'll be doing, I delivered coffee twice a day my first one, and visited museiums the second
though I'm going to pack assuming I'm staying in camp 3-5 days with laundry
@allquixotic the cost of being male and singaporean.
@JourneymanGeek ahh...
curious: how much warning do you have for these things usually?
and are employers in singapore expected to, well, expect it?
6 months, and yes
Army will re-imburse employers for pay for that period
If I was working this would likely be a paid one week vacation XD
Though my unit moved to what would be considered the arse end of nowhere as far as singapore is concerned.
Wait. Singapore has an arse end of nowhere?
5:11 AM
Oh yes
@JourneymanGeek Here in the US, we do not have mandatory military service or conscription of any kind. We have what's called the Selective Service System, where all men 18 to 25 must register, so as to ease the selection process in the event the US must draft people into the military.
I mean, this country is basically nothing but, area-wise. But I always thought singapore was pretty much completely a densely-packed city...
Nearby aminities, live firing range, military airfield, cemetery...
@Bob see gitter
@JourneymanGeek ...should I be worried that there's a cemetary nearby?
@Bob Only during ghost month, Do not approach any ladies hanging around inside the camp at night...
5:22 AM
"i tested it to cut the power off by removing the socket of the ups from the wall socket" -- That is an unsafe test. The UPS owner's manual probably warns you not to do that. Instead use a power strip with a switch. — sawdust Nov 24 '14 at 9:36
...unsafe? wat.
Probably a bad UPS.
Huh, got +40 rep from random old answers yesterday. I wonder if someone serial up voted me:-/
@Bob: probably something along the lines of disconnecting the neutral or earth before disconnecting the live, if the plug comes out at a funny angle.
5:54 AM
@qasdfdsaq ...aren't all earthed plugs designed so the earth prong comes out last?
user image
6:13 AM
Lots of countries use conscription in place of a volunteer military. I'm not really sure as to the reasons for this, but it seems that the American system of a volunteer military in which participation is a career path rather than mandatory service for able persons is the exception and not the rule for states around the world.
6:25 AM
Anyone does graphic design?
6:37 AM
Seems I'm mistaken as many countries have abolished conscription, but it's still a common practice.
@bwDraco in most cases its a useful way to get cannonfodder
The swiss actually trust folk enough to let them keep guns. SK and Israel do it cause their neighbours are a bit obsessed with wiping them off the face of the earth
Conscription here was a reaction to the brits leaving, and well, is part of the grand social experiement
I'd say the conditions that made conscription necessary arn't really in place (Like the confrontation, and communist insurgents), and in most practical senses, we still have a professional backbone for the military
7:09 AM
7:36 AM
joy. Looks like my fastrack's driver is causing BSODs.
Welp, just rebooted my router. For some reason, it's possible to cause the router to lock up with certain traffic patterns (too many TCP connections at once?)
I hate having to reboot the router at this time of day.
I live primarily in my office on the first floor of the building and I have to go upstairs and risk disturbing my parents to reset the router.
Is it good practice to reboot the router from its control panel on a regular basis?
...good practice would be fixing the issue.
> Time: 18:49:23 up 115 days, 18:42, load average: 0.13, 0.07, 0.05
Look, I'd rather not have to replace the router.
That's my AP.
> System Up-Time 115D 18H 44M 39S
That's my modem.
@Bob DD-WRT or other custom firmware?
7:50 AM
shrug you were the one who asked about good practice.
I'll invest in a replacement when the need arises.
@bwDraco The AP is running dd-wrt, but I'm pretty sure stock would've worked fine too.
8:03 AM
much secure, very use gizmodo.com/…
thats a tiny dog run
Are dogs in wheelchairs allowed? ;)
Wow. Just wow.
If only I had the time and patience (and equipment) to do this...
I shoot a very oddball camera system, Pentax K. In light of new product announcements by Nikon, I'm very tempted to switch systems.
The problem is that I just don't have the funds to do this.
The choice of camera system I made more than five years ago is now proving to be very questionable.
Now what?
Pentax is under much better stewardship these days but Ricoh inherited a system that has fallen behind the competition by at least 3-5 years.
...and my main telephoto lens is still bad after four repair attempts.
...and I lack the time or funding to even get started doing anything like what that pro does.
Perhaps I can convince my mom to buy me a replacement for that busted lens and invest in even better glass, but that's a really long shot.
8:23 AM
Grrr. Argh. Not only did I manage to lose one set of headphones in Singapore now my expensive spare set has gone and broke itself en route to Singapore.
It's a DA★ 60–250mm f/4, and it's not cheap.
Dec 28 '15 at 22:10, by bwDraco
A full wildlife photography kit including all the key lenses needed would cost about $30k to $40k.
who && gawk && uname && talk && date && wine && touch && unzip && strip && touch && finger && mount && fsck && more && yes; yes; more; yes; umount && make clean && sleep
Stupid script... Is this going to evaluated properly? Do { stuff } While ( ! (Get-PSSession)) ?
8:29 AM
Aug 1 '15 at 20:19, by DragonLord
To the community: Please be advised that my time on Stack Exchange will be very limited as I will be dedicating large amounts of time to photography. I may not be able to respond quickly to inquiries and may be away for extended periods of time.
Remember when I said this a while back?
I... no because I wasn't here yet :)
Aug 1 '15 at 20:02, by DragonLord
(I realize that most winning entries come from professionals. Amateurs with limited funds and time have essentially no shot at winning.)
(See context)
I end up with 15 PSSessions as soon as I break into the script :(
Aug 1 '15 at 20:07, by DragonLord
I know these pros have likely spent decades perfecting their craft, as well as tens of thousands (perhaps even $100k+) on photo equipment
because it keeps looping
8:33 AM
Hell would probably freeze over before Mother would even consider making such massive investments in photo equipment.
My father-in-law has joined a local photoclub and he participates in contests locally
@bwDraco then a monkey grabs your camera and you end up with something better than you can ever take ;p
and gear only helps to an extent
- Replace DA* 60-250mm lens.
- Get more lenses for different uses.
- Get a teleconverter.
- Replace flashgun (mine has a broken battery access door).
- Get a larger memory card.
- Get a tripod.
- Get the upcoming Pentax full-frame body when it comes out.
All this adds up.
@JourneymanGeek lol the monkey business is still sifting through the courts...
Dec 28 '15 at 22:07, by bwDraco
A couple years back, I actually had the audacity to ask my mom to lend about $20k for a pro-grade Canon setup (EOS-1D X, EOS 5D Mark III, several professional L lenses, Speedlites, etc.). Of course, the request was declined.
Perhaps if I could get my behavioral issues out of my way, I might have a better shot at getting these purchase requests honored.
8:44 AM
Never mind different lenses for different uses, I just carry a pile of basic lenses to cover all main focal ranges and rent as needed when I need advanced £3000+ lenses.
I'm not surprised your mom declined. Not only is that only possible if your mom is excessively well off, it's also pretty pointless for anyone who isn't a high end professional
I know midrange professional photographers who earn over £1000 a day and they don't even need that kind of kit.
Also just bought new headphones at the airport after panic skimming a half dozen headphone reviews.
@bwDraco that's one reason I do the 3 month rule and budgeting ahead
As long as I have an income stream, I can eventually get what I want
hi guys - if you don't mind i'd like to ask for some advice
ubuntu rolled out the patch to cve 2015-8660 (the overlayfs privilege escalation thing) some 17 hours ago. i just found out that the computers at my school were affected. i wonder whether i should send the sysadmins an email now or wait a few days and see if they upgraded before telling them? if the latter then how long should i wait?
- Build new PC with fast CPU and lots of RAM for photo editing.
- Get pro-grade monitors and color calibration equipment.
- Get a pro-grade wide-format printer (e.g. Epson SureColor P800).
The list goes on.
@ace Quite honestly? From what I've heard its more trouble than its worth
@qasdfdsaq Well, you could've just picked up something cheap to tide you over till you got back? :S
8:49 AM
@bwDraco i was looking at a pair of audio monitors. Ended up getting 30 dollar cheapies that work well enough
This was something cheap... By my standards
I did splurge on the video card and monitors, but that was a long term plan
@qasdfdsaq Your standards apparently include routinely going to 2x your travel budget. Sorry if I don't quite agree with your definition of cheap :P
It's about on par with my old jays a-jays 5 which I've been meaning to replace for about a year.
@JourneymanGeek umm... you mean trouble emailing sysadmins? or trouble upgrading? i'm kinda lost here...
8:50 AM
(How much were they?)
@ace reporting issues at school
Put it this way, my last 3 headphone purchases were £300, £120, and £75. These were £60
Either 1. They'll fix it 2. THey don't care 3. They will feel threatened and get you in trouble.
Tbh I was just glad they had something other than beats.
8:52 AM
They're only £10 more than the lowest UK price for the same ones, and are along the lines of what I would have bought when I got back anyway. The reviews say they're pretty good and exactly suit my style requirements.
@JourneymanGeek i just don't feel too comfortable storing my files (and hosting my webpage
on a machine where everyone has root access
@ace if you know the sysadmins, then maybe
@ace the moment someone else has physical access breaking in is trivial ;)
we don't have physical access to them - i'm talking about the machines which we ssh into
Someone does
- Replace DA* 60-250mm lens.
- Get a wide-angle lens.
- Get a longer telephoto lens (D FA 150-450mm).
- Get more prime lenses.
- Get a teleconverter.
- Get ND and polarizer filters.
- Replace flashgun (mine has a broken battery access door).
- Get larger, faster memory cards.
- Get a tripod and a Arca-Swiss head to go along with it.
- Get the upcoming Pentax full-frame body when it comes out.
- Get another camera body as a backup.
- Build new PC with fast CPU and lots of RAM for photo editing.
- Purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud membership.
8:55 AM
and as someone who's worked corporate linux IT...
The cost of photography is mind-boggling.
it takes a while to get things upgraded
How nice of them to move my flight from one end of the airport to another without telling me.
@qasdfdsaq Take the train!
... Doesn't that take like two days and keeps crashing?
Oh you mean the airport train
8:56 AM
Naw, that's the MRT
The internal train ;p
Nah I'm still in Bangkok
3 hour stopover in Singapore is in a couple hours.
Will need to go through immigration twice I suspect, unless there's some sort of landside transit exemption.
oh, come to think of it, we would almost never move a flight between gates....
Immigration doesn't seem to provide any information about landside transit. Only visitors or cities.
Each and every entry in that list costs money.
Yeah I'm in Bangkok on a cheapo low-fares airline.
That said I am on premium flex, which gives you like, standard airline class service :-P
@bwDraco: How much money are you earning from photography?
9:08 AM
@qasdfdsaq Very little at this time. It's mainly a hobby.
If you're not working as a professional you by definition do not need pro grade equipment.
@qasdfdsaq Ow...
For some reason, I have this tendency to make grossly unsound financial decisions, and I'm afraid I could wind up in debt at some point in the future. Consider this chat message:
Sep 27 '15 at 21:06, by DragonLord
For some reason, I feel like I should spend thousands on software licenses for products such as Visual Studio ($6k for Enterprise 2015 with MSDN subscription), even without a solid reason to do so, just because I feel I might need it.
My definition of cheap is sub-$50 :P
Expensive equipment will not make you a better photographer. Cheap equipment will not make you a worse photographer.
9:09 AM
@Bob: Meh, as I say, cheap by my standards. I'm extremely into my music so I have a lot of mid/high end kit.
Well, better equipment makes it easier to get the shot you want, but only if you know what you're doing.
There's the 90/10 rule though
A Canon EOS-1D X and a bunch of high-end L lenses are meaningless if you can't properly leverage the system to do what you want it to do.
£300+ for speakers, mixers, decks, headphones, and other components is not uncommon for me.
9:11 AM
For a working pro, it's a lot easier to do the job with the appropriate equipment. They can usually make do with consumer-grade parts, but the results are going to be less than optimal.
@qasdfdsaq Ya, but the whole being temporary part of it... I guess not so temporary now.
I generally buy gear when I have reason to believe that I would benefit from it over time.
Then again, I am not immune to making impulse buys with no sound basis.
...or more likely, buy something on an otherwise valid reason but without doing due diligence (e.g. shopping for the best price, reading reviews, comparing alternatives, etc.)
@Bob: yeah that's why I actually read some reviews. As something I would have bought anyway once I got home, a £10 premium isn't too bad when I've still got 23 hours of travelling to do.
After all this is probably the most use I'll get out of it all year.
Also the £180 temporary smartwatch I bought at the airport was a far worse decision.
9:16 AM
(my temporary headphones are 2 dollars)
Good job it's got a fault, so I can just return it and don't have to bother trying to sell them second hand.
Well I looked at some temporary $5-25 ones but they all disgusted me.
22 mins ago, by bwDraco
- Replace DA* 60-250mm lens.
- Get a wide-angle lens.
- Get a longer telephoto lens (D FA 150-450mm).
- Get more prime lenses.
- Get a teleconverter.
- Get ND and polarizer filters.
- Replace flashgun (mine has a broken battery access door).
- Get larger, faster memory cards.
- Get a tripod and a Arca-Swiss head to go along with it.
- Get the upcoming Pentax full-frame body when it comes out.
- Get another camera body as a backup.
- Build new PC with fast CPU and lots of RAM for photo editing.
- Purchase an Adobe Creative Cloud membership.
@qasdfdsaq lol. $5-$25 is too low.
Unless it's Pistons.
Pistons are good.
@Bob pistons are a bit of an aberation ;p
I have some low-end (~$15-20) Sennheiser earbuds (MX 365) on hand. Not exactly great, but serviceable.
@Bob Have to agree with you, I have the Piston III earbuds and they are excellent.
9:19 AM
$5 gets you
Alright, gotta go.
What does $5 get you? o.O
@bwDraco cya
I've had very bad experiences with cheap Sony earbuds.
@Bob daiso has one model that's pretty good
I've only seen them once tho
@JourneymanGeek Heh. Ok, $5 gets you something that might not make your ears bleed.
9:22 AM
$5 gets you some fake tin cans with badly written SOONNY plastered on the side.
But yeah, I figured I might as well go the whole hog and get a permanent pair. Just cause they had something suitable available
@Bob precisely
IF you hit the jackpot
@qasdfdsaq Makes sense.
You still going hunting for your lost pair?
Nah these are already better.
Well if I really get bored in Changi I might cause I've still got plenty of credit left on my Singapore metro pass
But from what I hear there's a huge amount of stuff to do at the airport.
Frankly the swimming trunks I accidentally left at the same hotel are probably worth more.
9:32 AM
Lol a couple of blonde chicks just got on the wrong place.
Plane* wrong plane.
They're looking awfully embarrassed right now up at the front. I suspect they've missed their actual flight.
Yeah, security and procedures at Bangkok airport seem to be pretty fucked.
I managed to walk through a secure area earlier and right past a barrier with a giant cctv camera pointing at it. Also had the option of easily re-entering Thailand without passing through immigration....
Reminds me of some of the smaller Greek island airports. Arrivals, Departures, Customs and Immigration all in the same room with no barriers to stop anyone walking straight in/out to/from the exit ;)
2 hours later…
12:15 PM
It took a lot of booster rockets, but luckily Amazon had recently built thousands of them to bring Amazon Prime same-day delivery to the Moon colony.
1:03 PM
Fucking hell. 40 minutes parked at the gate "waiting for some equipment before we can disembark".
Then security screening on arrival. Then immigration. Then customs. Then immigration and customs again. Then departure security screening. Ffs, Singapore you are cursed.
1:17 PM
LEDs are in
1:39 PM
I've had my laptop screened six times today and I'm not even back in the UK yet.
1:58 PM
@XKCD wow pretty optimistic
@HackToHell I don't get it
2:14 PM
The idea of moon colony maybe.
Or an AI sending nukes into the sun
instead of getting rid of all those gross fleshbags
That's a legit thought to be considered.
My plane leaves 40 minutes before Oculus Rift preorders start. So I have to wait 14 hours before knowing how much it costs :-/
Perhaps I could jam an emergency exit open or something, just to delay the flight until midnight...
2:29 PM
@qasdfdsaq You don't have internet access on your flight?
@DavidPostill Nope. BA is one of the few flag carriers with basically no WiFi service on any flights.
IIRC the only BA flight with internet access is the London City to New York business shuttle.
No stopover in Dubai or somewhere?
Nope. Direct from Singapore to LHR
Emirates prices went up too high.
There aren't that many trans-siberian carriers with internet access actually.
There's quite a lot within Europe, and between Europe and the US, and within Asia too, but from Europe to Asia, most don't have it
Anyway, off to the gate, see if I can snap some pictures of that A380 in the dark
Sadly it'll be dark at takeoff and still dark when I land.
Q: 98 suddenly unable to see the domain

birdman3131I have a couple older computers running 98. Not an option to upgrade. They are networked internally to a 2k3 server so that files can be transferred to them. Suddenly one of them has stopped being able to connect to the domain. When the computer starts up and after I enter my password I get a me...

Haha. "I have an 18 year old operating system that hasn't been supported since 10 years ago. It doesn't work. What can I do?"
2:42 PM
hm. Someone spammed me for a "handmade wordpress install"
I personally think everyone who wants to run their own LAMP server needs to get a wordpress install up from bare metal, cause if you can't get wordpress working, you have no business hosting stuff yourself ;p
3:02 PM
@JourneymanGeek amen
Thats a no brainer :)
and their documentation's decent
and darn it razer
stop making impractical things that are oh so goshdamned shiny.
It gets worse: ""I have an 18 year old operating system that hasn't been supported since 10 years ago. It doesn't work when I try and communicate with a 40 year piece of hardware via really old adapters and software. What can I do?""
@Dave its actually a pretty common thing.... it seems
I just read that in the OP comments
support.microsoft.com/en-us/kb/179442 would probably help him out.
netsh int ip reset may work too to repair the tcp/ip stack.
3:16 PM
@Dave Perhaps there's an answer somewhere in there if you can tease it out ...
I know ive had issues with tcp/ip corrupting historically on windows when installing / unstalling antivirus software that includes LSP firewall hooks. (Norton internet security, etc)
"Norton internet security"
lol yeah
@JourneymanGeek LOL
Yeah, didn't they treat some diseases with mercury back in the day?
3:27 PM
And Arsenic
When I was at school nobody cared if you spilled Mercury in the Chem lab. Nowadays people turn up in NBC suits. Or you spilled Benzene on your hands ...
4:02 PM
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