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12:27 AM
@BhargavRao it is Sunday UTC, so what was the trigger for the cleanup crew?
1:15 AM
Today is the last day to get hats...
1:30 AM
I only need 3 more upvotes for a hat
hopefully I can get them today
I need two on this to get a 007..
done, the question too though
Which one are you trying to get?
Flying Tiger
-3 on a question (not yours), then you answer, the question goes to (+3 none of your votes) and your answer goes to +5
Good idea posting a bounty on it. That will attract upvotes.
It looks like they both need two upvotes now.
1:35 AM
well, that was the idea but
I haven't got any yet, I don't think
somebody commented being really confused
and thanks
What are you doing? You edit an old question, post a bounty and then answer the question yourself. Are you trying to figure out creative ways to get hats? — Arnar Yngvason 23 hours ago
1:54 AM
@GiantCowFilms, @David here is failed Edward Edwards: stackoverflow.com/questions/34302205/…
it really looked like the one that got the hat on movies SE: movies.stackexchange.com/questions/44641/is-penny-an-alcoholic/…
do you think the question or answer needed more UVs to get the hat?
1 hour later…
3:08 AM
And I've got a half of an Amazing Grace :)
Q: Questionable query produced by "Go get it" Peer Pressure badge

alecxeIf you are tracking the "Peer Pressure" badge progress and you click "Go get it" here: It would produce the following query: user:me score:-100..-3 Is there a particular reason for the -100 lower bound? The following also works: user:me score:..-3 And is probably, strictly speaking, matc...

It would probably be impossible to get the bug accepted and an answer with +10 before the end of WB
Kind of a difficult hat
@JoshCrozier here is your 7th :)
@alecxe Awesome, thanks.
Do you need any help getting any particular hat?
@JoshCrozier yup, need one UV on the answer here: stackoverflow.com/questions/34443987/…
I would also need ~7500 views on my WB questions :D
3:24 AM
if you want an easy amazing grace
just edit one of your WB meta posts that's +10 and has a + 10 answer and add the bug tag
wait for hat and rollback
Nice, thanks, guys!
could it be meta.stackoverflow?
please UV the answer here, this looks like a good candidate:
Q: Accepted answer + upvote were shown as +17 achievement

alecxeNot tagging as "bug" since I am not sure I can reproduce it again. Recently, my answer here was accepted and upvoted (while I was editing it). And I remember having no new achievement notifications. But, instead of expected +25, +17 showed up: Apologies if I'm misunderstanding something and...

thanks so much, let me try
@Quill-HATMANIAC did the bounty trick helped?
3:29 AM
not yet
how many UVs are left?
I think I UVed, but throw me a link again please
A: Using Multiple JSON Files in JavaScript

Quill - HAT MANIACFirst, to answer your questions: But I'm wondering, how do I even access the data in each JSON file, if it just a raw object literal? JSON stands for JavaScript Object Notation, and as such is identical to how it would be manipulated if it was a JavaScript object. As for accessing the JSON...

@alecxe Found that one and no....
Two got passed when the question only had 3 UVs
3:34 AM
@GiantCowFilms so, let's state what we know about that
it does not matter when the question was posted, that's for sure
the answer is always not the first one
ah, let me see
^^There is the data on the best test cases I could find
still WIP
@GiantCowFilms how about this twist (you've probably already checked that)
at the time you post an answer, the existing answer has to be posted when the bounty was active
Oh gosh
now I have to go back and check
@alecxe And before the post
@alecxe could you send me a link to your google account. I can give you edit powers on the spread sheet if you want to help
You have been added
3:47 AM
you might need to click a link in an email
yup, I can edit, thanks
@GiantCowFilms I think the suggested twist fits all the 7 samples you have, right?
Checking now
That twist seems to be a success!
Lets see if anything else could factor in. . .
ok, looking for other samples
I think more negative samples would help
we need something to break our pattern.
I wonder if there is a third criteria
@alecxe I think just send an email to @Pops now, you can't hurt by trying your luck
BTW, @Pops has anyone guessed either EE or Onion Knight?
4:02 AM
@GiantCowFilms nono, you've done a lot of work, it's your call, don't want to get the credit for that if the theory is correct
I sent an email already
And multiple people can get a bath tub of glory for the same hat.
Infact the twist was your idea :P
okay, thanks, I'll email too
@GiantCowFilms do you think it matters how much UVs your answer gets? Probably 3 or more..
a few people got the credit for Amazing Grace
even though I totally called it before that point, I just was really tired and messed up my words
either way
you can have multiple people getting credit
@alecxe Updated (and replaced) my email with that suggestion
@Quill-HATMANIAC same with the email I just sent
had to make a new one
4:23 AM
@GiantCowFilms okay, extracting all users with Edward Edwards to test the theory..
@GiantCowFilms found an interesting case I think
Q: Distributing Beta App to Remote Users

JelIt seems like there is no simple solution to providing my beta iOS app to people outside of physical contact. The ways that I have found to do this WITHOUT using the App Store (which Apple explicitly says is not for Beta testing) are: Use Developer Enterprise Program; Expensive and Excessive U...

looks like the UVs don't matter at all
or may be there is a 1+ only requirement
10 hours later…
2:20 PM
@David Sure...
Also my questions add up to 9008 views. I did not get the "Over 9000" hat
So @Pops is the additional criterion for the hat all those questions must have atleast one upvote?
Yep, the assumption sounds good. This is my only question without an upvote. stackoverflow.com/questions/34398445/…
All the scraped stuff shows it's true.
2:40 PM
So @David for the Cleanup Crew
Me - My Guess for the hat is "Cleanup (delete) a number of previous comments that are useful i.e. those comments that are on posts which were edited after the comment has been posted"
Pops - You're on the right track, but you're being very vague. Fill in some of the details?
Me - Do you want the exact number? It is 40
Pops - The number of comments would be nice, but I really meant the other details. What can you tell me about the posts?
Me - The post must not be your own post and must be edited by the post owner.
Well, I'll be leaving. Ping me for any other stuff...
2:53 PM
So long, and thanks for the hats
3:14 PM
I can only hope
3:40 PM
@Quill-HATMANIAC now one ;-)
I can only hope for one more to challenge the storemaster David
@Heslacher the question too please
Is the secret hat Onion Knight found out ?
Not sure
don't think so
Question voted
Is pops around or do I have to write an email ?
@Pops I guess I have solved the Onion Knight secret: Upvote a accepted answer with zero votes.
Now please give me the Archimeds hat ;-)
@Quill-HATMANIAC I would need 2 more upvotes on my question here: codereview.stackexchange.com/questions/115572/… the rep will go into a bounty of course
Thanks santa
If I got one more vote on that answer, and two on the question, I'd have my 39th hat, and be joining David at 1st place
Perhaps I can hope on the bounty
also no worries @Heslacher
4:42 PM
> Get a new hat notifier
just cerro de positi
@Heslacher it can't be that simple (I tried)
5:01 PM
Hi ... Need a vote here to test the theory of 9000 hat stackoverflow.com/q/34398445/4099593
answer or question?
@Heslacher it has to do with hnqs
Yes, Got the hat now the theory is correct
3 hours ago, by Bhargav Rao
So @Pops is the additional criterion for the hat all those questions must have atleast one upvote?
@Quill-HATMANIAC any more hats you can get your hands on?
5:08 PM
Well, there's two I can't get
It's Over 9000 -> accumulate 9000 views over multiple questions during WB on the one site
Edward Edwards -> Bounty related, we're immediately unsure
@BhargavRao did you get the hat for Onion Knight?
@Quill-HATMANIAC Nope, for cleanup crew
oh okay
I have 38 / 41 hats and 39 is one upvote away
@Quill-HATMANIAC Can help you, where?
well unless you know 9000 people with se accounts... :P
Lol, 1 upvote where?
5:11 PM
this question, I voted it up, so a kind santa must've thought I already got the hat
I've already voted on it :( ...
;-; thanks anyway :-)
@Quill-HATMANIAC how many views are you missing?
not sure actually
7000 on Lifehacks, 8300 on SciFi, 7400 on PPCG, ???? on CR (probably 8500)
Also thanks Santa!
@Quill-HATMANIAC booting up the robot horde...
@Quill-HATMANIAC congrats on your new hat! (and being back in the #1 club)
5:38 PM
thanks :-)
Eran needs one more hat ... :)
in Tavern on the Meta on Meta Stack Exchange Chat, 11 secs ago, by SmokeDetector
@Quill-HATMANIAC HURRY UP AND EARN MORE HATS! Winterbash will be over in 0 days, 6 hours, 20 minutes, and 58 seconds. :(
5:49 PM
Q: ResultSet method previous() is not working

N.a public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent E) { int id; String name,address,phone; Connection conn = null; PreparedStatement stmt = null; try { //STEP 2: Register JDBC driver Class.forName("com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"); //STEP 3: ...

4 upvotes on this question will give me my 39th hat. Just saying 😃
@Eran I am one of those "upper" 6 guys :'(
@BhargavRao I didn't explicitly tell balpha to require upvotes on It's Over 9000! questions, but he tends to add that requirement in.
But it is added, so I found an additional criteria!
hey @pops, does Winterbash turn itself off or do you guys manually roll out an update without it
5:52 PM
Also @Pops I revealed the CC hat, so only OK and EE are left. :)
Onion Knight doesn't technically have anything to do with the Hot Network Question list, but I can see why you would be confused... becoming an HNQ would tend to increase the chances for it, just like it would for It's Over 9000!
@Quill-HATMANIAC I have to think it's automatic.
I would think some of it is manual, right?
like removing winterbash.js from the headers
probably a question for balpha
Probably. I don't even think about that stuff anymore.
magic is left best unexplained
@Pops Is Onion Knight in any way related to the metrics of a given site?
5:57 PM
That question is worded broadly enough that I can confidently answer "yes" without thinking about it.
Is there a different newsletter for every site?
2 questions on SO news letter w/o Onion... :(
6:11 PM
Is the hat bash over?
not yet
a few hours
@GiantCowFilms we are missing smth about the Edward Edwards, something obvious
I need to sleep; I have work in a few hours
@GiantCowFilms A small list of winners of EE
I have nearly that entire list
6:14 PM
Oh ... Did you make inroads?
@BhargavRao inroads?
@BhargavRao Wait, I didn't see the (see more), I have a little less then half of it
Did you find out anything about EE which we don't know?
Give me your google account and I can show you my data spreadsheet
@BhargavRao yesterday we've noticed one more trigger - when you post an answer, the existing answer should be posted when the bounty was active
6:15 PM
but there is also something else
So we are very close to EE .... :/
Any ideas about OK?
Failed test cases are what we need
(bounties that were awarded recently
it's not exactly about the UVs though, see this one - just a single UV: apple.stackexchange.com/questions/220702/…
We currently have five different possible factors
Any last minute hat getting?! :)
6:18 PM
and it does not matter if the answer is accepted or not
the answer after bounty and not the first/only answer being the common ones
@alecxe That guys has serveral answers that could have one it
but they were guessed ages ago
@TanMath Looks like all settled... 2 archimedes are left
That isn't the only bounty he one during the bash
6:19 PM
@Quill-HATMANIAC yup, but it is important that an existing answer was posted after the bounty was started. For instance, I did not get the EE here: stackoverflow.com/questions/34302205/…
@alecxe but you were awarded it by community, which could have been a factor
Guys, either which way, as script to glean the entire table row of data off the page really quicklly would be nice
@Pops that hat bash is nearly over, any advice?
BTW, has anyone guessed any of the last two hats?
maybe try looking at the upvotes of the other posts
All over the place
I'm actually fairly confident that the necessary factors are among the five potential ones I have now
All that I need is more test cases
or just spam pops until you get a blue notification
just kidding
> dont spam pops
@BhargavRao How do you know those won it?
6:29 PM
because they're bounty related to the owners of the hats
From the leaderboard
@Quill-HATMANIAC But some of those have serveral other answers that are equally likely
also @pops, please never suggest/do a SE ARG, solving hats is hard enough here
@GiantCowFilms not with bounties
Yes, with bounties
You guys are busy cooking away I see! Anything new?
6:30 PM
if you look in the earned tab, you see several others from this date range
What is "SE ARG"?
SE = Stack Exchange
ARG = Alternate Reality Game
(off topic), lets stay focused
well under 48 hours left
Under 6 hrs left 5:27 nearly
6:33 PM
I thought it was through the 4th
I'm 'bout to give up here
@GiantCowFilms How much do you know about how bounties work?
@Pops I think everything.....
@GiantCowFilms Nope, I'm still waiting on Edward Edwards and Onion Knight.
@GiantCowFilms That was a hint.
Attributes of a bounty
6:37 PM
Between that and what you already figured out you should have it in a few minutes.
Three people tied for 1st right now
Start Date
Quantity of Rep
I think I have taken all of those into account here.
Grace period
Auto awardal
Falls under duration and giver
6:38 PM
Neither of those are factors
unless I can't subtract dates
I might have made an error
Double check, I will try to scare something up
Look in my spread sheets
ALL the data is there
(i hope)
6:52 PM
Ok... I read that HUGE post "how bounties work" on MSE
My attempt at Edward Edwards
or one of them, I think
The only thing which we have left is that bounties are exempt from repcap :D
Yep, was wondering if that had any weight
@Quill-HATMANIAC Sounds difficult. You need 2 days to award the bounty :/
@Pops sent you another guess for EE just now
@BhargavRao yup, that bounty can't be awarded before WB is over
6:59 PM
I think Onion Knight is for getting -3 after getting +5 ... That's the last thing that I can guess (looking at SO OKs)
7:15 PM
@GiantCowFilms Another Edwards academia.stackexchange.com/questions/60176/…
7:25 PM
have you seen bounty winners who didn't Edwards and you don't know why? I'm looking for more samples to test my theory
@Quill-HATMANIAC and @BhargavRao congratulations on first. I don't mind sharing first, I just don't want to be this close and then get second.
@BhargavRao not for me (or many others)
@David Thanks. Same here
@BhargavRao so clean up was edited posts, I was very close.
I am going to sleep in a few mins, I wanna wake up and see Pops' blog on WB15 ...
I think I even said that at one point, must not of emailed it to him though.
7:31 PM
@David Yeah :)
@BhargavRao you still have a whole day!
@David It ends in 4 and a half hours afaik...
@BhargavRao no? it includes the 4th, so it is 28.5 hours.
Are you sure.... @Quill-HATMANIAC told me it'll end tonight :/
@BhargavRao wow, you guys are right!
Got an email from SE "This year's event will start on 14 December 2015 and run up to and including 03 January 2016." — David ♦ Dec 6 '15 at 4:44
I completely forgot. (how did I get 4th stuck in my head?)
7:35 PM
You've got a lot of followers on Blender :)
@BhargavRao huh?
yesterday, by GiantCowFilms
so we are rooting for the home team :P (by extension, wishing you bad luck)
@BhargavRao O, lol. :) I would never say that. and @GiantCowFilms all of us up there have given hats to the others.
Haha, that was a funny moment though :)
7:37 PM
@GiantCowFilms did you figure out EE? (I see no bathtub for you)
Did anyone else?
not that I know of
@IlmariKaronen Is the nearest to OK...
yesterday, by Bhargav Rao
The brewer of "SOUP" knows what "Onions" are
I wish that we could have some more failed examples
two is not enough to elimnate factors
7:39 PM
Yep, true. Wishing you good luck there @GiantCowFilms :)
Tis time for me to sleep, looking forward to the blog. Bye all
@GiantCowFilms I can give you a bunch, hang on
@janos thanks :)
Apparently code reviewers aren't elagable :P
there were 2 successful (see on the list of Bhargav Rao earlier)
7:46 PM
which two?
on the list of Bhargav Rao a bit earlier
@David can you please post a few links from blender.stackexchange.com/admin/accepted-bounties that have at least 2 answers?
@janos is there any way to know (on that list) when the bounty was given?
@David I don't know for sure, but it seems to me the links are ordered by the date the bounty was given
No fair!
MODs get more data!
7:51 PM
@GiantCowFilms lots more :)
@David That one is big!
its totally smashes current data
my theory explains all these
@janos what is that?
just waiting for @Pops to confirm, hopefully
7:55 PM
O :)
Dunno what it could be
still the crazy onion is left open
my best guess on onion is some # of views with no votes.
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