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12:34 AM
@ToshinouKyouko Great job, I am bountying this as it is really interesting :3 I'm bountying at the level of my rep tho :p
gameplay is different than Final Fantasy though
@Alagaros the gameplay is real-time and based on making combos
@Frosteeze he was asking about storyline
Q: I need to remeber this anime

BrandonIn this anime....they used these blocks to defeat demons,they used a technique Called keki genki.I have went through many websites trying to find it but I can.Can someone help me please?

1 hour later…
1:52 AM
i aware lol
2:11 AM
@Frosteeze what? you've became skynet?
@Memor-X no...was a reply to ton...nevermind
launch those nukes and cause a nuclear winter so you can stop being blames for global warming
@Frosteeze oh i get you now. didn't see your post above
^ 2:00 is what goes though my mind when i read an id request title saying "i need"
want - you desire something to the point that if you don't get it you'll feel uncomfortable
need - you desire something to the point that if you don't get it you will die
there is never a time in the history of the world that a person's life has been saved solely from a dose of Anime
2:27 AM
without anime one can bored to death
@Darjeeling that's not a cause of death unless it works in a Death Note
@Ikaros :0 thank you
Death Note people I'd write down: old bullies from elementary school XP
Bye bye, watching Ant Man
good movie
2:46 AM
3:01 AM
Q: Looking for name of anime

Brandon Thedeathgreeter RainesI know I have little to go on however I really hope u can help me. To begin with I do know it about a woman who went town to town completely different task. The lead mc was a woman who carried around a spear. There was fighting scenes and all tht. I remember one plot she went to a village and t...

3:39 AM
Q: I forgot the Name of an anime

ArchIt's a lot to ask, but I was going to watch an anime and I forgot the name. It's killing me. I remember there was a character-she's a blonde spoiled rich brat character with an expressionless butler. She said the line "I'd be happy to lick it" Just can't remember.

Q: Can Natsu Dragneel use Dragonforce and Lightning flame Dragon mode at the same time?

DanteI've just read all the way to the most recent manga chapter which is chapter 466 of fairy tail and Natsu has just used, and seemingly lost, the Dragon King Mode. It seems that all hope is lost for the fairy tail mages since natsu has now depleted the Dragon King mode and the guild has lost their ...

the ending (song) to Aku no Hana is something else
4:25 AM
Q: In the Bleach manga, does Byakuya really die in Bleach 502?

DezNutzRLegendaryIn the Bleach manga-volume 57, chapter 502, page 56-you see My question is: is Byakuya really dead, here, or does he come back and whatnot? This scene looks as though he is, but we've seen desperate situations-like this-in the past chapters (or episodes) of Bleach where the character isn't tru...

4:41 AM
@Sakamoto isn't almost every character dead already?
@AyaseEri are those blue coins in Chain Chronicle used for anything else other than recruiting?
@Memor-X Just recruiting
@AyaseEri nice, no point trying to save up then
Right now they have featured Arcana Solo the archer which you can buy in the shop for 70 rings
When there is such feature arcana, the drop rate for challenge recruit using 2000 arcana coins for that character increase to around 15%
Thus, you might want to save up
When there is such feature arcana, the drop rate for challenge recruit using 2000 arcana coins for that character increase to around 15%
@AyaseEri hmmmm, a toss up between a 15% drop for a new character or 10 characters which could feature Enchant and duplicates which i can use as material
But IMHO duplicate characters doesn't provide much EXP compared to enhancer, thus, is not very useful
4:49 AM
what's the likelihood i can get this guy else where later on?
@AyaseEri but duplicates can be used to limit break which means more potential
It happened to me once though, that using 2000 Arcana Coins to recruit 10 arcana also yields 1 5* featured Arcana
But IMHO duplicate characters doesn't provide much EXP compared to enhancer, thus, is not very useful
It happened to me once though, that using 2000 Arcana Coins to recruit 10 arcana also yields 1 5* featured Arcana
@AyaseEri well i'm trying to toss up if it's worth getting just one new guy or getting more chnaces to get stronger so i can do events to get even more stuff later
It happened to me once though, that using 2000 Arcana Coins to recruit 10 arcana also yields 1 5* featured Arcana
Limit breaking 2* characters is not worth it
Except for Kain, Michidia and Marina
4:52 AM
@AyaseEri you realize you seem to be double posting
Whose special quest requires them to be Lv 40
My internet sucks
O hi yo/
@AyaseEri are you kidding
@mirroroftruth About what?
@AyaseEri internet, i have been trying to download love live from the day 1 and i lost the count of the day
Internet sucks now. It wasn't hours ago
Hell, I was playing Love Live 2 hours ago
And yesterday I got the UR Kotori
4:57 AM
love that game
@AyaseEri i completed tutorial and when i start i needed to download some file but i can't now
@AyaseEri how long it took you to complete the download
Did you guys get the Christmas Maki?
30 minutes
But I downloaded that using my campus wifi
the problem is i have to keep it running
it does not load in background
another problem is mostly it start from the beginning
@AyaseEri how many expert songs have you played?
5:01 AM
i had completed 70% download then again start from 0
You mean this card?
yeah, that one
@Quill-HATMANIAC I don't play expert songs
5:02 AM
Only easy and sometimes normal
I play on my laptop using mouse
Can't play anything harder than easy and normal
My laptop doesn't have touch screen
@AyaseEri why u no use mobile
I did install it on my HP but it downloads the data to the phone memory
And my phone memory is only 700~mB
I only finished 23 expert songs ;-;
some of the pros have heaps more ;-;
WHile the game requires almost 1 GB
5:04 AM
i think i need to complete tutorial again if i have to start the game
Which is why I asked before if any of you are using Windows Phone and whether it can be repartitioned
Coz I've been looking for a way to repartition this darned android phone
how about get another android phone with more space
@Quill-HATMANIAC I have a micro SD. Problem lies with the game downloading the data to the Phone memory
external doesn't help so much
yes that one is the problem
5:08 AM
Were it to download it to the micro SD, I'd not have such problem
I thought you choose where you install it?
@Quill-HATMANIAC Nope. No such option
try playing that above song with a mouse
@AyaseEri root it, flash it and make the external to internal memory
@mirroroftruth Have you ever done that before?
5:09 AM
@AyaseEri no, my friend did that
xda developer, good one to look
I got that yesterday
@mirroroftruth めんどくさいすぎるです
I have the UR Ramen Rin pictured above
5:25 AM
Dude I just got the super hookup at taco bueno
I asked for their new Hatche Chile Quesadilla as a meal and they said it doesn't have a meal, but they have two hatche chile tacos as a meal which are like mini quesadillas. So I said, sure I'll have that, with a large drink. He charged me for a small drink and then gave me the two tacos AND the quesadilla
and a free regular taco lol... why so much food omg im going to explode
@AyaseEri yes, it is and the another problem is you may brick you phone but if everything goes right your internal memory will increase
5:41 AM
@MichaelMcQuade you must be quite the regular
5:57 AM
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ I don't go there that often, I'm surprised. It was nice to get all that free food though :D
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ What happened last night - you disappeared on Tyhja and I :P
may be new year
@mirroroftruth new year free food ftw
@MichaelMcQuade i fell asleep
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ xD
You've already seen that series though, right?
@MichaelMcQuade yesh. you got up to 5?
5:58 AM
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ yea except i fell asleep in half of 5 so I'm going to rewatch that episode by myself
I was in and out of consciousness.
@MichaelMcQuade why not do it now on rabbit
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ i could
as I summon a Tyhja
I came up with a problem with the show
I don't know if you read it..
It's snowy cold at your place
It's sunny hot at my place
6:01 AM
They have 365 days to reach iskandar and get back. It's 183,000 light years away both ways. They are going to be using Faster-Than-Light travel methods to warp there and back within a year of actual time. However, since they are traveling at such a speed won't the invasion be complete and thousands of years have passed by the time they return?
@MichaelMcQuade iskandar
Due to time delation, I mean.
@MichaelMcQuade they are tunneling, like with wormholes
folding space
Time dilation doesn't apply then?
so no gunbuster physics
Think of it this way...
6:03 AM
(think with portals)
on a piece of paper you have 2 points
A and B
you put A on the top of the page and B on the bottom
Then fold it to make them touch?
normally to get from a to be you need to go a straight line if you want the shortest path
however if you fold the plane in half so the two points are touching you make the shortest path in 3d space
I understand.
such is "warp"
6:06 AM
Maybe I should have asked it as a question so I could accept your answer :p
you could self answer too :D
for a hat (boo hats)
You never put on the 2016 hat :(
I'm anti-hats this year
user image
What about next year?
6:09 AM
as long as Eric is away I will uphold the mantle of Hat Hater
Now that Hakase isn't chatting much are you going to be the pun hater too?
Was this a remake of a 1974 anime?
@MichaelMcQuade git in da room
we're about to Yamato
@MichaelMcQuade Hakase is not a remake
I told you I have to watch ep 5 again -.-
@ʞɹɐzǝɹ wat
@MichaelMcQuade we're on epi 5
6:33 AM
whatcha watchin?
Yamato 2199
2 hours later…
8:07 AM
Q: How could the Yamato make it back in time?

Michael McQuadeThe Yamato is sent on a trip to Iskendar, 183,000 light years away. Their goal is to reach Iskendar and return to Earth before a year has elapsed. Due to the distance from earth, this will require faster-than-light travel to make it back in time. However, taking into consideration of how fast the...

8:41 AM
@MichaelMcQuade ^ Midichlorians
9:05 AM
user image
9:15 AM
Q: what anime is this girl from? Could anyone please tell me

user20170 If anyone knows where this girl is from could you please tell me and is she from an anime or a game? Thanks to anyone who answers.

9:55 AM
@Uni lets finish Mushishi~
10:30 AM
2 hours later…
12:32 PM
Q: anime i cant find but i have a picture

Niko 144this is the picture if anyone can tell me where this is from ill appreciate it!

1:10 PM
Q: How could Naruto do that?

Joe_Vj _95When Jiraiya was training Naruto, he taught him the summoning jutsu. When Naruto tried summoning for the first time a tadpole appeared. As he keeps practising, he begins to summon bigger tadpoles. However, summoning requires an agreement that must be signed. How could he summon different tadpole...

latest reddit mention to us: reddit.com/r/anime/comments/3z0jp0/… (see op link)
2 hours later…
3:25 PM
Q: Is there a band like BRADIO?

K1320I have been trying ti find a band or group similar to BRADIO (the ones who make the opening to death parade) and i havent been succsesful.

3:42 PM
@Ikaros Thanks for pointing that out. I thought it was weird that the asker couldn't find the band. Deleted the answer :p
Damn though. That was some time wasted ;_;
@AshishGupta Np :) Don't forget to flag it as it's a recommandation request !
Yeah I know the feel of the wasted time..
I voted to close it as "Too broad" because I felt that was more appropriate
Since it isn't related to the anime, it doesn't even belong here ._.
If anything, it should be on a music related SE, where too I think it would be too broad
Yup you are totally rright
@AshishGupta you are now famous
Haha, I saw
Q: From what opening are these vocals?

Flippin PippinWhat opening/ending are these vocals from? Its been bugging me for a while and I just cant seem to recall the song http://d.d.doushio.com/nagashi/

Q: Anime Identification Request- underground fighting and death

nadia aOKay so i watched this episode of an anime ages ago and it was amazing but I don't remember its name so thought maybe someone could help me because I really wanna watch it all. some facts I remember about what happened in the episode: Most of the episode was set in this underground place It w...

3:56 PM
@Ikaros Do you know what anime the asker's dp is from?
@AshishGupta I assume that by DP you assume profile picture, even thought it have a quite... dirtier meaning to me...
Lol. Yeah, I'm referring to the profile picture
If so, it's the Gourmet From Tokyo Ghoul
Oh okay. Thanks
Np :3
4:40 PM
3 days into Jan, how's everyone's new year's going so far?
Watching Aku no Hana, shit's beautiful
@Matt Quite calm for me o/
cool shmool
@Matt nothing happened
4:56 PM
sounds fun
I keep getting random bits of rep from old posts every so often, it's quite nice :')
I need to make a big post again soon though, I've been lax lately
I like those, the downvote equivalents make me wonder though
@Matt What is funny is when you see serial upvote on several of your post which are totally unrelated. Feels like someone is watching at your profile. You feel observed
aaand then they get reversed...
5:09 PM
@Ikaros Yeah, that's the one :')
I don't mind being observed if it's boosting my privelige xD
@Matt Right, still it feels quite weird :p
hahaha, I know :L
yeah, it's kinda like, you know someone is noticing you
I hope my SoraNoOtoshimo post get noticed thought. It's funny to see I had way more rep with OPM answers even thought they were very less searched. Tags irony I guess :p
I can never decide whether it's a nice feeling or a weird feeling
5:12 PM
@Quill-HATMANIAC Maybe it's senpai
@Matt Kyaaaaa Senpai upvoted me
looking forward to the new season
I'm glad the generic sword fighting triplet are over
@Quill-HATMANIAC Not gonna happend any soon I guess, the anime has reached ~3/4 of the manga at the moment
like that kind of season
not of Aku no Hana
5:34 PM
Q: How old is Himura Kenshin?

RichFIn the anime, Kenshin appears to be about 17 (at least to my western, Caucasian eyes). Consider that the revolution was 10 years in the past, and it must have taken years during the war for him to develop his skills and reputation as Battosai the Man-Slayer. At a minimum, I think he's got to be...

5:45 PM
She looks like Saeki from Aku no Hana
I get the feeling Saeki is modelled after a specific idol / actress / model
Krazy Kray, wher u at
2 hours later…
7:36 PM
god dam i hate the sheep we have, bunch of fucken retarded animals. i've been awake since 5:30 AM on a day i have no work so i get no chance at sleeping in
7:47 PM
#yuri 百合
8:13 PM
hmm, not interested by much of the winter selection
apart from monogatari
Q: Anyone know what the name of this anime?

user20184Is a short clip from http://www.tsumino.com. Any help will be appreciate.

morning @ToshinouKyouko
@Memor-X sell them and get some sloths
Sloths are like the chillest mammals
@iKlsR don't think i can legally buy sloths
8:28 PM
Register a habitat or suppen
@iKlsR too much work, might as well just sell them right off
but they aren't my sheep, they are my mothers
At least you're up to the idea
@Memor-X gnight o/
2 hours later…
10:56 PM
Any one know a good Romance Sci-Fi
@Neil romance as the main plot or subplot
@Memor-X main
@Memor-X both would be good.
@Memor-X i have no clue as long as its good
@Neil out of the anime i have watched the best i can do is Bodacious Space Pirates but only because of a couple of episodes where Marika's crew goes to rescue Jenny and Robotech but that can be a bit dated for some people.
it's kidna hard to imagine a sci-fi where romance is the main plot
@Memor-X yea. i got no clue what i am looking for.
@ton.yeung thats got more tags than myanimelist.net
eureka seven and xam'd are shows that i like
please teacher
the original aquarion, the rest suck
^ those are the ones that are tagged that I would recommend
i'm sure there are more, but that should keep you busy for a while
@ton.yeung thanks :)
@ton.yeung would you know a anime like High School DxD but with out the Ecchi, Harem tags
@Neil does not compute
what about highschool dxd do you like?
@ton.yeung not so mush. I liked date a live better
11:19 PM
@Neil does not compute
@ton.yeung thanks for the help :)
Hey hey
Yo/ @Neil I don't remember seeing you before
Welcome if it's first time :>
11:58 PM
whaaatt uppp dawwg

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