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7:00 PM
it's hilarious!
I was tempted to answer that one. I have mad shotgun sniping skillz in the modern warfarez
You should answer it, then
I think I've done enough for today.
The more answers you have, the more leaked reputation you get over time
I'm already at 317 today. I think someone else should have a turn.
I just heard my boss used the words "Ebonic Plague"
(and mean it exactly as written)
7:04 PM
Jon Skeet can hit the reputation cap before he wakes up in the morning. And he still posts every day.
@agent86 Ooh, ooh, me, me!
Wait a second, you sniped my easy TF2 question yesterday, so I should be mad at you.
@Powerlord I assume with a shotgun
@GraceNote Yup! :D
@GraceNote Speaking of TF2, when are you getting it? :D
@GraceNote ... are you seriously suggesting I need to be more active? I'd need amphetamines. Lots of amphetamines.
@agent86 I'm just saying you shouldn't hold back. Besides, acceptances are where it's at. ♪
7:06 PM
@GraceNote Next week when I'm cooking up meth in my bathtub, I'm going to blame you.
@agent86 Don't blame me, blame @badp
Q: wrong language in Skyrim

Wolfdreamer13I've bought the game today in Germany and was told it comes in German and maybe in English. Both languages would be fine for me, however when i installed the game it was all in French. Now my PS3 is set up to be in English so I'm not sure why it started up in French. Is there any way to change th...

Q: Can I buy Daedra hearts from anywhere?

rayIs there any shops in Skyrim where I can buy daedra hearts?

Q: Minecraft: can u change skins with the same character?

rayWell i have a current skin in minecraft and I want to change it. Are we aloud to do that on the same character?

Q: What is Skill in Battlefield 3?

Etienne de MartelBy looking at my stats on Battlelog, I noticed one labeled "Skill". If I recall, it was also present in Bad Company 2. What is that statistic? How is it calculated? Mine is 367, is that good?

7:30 PM
@GraceNote every time I've tried to blame @badp for something, you've told me it was intentional. Thus, I now trust badp implicitly. And I blame you for that too.
@agent86 Don't blame me, blame @badp
Your other alternative is to blame Justice Fruit Pies
GraceNote is ignoring me. :(
I think I pissed her off too much when bugging him about playing TF2.
@GraceNote NOOOOO NOT JUSTICE FRUIT PIES, the delicious treat you'd have to be CRAZY to hate!
@Powerlord I think it's less ignoring and more "I have a hearing problem so I may not have heard you the first time around"
speaking of @badp, he needs: hackaday.com/2011/12/07/…
7:34 PM
@GraceNote Yes, a hearing problem makes it extremely hard to read text. :P
@Powerlord That's hardly a relevant matter here.
So lessee... what did I miss...
@Powerlord I did mention that we do own TF2 in this household, right?
@GraceNote Actually, I don't think you did.
We own the Orange Box, my brother got it many years ago.
Q: Crash to desktop, when looking at gem pile

NicolaiI'm finding alot of gems in dungeons, recently, and so I've decided to fill my basement room with them. I've gotten quite alot, and after dropping the last haul, I've found myself in the unfortunate situation, that Skyrim crashes to desktop, everytime I look in the pile's direction. Even with t...

Q: In Minecraft 1.0, is sleep changed to not require everyone to sleep?

Lasse V. KarlsenIn the beta-versions of Minecraft that I played (up to 1.8.1, I only dabbled with 1.9), everyone on the server had to go to sleep in order for the game to skip ahead to the next day. In 1.0 final, we noticed that when one of us went to sleep, the server skipped ahead to daytime even though the o...

That just means you should play it!
Or alternatively, you could get your own Steam account and put TF2 on it (since it's free)
eyes cp -R
y u take so long
7:39 PM
@Powerlord aliens
Well, I only copied the hl2 directory... now I need to copy the orangebox directory to it, which is much larger.
I use a separate directory structure for my event server
@Powerlord That's the thing though. I still don't want to own a separate Steam account because it's preposterous.
Anyone else who owns the Witcher (the first one) on Steam have it download a 1gb update overnight?
Because... umm, mine did and I can't find anything about any sort of new patch anywhere.
@LessPop_MoreFizz patch notes: more sex scenes and naked women. removed "swords" and "potions," they were too boring.
@GraceNote I should probably mention I have two Steam accounts
OK, files copied, verifying now via Steam to make sure I got everything.
7:50 PM
@Powerlord But you probably wouldn't waste money buying the same game twice for yourself, neh?
@GraceNote No, but since TF2 is free, you wouldn't be spending money.
I have a second account to farm items and spy on clan mates that I suspect are breaking rules.
@Powerlord This is correct but unfortunately doesn't factor into my opposition to using Steam.
Although, having said that, I've bought games singly before that I've then bought again later as part of a pack.
Example: Overlord, because it was cheaper to buy the Overlord Complete Pack than to buy Overlord: Raising Hell and Overlord II separately.
@Powerlord That's a bit more excuseable and not necessarily a waste.
7:53 PM
Oh, and of course, Valve gave me a free copy of every game they make because I got all the potatoes in the Valve ARG. Incidentally, that's where my second TF2 account came from, although I didn't actually activate it until after TF2 was free.
(paid TF2 accounts have more inventory space than free accounts, plus get random hat drops)
There's a certain irony in that buying a backpack inventory expander on a free account will bump your inventory size from 50 to 400 (50 to 300 for buying an item from the in-game store, 300 to 400 from the expander itself)
My alt account is both for farming items (like @stevether mentioned) and for extra storage space.
tf2b.com/?id=rbemrose <-- I really should trade out all my extra items
@Powerlord Is that allowed?
@Ullallulloo Why wouldn't it be?
@Powerlord Because you can get twice as many item drops in a week?
@Ullallulloo It's a second account that I "paid" for.
As long as I've paid for it, why would they care?
@Powerlord idk, just wondering.
8:00 PM
The most valuable items in the game aren't the ones you get randomly, but the ones you spend money on... either promo items (from other games) or unusual hats (which are a 1% chance from unboxing a crate, and it costs $2.50 to unbox a crate)
Oh, right, I didn't install last week's optional update on my servers.
I was wondering why it downloaded some files... until I ran it on my main install and it downloaded the same files there.
Anyway, some of the OCR people suggested we have a Vs. Saxton Hale game on our event server, so I'm setting up said server again. :P
@Powerlord This crate BS is probably high on the list of reasons why I dislike the store and don't play more TF2.
Need one more vote here:
I hate hate hate paying for games after I've bought them.
Q: Can I buy Daedra hearts from anywhere?

rayIs there any shops in Skyrim where I can buy daedra hearts?

@LessPop_MoreFizz done.
8:05 PM
My server doesn't have the unzip util installed.
and I don't recall what the root password is on it. :|
sudo yum install blahblabh
@agent86 Go take your fancy Fedora somewhere else. >:|
I'm tempted to just delete my known_hosts file just to get sftp to shut up
Can someone please do something to keep community from bumping this question over and over? gaming.stackexchange.com/questions/4761/…
> This could either mean that DNS SPOOFING is happening or the IP address for the host and its host key have changed at the same time.
I don't care if it gets closed, or an answer gets upvoted, just keep it off the front page.
8:09 PM
It would be the latter, dumb-dumb... and ssh would know that if it tracked IPs.
New server, new key, new IP, old DNS entry
@bwarner what causes it to be bumped repeatedly?
@agent86 It is "unanswered" because none of the answers have been upvoted.
Community randomly bumps unanswered questions occasionally, hoping to find someone that will be able to give an answer.
@bwarner doesn't that question belong on webapps.stackexchange.com
8:25 PM
Q: Skyrim: my companion stole my gold?

SamKriegI gave my money to my companion (around 5000 gold). A few in game hours later I tried to get it back but my companion only had 500 gold on him. What does that mean? Where's my gold?

@bwarner okay, I upvoted an answer.
today's steam deal is Bastion, and lord knows it's worth whatever price they've got it on sale for.
Our YouTube channel is no longer empty.
8:41 PM
@agent86 I dunno, I didn't really enjoy the game proper. Is the final boss fight against the narrator?
I suppose I should buy Bastion at some point.
@badp blasphemy! and no. The final boss fight is... unique, to say the least.
@Powerlord need to buy a game on sale? WHY NOT BASTION?
"Little kid should not have touched that button. Narrator is sure damn angry now. That was his grandma's pot. No one sees the inside of Narrator's pot and lives to tell it. Little kid better find a way to suicide himself fast... before I suicide him."
That was in the Vs. Saxton Hale thread.
Killing Floor free weekend inbound
8:55 PM
I have no interest in a new mario or zelda game. Does this mean I am dead inside?
Depends. Are you also uninterested in a new Kirby game?
@agent86 Absoulutely.
@agent86 Do you want to be dissected so we can find out? :D
@Grace Epic yarn was horribly bad, so yes.
I have no interest in the direction Nintendo is going with controllers.
That makes new Mario's Zelda's and whatever uninteresting to me.
8:57 PM
@RonanForman You should play Return to Dreamland, then. It's very much like a standard Kirby game.
@GraceNote I am ambivalent about kirby as well. I think pretty much all nintendo franchises.
A touchscreen handheld was a good idea... and mobile phones have since followed that trend.
@agent86 Then I'll make sure you're dead on the outside, too!
I have no interest in a Wii U or a 3DS as well.
A touchscreen console.... wtf were they thinking?
8:57 PM
@GraceNote AHHHHHHH runs
(That's also because I don't have an actual console, or an actual gamepad, or I don't think I'd like to get one now)
@badp At least they do motion control right. Well better than the others.
@Grace Can I get it in the grant?
I hate motion control. With a deep and abiding passion. If I wanted to get up off the couch and do something physically intensive, I would stop playing video games first.
@RonanForman You could have, but you could always watch a gameplay video or two to check it out. It may still be in the play demos at game stores, too.
@RonanForman they do motion control the least bad... seriously, the first boss in Zelda SS was annoying.
8:59 PM
maybe someday they'll invent a really cool holodeck-style motion control interface, but until then get thee behind me, motion controls!
Right now I'm like "Should I play Majora's Mask?" "Wait, how many anologue stick does it use?" "Does that mean I have to aim with the keyboard?" then I'd remember about Chantelise and go back to emulating GB* games
(except Chantelise has no excuse, really, but that's a rant for another day. In the past.)
@Alex The bombs work very well and shield bash is good. Having it aim sword hits got annoying.
@badp Chantelise made me connect my Wii Classic Controllers to my PC.
y helo thar Diablo III beta invite
9:01 PM
Actually I want to get prof. Layton although I might wait until christmas.
@FallenAngelEyes grats
I'm afraid for a Diablo III release when I consider how many hours of my life went into Diablo II.
@badp Thanks. Seeing as I don't plan on buying the game, it'll be nice to actually get my hands on it.
speaking of games I don't plan on buying but I will be playing anyway, how long will the gaming grant program continue? Is there some planned end date, or is it more season-to-season?
@TimStone Don't worry, I hear the game has a feature that inconveniently disconnects you and interrupts your game.
9:08 PM
Fantastic. Even better if it costs me an extra $20.
Why isn't steamcalculator updating =[
Unfortunately, we lost our caches during the outage. The site will be in read-only while the new ones get nice and toasty.
Wow, it certainly takes them long enough to get new cache servers up and running. They do have one newer status, though
We are experiencing issues with our cache infrastructure and are working on bringing it back to normal.
So umm... what's the difference between a Necromage and a Necromancer?
@LessPop_MoreFizz in what context?
@LessPop_MoreFizz Uh... the number of letters in their name?
9:13 PM
@LessPop_MoreFizz [censored for your safety]
@alexanderpas In Skyrim
@LessPop If only there were a site where you could ask people!
@RonanForman Rhetorical questions don't go over too well on that website last I checked.
How is it rhetorical?
@RonanForman Because there isn't a difference.
9:22 PM
I found an old Duke Nukem 3D level design handbook the other day.
Q: How does one get rid of screen flickering

Edmund DoyleSome time ago I downloaded Warzone 2100, the screen flickered and I thought it was just part of the game but the next time I went on assault cube that flickered as well (It did not flicker before warzone). Most recently Americas army began to flicker after I changed the screen revolution and now ...

It's interesting seeing how different designing pseudo-3D levels is than designing real 3D levels.
So, time to play tf2 for the first time in yonks
What's with all the questions tagged games over on other sites today?
@Powerlord the most interesting things were to create things that overlapped.
9:24 PM
@alexanderpas I found the restriction that you couldn't see into two overlapping rooms at the same time hilarious.
If you could, you'd get the Hall of Mirrors effect.
(if not an outright crash)
I actually made a Duke3D map specifically for a tournament type thingy once. I think the map was actually really terrible.
oh, and my graphics drivers have crashed
As I recall, there was one wide open area that turned into a bunch of high speed conveyor belts if a hidden switch was flipped. There were water areas whose exits didn't have any bearing on the top side of the map (there were two rooms with water squares next to each other, but those squares went to identical, but different underwater areas)
Lets see... there was a bridge with a switch that you could press while running past to make it so the person behind you couldn't follow. I crammed a whole bunch of disjointed ideas into one map, essentially.
Oh, and Duke3D had all sorts of interesting bugs. One of my friends created a map with a cop car that was supposed to drive around (basically, it was marked as being a Subway engine) except for some reason, one edge stayed rooted in place while the rest of the car drove... which made for some very messed up visuals.
What is the Florida Marlins front office smoking and where can I get some?
@Powerlord gotta love the subway engine :D one made a boat with two of them, when they desync it was hilarious :D
Q: Does the extra XP gem apply to me or the weapon?

Bruce ConnorI just got a gem that grants +25% experience. Will it apply to the exp I get to level up, or only to the exp for mastering the weapon?

9:35 PM
I've never really created maps in a game after Duke Nukem 3D. Between UnrealEd's (for Unreal Tournament 99) crashing issues and my own laziness...
Yet I write server plugins. Go figure.
Granted, my latest TF2 server plugin was an API.
(I monitored the communications between the TF2 CVoteController class and clients)
Oh, I just lolled at this card I was handed earlier... it's something handed out to every employee in the entire Department of Technology, Management, and Budget for the state of Michigan... and yet it says at the bottom:
> Not paid for with state funds.
I guess it was sponsored.
Our department has like 13,000 employees (I'm guessing, I heard that number thrown around in the past).
9:50 PM
Hmm, APB is free to play now?
(I'm late, I know)
not that late...
> On 7 December 2011, the game was added to Steam under the Free To Play section.
| genre = Action-adventure, Third-person shooter, Sandbox | modes = Multiplayer | ratings = | platforms = Microsoft Windows | media = Optical disc, Download | status = | requirements = * Windows XP, Vista, or 7 * Intel Core 2 Duo 2 GHz or AMD Athlon 64 X2 5000+ * 2 GB RAM * NVIDIA GeForce 7800 GTX 256 MB or ATi Radeon X1900 XT 256 MB * 20 GB hard disk space Recommended * Windows XP, Vista, or 7 * Intel Core 2 Quad 2.4 GHz or AMD Phenom X4 9850 * 4 GB RAM * NVIDIA GeForce 8800 512 MB or ATi Radeon HD 2900 XT 512 MB * 20 GB hard disk space}} APB: ...
Right, a game only is really a game after it's on Steam.
But yeah, I played the private beta.
Hi there
It was fun, but not really that original. It's really GTA: Online.
@Mvy greetings.
9:59 PM
Q: Does using melee weapons help ranged attacks, and vice versa?

OakLet's say I've found a crossbow which has a bonus to enemy dodge chance reduction. Will that help me with my melee attacks? And let's say I have the axe skill and am duel-wielding a pair of axes. Will my increased critical chance also affect my ranged attacks?

Q: How to progress when stuck in "limbo" between iLvl 200 and 220 @ level 81

JaredI leveled to 81 the other day but unfortunately my iLvl was only at 200 which means I couldn't progress to the cataclysm dungeons and because I out leveled the Wrath of the Lich king dungeons I couldn't go back there to keep bumping my iLvl up. What is one meant to do in this case, if your iLvl ...

FYI: there is a promotion on android market, 10c/app for the top paid apps. Including Minecraft pocket edition :D (Don't know how if this depends on country, so check this out :P)
If only I could use the market...
@Lazers One is meant to quest until you're level 85.
@ArdaXi prepaid credit cards :D
10:05 PM
Wait, you're Dutch. You should know we don't have them.
@ArdaXi they exist, online, in germany ;)
I've tried everything, I can't get any.
@ArdaXi tried this? mywirecard.com/nl
I haven't, will try.
you want the mastercard.
10:07 PM
Why though?
it's completely online ;)
I'll bet it'll still whine over age.
ehhhh, you young'ins. get off my lawn.
shakes walker now I'm outta breath. see what you've done?
@agent86 Are you trying to pretend to be older than you really are? whacks with cane
10:10 PM
@Powerlord bah. When I was your age... wait, how old are you?
@ArdaXi sigh... that's indeed always the problem, still only one more year ;)
The new skyrim patch took away my Shadowmere. :(
@agent86 Older than you.
@ArdaXi You know how old he is? :P
10:12 PM
@ArdaXi days that is ;)
@agent86 makes a note to check that in 50 minutes or so
> Microsoft's newest Xbox 360 update doesn't just update the console's media features; it also strips the rights of consumers to legal action against the company.
Just like Sony's PS3 3.71 update did!
@Powerlord Opt-Out!
10:14 PM
Yep. Same opt-out procedure, but still bullshit.
Not that it's at all surprising, though.
@TimStone it can be done online ;) gamersoptout.com
Says the site is migrating. :P
@Powerlord psh. rights are for people who have money.
@Agent That post looks like it should have a star next to it.
@agent86 Oh right, I avoided answering that. I'm 32... days, yeah, that's it.
10:20 PM
@Powerlord Multiplied by 365.25
Also, I thought you were older than that. Huh.
well, I'm lying about my birthday in my bio.
Technically, I'm 32 and 3/4 (my birthday is in just under 3 months)
but you could consider it to be close
if your statement is accurate, you're older than I, but not by a large margin.
My details aren't exactly secret.
Which is a natural consequence of using the same nick on the Internet for the last 18 years.
Q: the skyrim enchanting, smithing, alchemy trick for improved items is seriously bugged for me

chriswhen i try to create the first set of potions described in the skyrim wiki guide for hugely improved items using the trick with maxed alchemy smithing and enchanting the first set of potions, as described, should have a 25% increase in alchemy without wearing any gear at all. for me i have to wea...

Q: Do chests and other containers in dungeons ever refill?

spugsleyCertain radiant quests have brought me to the same area on occasion. A good example would be the Redwood Redoubt, of which I've been contracted to the kill the bandit leader three times now. And though I'm fond of murdering bandits, I'm more fond of stealing their treasure so if there isn't any m...

10:26 PM
I'm glad they "discovered" a new dinosaur from bones they've had sitting in a museum for 95 years.
and with that, I'm out.
Oh, by the way, since it hasn't been fully mentioned yet, Bastion is 67% off. Click the link to enter today's prize drawing.
this is hilarious
I think my subscription to people on YouTube is cursed or something. Every time I subscribe to someone and really enjoy their videos, shortly after they stop uploading.
A: Are Soul Gem fragments worth keeping?


Just putting this here for posterity.
@FallenAngelEyes Get NONE of the references.
10:31 PM
@FallenAngelEyes Is that the good-neutral-evil, chaotic, neutral, lawful scale chart thing?
@alexanderpas I still don't get it.
@Brant Goddamnit, I had just copied that to paste it here.
Okay, so apparently none of you read Green Lantern
@FallenAngelEyes That's the one with the filipino manservant, right?
It's a "x all the y" memes regarding the different colored Lantern Corps and their goals/desires
10:33 PM
(Yes, I know that's Green Hornet, I'm being deliberately obtuse, but no I don't read Green Lantern.)
@LessPop_MoreFizz ...bwuh?
Well I thought it was funny :<
@FallenAngelEyes Kato from Green Hornet!
I'm not a super huge fan but I've read all the stuff in the current GL and GLC series that led up to the Blackest Night event
@Brant I loved @Annalear's comment
> One answer from someone who misread the question is hardly worth an outburst in all caps. Sorry to hear you won't be back.
Hey @Wipqozn I've got something on our YouTube page now.
10:42 PM
@RonanForman We have a youtube page? Since when?
@Wipqozn since like one hour ago ;)
@Alex try 2 days.
@alexanderpas I was the one who made the page, so I was trying to mess with ronan.
@RonanForman I don't count the empty time ;)
@RonanForman what's the link to the youtube page again?
I cannot recall what we named it :/
@ArdaXi thank you
I remember it took us forever to pick a name, since quite a few were taking
Q: What is the difference between a "carry" and a "fighter"?

Zamual05I have been rather confused about this for a while, mainly when someone says they will play their Champion as a carry when the Champion is not classified as one. So, I suppose I am also wondering the definition of fighter too and what makes a carry a carry, more than just the definition.

Did the SE podcast mention gaming?
@Wipqozn Inerestingly it was supposed to be red's house that blue burnt down, but the bit with blue actually burning it looked bad, so I scrapped it in the edit.
10:51 PM
Red walks in
House ignites
@RonanForman So, you hate red people? Racist.
Red walks out
Guys, just flag this as spam/offensive.
@ArdaXi oh right, right irght.
@Arda There was a scene in the middle where blue walked up and burnt it, but as I said I edited it out
so many spam/offensive auto-deletes, right?
10:53 PM
So much for finals week dailybreeze.com/news/ci_19488909
Also there was going to be a tree that blew up, but the TNT wouldn't fall down, so it looked odd.
@stevether ...
Witch Doctor or Demon Hunter...
I don't know. Which doctor?
11:08 PM
Q: Marvel vs Capcom 3 (MVC3): 2-Player Training or Infinite Health?

Jason T FeatheringhamIs there a way in Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to either: play in training mode with two human players? play in versus mode with unlimited health? I'd really love to be able to just practice moves with a friend without having to end the match.

Q: What is the point of upgrading my house?

AlexI've just bought the first available house and I've spent all my money on it. Great, now I have a place to store my dragon bones until I become Mr. Smith (oh dear what a pun), but what's the point in upgrading the furnishings and such? Is it just to add more storage space? Isn't every chest in...

Q: Skyrim, dead npc's

SpoonA couple of npc's in Riften seem to be permanently missing, the stable owner and the priest from the temple of Mara that carries out marriages. I now can't buy a horse from that particular stable and can't become married. Is this a bug or have they died? I remember a dragon attack outside of the ...

rams in the door, fails
Well seems like the GOTY question got shot down.
@FallenAngelEyes Witch Doctor
Also, what are you talking about @FallenAngelEyes? Did you get a beta invite?!?!?!?!?!?!
@Wipqozn I did indeed
@FallenAngelEyes Do you have any extra invites to give out...?
@Wipqozn Nope :( They don't seem to give us any at all.
11:15 PM
@FallenAngelEyes In that case I hate you out of envy.
@Wipqozn <3~
@FallenAngelEyes Oh fuck that... Is that in D3?
I don't have RealID enabled! Why is it showing my real first and last name ingame?!
not cool ;_;
You can't even change your name at all, the field is greyed out. What if I got married and decided to change my name?
all I see for adding friends is 'Add Real ID friend request', no none-Real ID options
@FallenAngelEyes I hope it's just a setting or something within the game itself... As if it's got RealID only there's less than 0 chance of me getting it.
@Aeo Can't find any options disabling it
11:23 PM
Aw, man.... That's disappointing. You've ruined my night, @FallenAngelEyes , I hope yer happy. :P
SWTOR Preloading just started.
I literally just got an email about it
@Aeo I'm sorry!
@Aeo I'm happy, then again I'm a dick.
11:37 PM
There's nothing like freezing as a fully charged medic 8 seconds before start of round in wide open
Luckily (?) I crashed entirely
also the game was taking a very ugly turn so fuck that too
the "enemy engies have 500 people spychecking for them, all I had was jack shit" kind of ugly turn
the "hey guys they've built in the attic" and my shit goes down 5 seconds later kind of ugly turn
then when I'm not an engie I just derp around especially as spy.
I always enjoy your Team Fortress 2 rants @badp
Kinda makes me wanna try to get into it again... Kinda... I messed with it pre-f2p... pre-hats... and just never really got into it
@Aeo Team Fortress 2 without hats isn't even Team Fortress 2
I mean, Team Fortress 2 is a hat simulator. How can you have a hat simulator without hats?
@Wipqozn There's always the minigame
@Aeo The game has probably changed heaps and bounds since then
like, did you have upgradeable teleporters back then? Payload maps? Destroyable stickies? Airblast? etc.
@badp 'ell if I know... All I know is I didn't have a mic back then so it was a bit difficult to communicate.
11:48 PM
@Aeo respawn times are useful for that
Hello there
@Fredy31 Hello.
Cant find my GOTY question of yesterday, anybody have seen it lying around?
@Fredy31 It was deleted.
Sucks. Seems like someone didn't like the Idea.
11:52 PM
@Fredy31 It was @mana. He said he doesn't like you.
Don't think much of it though, @mana is completely corrupt and doesn't like anyone.
He... doesnt... liek... me... NOOOOOOOOOOOOO
I probably shouldn't have peed in his cereal this morning and blamed it on @Fredy31
also, in case you don't know by now, you should never take anything I take seriously @Fredy31
very witty @Wipqozn
11:53 PM
@Mana Thank you, I like to think so.
@agent86 @mana had it coming.
Should I try it again or let it go?
@Fredy31 seriously though, did you actually losea question?
Yes, the Game of the year (for us) question of yesterday.
Q: Quake 3 Mod tutorial or example

AequitasI searched around a bit and didn't find anything too useful but does anyone know of a good tutorial or example for modding quake arena? I would like to do something a long the lines of changing weapons power and even maybe adding new weapons, and other general activities in the game. any suggesti...

@Fredy31 oh, do you mean when you suggested we hold a game fo the year contest?
or something like that
11:56 PM
If it was deleted, @mana should still be able to find it
And may also know what happened to it
When its closed, should it still be public?
@Fredy31 not if it was deleted
Deleted questions/answers can only be seen by 10k+ users and mods

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