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12:14 AM
this was very interesting:
1:11 AM
@Seth The only place my cats have to go is a giant forest
Although they seem very satisfied just sitting under a car or on top of our old hot tub :p
1:42 AM
Q: IPTables if more than 30 connection in 1 minute ban IP for 1 hour?

ServerSideSkittlesI am trying to setup a firewall that limits to 3 connections per IP and also ban the IP for an hour if > 30 connection attempts in one minute. Is this all possible with iptables? So far I have only limited the connections per IP using the following iptables -A INPUT -p tcp --syn --dport 80 -m ...

2:40 AM
@Seth hello :) close reason need to change? askubuntu.com/questions/712669/…
2:54 AM
Q: How to convert the manpages of git and its subcommands into a pdf file?

TimThere are two places that I can find manpages of git and its subcommands: https://git-scm.com/docs, and the links to all the git subcommands https://www.kernel.org/pub/software/scm/git/docs/git.html, and the links to all the git subcommands. Not sure if they are identical. Is there a feasibl...

Yeah, good idea @Ravan
@Seth :D
3:41 AM
Can I flag comments like: f**k
I mean, which option is better choice?
rude / non-constructive ?
ah. Doesn't much matter for these specific comments. They're both ;)
3:46 AM
Oh, thanks =)
You are fast, deleted the comment ;P
4:17 AM
@Seth I am...somehow I still got it?
@RPiAwesomeness is that a question to you or me? ;)
@Seth lol, I dunno. I'm just curious how I managed to get it
I wish I knew.
4:38 AM
@Seth what question were those on? :p
In other news, IOS (not iOS) is.. interesting. You can abbreviate just about anything insane amounts. e.g. copy running-config startup-config to just cop r s. I think I like it.
and now to bed.
5:10 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Link at end of body, pattern-matching website in body: Going to okay I'll Tyler mere by GloriaDonald on askubuntu.com
5:20 AM
@SmokeDetector Spammers seem to be getting worse at English
"Going to okay I'll Tyler mere?"
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body, link at end of body: How Does product Venom Work? by erindjuriya on askubuntu.com
5:35 AM
So...do I put a bid in on it? ebay.com/itm/…
XPS 13, forth gen i5, 8GB RAM, 128GB SSD, 1920x1080 ... $327 would be next bid
6:16 AM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in body: 24 Steps to Financial Planning Success by Rahil Desoza on askubuntu.com
6:34 AM
@Zacharee1 hey
7:00 AM
Q: Do we reopen post marked as duplicate, where the link leads to a dead-end

AzkerMI was just searching around to find similar posts to a question to make sure I'm not putting an effort to answer something which is already there. However, when I was going through; found an interesting post which is marked as duplicated and the link leads to a dead-end leaving the user nowhere. ...

@HeatherBrown sellout how?
7:37 AM
@JourneymanGeek AdSense ads :p
Lemmy died :(
8:06 AM
@Rinzwind Who is Lemmy?
8:26 AM
@HeatherBrown Oh
(I have adblock)
8:50 AM
@Heather Nothing wrong with AdSense... as long as they're not blaring audio or really obnoxious. Your little square in the corner looks fine.
Really starting to like Google Docs! Anybody knows of good FOSS alternatives to it?
Not offhand, no. It is sort of nice though.
@blade19899 Etherpad is good.
but not as complete as GDocs
@hg8 I heard of etherpad before! And I know its not as complete as GDocs
@RPiAwesomeness No star for you ;)
9:00 AM
@blade19899 I missed that. Thanks.
Or, I can start completing my own Online Editor: blade1989/EuroEditor.
@hg8 Looks very promising, If they get Android(and Ubuntu Touch client), I am dropping GDocs like a sack of bricks. Hard.
@blade19899 Look nice!
@blade19899 Yes me too.
@Rinzwind Oh my bad.
@hg8 Just fixed A bug, for the demo page, that made it not work properly. Still Alpha though. Nothing stable yet xD
Anybody wanna work on this in there spare time?
9:18 AM
@blade19899 I don't have a lot of spare time for now, but in the future I would happily contribute =)
@UbuntuQuestionsonU&L Classy
@hg8 Yaay. Same here though. But, would like to work on this with others! :)
@blade19899 It's always more fun :p
@hg8 It is! - alone, it ill just seem like mountains of work.
VTC this as either 'too broad' or 'primarily opinion-based'.
9:34 AM
@HeatherBrown I solved Problem 45 :D ( projecteuler.net/problem=45 )
@GeoMint Nice. If only I knew math!(not kidding, never was intrigued by it)
I do want to learn it though. It looks interesting, but, looks hard...
it is a good site to sharp your mind
@GeoMint I don't posses any math skills, that need sharpening. Yet.
9:43 AM
haha, its up to you ;) if you want, its there
@Serg: How often would you like for me to remind you by the way about looking into that question about suspending the console? :)
@GeoMint I really want to actually, but, you have something similar, that is meant for beginners? :)
> Santa was hoping for a white Christmas, but his weather machine's "snow" function is powered by stars, and he's fresh out! To save Christmas, he needs you to collect fifty stars by December 25th.
@GeoMint Thanks look great xD
9:58 AM
Also, this look nice:
@GeoMint: I really keep on thinking that there is a banana on your head but it is a hat! :D
guys what the difference with (;) and (,) in cmd awk '$0 ~/helo/, $0 ~/there/ {print $0}' awk.script
it works same using , as well so both are same?
@asad i don't use awk, sorry
@GeoMint @ParanoidPanda o/
10:02 AM
@Ravan Hello =) Congratulation for your 500 bounty on ElementaryOS
@Ravan: \o
@hg8 hey, thanks =)
@ParanoidPanda Been going to the gym for months now, 6 days a week. Eating Rijst with Chicken, Paprika, broccoli, and a saus. Don't eat healthy because of the new year, eat healthy because its your one and only body. Take care of it.
@ParanoidPanda Lol, due some of those things already xD
10:13 AM
Is there any way by the way to search for deleted answers? Or at least search for answers and have deleted answers included?
Nice question Starred, you should ask that on META
bb, i may join chat later \o
11:06 AM
May I ask if my comment seem clear enough ?
Hello James, welcome to Ask Ubuntu ! Thanks for those detailed instructions. Ask Ubuntu use a Question & Answer model, so please, separate your question (How to install Guitar Pro 6?) of the answer. Use the answers fields below to post the solution of the problem and edit your question to only keep the "question" part. — hg8 1 min ago
About this question : askubuntu.com/q/714528/338915
this is option of mount command: -c, --no-canonicalize
what does canonicalize mean?
11:35 AM
Q: keyboard layout bug in Trusty 14.04

MoonstrokeMy default layout is AZERTY, but i also have the QWERTY layout (don't know why, my keyboard is AZERTY) and sometimes after booting my computer, QWERTY is selected automatically while itdisplays to be AZERTY in the menu bar. I try to double-switch the layout (SUPER+Space twice, theoretically shoul...

@ParanoidPanda I'll spill the beans... meta.stackexchange.com/q/271062/302251
12:21 PM
I have project(s) on GitHub, that are moving slowly, and I never thought of asking people here for help: blade1989/EuroCMS. If you guys can, I'd really appreciate it.
This, comes after work, school, (girl)friends, gym. This is just a project I started to help my knowledge of web development a little further, and I'd like to finish it now.
@blade19899: You have multiple girlfriends?
Or was that meant to include "friends" and "girlfriend"?
@ParanoidPanda Yes, girlfriends and friends xD
I'm to much of a straight shooter for some girls.
This is what It looked like 7 months ago:
And it's basically the same now!
@blade19899 Really? I'm hopeless... :P
12:38 PM
@ParanoidPanda Lol. If a girl seems to much work, stop working. Its a trap.
@ParanoidPanda star: chat.stackexchange.com/transcript/message/26477753#26477753 please. Thank you
@blade19899: Done. You're welcome. :)
@blade19899 A trap? Are they going to eat me or something? :P
1:00 PM
@ParanoidPanda (ab)use you. I was talking to this girl I was interested, and for a half hour, I was the only one keeping the conversation going, so I left, and started dancing on the dance floor, she started dancing behind me, and staring at me the entire time, so, I picked up the conversation latter on, after that, same thing. Lesson: She liked me, but, wanted me to be here lap dog, go after her the entire time. Self respect repeals the wrong type of women and attracts the right one.
@blade19899: Right, no I don't want that.
@ParanoidPanda Trust me, you don't want the WRONG women to be the one wearing the pants in a relationship. They don't clean your boxers :P
@blade19899: Dear me... Now you've got me listening to this! :D
@ParanoidPanda Work computer, don't have audio xD
@blade19899: You'll have to elaborate on "the one wearing the pants in a relationship"...
1:03 PM
Because I know absolutely nothing in this area... :P
What does it mean to be wearing the pants in a relationship? And are these the American or British pants?
@ParanoidPanda Being the dominate one, the decision maker. She says, we going there, and you don't want to. But you still go. And she does it in a way that is totally unacceptable no respect for you as a human being.
@ParanoidPanda are you being sarcastic by the way? :D
Nope... :D
I really know absolutely nothing in this area...
@ParanoidPanda really? How old are you anyways?
1:07 PM
@blade19899: Ooh... In Panda years, I don't know... I'll check...
@ParanoidPanda lol
1:19 PM
@ParanoidPanda Ah, I gotta do math.
@ParanoidPanda Same as RPiAwesomeness then?
How old is he? :D
1:26 PM
A good age to be! :D
Indeed =)
@ParanoidPanda Done. I know your age.
Good, and probably so does the whole chat room now... :P
Hello :)
@cl-netbox o/
1:38 PM
@cl-netbox: \o
@hg8 o/
@ParanoidPanda \o
@blade19899: How long is that face? :D
What on earth is this???
1:45 PM
I just bumped into it while looking at one of Fabby's old questions (because I was wondering what had happened to it as it's not a feature yet and it would be good if it was)
Q: Is it safe to disable shell access to all users listed in /etc/passwd?

Erdem KAYAI have just read about how to disable shell access for users in Ubuntu in this post for security reasons. Is it safe to disable shell access to all users listed in /etc/passwd except the root:x:0:0 and another specific user, say tom:x:1000:1000? For example, if I disable shell for the default u...

^^ The above fullstop is being added to the end of that sentence I forgot to add it to.
@kos: Is it just me or is that an empty message?
1:53 PM
Guys, updated the EuroEditor demo page. Check it out!
Yeah it was, but better do that stuff on the Sandbox
Hello @kos =)
@blade19899 Neat! More space to write \o/
Hi @hg8!
@hg8 Now, to do some - actual - work! xD
Can someone quickly jump in the Sandbox and star my last message?
(testing stuff)
1:59 PM
@blade19899: Bye! :)
@kos done
@hg8 Thanks!
2:31 PM
VTC this Minty question.
VTC this minty one too : askubuntu.com/q/714592/338915
VTC this one too.
@hg8 @ParanoidPanda : no chocolate or cake questions found ? :D or are you only after minty mints ? :D
@hg8: Wait, I think it's the same one! :D
@cl-netbox: No, though I do like minty chocolate... :P
2:36 PM
@ParanoidPanda after eight ? :)
Also, what is the package name for the System Monitor? :)
@ParanoidPanda After Eight - British Mint Chocolate ... :)
@ParanoidPanda maybe sysmon ? :)
@cl-netbox: Oh right... I was thinking of the time... :D
@cl-netbox: Nope, not sysmon.
2:39 PM
@ParanoidPanda but what else ?
Oh, it's gnome-system-monitor (I looked it up in the Ubuntu Software Center)!
@ParanoidPanda you can use top as well :)
How does the System Monitor know how much RAM and CPU is in use? I mean, how does it actually check without just using another tool?
@ParanoidPanda Reads some values from /proc
Don't ask me the exact file, I don't remember it
Oh right, where would be a good place to ask? Because I don't want to have to go through all of the program's source code to get the answer... :P
2:49 PM
U&L or AU?
@ParanoidPanda It's probably /proc/cpuinfo and /proc/meminfo
@kos: How often is that updated? Because I mean how does it get the info for the graphs?
And those files seem to just hold some static information in them.
Unless they are updating but it's just not telling me...
Seem about right here?
Also, there's a decent question and a needs close in the recent activity feed. I voted.
2:58 PM
@ParanoidPanda Sorry, for the CPU is probably this one: /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/cpuinfo_cur_freq (*=physical core). For the memory that was wrong as well. I believe it's updated every time you read it.
Ah, right, thank you! :)
I'ld check out the source for psutil to see how often it polls and what it polls. They have examples of what you're trying to build pypi.python.org/pypi/psutil
@ParanoidPanda And I meant logical core. Then I should be done being wrong.
@kos: Right, so if I just read those values I should be able to construct my own graph?
There's nothing else you missed out? :P
3:03 PM
@ParanoidPanda No. You can go reinventing the wheel. :)
@ParanoidPanda How is your application going ?
@kos I don't mind reinventing the wheel if it exposes something in a slightly different way... or makes it easier to use it how you want.
@hg8: My main one is going well, this is just for a side project though. :)
Good, will you put it on Github?
Though it would be interesting if I could combine the two...
3:05 PM
@hg8: Probably.
@hbdgaf Indeed, I was just teasing @ParanoidPanda
@hg8: I normally don't like showing people my code though just in case if they spot an embarrassing mistake. :P
@ParanoidPanda It's how we learn =)
Being embarrassed is unnatural. We're taught to be embarrassed. The natural reaction is to say "Okay, how do I do it better?". Possibly being embarrassed is not a reason not to act.
3:16 PM
If I got embarrassed every time I messed up, I wouldn't show my face ever again. Just gotta figure out how to fix it and learn from that experience when somebody says "hey, that's not quite right"
Read as "accept some PRs"
I really like this vector art chess piece set canstockphoto.com/grunge-chess-set-10410441.html
@kos Are you here since yesterday haha
@hg8 Here where? In the chat?
@kos on this question :p
3:30 PM
@hg8 Ah yes, I left the tab open
Keep reading them. It's pretty entertaining. :)
@kos Some cool stuff yes ❤
FR bug. Maximum answer length with scroll bars, so you can go to the left or right of an answer and scroll past super-long answers, or if you're reading the answer say inside the box to read the whole thing.
That would be nice
Yep. It would be even better if the maximum answer height was the size of your screen. That way, each answer was one impression. If you can't get me to keep reading on my first screen, I don't need to see the rest of it.
3:51 PM
[ SmokeDetector ] Bad keyword in answer: Recovering data from a corrupted HFS+ partition by Rob Dawc on askubuntu.com
@kos o/
Entire answer highlighted. Sounds like an advertisement not an answer.
Hi @Ravan o/
Pity the "SD why" thing doesn't work here
Morning @NathanOsman
3:57 PM
\o/ folks =)
Three more days left in 2015.
Hello @A.B. =)
Good morning @NathanOsman
@hg8 hey my friend
@A.B. \o/
@kos :D
4:03 PM
@NathanOsman Thought you might get a kick out of it. I saw someone refer to where they lived as canuckistan on reddit.
Heh :P
Sounds about right.
@A.B. Snowdance? You mean you have snow up there in the north of Germany? o.O
Hello @HeatherBrown
@ByteCommander No :\ No snow
@ByteCommander But I thought dancing would help.
4:06 PM
Here the same. I just would have been really confused if you had some up there.
@ByteCommander 6°C here
@DavidFoerster G'morning
It got close to snowing here yesterday... But the rain stopped white it was still about 4C
@HeatherBrown: More like G'evening here, but good morning to you!
It's about 4pm (16:19) there, right?
4:19 PM
@HeatherBrown 17:19
Yep. CET == UTC+1.
Darn my calculations
/me hates to calculate time zones as well... :)
@ByteCommander same with me ! :)
Does Hulu throw ads into movies?
4:24 PM
@A.B. Best me to that comment :p
Assuming that Hulu is a video platform which I never visited... I have no idea. I always use such a monstrous load of script-/ad-/whatever-blockers, that I'm stunned every day that I even see anything.
@HeatherBrown and thanks for torify =)
Hulu throws ads into the TV shows it plays, never watched a movie on it
Add blockers don't work on Hulu well. My pihole stops the ad from loading, but 30 seconds of silence and no video is almost worse
That's why I stick with YouTube and cable TV... :P
4:37 PM
@HeatherBrown It's "current time + 9". Is it that hard to grasp? :P
@kos yep. Despite teaching students precalc on a weekly basis, I'm rubbish at math
@HeatherBrown There's a running gag, that mathematicians are often shitty at head arithmetics.
I'm fairly good at doing calculations in my head so I must be crap at math.
4:54 PM
@kos At least you can form correct contrapositions. ;-P
If I hear other voices during a call, Is that means my phone is under surveillance
@DavidFoerster You know, you're given what you're given. :D
@intex When I call people, it's usually my aim to hear other (their) voices.
^^ Fair point.
But seriously, this sounds like cross-talk, which is not typically a side effect of phone surveillance. What's your telephone technology anyway? Analogue land line? GPRS/UMTS? VoIP?
5:03 PM
@intex Had similar stuff here as well some times ago with an old router (VoIP telephony). Call your phone provider and tell them your problems. They should fix it in a few days...
@DavidFoerster Done ! :)
5:40 PM
@DavidFoerster 4/5
@hbdgaf I would probably be more worried about somebody discovering that I had accidentally forgot to remove my shopping list from my code (I put all sorts of strange unrelated stuff in the comments)! :P
@ParanoidPanda No need to be embarrassed. Programmers and people in general make mistakes all the time. Use techniques that help to avoid common mistakes and review your work or have someone review it. I only find it embarrassing, when senior programmers don't use these well-known methods (or their management doesn't allocate resources to apply them).
@DavidFoerster AHEM! o.O
@DavidFoerster: Ok, I guess that would be something worse to have commented into your code... :D
6:03 PM
@ParanoidPanda the tox thing : I don't think that I need this (more profile info) because all tox friends already know each other ... :)
@ByteCommander: What? Don't you approve of the shopping list in his code? :P
Oh my, that would definitely be something awful to just forget in your code that you've uploaded online... :D
And I should warn you, someone will probably flag that and you'll get a chat ban @DavidFoerster. :P
@ParanoidPanda On what grounds? The innuendo? Or because it's off topic?
@DavidFoerster GSM network mobile telephony
6:12 PM
@DavidFoerster: Some might consider it inappropriate. Like for instance when I posted a picture of Big Momma, that got deleted and now I'm not allowed to do it because if 5 users decide on it, it becomes law, even some Monty Python sketches are banned here because of that. But that's democracy for you! :P
@intex Interception of GSM phone calls doesn't work in a way, that would result in cross talk. This sounds like shoddy equipment in your hand or on the network provider's side. Or someone else uses insufficiently shielded devices in the vicinity that cross-talk onto your connection.
@DavidFoerster: For instance @Oli mentioned "penile" in context and now we are banned from saying it because someone flagged it up and a few community members decided! :D
Ahh, the difference between democracy and tyranny of the majority in action.
@DavidFoerster So what can I do to resolve this I believe someone else uses insufficiently shielded devices in the vicinity
I guess "keep it professional" and "inappropriate […] chat message" may loosely apply to my earlier message.
6:18 PM
@DavidFoerster May be a subpoena? or something else for last 2 yrs
@intex Not much, usually. But the exact reason is almost impossible to determine anyway without proper equipment and access to the network infrastructure.
Q: Ubuntu 14.04: Mounted sshfs directory appears empty

user1487087I am trying to mount a remote directory to a local directory using sshfs. I have followed the following procedure: jack@holly:~$ ls Desktop Documents Downloads examples.desktop Music Pictures Public Templates Videos jack@holly:~$ mkdir Stark jack@holly:~$ sudo tail -n 3 /etc/fuse.conf [...

6:39 PM
Setting up drupal and I'm getting an error about not being able to send mail. I've tried changing max execution time in my php, but no go. Possibly an issue of port 25 being blocked?
@HeatherBrown Some ISPs block port 25..
but I assume you know that.
I'm not familiar with Drupal, but these people are. But if you think it's a port issue definitely try another port as troubleshooting.
@Seth Any reason to not merge 's synonyms into ? I understand that at some point that should be done regardless (I believe only to rectify the actual score on the tag?), but mostly I'm asking because of this: meta.stackexchange.com/q/272091/302251. Not being a mod I'm not aware if there are downsides though.
VTC askubuntu.com/questions/714681/… as too broad, please. I ran out of close votes for today.
It's my ISP. Can't fully test drupal, but everything else works
VTC askubuntu.com/questions/714692/… as off topic because Kali…
6:56 PM
@DavidFoerster Done
Goodbye :)
Bye @cl-netbox! o/
@kos see you - googbye :)
@cl-netbox: Bye! :)
7:23 PM
Got my daughter a voice activated robot dog for Christmas.... She loves the thing and is convinced it's a real dog
She's been trying to feed it cereal and blueberries all morning
@HeatherBrown You mean a Zoomer? zoomerpup.com
Or something else...
@HeatherBrown How old is she? I thought, that children understand the concept of real and make-believe relatively quickly, if you explain it.
She's 19 months. And, no, not a zoomer. Something called Lucy that looks more real
7:34 PM
That's much younger than I imagined.
She's in love with this thing. I've created a monster.
8:20 PM
I was at a hotel the other day that didn't block port 25. I was able to directly send mail via SMTP when connected to their hotspot.
@Nathan: Did you tell them about that?
Is blocking outgoing SMTP really that common? Or did you mean, you could connect via SMTP to the local mail server?
Q: How to install a desktop on Ubuntu Snappy Core 15.04?

Star OSI have installed Ubuntu Snappy Core 15.04 into my Raspberry Pi. I would like to install a desktop, but if I try to install Xorg or any "ubuntu-desktop" using the snappy install command, it always gives an error that the package does not exist. How do i install an desktop?

Is 15.04 Snappy not EoL?
8:41 PM
@Seth Yes, 15.04 reached EoL (wiki.ubuntu.com/Releases#Current) and Snappy is no official flavour, afaik (wiki.ubuntu.com/UbuntuFlavors).
@DavidFoerster well, snappy isn't exactly a "flavour"..
but I don't see a 15.10 snappy so..
@Seth Agreed, but it's quite different from the official releases, especially the package manager.
I can't find anything on its "on-topicness" though.
1 hour later…
9:50 PM
Q: Merge the tags "schedule" and "scheduled"?

Jacob VlijmBoth the tags "schedule" and "scheduled" exist, but usage is fully identical. It seems inefficient, could they be merged into "schedule" (which is used slightly more often)?

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